So Ended the Annals of How The Plates Were Taken From Arceus;

And how the Quest of the Golden Company was fulfilled.

Now Begins the Annals of the War of Wrath;

And the Binding Of The Evil Djinn, by The Rorians of Old;

And the Beginning Of The Two Thousand Year Peace of the World.

Eight months later...

Rei eyed the great ships upon coming out of the sea, a friendly maritime wind blowing from the uttermost heats of the South. The southern coast of Hisui lay nary six leagues from Jubilife Town, and the farsighted could espy the Great Sea on a clear day.

Over the past few weeks, strange boats and patrol ships had skirted the shores, and they were seen by the poor fisher-folk that dwelt near the sea.

A craft bearing the white flag of peace did come to port, and a strange messenger said that he had come from a faraway land, and came in good will. He had also requested the formation of a assembly of the leaders of the Gathering of Ten Thousand, as to debate the purpose of the sailors voyage, for they had come to seek aid.

Kamado and the other Elders were summoned, and many other people, including Rei and Akari and the other members of the Golden Company. When the day of arrival came, high, proud ships came from the south, and smaller wooden coracles brought men to shore.

The foreigners were very tall, with darker skin and Pokémon that no one had seen. They were dressed in clothes of muted tones, with finely crafted boots and cloaks. They did not bear any weapons, unless their Pokémon were concealing their inner battle prowess quite well.

A man who was clearly the head of this fleet bowed before Kamado, and all his followers did so as well. "Blessed be you, and the mother that nursed you! We have come here, moved by a dream from distant lands, to seek your aid in our darkest hour."

Kamado curtly nodded in respect, and then asked his own questions. "I do believe that you come without ill will. But I am without knowledge on how we speak of the same tongue, as you clearly come from a very far away land. We know not of you or your Pokémon, and your flags and sigils are unknown to us. Let us go in private, and perhaps we shall come to a answer befit of the wise..."


Kamado and the other Elders made council in the Tent of Worship, while five of the foreigners came into it. One was the admiral of the fleet, and his wife. The third was a stout warrior with a Sawk and Throh, leaving a slight herald and a dark-skinned southeron with a fine reed flute upon his linen robe.

The members of the Golden Company were there, including Rei's father. Of course, the Legend Plate was still on Rei's person, as he always carried it on himself.

Once, Adaman had tested if the Plate could be stolen from its current chosen owner. His burns took a month to fully heal, and the Plate returned to Rei immediatly once it had been taken, disappearing and reappearing in Rei's pocket, if he had one.

As soon as everybody had settled, the admiral stated his business.

"I am Admiral Berothim of the Logarian Navy, and I have sailed in the Great Sea for two months, aided by Pokémon, to reach the land of Hisui, of which only legend spoke of. But our king, An-Ardunakor the Third woke from fitful dream only a half-year ago. He saw troubling things in his vision, and I will now tell of what it was..."

Iridia interrupted the admiral in the middle of his tale. "I will cast aside the formality that is due to friendly guests, as you have not told us many things that would be expected of us to know before this debate begins! Who do you serve, and where do you hail from? Where is this Logaria, and is it a land of good or ill? What dealings do you have with the Enemy, to ally with him or not?"

The foreign warrior stood in alarm. "If the woman suggests that we ally with the Dark One, than I would not be so merry in this place! Nay, we have hated the Enemy since our founding, and he is the reason that we come in your presence. We of Logaria, in Roria in the deep south, have fought the great hordes of the Evil Djinn that hail from the Land of Shadowy Horror for many cycles. If you do not know, there are many thralls of the Evil One that you northman do not stay, and that your bright swords and warriors have overlooked!"

Berothrim gave the warrior a stern glance. "Artherim, if I thought that you would be so impolite in the place where we might find great aid, than I may have kept you on the ship! But he speaks true, if not of a soft tongue. We of Logaria dwell in the land of Roria, in the far south. We have kept the Darkness in check for time immemorial, and we fight against the flesh and blood servants of the Evil One. We are a mighty empire, and we have been blessed by the Original One for our great deeds against the Enemy."

Kamado was in awe. "You serve the Original One, and speak our language? What a friend we have found! But we gave little in the way of arms or folk, and we do not govern by a king. We were warned by our prophets that he would be more oppressive than anyone else, and we are content with the Original One being our lord. So, what way of want do you have with us in Hisui?"

As Kamado was talking, Rei remembered something very out of place, but it could have something to do with these strangers, these Rorians and Logarians. In the very dream that he had about a year ago, he had seen a great armament go to war with the Enemy. If these strangers were truly a mighty force, then they might be what he had forseen.

"As I was to say," Berothrim said. "Our king had a troubling dream. In it, he saw a mountain fall into ruin, and then fire spread from the Land of Shadowy Horror, the everlasting domain of the Enemy which we contend with. The world was consumed, and a new creation in the name of the Enemy had arisen in its place. Then in the north a voice said as follows:

"Seek the One who bears the Plate,"

"For he hath obtained it of late."

"Go into the land of Hisui in the north,"

"Elist his aid so that you may go forth,"

"And end the Enemy and his many thralls,"

"To burn the shadowy halls."

"Bind the Evil One,"

"Seek the land of Hisui..."

"And then our lord awoke with a start. He consulted a elohim of light, and our other Seers determined the veraticity of this such dream. We trusted our king, and other signs made us wish to hurry for aid in this strange land of Hisui..."

"We have been fighting against the Enemy and his slaves for years uncountable on our northern borders, great battles of which you may have little knowledge. They come from the Dor Daedeloth, the Land of Shadowy Horror in the north. It is a unnatural land, upheaved by the immense conflict between Kyogre and Groudon at the end of the elder days."

"But in recent months, our enemies are growing in strength. Maggot-creatures crawl out of holes without light or hope, adding to endless hosts. The power of the Enemy of grows, and the fiery mountains have spewed smoke for the first time in a millenium. The Tapu of the Alolan Islands grow restless, and they repel strange creatures daily that are neither beast nor Pokémon." The dark-skinned man stirred, but did not speak.

"The darkness grows, and a foul wind comes from the Dor Daedeloth. The true threat we only learned of five months ago. Some wild men came from Nuria, and we slew them. But then we perceived a great and terrible shadow coming from the remnants, and we fled out of terror. Our olders remembered only one source of such madness: the Enemy in presence, returned to his greatest stronghold of power in the Land of Shadowy Horror. The Evil One has returned, and we are now hard beset."

Rei asked the admiral something that was nagging at him. "Sir, if you were to muster all the men and strong lads able to fight, including the Pokémon, what would that number amount too?"

"Fifteen million, if our last census is correct."

So it was true! Rei nodded, and remained silent.

Kamado was intrigued, but he was still skeptical. "I trust that you are honest, since you took the Vow. But I have misgivings about what the lines in the dream said. Bind the Evil One, if my hearing has not wholly left me. Is this why you have come to us, for you wish to do such a thing? I say it is impossible to do of our own accord."

Berothrim stood, and slowly withdrew a silvery feather from a pouch. "This is a piece of down that was obtained from the Great Air elohim, Lugia in the common tongue. It could ensnare many with its power, if crafted into a weave. This was our only thing of interest, and we do not know if you have any art that can use it. Even so, it would only be a weave, not a bottle or pot that could contain the evil of the Enemy."

Laventon realized something, and stood with a start. "Master Berothrim, you look upon a man of science who has learned to do such a thing!" Laventon showed the admiral one of his Capture Balls.

"What is this?" The slight herald said. "And how does it function?"

"I make these devices by taking a Apricorn fruit, and then carving it out, taking the interior pulp. The pulp can be crafted into a thin net, and the put inside the remnant of the Apricorn. It will open and close if I attach a Aurgurite to the front. Then, it can contain any Pokémon by diminishing it to a smaller size, providing easier transportation and acquisition."

"Exceptional," Berothrim said. "Such a craft has eluded us. If you may weave the feather into such a net, perhaps our hope may not fail. We are without a bottle, although if the Original One is with us, then we are sure to succeed with faith and devotion."

This seemed satisfactory to all, but Adaman laughed in scorn. "A bottle! Of course! Can you grasp the Enemy by the shoulders and stuff him in one? Surely you can! Can you break his greatest fortresses to reach him? Of course! How is it that he may be contained? And if such a thing could be done, what would we do with the prison?"

Artherim stood. "If we craft such a prison for him, he will retreat out of his own fear. If we safeguard it and keep it ever-ready, then he will have no rest, and will not move against us, even as we amass greater strength."

Adaman was amused. "Keep him at bay, like a hungry dog that cannot get a meal? If it is surety that you crave, let it be known that the Enemy gives none! He will know that he cannot be harmed by us. The only method of entrapment would fail, except if we had aid from the Original One, or one of his princes. And as I have said, what would we do with such a thing? Should we cast it into the sea or earth? Nay, for the fashion of the world might change, and it would be found by those who wish to free the Enemy, if he does not break it from within."

"Why are you so bitter, Adaman?" Cyllene asked. "Do these men not hail from a land that has fought the Enemy for many generations? They have knowledge of his ways that may be greater than ours."

Clasping his hands in front of him, Adaman looked far more weary than Rei had ever seen him. He came from a long-lived line, and the people of Hisui aged well into their hundred and thirties, but he looked as tired and broken as a old man.

"If I must say, you may win in battle for a time. But against this power that rises yet again, there is no victory. The days of Men and Pokémon are fading. We have prevented his wiles in the Ered Engrin, but he rises again, and will cover all the lands in a terrible darkness. We did not have any knowledge of this land of Roria, nor any of the Enemy's doing in the southern heats. He will devour all the lands. I have foreseen it in my heart. The power of light is failing, and soon he will rush out like a black tide with all his slaves, and ruin all the free kingdoms of Men."

There was a period of silence. The long journey of the Logarians seemed to come to naught, and hope fell.

Rei felt the Legend Plate growing warmer. He took it out of its pocket, and then yelled when it shocked his hand and flew to the center of the tent. The warriors drew their blades, and the Pokémon alerted themselves.

The script upon the Plate was shining, the carven words visible to all. Then the most loud, piercing, and incredible came out of the Plate with such force that it seemed as though it would destroy the tent and rend apart the blue sky.


Then the Plate vanished, and Rei felt it in his pocket again. His ears were ringing from the sound, stern but not totally accusatory.

Rei could sense what it meant, and it was truly a weighty statement. Arceus had given its power to make this Plate. Furthermore, it reconciled everything on Earth with it, being in the form of a creature of flesh. No one now was truly gone, even those Arceus had condemned in the past. It had come at a terrible cost, as Arceus, not the Original One, would hate humanity ever after, until the evil that had been done was amended. If this was the way that the Original One wished for the Enemy to be defeated, then all must concede the decision to He who is above Fallibility.

Getting over his hesitation, Berothrim asked of how Rei had obtained the Legend Plate, and what scheme of the Evil Djinn that the Golden Company had thwarted, and if Rei was the one who bore the Plate.

Rei's father and Cogita told all present the tale, talking quite a while. Once they had finished, the sun was now high above, from the morning that they had begun to assemble.

"So, the Evil One has been active in the Far North, as well, and we have found He who bears the Plate." Artherim said. "The fates of our nations are intertwined. We speak the same tongue and give homage to the same Creator, yet we have not ever heard of each other except for old tales that came from beyond mind and memory. What a troubled age this is! In the North, madmen and bandits run about, and Dark Lords sit upon Iron Thrones in terrible mountains. In the south, hordes of half-men assemble in the wastes, and the Enemy has taken form again, and pours his spirit into his thralls. The wilds and jungles are not safe. Many a death has been caused by a Gengar, leeching life in the shadows. The birds of the air are spies for the Evil One. Even some of the trees have taken sides. What are we to do?"

Laventon had been examining the silver feather for the entire duration of the tale, and did not bring good tidings. "This is so fine that I could not weave it, even with the finest spinning wheels and tools that I possess. For that, I would need some other piece of down, of a different quality."

Berothrim understood what Laventon was suggesting. "The other feather that you would need for a perfect union would be from the Legendary Rainbow elohim, Ho-Oh. The two are meant to be joined, but one will suffice. At Logaria, we have the most advanced weaving art in the world, but we lacked the knowledge to put it to use, in this occasion. If you are a man of science, then the equipment that we can provide will suffice. But we would need to journey back to Logaria over two months, and we would yet be without a bottle."

"We must consult the stones," Kamado said. "We must know if the Original One has say in this matter..."

Urim and Thummim were brought out with the proper rituals, and Kamado asked a objective question.

"Should we journey across the Great Sea to Logaria, and create a prison for the Evil Djinn?"



"It is settled, then. We will go across the Great Sea, into the far south to put a end to the reign of the Enemy for ever!"