A.N. Finally I am done. I have been writing this story for months and it is finally presentable. This is obviously AU and in this world the Killing Curse is considered even more taboo than the canon. This story starts at the beginning of Harry's fourth year and concludes at the end of the Triwizard competition. Harry and Daphne are 14 years old in this story and might be a bit dramatic and impulsive and sometimes even wise, like you know... real teenagers. Hope you like it. Happy Reading!

The Cynical Romantic

"Avada Kedavra!" a harsh whisper changed everything. It changed the wizarding world. It changed thousands of lives. It changed the future. It changed people's view on the boy. It was the worst spell in the universe. It was the most inhuman words a human could utter.

And that's what Harry yelled with his wand pointed at the most feared dark lord of their time, shocking everybody around the stage. Loud gasps echoed around him. Harry, unconcerned of people's reaction, felt elated as his parents' murderer slumped lifelessly on the floor. Justice and revenge was finally achieved. His perpetual anger was finally abated.

He smiled in relief as his gaze fell on the beautiful girl with the most dazzling shade of blue eyes who was standing with her friend Tracey.

'She is safe.'

And then he fell, losing his consciousness.

"Harry!" she screamed in distress and ran towards him, engulfing him in her warm embrace, slowing down his fall.

The last thing he saw was the sight of the cynic letting out heart-wrenching sobs.

How so uncynical of her?


Loneliness is a very intriguing concept. Everyone experiences this feeling at least a couple of times in their lives. Whether it be an abused orphan boy or a privileged pureblood girl, it really doesn't matter. Loneliness strikes everyone, it doesn't discriminate unlike this bigot world.

You can feel loneliness even in the midst of tens of your friends. Hearing their happy laughter will make you cringe and annoyed. You will start ignoring their conversation and will suddenly find your own thoughts particularly interesting, even if it's about the boring homework you didn't finish. You will get irritated when your friends try to rope you in the conversation, trying to make you belong when you know you don't.

And strangely sometimes you will never feel lonely even being alone inside a small cupboard. It is quite a conundrum. Lonely and Alone are so similar in meaning. But the meanings of these two words will never be the same. Some people thrive in the company of friends while some like being alone. But being alone doesn't equate to loneliness, at least not all the time.

Daphne Greengrass was of this kind. She didn't dislike people but enjoyed remaining alone by herself more than she liked being in someone's company. This might be the reason why she had only one friend in Hogwarts. Then again, would Tracey Davis really count when she was friends with basically everyone?

Daphne would never understand how Tracey could manage so many friends from all the four houses. It must be so time consuming. Such a waste of time and energy. Anyways, coming back to the point, Daphne had only one friend including Tracey Davis. Not that this was the case of worry for her. No, she wasn't a single bit concerned about her severe lack of friends. She never was much intrigued by the notion of making friends.

But on a certain rainy day, her modus operandi was forced to change. All because of a certain green eyed boy.


Harry Potter was in his own nightmare as he ran out of Moody's DADA class. Today had been a strange and excitable day until Professor Moody explained the unforgivables. After hearing the true meanings of those curses, after hearing why the killing curse was considered the worst curse in existence, Harry couldn't concentrate in the class anymore.

He felt sick, his heart was beating in an inconsistent rhythm. He felt like he was drowning in his own sweat. He felt tainted. He hated his body, he hated his life. He didn't deserve her final sacrifice. He didn't deserve to live while her existence was destroyed.

He ran, he ran. People in the corridor jumped away so as not to collide with him and gave him dirty looks. But he didn't care, he just wanted to run away, he just wanted to be as far away from DADA class, he just wanted to forget what he had heard in the class. But he couldn't outrun his own mind which torturously repeated the explanation in a non-stop loop.

"The Killing Curse is the worst spell you can cast on your enemy. It is deadly and incurable if it hits someone. It doesn't just kills them, it destroys and taints the soul of the victim. We don't have concrete proof but it is assumed that it takes centuries before the destroyed soul can heal again and become whole and therefore be able to cross into the afterlife. It is a cruel fate. One of the darkest and most inhumane things a wizard or witch can do to their enemies. But the spell has its own drawback. The power to damage a soul extracts a high price from the caster. The price is the caster's humanity. With each Killing Curse used, the caster's humanity decreases. He/she becomes less of a human and more of a feral animal. That is the reason why even the dark wizards never use this spell. They stay far away from this spell. Even you-know-who, the one who was considered the worst, only used this spell two times. First when he killed Lily Potter and the second when he tried to kill Harry Potter. No one knows why he stooped that low to kill a muggleborn witch and a year old boy. No one knows why he left the soul of Lily Potter shattered and demolished."

He thought he might throw up. He opened an empty abandoned classroom and locked himself in. He hunched over on the floor and tried to puke but nothing came out of his mouth.

He panted audibly as he sat on the floor with his back pressed against the wall.

"Mum's soul is destroyed. She is still in pieces and agony while here I am not even able to vomit." he mumbled in a self-deprecating tone. He just sat there in the darkness of the classroom, staring at nothing, his fingers curled in a fist, his nails digging painfully in his palm, drawing blood.

This was the point where Harry Potter changed irrevocably. He would become more silent, he would become more powerful, he would keep his true malicious feelings hidden deep inside him. He would coddle it, he would feed it and then when he would finally need it, he would explode. He didn't want to be human, he didn't want friends, he didn't want peace. He wanted to be the rage incarnate. He wanted to explode so loudly that the world would break into infinitesimal pieces.

"Take me! Kill me! Torture me but heal my mother, make her whole, you fucking nameless God! Make her whole!" he screamed his unquenchable pain, hoping it would make the hurting in his chest stop. It didn't.

He wanted to cry. He wanted to sink into this chaotic melancholy. He didn't.

He couldn't.


It was raining outside. Harry Potter was in the Potions class. And unlike usual, he didn't have Ron as a partner. Snape seemed to have taken up the agenda of house unity and had paired one Gryffindor with one Slytherin. Harry stifled a snort. Hell with house unity, Snape was just a fucking sadist who enjoyed seeing others squirm, who elated in basking in his power.

He chanced a look at his partner. Long blonde hair done in a high ponytail, deep blue eyes, a willowy figure with budding curves. She sure was a beautiful girl. Very beautiful indeed. And far out of his league if he was interested. Which he was not, thank you very much. Daphne Greengrass, that was her name. The antisocial loner who ranked after Hermione in studies. She was quiet as they worked together. Harry confessed to himself that he could have done far worse than Daphne for a partner. He just had to look beside him where Malfoy and Ron were partnered up to understand that.

"Are you out of your mind, Weasley? The feather was for the end. Why the fuck did you put in the couldron now?" Draco was hissing, trying not to get the attention of Snape. Not a worthy try if he was being honest. The entire class was capable of hearing their annoyed whispers.

"Shut your bloody trap, Malfoy. It was an innocent mistake. I didn't mean to botch the stupid potion." Ron mumbled angrily.

"Innocent? Innocent? You fucking moron!"

Harry averted his gaze as Snape marched to their bench.

"Just wanted to say I am thankful that you are competent for both of us, Greengrass. Can't imagine I would have brewed such a great potion in my life." He said neutrally. Daphne just nodded and filled her vial before walking to the front of the class and putting it in the rack. Harry did the same.

Just as they reached their bench, a loud bang echoed from Ron and Malfoy's cauldron before the bubbling liquid inside it sprayed up in the air. The scorching fluid then fell down like raindrops. His quick reflex saved them from burns. He grabbed Daphne by her hand and pulled her under the bench. She didn't fight back and huddled beside him, leaning into him. They stared at each other as the sizzling sound of burning filled the room. Both were silent as they sighed in relief. But the class wasn't. Screams and curses filled the classroom as the frantic students ran out, not heeding the professor's order to stay calm. The two remained still, staring at each other. Harry tried his best not to audibly breathe in her citrusy perfume. It was so intoxicating. Daphne broke eye contact. If they weren't in the shadows, if Harry was able to see her face, he would have been intrigued to see her blushing.

They slowly stepped out from under the table. They both scrunched their noses at the horrid stink of the potion fumes. Professor Snape was berating Draco and Ron who looked sick in the stomach. Harry turned his gaze away from the three as Daphne grabbed his hand. She pointed towards the exit with her face and led him out. Harry was a bit surprised but followed her nonetheless.

Daphne took him to a secluded tower where no one was present. It had a nice view of the lake. And the drizzling rain rippling the surface of the lake was quite aesthetic. She placed her elbows on the ledge and peered out with sparkling blue eyes. Harry couldn't help but take in her beauty.

"Thank you. And in return for saving me, you are welcome to come to this secret place. We are even now." Daphne said seriously, glancing at him briefly before again looking at the lake. Harry nervously stepped beside her and put his elbows on the cold stony ledge as he enjoyed the view. He shivered as a cool wind blew towards them, showering them with few rain drops. He stifled an urge to step back, Daphne's wide smile and closed eyes keeping him firm beside her.

"I sure will use this place frequently. It has become too difficult to find time for myself. Hopefully I will be able to get some alone time and silence here." Harry said softly. Daphne nodded frantically and chanced a look at him. Her eyes were wide and pleased as she looked at him.

"I am glad you understand. I will let you become my friend." she said with an eager grin. Harry just chuckled.

"Thank you, your highness, for such an offer. I am blessed by your request." Harry said playfully.

"You should be. From hundreds of students, I have chosen you as my only friend. It is a privilege. Wait a second, what of Tracey? Bah! I will ask her for her resignation. I don't want more than one friend. It will become hectic and time consuming. Yes, yes. Harry, don't worry. I choose you." Daphne half talked to herself and half to him. Harry gave her an odd look.

"If you don't mind my curiosity, why do you want me as your friend again? I have not heard the reason for such a momentous decision yet." Harry internally cheered for using the word 'momentous'. Hopefully she would be impressed by his vocabulary.

"Simple. Because we are similar. And I like you because you don't disturb my silence. Which ironically you are doing now. It should annoy me but strangely it doesn't. How anomalous." Daphne murmured with a frown.

Harry decided against asking what anomalous meant.

"How are we similar?" Harry asked instead. He really didn't know her much so was confused how she reached that conclusion. He was sure she too didn't know him.

"We are both cynics." Daphne scratched her cheek, looking at him expectantly.

"Why do you think that? I am not a cynic. How can I be when my own mother sacrificed her life and soul for myself. That's the most uncynical thing ever. How would you make my mother's actions look selfish?" Harry questioned her, a part of him was furious while the other part of him was curious. He knew it wasn't her fault. He knew he himself brought up his mother in the conversation, unknowingly angering himself. An emotion he had become too acquainted with.

Unaware of his thoughts, Daphne hmm'd thoughtfully.

"Well, of course her actions were selfish. She chose to sacrifice her life for you because she didn't have any other choice. The dark lord was standing before her. I have heard rumours that the dark lord gave her a chance to step away but she didn't. You know why? Because she was very intelligent and perceptive. She knew she would have a guilty conscience if she allowed you to be killed. She knew that even if the dark lord kept her alive for the price of your life, her life would be filled with misery. She was very beautiful after all. She would have been just a sexual slave to the dark lord's Death Eaters. I think that was the reason why the dark lord tried to keep her alive. Now, you tell me, what would you do in her place? Die a hero and go down in the history as the best loving mother or become a forced prostitute for your whole life? See, she didn't sacrifice her life for you. She sacrificed her life for herself." Daphne expounded clinically with no malice or sympathy in her voice. Harry was dumbfounded, staring at her dubiously. His eyes narrowed in a hateful glare. He suppressed the temptation to reach for his wand.

"You don't really know how to talk to others, do you?" Harry grumbled, his eyes on her confused face.

"Did I offend you? I am sorry if I did." Daphne said gently. Harry sighed as he shook his head at the girl.

"A hint for you, friend. People usually don't like others talking about their mothers in that way. They don't like listening to shite about their parents. And I definitely don't like friends who insult my mother." Harry spat out, trying to reign in the anger which wanted him to burn her to a black crisp.

Daphne nodded slowly.

"I see your point. I am sorry. But don't misunderstand me. I am not insulting your mother. I would have done the same in her place." Daphne said, hoping it would make him feel better. It didn't. Harry groaned, pinching his nose.

"Let's drop the subject about my mother, Greengrass. Let's agree to disagree. You can believe she was selfish, she died to become a hero, wanting to escape a worse fate and I can believe that she loved me immensely to not step away. Fine?"

"Fine. I don't really care about your mother anyway." Daphne shrugged nonchalantly. Harry just couldn't believe how someone could be so infuriating. He couldn't comprehend how someone can say hurtful things on every chance without even being aware of it.

"See you later, Greengrass. I have some homework to finish." Harry hurried away without giving her a second look. If he had he would have seen a confused pained look in her eyes, not knowing what she did wrong.


"You are a dumbo." Tracey scowled at Daphne. The two girls sat together in their common room.

"That's rude." Daphne scowled at her acquaintance. Yes, Tracey wasn't her friend anymore. That title had been passed on to Harry Potter. After informing Tracey of her demotion, which she had taken with an eye roll, Daphne had explained to her about the sudden problem with her new friend. That was how she ended up being considered a dumbo by her acquaintance.

"Rude? Are you fucking out of your mind? You were rude, very rude when you destroyed the heart of the poor boy. How can you be crude enough to say to him, an orphan boy, that his mother didn't love him? Were you trying to make a friend or an enemy?" Tracey hissed in annoyance. She so wanted to go and give Harry a tight hug. She knew he was in depression after the class with Moody where he learnt that his mother's soul was destroyed.

"But I was just being honest. I was just telling the truth. I didn't mean to hurt him." Daphne complained, though there was understanding in her eyes. Now she got why Harry was so pissed.

"Your truth, your belief, is not absolute, Daphne. What is the truth anyway? It's like a shard of ice. It melts and reforms. One thing can be false one day and then the truth the next day. It is not constant. It's ever-changing" Tracey explained patiently, already knowing how her frie- acquaintance's mind worked.

Daphne nodded reluctantly.

"I will apologise to him right away." She said, standing up.

"No. Talk to him tomorrow. Give him some time to calm down." Tracey advised. She glared at her when it looked like Daphne wasn't going to listen.

"Who is an expert in making friends again?"

"Fine. I am going to my room then. I need some silence. Your voice annoys me."

"Yeah, hopefully Harry's voice would be soothing then." Tracey teased.

"Yes. It is. His voice doesn't irritate me. I don't know why." Daphne answered frankly.

"Just go on. I can't even tease you without explaining how I am teasing you." Tracey smiled fondly. Daphne gave her a curious look, not understanding her. Tracey was weird. Poor girl must have lost her marbles after exhausting her mind and energy on being everyone's friend.


"I am sorry." Daphne immediately said when she found him by their secret spot the next day. He was leaning on the ledge, his eyes closed as a soft wind washed over him, making his hair flutter. He slowly opened his eyes and turned his head, looking at her blankly.

"You are sorry for what?"

"Uhm. Hurting your feelings. I will be honest. I don't know how this thing works. Being friends and all. I thought being honest would be the best thing but it only made you angry. So, I don't know how to approach this friendship thingy."

Harry's lips twitched.

"I forgive you. I thought about our conversation for a whole day and realised that I can't fault a cynic for being a cynic. Same way I can't fault a monkey for being a monkey."

"Hey! Who are you calling a monkey?" Daphne protested.

Harry just laughed and Daphne didn't know why she laughed along with him. It was strange but exciting.

"Oh, I forgot. I have a theory for you which will make you stop worrying." Daphne smiled eagerly. Harry quirked his eyebrow and motioned for her to continue.

"I understand that you are worried about your mother's soul. But you don't have to. Because there is no such thing as a soul. It's just a fiction to soften the fear of the unknown, death. We are born from dust and will become dust at the end of our life. Nothing less and nothing more. That's it. Does that make you feel better?" Daphne looked at him with hopeful eyes.

Harry sighed, rubbing his forehead. This was going to be a long ride.

"Ah! I see that I again said something bad." Daphne mumbled sadly. Harry shot her a smile.

"You did. But it's fine. I am flattered that you tried to make me feel better. Come on, let's sit and not talk." Harry led her to the opposite wall and removed his robe before spreading it on the floor. He sat on it and patted the place beside him. Daphne didn't ask a single question and plopped beside him.

They remained silent for the next hour, both enjoying the comfortable quietness without being alone.


It's been months since the duo started their strange friendship and the bond had just kept growing and growing.

"I didn't enter my name in the Triwizard Cup." Harry panted as he ran up the stairs and reached their secret spot. Daphne had spread a blanket on the floor and was sitting on it. She gave him a dubious look but nodded.


"Just like that?" He asked, befuddled by her quick acceptance.

"I mean, what are you expecting? You just said you didn't enter your name so that must be the truth." Daphne shrugged and motioned him to sit beside her.

"You do know that you are awesome?" Harry said with a soft smile and strange glint in his eyes which made her blush.

"Of course I know. I am offended that you didn't know that before." she quickly babbled but he was already laughing. She pouted. She didn't like how he was able to make her feel all hot and bothered.

Maybe she needed to demote him into an acquaintance and find a new friend. But even the thought of that made her heart heavy. She couldn't picture anyone else in the place of Harry.

She shot down the idea and then burned it into ash before throwing it all the way to another galaxy.

Harry smiled amusedly as Daphne waved her hands frantically and glared at nobody, totally ignoring his presence. She was weird. But it only made her more adorable.


"I am not sad that you didn't die." Daphne said when they met at their place after the first task.

"So, you are happy that I survived the dragon." Harry said softly, approaching her tense body. Her eyes were red rimmed as if she had been crying.

"I am not sad that you didn't die." she reiterated stubbornly. Harry smiled as he wrapped his arms around her in a gentle embrace. She melted immediately and clasped her hands tightly around his waist. He rubbed her back soothingly.

"I am alright, Daphne. I am alright. You don't need to worry." He whispered reassuringly in her ear.

"I wasn't worried. I don't care about your life. Everyone dies at some point. It doesn't matter when." She lied uncertainly. Harry didn't correct her and just held her in his arms.

"Thank you for not worrying over me."

"Are you making fun of me? You are, aren't you?"

"I will never do that! How can you be so cruel to even hint that?" Harry gasped dramatically. Daphne hid a smile on his chest. She tightened her grasp as he began pulling back.

"Don't move. It's cold here. And you are warm. Very warm." Daphne mumbled, not breaking off the hug. Harry chuckled and ran his fingers through her straight silky hair.

"As my lady commands."

"I am not your lady!"

"Ah! You just broke my heart!"

"Your heart's not made of glass. It can't be broken. Though I suppose it can be crushed or stabbed."

"You are just adorable, aren't you?"

"Wha- Wh- Where did that come from?"


"What do you think you are doing, Malfoy?" Harry sneered as Draco stepped before him.

"I just wanted to ask, do you know Daphne Greengrass? She is an antisocial slytherin in our house. She doesn't talk much to anyone but we tolerate her since she is from one of the oldest bloodlines. But recently there have been rumours that she isn't antisocial anymore. A miracle if there was ever one. Who can be this miracle worker, hmm?" Draco smiled knowingly. Harry stiffened and shook his head.

"I don't know any snakes. Now step back and fuck off. I have better things to do than see your ugly face." Harry spat through gritted teeth.

"Haha. Watch your mouth Potter. Or your pretty friend might dump you." Draco nodded towards behind him. Harry slightly turned his head to see Daphne and Tracey walking towards them. Harry turned back and narrowed his eyes at the blonde ferret.

"Will you just shut the fuck up! Your girly voice annoys me too much. Don't you have some real work to do other than bothering me?" Harry said, glaring at him.

"Oh! I just remember. There is one more rumour. Everyone is saying that the great Harry Potter nowadays is depressed over his dead mother's broken soul. I-"

Draco couldn't say anymore since an angry punch collided with his face. He stumbled back in daze as an ache blossomed on his cheek, which then spread through his whole face.

"Ah feret, thanks for the opportunity to vent. I am grateful for your service." Harry grinned mirthlessly and kicked him on the chest. Draco gasped, falling on his back. He wished he had brought Crabbe and Goyle with him.

Harry sat on his chest and began punching him mercilessly. His lips were pulled in an animalistic snarl as he kept hitting his face.

"Potter! What are you doing? Stop that right now or else you will get detention or expelled." Tracey shrieked as the other students around them stepped back from the sudden violence. Few of them ran away to get a professor.

Harry's snarl had turned into a sadistic smile as blood had started seeping from Draco's nose. He felt immense pleasure as bruises began forming on his arch rival's face. He still wasn't satisfied though and kept hitting him. He heard several crack sounds. Harry was morbidly curious to see if Malfoy's skull would cave in from his punches. Were his punches that powerful? Well, he could always test that.

By now, Malfoy's face was a messy bloody pulp.

'How much more can your skull persevere, Malfoy? Few minutes more I guess.' Harry thought absent-mindedly as his knuckles were broken and covered with his blood and were still hitting Draco's face.

"Professor! Please do something!" Tracey screamed as Severus Snape came trotting towards them.

Harry didn't remember much after that other than prefects pulling him away and a severe looking Snape picking up the unresponsive body of Malfoy. Harry couldn't stop the laugh that escaped his lips as the potions master shot him a hateful glare.

"How is his face, Snape? Someone's face finally looks uglier than your batty mug. You are welcome."

It seemed that Snape was just a moment away from pointing his wand at him. But before that, Dumbledore himself came to them. Snape grunted and jogged away towards the hospital wing with Draco in his arms.

"Harry, follow me." Dumbledore ordered.

"As the great Dumbledore demands." Harry bowed mockingly and followed behind him.

As the two finally walked away, Tracey stared at Daphne who was still as a statue for the entire incident.

"What happened to him?" Tracey questioned her. Daphne shrugged.

"I don't know. But it's not my problem. I am going on a walk. Alone. You go back to the common room." Daphne mumbled and went away, not waiting for her response. Tracey noted that Daphne's walk happened to be in the same direction in which Harry went.


Rage. The all encompassing rage which had been brewing inside him since that life-changing DADA class had given rise to something new. Voices. Sweet and cruel voices. Which had begun tormenting him from the last couple of days.

My sweet Harry. Mama loves you. She loves you so much.

Harry was walking down the stairs from the Headmaster's office when he stopped short to see Daphne waiting for him at the bottom. She shot him an uncertain smile.

Harry, save me! It hurts! It's so cold, so lonely.

His face was blank as he descended down and stood before her, trying to ignore the voice.

"Hey, Daphne. What are you doing here?" Harry asked, attempting to appear carefree.

"I just wanted to see if you are okay. Are you fine?"

"Yeah, sure. I am absolutely fine." Harry assured her with a beatific smile.

No! No! Harry, don't leave me! Please!

"Are you sure? I can see blood dripping from your hands." Daphne noted in concern. Harry opened his fists, ceasing digging his nails in his palms.

"I am good, Daphne. I need to go to the hospital wing to mend my fingers. Draco's skull wasn't as frail as I thought. See you later!" Harry said and turned away.

You love her, dear. Pathetic. Why do you love someone who will never love you? Why waste your feelings and emotions on someone who won't ever reciprocate? She is but a broken girl and you her current doll. She needs you but it won't be for forever. Soon, she will get bored of this doll and will find another one. Soon, she will leave you behind. She can't love you like I do, son. She won't die for you. She won't sacrifice her soul for you. She is a cynic after all. She must have a selfish reason to look so concerned right now.

Daphne grabbed his wrist and whirled him around. She looked so angry and desperate. There were tears filling up her beautiful eyes. But the voices rapidly overwhelmed him.

It's so hot! It burns! It's so painful! Help!

"What has happened to you! Why have you been so cold since the last few days?" she snarled, pulling him close by his robe, so close that their faces were just a few inches away. Daphne could feel his heat, feel his heart against her. She could feel his sweet breath blowing on her face, causing the hair on her neck to stand on their ends.

She felt so much that for a second she forgot to be angry. For a brief moment the urge to close her eyes and mash her lips against his was so needful that she had to pull back her head, away from the range of his pink and soft lips before she could do something irrevocable.

"It must be your cynicism, dear. Maybe it's rubbing on me. Recently I have only been able to see the dark side of the world. Anyways, I don't think you have the right to be angry with me for my real nature. It would be hypocritical. I can't change myself after all. Just like you can't." Harry grinned sarcastically as he gently pushed her back and walked away, knowing it would hurt her, a small part of him immensely enjoyed that. Leaving a heartbroken girl standing alone in the corridor.

Today it seemed he just wanted to hurt everyone.


"Tracey! You are promoted from acquaintance to my friend again." Daphne yelled as she marched into the Slytherin common room with teary eyes before climbing up the stairs to her room.

Tracey rolled her eyes and sighed before standing up, putting her books in her bag and following her troubled friend.

'What happened now?' she frowned and thought absent-mindedly.


What is love? It wasn't the first time Harry asked that question to himself. As he stared across the hall, trying to make eye contact with his dear friend, he questioned again.

What is love?

She stubbornly refused to look anywhere but at her plate. Harry sighed and rubbed his forehead.

Is love just an emotion induced by amalgamation of many hormones? Is it just a romanticisation of physical causes and reactions? Or was it something really special, something soulful instead of a hyped up chemical phenomena? He didn't know and honestly he didn't care at this point. He loved Daphne. That he was sure of. Yes, it was very embarrassing and very difficult to accept it first in his own mind. But he had. He finally had confessed to himself that his new friend wasn't only a friend to him. She was more. Something more and dare he say someone special.

"Mate, just go and talk with her instead of staring creepily at her." Ron suggested from beside him. Harry shot him a glare.

"It's not a creepy stare." Harry mumbled disbelievingly.

"Sure. Why not stare at her for 10 more minutes again without blinking? Seriously, Harry. Just go and talk with her." Hermione rolled her eyes from his other side.

"Fine!" Harry threw up his hands in exasperation. "I will talk to her soon."

"When is this 'soon'?" Hermione asked with a raised eyebrow.

"After we finish breakfast."


Daphne saw him standing up from the Gryffindor table and walking towards her. She gulped down the sudden nervousness and decided on the best course of action… running. She picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulders before marching out of the great hall.

"He is still following you." A sudden voice from her right startled her. She whirled around and came face to face with Tracey.

"You almost gave me a heart attack." Daphne said in a pissed off tone before grabbing her arm and pulling her inside a broom closet.

"You know, Daphne. If someone catches us in this position, there will be scandalous rumours." Tracey smirked. Daphne finally realised how compromising their position was. Due to the narrow space, their breasts were pressed together and their faces were just a few inches away. Daphne scrunched her nose at that.

"Yes, that could be disastrous but since we will be quick no one has to know. Especially not Harry." Daphne nodded to herself as if that logic was impenetrable.

Tracey couldn't help but snort at her unintentional innuendo.

"Why not Harry? He is just your friend, isn't he? It shouldn't matter to him if we are getting intimate." Tracey grinned, pressing herself against her. Daphne's eyes flared up with anger as she grabbed her by the shoulders and made some space between them.

"Boundaries, friend. I can still demote you to the post of acquaintance if you annoy me enough." Daphne spat angrily.

"I was just kidding, girl! Don't get your knickers in a twist." Tracey chuckled and rolled her eyes at her massive threat as if she wasn't already jumping between being friend and acquaintance. And she didn't miss that Daphne didn't deny her claim.

"So, why are you running away from him?" Tracey asked seriously.

"... I just don't want this to end. Even if at the moment we are not talking, I can still convince myself that he is my friend. But if he comes to my face and finally decides to break it off then it will be… annoying. Yes, annoying. Very annoying." Daphne mumbled softly.

"I think annoying is a too light term to describe that." Tracey said with a playful smile. Daphne shot her a stinky eye before nodding defeatedly.

"Fine, it will be heartbreaking. I just don't want him to unfriend me." Daphne accepted at last. Tracey couldn't help the smile from spreading on her face.

"Oh my sweet naive child. I don't think Harry is the kind of boy who will unfriend someone because of his own fault. I am pretty sure he was going to apologise to you." Tracey grinned, patting her head condescendingly. Daphne's eyes widened with hope, she was so surprised that she almost took four seconds before pushing away her hand.

"Really?" she asked in a hopeful tone.


It took only a second for Daphne to wrench open the door and run away in search of him.


She found him by their place, at the isolated tower. He was leaning on the ledge and peering at the sky. For a second, she just stood there, unnoticed, as she drank in his sight. He looked so beautiful and melancholic. His messy black hair swaying along the wind and his pretty green eyes seeing through the clouds.

"Hey!" she said softly. But that was enough for him to jump in surprise. He stumbled and his legs got tangled with each other, making him fall on his back.


"Ow! Fucking hell!" He groaned, rubbing his head. Daphne giggled as she kneeled beside him. He stared at her as she sat close to him.

"I am sorry, Daphne. I didn't mean to take out my frustrations on you. Please forgive me." he apologised softly. Daphne placed her hand on his head and combed his hair with her fingers.

"I forgive you." she said as she gazed into his eyes, her own eyes gleaming joyfully and a smile tugging on her lips. Harry's lips turned up in a lopsided smile.

"Just like that. You are something else. Aren't you?" he chuckled in relief. She just remained silent and continued running her fingers through his hair.

… It was relaxing. For both of them. And if Harry found her loving caress strange then he didn't mention it.


After that day, both had accepted the truth, that they weren't just friends, that they were something more. At least internally, after all 'only friends' don't ignite so many confusing emotions inside you. They fell back into routine, in their new normal. Again talking to each other, again hugging each other. Though those acts of affection too had evolved into something greater. Now their talks were intermixed with sweet and soft smiles they sent each other. Their hugs had become longer and tighter, more desperate, more possessive. And the newest of all was the cheek kisses. It was first started by the bold Gryffindor, Harry, who couldn't help but press his lips on her pale cheek when she giggled so happily. And kisses became normal after that. The two friends showered each other with these kisses, finding every opportunity to get close to each other, to touch each other.

And they weren't dumb. Just like the people around them, they noticed their closeness. They too thought that maybe their feelings were reciprocated. But this 'Maybe' was their biggest challenge. They were still doubtful about the depth of affection they had for each other, if only a little bit.

Maybe Daphne just sees me as her best friend? Maybe Harry just sees me as his dear friend and nothing more? This ' 'Maybe' stopped their courage and confidence from rising to the sky. While they both were pretty sure that they liked each other, they weren't absolutely sure that their counterpart liked them in that way.

But thankfully for them, a special school event would take care of their doubts.

Currently, it was the middle of night and Harry was in an empty classroom. His thoughts for once weren't filled with a certain blonde haired girl. No, right now as his mother's voice begged him for help, tortured him with sweet voices, he let his anger and rage out.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" He yelled, pointing his wand at the lone desk.

But nothing came out of his wand. No green jet of light, not even a spark. He dropped on his knees and threw his head back and laughed maniacally, laughed at his weakness, laughed at his helplessness.

He cried at the loneliness crawling out of his chest, shredding his skin and bone, bubbling inside him like lava.

Help me! Harry! Harry!


"Will you go to the Yule Ball with me?" Harry was quick after Professor McGonagall had revealed that they needed a date to attend the Christmas Ball. Though he knew that Daphne didn't have any male friends and wasn't in any danger of already being asked, he still wanted to be on the safer side. The thought of anyone else taking her to the special event made his blood boil.

Daphne looked up from her Potions homework and regarded him with a curious stare. They both were alone in a corner in the library, away from the other studious crowd. She kept her face blank, not letting a big stupid grin take over her lips. She had to bite her lip to stop a happy giggle from escaping her mouth. Nope, Daphne Greengrass wouldn't act like a smitten teenager who had achieved Nirvana after hearing his request.

"Sure. But how are we going? As friends or?" She asked, drawing out the r in or while looking at him innocently, baiting him to finally choose. It was getting annoying and confusing in classifying him as her friend in her mind even when she knew he was something more. Harry's eyes widened in disbelief at her bold move. Or maybe he was being bold in asking her. It was not really normal that as soon as he heard the announcement, he ran away like crazy from the class and found her in the library before slumping down beside her and looking at her expectantly before blurting out his thoughts. Yep, that definitely wasn't normal. And he now also had to suffer through Ron's and Hermione's teasing because of his eagerness. Talk about tragedy.

"As whatever you want." Harry replied, throwing the ball in her court. Daphne's eyes twitched at his attempt to escape from confessing to her. She saw his lips quivering in mirth. She could almost see him mentally fighting off a grin. She growled before doing something she had never done before. She slowly packed her bags, letting the silence linger, making him all jittery and nervous.

Before he could say anything, she again turned towards him and crawled into his lap, straddling his hips and hugging his face tight to her chest. She could practically feel the burning heat of his face pressed into her chest. She smiled triumphantly and no, she wasn't herself blushing, she definitely wasn't blushing being so close to her… best friend/crush/lover? She would later sort out his title.

"What am I to you? The word you are looking for starts with g and ends with d." She whispered in his hair as she cradled his face against her breasts. She loosened her hold a little so he could breathe and look up at her. She wouldn't lie, her heart melted at his cute reddened face. How the hell was she to act all cynical and cold when he made her feel like they were in some romantic fairy tale.

"God?" He answered with a smirk, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her so close to him that she was sure there was no visible distinction between their bodies anymore. She didn't know how he was able to make a joke when her own brain got fried from their shared heat. She felt so hot and she wasn't even sure if her own body was heating up or if it was the warmth of Harry's body.

Still, she valiantly fought against this lovely virus which was affecting her brain and body and was able to make a last threat before she could pass out from sensation overload.

"Merlin help me if I don't hear the correct answer in the next two seconds, I will ask Tracey to be my date."

And it seemed to work.

"Girlfriend. As a girlfriend. Will you be my girlfriend?" Harry immediately answered, tracing his hand up and down her spine, loving the way she shivered in his lap.

"Okay." She sighed in relief as it was finally over. Her affections finally reached him and were equally reciprocated. Harry chuckled softly and hugged her again.

"You are just adorable, aren't you?" Harry mumbled on her chest as her own hands wrapped around his head.

"Yes, I am."

"How modest."

"I don't think I need to lie about my superiority when I know I am super awesome." Daphne smiled as she relaxed in his embrace and let herself sink in his soft gentle grasp.

While a part of her was yelling at her to get off his lap and show some decency, the other part was gleefully punching and kicking that shy conservative part, silencing it forever. She laughed at the mental image. Did that mean she was now a shameless adventurous girl? She didn't think it would be a bad thing to be.


Have you ever seen an evening sky that stole your breath away? You are just walking down the street and suddenly for no apparent reason you look up. It is like a call to your subconscious that you can't ignore.

Everything is bathed in orange light. Your face, the passing cars, the walls of the buildings, even the dark asphalt road. For a moment it looks like the whole world is covered in the dying lights of the sun. The light is just a little cool and you peer through your fingers to look at the western sky where the red sun is sinking behind the horizon. And at that moment you just forget everything and observe the open sky which contains picturesque clouds of different shades of red and yellow with grey and dark blue sprinkled in. It is just so beautiful that you can't describe it in words and it tugs at your heartstrings as if the sky knows everything about you. It knows your faults, it knows your depressed mind, it knows your thoughts which you haven't ever spoken out loud for the fear of scaring away the few people still standing beside you. The sky though doesn't care, doesn't judge, it just smiles at you as you smile back. It just cries silently as tears roll down your own cheeks. For a brief moment, there is a connection, a connection so deep that warms your broken heart and cold soul. For a second you feel alive. So full of energy and happiness that you can laugh joyfully for hours. But as the sun finally disappears, you prepare yourself to feel dead again, knowing that this tingling feeling won't last and that these goosebumps won't stay for longer. But surprisingly the orange light is still there, brightening your face, the pretty clouds are still there asking for your attention and you smile because you know you still have a few minutes to bask in this happiness even though the sun isn't visible anymore. You are crying and smiling at the same time. You are screaming and laughing simultaneously.

That was the feeling which Harry felt as he stood before her. As he saw her. The most beautiful woman in the universe. His life was shite, his mind was broken, his soul was cold. His sun had disappeared behind the tragedy that was his life. But as he saw her cherry red lips quirk up in amusement, as he looked into her twinkling blue eyes, he smiled outwardly and cried inside. Maybe the sun wasn't there anymore but at least the light and the clouds were still there, demanding his attention, prolonging his diminishing smile. Just for a few minutes, just for a little while until even that would disappear.

"Harry, are you okay?" Daphne asked, her tone laced with concern as she walked up to him. Harry just smiled and gazed at her.

Her long silky blonde hair was falling behind her in a delicate braid. She was wearing a sleeveless light green dress which hugged her body snugly and ended above her knees. She was Beauty personified. He didn't think he could ever describe her justly even inside his own mind.

"Nothing. You look lovely today." Harry shook his head wistfully as he offered his elbow. She held onto his hand as they walked towards the other champions.

"Only today? Not everyday?" She asked playfully.

"You are always my sun but today you are also the cool wind and the endless clouds. You are the light." Harry said softly. She tilted her head curiously, not getting the meaning though she was sure it was something good.

"What does that mean?" she questioned him.

"Something." Harry replied amusedly. She pouted and clung to his hand, looking expectantly at him.

"I will tell you someday." Harry mumbled.


Harry and Daphne were dancing together. Her hands were looped around his neck and she was pressed into him. His hands were wrapped around her waist as they swayed to the tune of the music. They had been dancing for more than an hour and hadn't taken a single break. They were lost in each other's eyes as they moved elegantly. Soon, their faces slowly moved closer until for the first time their lips were joined together. They kissed unsurely at first but seconds later their lips were tenderly moving against each other, conveying their unconfessed love to one another.

Their eyes were closed and Daphne was safely tucked in his embrace as they stopped moving. They weren't listening to the catcalls and the applause that filled the Great Hall, they were too busy hearing their beating hearts against their chests.

'I love you, I love you, I love you…

Their every heartbeat seemed to scream that.


The days after that were the few moments of brief exhilaration for Harry after the sunset. He let himself bask in the love of Daphne's. They kissed and embraced at every opportunity. They spoke gently to each other, they laughed and joked. But they both knew that they were holding back. That they weren't totally in love. Like they were 99 percent in but the 1 percent still remained like a thorn between them.

Daphne was the first one to finally give her all to him, baring her soul to him. As the day before the final task was upon them, they were inside an empty classroom. Harry was sitting on the teacher's desk with Daphne sitting across his lap with her one arm around his neck to balance herself.

They were both silent, just enjoying the physical closeness as they clung to each other. Harry's arms were around her waist as he kept her close and rested his head on her shoulder.

"Hey, Harry, will this last forever?" She suddenly asked, pushing her head back a little to look at him. She didn't need to specify 'what' would last.

"I hope so." Harry smiled reassuringly. But it didn't seem to help her at all. She jumped off his lap and paced back and forth before him.

"But what if it doesn't work out? What if you die? What if I die? What if I suddenly catch a deadly disease? What if my love for you-" she stopped abruptly as she said the L word. Even after so many months, none of the two had said 'I love you' to each other.

"What if my love for you isn't enough to overcome your darkness. Yes, I know that something is bothering you but I didn't want to pry since I feared you might get angry at me like the other day. I don't like to see your angry side, it scares me." Daphne continued bravely even when blush covered her neck and face. "Please Harry, tell me what's wrong. Then I will do my best to solve it for you, I will gladly try to help you. But you have to first tell me."

Harry stiffened at that and didn't meet her eyes. He couldn't tell her that he was always angry, that it took massive effort not to take out his anger on her or his other friends. How was he to tell her that he practised killing curses every night to suppress his rage? How was he to say that without scaring her? Didn't she just say that she was scared of his angry side? She definitely would run away if he opened his corrupted soul to her.

"I will always be by your side, Harry. You can tell me anything. Let me be the first to tell you my last secret. I don't want to carry it anymore. I want you to believe me when I say I don't want any secrets between us anymore. That I want to be with you forever." Daphne was now standing before him with her hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see her damp eyes.

"No one remembers but I had a little sister once. Her name was Astoria. She was my best friend, she was my annoying tail, always following me and hounding me for affection. And honestly, she was the best thing in my life even if irritating sometimes. My mother died birthing Astoria and my father never woke up from his nightmare of grief. So, you can imagine how that little girl filled our gloomy house with colours. Even my father couldn't help but smile at her. That was the might of her presence. But one day when I was seven and she was five, we found her dead in her bed. It was so sudden without any warnings. She was giggling and laughing the night before, but in the morning she was pale and cold."

Daphne stopped, tears dripping from her eyes and her whole body shaking as if she was there, as if she was seeing the dead body of her little sister again. Harry grabbed her hands in his and squeezed them gently.

"That was the day I died. In the spirit at least. I saw how abrupt and cruel life is. One second everyone is happy and the next everyone is depressed. On that day, I realised there was no meaning to life. That I should always expect the worst so life couldn't surprise me. That I should always be lonely so no friends could leave me. That I should be sad so no sorrow could hurt me. I have been like that since then. Why live when you are going to die? Why try when everything is meaningless?"

"But that changed. It changed when you came into my life. You are the morning light in my constant night. You are one sweet dream in this hellish nightmare. And I don't want to wake up. I want to make it last. I don't want this dream to vanish before my very own eyes. Please just promise me that you will always be there for me. That you will do your best to not leave me. Please, just promise me. I can't go back. I don't want to be alone anymore. I can't be without you anymore." Daphne ended up hugging him and sobbing on his chest. Harry held her tight and continued whispering this single phrase in her ear

"I promise."


The third task was a fever dream for Harry. He couldn't remember what he did and how he did it. Somehow he reached the cup first and got unwillingly transported to the graveyard. After that his rage filled up all of his being as he witnessed the resurrection of the dark lord. And when the time came, he fought like a mindless animal, hurling curses after curses at his arch nemesis. His momentary elation at seeing his killing work was overshadowed by his unquenchable anger as Voldemort treated him like a child. He easily countered Harry's attacks and mocked him for his weakness.

When Harry was all spent and done with his wand lying uselessly in his broken hand and his body covered with bruises. He gathered the last of his energy and jumped at surprised Voldemort. They both went down in the tangle of limbs. But what he hadn't seen was the Triwizard cup lying behind the dark lord. So when they fell, they did it on the cup, getting transported back to Hogwarts.

After that, Dumbledore engaged Voldemort in a duel while everybody screamed and ran away, making space for the magical giants.

What no one noticed was Harry getting on his feet and pointing his wand at the dark lord from behind.

"Avada Kedavra!" he whispered.


Harry suddenly found himself in a vast green plain. As far as his eyes could see, there were only grasslands. Except that there was a tree on a small hill behind him. The sky was cloudy and the temperature was on a cooler side. The air smelt as if rain was imminent in a few hours.

The last thing Harry remembered was falling in Daphne's arms. He frowned at not knowing where he was. Not seeing any other option, he climbed the hill and approached the giant tree whose branches seemed to touch the sky from here. He fastened his pace when he saw a figure sitting under the tree. With wide eyes and a beating heart he stopped before her.

The woman under the giant tree.

She was sitting with her back propped against the trunk of the tree and her legs crossed before her. Her hair was the colour of blood, braided over her shoulder. Her face was angelic and maybe because Harry was partial towards the woman due to their deep connection, he thought she was the prettiest woman he had ever seen. Her green eyes were filled with warmth and her lips were set in a gentle smile. Her dress was white as angel wings and she really was the most pure being he had ever seen.

"Mum?" Harry asked with a shaky voice. She nodded and patted her thigh.

"Come here." she said. Harry's legs were heavy as lead as he trudged through the small distance between them. He laid down on the grass with his head resting on her thigh. She smiled down at him, caressing his hair.

They were silent. Both of them. Just enjoying their reunion. Harry looked at her hungrily from her lap, staring into the eyes so similar looking to him, fearing she might disappear if he looked anywhere else. The first thing she said was.

"I love you."

Harry closed his eyes and bit his tongue as her fingers ran through his hair.

"You can cry, Harry. You have been strong for too long. Cry, mum is here for you." She said kindly, cupping his face and pressing a kiss on his head.

And the dam finally broke. He rolled on his side and buried his face in her stomach, sobbing like a little child he never was able to be. Lily too couldn't stop her hiccuping cries and gathered him up in her arms, hugging him tight.

As the cursed child cried, the clouds mirrored his emotions. Rain fell as if the clouds have been accumulating moisture for years and were finally able to let go. The world after the tree was hazy, such was the density of the rain. The big tree was the only thing keeping the grieving mother and child from getting wet from the rain storm.

They cried their eyes out. Finally lightening their heavy hearts. Though Harry was still too shy to cry in front of others and hid his face in her bosom, not letting her see his tears. She just cradled his head against her chest like she would have done everyday if she wasn't dead.

When they finally stopped crying, Lily patted her thigh back again and Harry rested the back of his head on her soft flesh.

"How are you, sweety?"

"I am at last fine, mum."

"I am glad to hear that."

Silence again came between them as they gazed at each other with soft smiles. She traced his face with her finger. Touching his forehead, grazing his nose, caressing his lips as if memorising every inch of his face.

"First of all I would like to clear all your doubts. You are not dead. You are somewhere in between. And after our conversation, you are free to go back to the land of living. I will start with your biggest fear. My soul was never destroyed. No being has the power to alter other's souls. It is a big misconception that the killing curse shatters the victim's souls."

"Oh, so I was just torturing myself for no reason?"

"Yes. While I am flattered that you think so much of me, it pained me to see you go through that."

Harry felt cheated that all of that was false but the relief at hearing that his mother's soul wasn't in pain for the last decade overshadowed his annoyance.

"I am relieved." Harry smiled.

"Also, the second most important announcement. The voices which were tormenting you were due to the influence of Horcrux."


Lily then went in detail to explain all about the Horcruxes. She revealed how a piece of Voldemort was inside his scar and was feeding on his negative emotions.

"Ew! Really? There was a piece of that bastard in my head?" Harry exclaimed in shock. Lily giggled at his expression and pinched his cheeks.

"Mum! I will be fifteen in a few months." He complained, rubbing his cheeks.

"So?" Lily arched her eyebrow in challenge. Knowing that his answer will only invite more pinchings, he kept his silence.

"As I was saying. When you used the killing curse on him, you did more damage than you could even imagine. As it is widely known that the killing curse targets the soul, your attack not only killed him but also destroyed all his Horcruxes which contained his soul. I am not an expert or anything so I can only imagine that the drastic price for Voldemort was due to you being yourself a container. It was something like using a killing curse on your own self. Long story short, you are free from destiny. Voldemort is gone for good."

Harry couldn't help the smile spreading on his lips. He was finally free and his revenge was finally complete.

"Yes, sweety, you can finally live your life without any fear. While the Death Eaters might become a nuisance, your rapidly growing power will provide an extra layer of protection. Hopefully the government will change and the new Minister won't be a blood purist and will take care of the terrorists."

Harry shrugged, not caring one or another. He will train enough to protect himself and his loved ones.

"The last thing I need to say is that the people might start treating you differently for using the taboo spell but you just show them that you haven't changed and act as usual. Okay? And for Merlin's sake don't use it again. While it won't magically affect your soul, it will make you desensitised to taking lives." Lily cupped his cheeks and leaned forward, staring at him in warning.

"Okay! Stop abusing my cheeks." Harry groaned. Lily's lips twitched in amusement at his childish whine. It felt good seeing her boy act like a kid for once.

"Now go, I will be waiting for you here. When your time comes I will be your guide to take you across the horizon." Lily said with a melancholic smile. It might be cruel and selfish but she didn't want her son to go. Not after meeting him after so many years. But she knew that there was someone dear to him waiting on the other side. Harry reluctantly sat up, missing the comfort of her lap immediately. He got on his feet up along with his mum.

She stood by his side with her arm slung around his neck. They both peered as the clouds parted in the dawn sky and the sun rose from the horizon. They both were bathed in orange lights.

"You just have to walk in the east direction, towards the sun and you will wake up." Lily told him. Harry turned around to look at her, wiping his brimming eyes.

"Don't be sad, sweety. I will be here, waiting for you. And the next time we will even meet your father." Lily said with a quivering voice. They both hugged each other, almost trying to break each other's ribs. They ended up giggling, rubbing their aching chest.

"Goodbye, mum." Harry said with a small smile.

"Whoa! Mister. What goodbye? I haven't gotten my kisses yet. Give me that now." She demanded, turning her face and presenting him with her cheek. Harry blushed and pressed his lips on her cheek before stepping back. Lily chuckled at his embarrassed face before turning her other cheek towards him.

"Mum!" Harry groaned exasperatedly and kissed her other cheek as well. Lily smiled smugly at him, giving loud kisses on both of his cheeks, as if pointing out how weak his show of affection was.

"You weren't this shy when you were trading saliva with a certain blonde girl. It hurts a mother's heart when they are replaced by a younger woman." Lily joked.

"Goodbye mum! And please don't look at us when Daphne and I are kissing each other." Harry said hurriedly, giving her another hug before running towards the sun. Lily laughed at his escape and stared at him until he vanished.

"You are just adorable, aren't you?" she mumbled softly.

"Time to go back to James and describe how I made fun of Harry. He will be proud." Lily said to herself, walking towards the west.


Daphne was crying as she held the dead body of Harry in her arms. The others tried to pull her away from him but she clung to him desperately, not wanting to believe that he was dead, not wanting her heart to be broken again.

"You promised." she begged him.

"I know." Her heart stopped for a moment as his eyes opened and stared into her teary blue eyes.

"I hate you." she cried hysterically, pressing her face into his chest and trying to kill him by a hug.

"I love you too."

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