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Please read the story Pokémon Adventures: Brick Bronze BEFORE this one!

This is a prequel to my other stories based on Pokémon Adventures. It takes place 2,000 years before Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green.

It will cover things such as the removal of the Plates from Arceus, and the imprisonment of the Evil Djinn. It has similar characters and story beats as Pokémon Legends: Arceus. It is set in Hisui, or ancient Sinnoh.

It is somewhat divided into two major parts, the first being the events that surround the plates being torn from Arceus, and the second being the first imprisonment of the Evil Djinn. The second will be slightly longer.

This would be my second completely original story, with Brick Bronze being the first.


















In the beginning...

"The mind was the foremost creation of the Original One."

"Since the world was crafted, and the boundary between the sea and earth set, the mind has endured, for the Original One willed that it should."

"When the day and night was created, the light was good, and the dark was good. All the stars in heaven sang with joy at the birth of the Children of Arceus."

"But then..."

"The mightiest of all the High Ones grew discontent in its own limited authority. It wished to be higher than the Original One in the order of things."

"It went against the creation of the Original One, and deceived our very ancestors, bringing all forms of strife into this world, and creations to aid that conflict. With this evil, the light became bad, and the dark became bad, and there was no rest to be found."

"There was war in heaven, and the Evil One and his spirits were cast out of the high places. Some went to eternal imprisonment, others were given freedom to wander the earth, in just torment for their sin.

"But the Evil One still walks today."

"All the powers of the earth are bent to it, in this present darkness."

"That is why you must be vigilant, my child. Do not remove yourself from the grace of the Original One, and depart from his image."

"Whether your actions will change the present evil in this world, will be your personal legend to fulfill."

"There is little more to be said of the past, young one."

"You are dreaming, Rei. You are in your bedroll, in the house of your forefathers. You are in Jubilife Town, in the southern coast of the Hisunian kingdom."

"Do not be afraid. I put my words into the mouths of my prophets, and it was written that in times of great crisis that I would pour my spirit into the people of Hisune. Your old men would see visions, and your young men would dream dreams. Your sons and daughters would prophesy my word, and my truth would overcome the delusions of this world."

My lord, I am just a boy! Why should I be given this honor of fulfilling your wishes?

"Look. What do you see?"

I see wicked men, attempting to make a mockery of you. They are...

It is terrible. They are wounding your very being!

"This is what may happen."

But you know already how it will end?

"Yes, I do. It will end as I have intended for it to end. No one may harm me, for I am the Original One. But some actions may empower those who would resist me, even though I would not be diminished, for that is impossible. I will give authority to you, and others to prevent this. Go to the elders, and tell them of this dream. I will move them to decide them in your favor, as the form of divination that I have permitted will rule in benifit of you."

Where would I go?

"Follow the signs that I give you. The path that you will be permitted to go on will take you through the wilds, the waste places, the bastions of the power of the Enemy. But I was greater than He, for I am in you, and greater than He who is in the world. You will encounter dangers, and agents of the dark powers. But I am the guide for you, child, and the stones and darts of the Enemy will not thwart you and your companions."

If you will it. If your ear is attentive to my prayers, then let my words be as a burnt offering, and my speech be as evening incense. I will consult the elders.

"You are wise beyond your years. Before I formed you in your mother's womb, I had set this purpose in mind for you. Do not say that you are incapable of doing my will because of your youth. I have appointed you and others for this."

What of your other Children?

"You will need them."

As we all do in this dark age.

"Rise. It is dawn."

I will go to Laventon, the man of science. He will believe me! My friends, and Lord Kamado will also heed me. They know the ancient scriptures, and have seen the signs.


And Rei did rise. The early morning rays of the rising sun caught onto the swirling clouds of dust in the room, creating a soft, ever-present film in the air. Paying mind not to awaken his father, Rei crept out of his bed onto the wooden-plank floor, grabbing his two Apricorn Balls. He came out the front through a wicker-framed door, and went into town.

It was only a few minutes until the farmers would awaken, tending to harvest. Bookbinders like Rei and his father had some more leniency, as one had to admit that it was not the most strenuous profession. The most tedious task was making the pulp with his father's Surskit, and then selling it to whoever had wished for the scrolls manufacture.

Laventon lived in a large, stonework house, built by his Gurdurr. He was a rather eccentric individual, but he had perfected the science of making devices out of Apricorns that could turn Pokémon into a smaller size, and was renowned throughout the land for these particular devices. Judging from the lamps, the man of science was already awake.

Rei rung a crystalline bell, pleasant chimes resounding through the crisp autumn air. A man in purple-dyed reed robes came out, and welcomed Rei in with open arms.

"Young Master Rei! What a delight to see you here, at this hour no less!" Laventon noticed Rei's look of urgency. "Something is troubling you, no? As a learned man, perhaps the Guild has some solution to your problem! And by the way, could you please show me your Typhlosion and Sneasler?"

Rei obliged, sending out his Pokémon from the organic capture devices. "Ah! Prime condition, no less! From the tales around town, your Typhlosion provides a eternal flame for cooking, and your Sneasler is well adapted to killing crop blight and picking berries from high trees?"

"Laventon, I give my thanks, but I haven't even told you what I just have witnessed! I have awoken from a troubled dream..."

After Rei had told Laventon the things he had seen and heard, the learned man had a grave look. "You were never one to lie to your elders, Rei. All my life, I have explored the natural world that the Original One has created. But in these times...strange dreams are common among our folk. I will vouch for you, and the stones will reveal the truth."

Rei and Laventon left the house, and travelled back into town to find his friends, as cases of prophetic dreams were more likely to be recognized by the elders if there were more supporters of the purported dreamer.

In the paved square, Akari was sorting bundles of wheat with her Parasect, who was also killing any impurities on the produce with it's spores. "Akari!" Rei yelled. "Come down, I wish to tell you something!"

Akari looked at Rei and Laventon, still working. "Please don't tell me that it has something to do with Adaman ordering too many scrolls, and you need me to help you set the pulp out? I have to clean this cartfull!"

Laventon interceded for Rei. "Young lady, I believe Rei has had quite a groundbreaking experience." Rei told her, and she immediately dropped her bundle.

"We have to get your father and mother, and find Lord Kamado! My Rei, a chosen Seer! LIAN!"

A red-haired boy with a Avalugg carrying some pieces of iron ore beside him appeared around a tool shop. "Akari? What is it now? Oh, hello, Rei!"

Rei was getting impatient, despite his better instincts. "Listen, Lian..."

After Rei had told another one of his friends about the dream, he had everyone go back to his family business, a mile away. After a short run, the group reached the upper-class house. There, his mother was writing the ink text on the scrolls, while his father was tanning some parchment with his Magmar.

Laventon told Rei's father about his experience, and Rei elaborated. "Curious...if we are to consult the elders, Lord Kamado must be moved to assemble a counsel. As far as I knew, he was around the North Bank with the other elders, discussing a bride price with man from another city. We ought to head there, and Rei should give a full account to the others...and perhaps he will even use the stones..."

Everyone piled on Lian's Avalugg, and rode into the North Bank. Rei had always been fascinated with the concept of paved roads. Gurdurr and Conkeldur would make the mix, and spread it around the roads, making a sanitary path. Humans and Pokémon, when working together, could accomplish advanced technological feats.

It was part of the curse, I suppose. We are of lesser strength, and they of lesser will. That is why the Original One deemed it that both races of his Children should be in bond to each other.

In a collection of improvised tents, Kamado was discussing a marriage price between a woman from Rei's town, and a man from another town.. It seemed to be wrapping up, at least when Rei and the others arrived.

When Kamado saw them, he raised his eyebrow. "What would a collection of town-dwellers be doing here, if not for my aid? Young Master Rei, are you wishing to discuss the marriage vows to Akari five years early?"

Rei shook his head. "Not yet, elder. But I have had a troubling dream as of late."

Kamado crossed himself. "I see...your eyes reveal the truth of your words. As it would seem that you have amassed quite a following, I will call the others to decide what we will do about this dream, once you have told us. Then, we will use the stones."

The elder turned to the other members of the council. "Gaeric. Cogita. Assemble the others. Call the other Seers. We may have a Visitation on our hands."


Far away from Jubilife Town, in the north...

It was a inconspicuous cave entrance. No one would really pay any attention to it, except to point it out to their children as a example of a area to avoid when playing. Once you got inside however, you began to notice some interesting things.

For one, all the plants were dead, and it seemed to absorb all light. Many a hill-man was dared by his fellows to go inside, and came out either gibbering frightened, or never appeared again. That was why hardly anyone travelled in the area again.


It was not what one could see that was the true source of the caves evil, it was what one could not. Inside it's depths, things did lurk. And a council of the powers was about to be held.

A small, scurrying spirit of complacency hurried into the cavern, red smoke trailing off it's black hide. It looked in fear and resentment at it's stronger relatives. Murder, with his blood-red claws. Frenzy, constantly without rest.

Complacency accidently hit the hide of a larger demon of fertility, one of the more powerful ones. "Watch it, Udun-spawn! How dare you harm Enamorus?"

"If you are so powerful, then why should you care about a mere spirit of complacency? Unless...you believe that your position is a lesser one."

Enamorus turned into a gigantic turtle, towering over Complacency. "HA! What is complacency but mere hesitation, in the end? It is far better to lust, and steal innocence while it still lasts..."

"Yes, but who will influence those who fall under a passion to not resist?"

The demon changed from it's Therian Form back to it's Original. "Little yrch, perhaps we all have some purpose under our lord. I have seen the first council as well as you, and we were appointed to rule the nations after the peoples of the earth were split...take care, or you may tread on worse creatures then Enamorus..."

A vile demon of violence was dueling with a elusive spirit of misdirection, while other spirits of fraud taunted them. A master of deception was sending its smaller victims into the Abyss for amusement. The higher fallen spirits tried to maintain order, to no avail.

And then it all changed.

Every being noticed it. It was like a presence fell upon the cavern, black and terrible. In a nearby village, quarrels broke out. Some dogs started barking, and Psychic-type Pokémon ran away as fast as possible.

The Evil Djinn had arrived.

"This is what I come to?" The being yelled in resounding, reverberating tones. "A house in disorder, dirtied by petty feuds?! BEGONE!" The Evil Djinn threw a blade at the two dueling spirits of lust and violence, and they disappeared into red smoke, tumbling into the Abyss with horrible shrieks.

"I, of course...have come to discuss our battle strategies against the Original One! Darkrai has been bound, and may have even repented. Yveltal is still slumbering. But I have a new design! A stratagem that will allow us to strike the very False One Arceus!"

A principality of greed knelt before it's master. "Brilliant One, what is this mighty plan? Deign to us the knowledge!"

The Evil Djinn changed shape into a handsome human emperor, with a crown that had the name 'MARCUS'. "The Original One will appear, in nearly three months time. Then, we will use our agents to shred asunder his spirit! I...will absorb the remnants, in the form of plates. I will use this physical form, for the time being, and personally attend to the success of this wile. I have duties for you all, as well."

"The False One has warned a mere boy of this plan. So, all spirits and underspirits are to attempt to waylay him and his companions! I will also send one of my personal servants to oppose his journey from ever commencing..."

A being of great authority asked for express permission to be the appointed God of Jubilife Town, as to improve the chances of the Evil Djinn's success.

"You may try. I do not know whether the False One will send his servants to intervene, but you may attempt to set yourself to be the god of the town."

"But...we see servants of the Original One every day, my lord. The chances of our cause succeeding-"

"QUIET! The gods of the hills and plains will also be set against the boy. We need only to delay the child, as my ideal is sure to succeed if no one is to intervene...if the False One sends the Princes of Space and Time to aid him, I will conquer them myself!"

A spirit of false logic appeared before the Evil Djinn. "And...will this not slay the False One? The other plan is nearly complete, although it may yield without your assistance, o Magnificent One."

"It will not slay Him. But this is a mere part of my strategy to plunge His creation into darkness...all will be revealed in time. Return to your duties and various lands, as this is now the official plot of the forces of rebellion! Adjourned!"

The spirits departed back to their appointed kingdoms. All gods, petty ones at that. The god of a hill. The god of a island. The god of broken bones. The god of broken cart wheels. The god of regretful, hung-over mornings. Everything that ails the earth had a being ruling over it.

Although Rei did not know it, he was now the direct target of one of the largest spiritual attacks in history.






Some things I want you all to know:

Hisui is far more developed than you would expect for the time period. The Guild of Science has improved standards of living, along with Pokémon making life very much easier. So, roads are paved, diseases are way less severe, not everyone dies in infancy, and food production is much more stable. It wouldn't work with the concept of Pokémon helping humans if everyone lived in dirt huts!

Also, literacy is quite widespread in Hisui. The culture of Hisui, which is a weird blend of Edo-Japanese and Ancient Israel, promotes literacy as a value of Arceus. That is why there is a need for scrolls and books.

Yes, Rei is betrothed to Akari. It's just the way the world worked back then. You took up your father's trade, and you married your childhood friend. (I'm not going to really make it anything more than a eventual thing, as I want it to be so normal that no one really talks about it. And I WILL NOT tolerate weird comments. Rei and Akari are twelve.)