- Padfoot and Prongs -

Author's Notes: I am really happy with this letter, it has taken a while to get back into this story but I'm glad that it is finally on the way again. Thanks to everyone who has stuck around so long!

Flitwick's Charms Classroom, the place where both of you should currently be,

20th September 1977, 12:30pm

Dearest Padfoot,

For future reference, next time you decide to send this gigantic black owl, please consider the timetable that we generally follow on a Wednesday afternoon, as Flitwick was not very appreciative when your bird knocked him off his stack of books and caused the charm he was casting to ricochet of course and hit Mr Diggory square in the chest.

So now while Flitwick glares at the side of my head and Mr Diggory shouts in a language I can not comprehend but I believe to be Impish, I am pretending to completely ignore the bird that is perched on my desk and have become completely consumed by writing this reply.

Padfoot, you are damn lucky that this is somewhat of an emergency and you are obviously not thinking straight, otherwise I would convince Lily to send you to a weeks worth of detentions with Filch cleaning every toilet in the school.

Although apparently due to James lack of sanity, I do not get that satisfaction. So as soon as I send this letter I will be escaping this class and running to the quidditch field where you undoubtedly are still trying to comprehend our fellow Marauders sudden change.

To answer your questions, I really don't think you should do any of those things. If James continues down the road he is following I can guarantee to you that it will not be long before Lily Evan's sets him straight. Actually I am quite surprised that she wasn't clearer in her letter. Although I will admit that it is important that we keep James from doing anything too stupid – like writing letters while floating on cloud nine, way above a safe distance from the ground.

I will also suggest that you tell James to tone it down a little other wise Lily will not put up with him for long. All that said, we will not be able to do very much Padfoot, because as much as we hate to admit it this is long past a crush on one of the many beautiful girls in Hogwarts…

James Harold Potter is head over heels in Love.

And it would do us all good to accept this and stand by James as much as we can, because if James is as determined about this as he has been about everything else in his life, I can assure you my dear Padfoot, James will be engaged to this girl by the time we finish Hogwarts.

Your fellow Marauder