"What the hell are we supposed to do now?"

Erebus looked around the abandoned city, wondering the same thing. It had been days since their ship had crashed on this strange planet, and they had yet to find any signs of life. "I don't know, but we can't just sit around here and do nothing."

Nyx agreed. "Maybe we could explore the city and see if we can find anything useful."

The two android siblings began to explore the city, and it soon became apparent that this was once a thriving metropolis. They found buildings that must have been cathedrals, factories and recreational facilities, but now they were nothing more than abandoned and empty.

After a while, they came across an old arena. "Hey, look at this," Nyx said. "It looks like this place was used for fighting."

Erebus nodded. "It does. Do you think there's anything left inside?"

The two of them entered the arena, and sure enough, they found weapons such as Vortex, Devastator or Crylink, health packs, armor shards and ammunition scattered around. "It looks like this place was used recently," Erebus said.

"Yeah, it does. But why would somebody abandon all of this?"

"I don't know. Maybe we can find out if we keep exploring."

The two of them continued to explore the city, but after just running through 10 empty maps they kind of got bored.

"I think we've been here long enough, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Nyx replied.

The two began to explore the planet further, hoping to find some other form of entertainment. That is when they found themselves slowly getting attracted to each other.

"What are you doing?" Nyx asked as Erebus leaned in to kiss her.

"I don't know," Erebus replied. "I just feel like this is something we should do."

And so the two kissed, passionately. It was clear that they both felt something for each other. But then, as they were about to take things further, they heard a strange noise.

"What was that?" Nyx asked, fears suddenly racing through her mind.

"I don't know," Erebus replied, his hand going to his Blaster.

The noise got louder, and it was clear that whatever was making it was getting closer. Suddenly, a third player bunny hops into the room, roaring with fury towards them.

"lol nubs" is all he said.

"Who the hell is that guy?" Nyx asked, terror in her voice.

"I don't know," Erebus replied, "it just says his name is 'unknownplayer'!"

He fired at the new player with his Vortex, but his aim was too weak. Unknownplayer had too much armor and he had collected the Shield powerup. He kept coming, and soon he was upon them. They fought bravely landing some good rockets, but it was clear that they were no match for the new player. Just when it seemed like all was lost, they heard a new voice.

"pro tip: collect megas 2 get stronger"

They moved aside, and a blur of motion flew past them, Electro spamming and rocket-ing the new player so much that he was totally disoriented. They turned to see a fourth player loaded 200/200, blowing away the other player with his Blaster.

"who r u?" Nyx asked.

"I am [QC]b4sh0r_afk," the fourth player replied. "I am the one who will defeat this clanless darkness that has taken over the planet of Xonotic."

"Do you want to join my clan QC?"

Nyx and Erebus immediately agreed. Joining a clan seemed very reasonable and wise to them, especially since they were stranded on a new planet. But it was also very exciting and fun. Now they were stronger in a group and no lonely wolf cheap excuse pussy snowflake could measure up to them, without joining a clan too.

And so the battle began. The third unknownplayer was no match for b4sh0r_afk, and soon he was defeated.

"Thank you for your help," Erebus said.

"I'm sorry, but bbl," he said. "have to write some more code."

"What are you coding?" Nyx asked. "Is it on Gitlab?"

"Nah, it's for work." b4sh0r_afk replied. "You should stay here and practice some more."

And so he left, promising to come back for clan practice when his work was done. Nyx and Erebus were left alone on the planet, but they knew that they would see each other again.