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Glimpse of Future

Harry woke up to find himself alone on the bed. The sun still hadn't risen up but the morning greyness had enveloped the sky. He could see that clearly through the bedroom window. He turned on the lamplight and sat up propping his back against the headboard, staring at his side groggily.

"Where is Daphne?" He mumbled dubiously, still not fully awake.

He would have gone back to sleep if he hadn't heard the muffled sobbing coming through the bathroom door. All the drowsiness disappeared in an instant and he jumped off the bed urgently, running to the attached bathroom.

"Daphne, are you crying?" He asked worriedly, knocking on the door.

"No, dear, I am laughing, can't you hear that?" She grumbled sarcastically. Harry's apprehension dimmed a little. If she could be sardonic then nothing too bad had happened.

"May I come in?" Harry requested, ignoring her jab.

"Why are you even asking? You have seen and touched every inch of me. Why would I mind if you see me naked now? That's just pure illogical. And on top of that we are married for five fucking years." Daphne yelled annoyedly.

Harry rolled his eyes. "First of all because there is a thing called Privacy which you still haven't learnt about. And secondly, however much I love you and however much I desire you, I still will never ever want to see you pooping or peeing. That just doesn't tickle my fantasies. Sorry. So, let me ask you again, are you using the toilet or not?"

"No, I am not using the toilet, just come inside you fucking bastard and take responsibility." Daphne screamed angrily. Harry winced, rubbing his ears. Would it be un-husbandly of him if he backed up now and ignored her? He groaned silently. In for a penny, in for a pound.

He pushed open the door and found his beautiful wife leaning against the wall and glaring at him murderously. It would have been intimidating if she wasn't just in her knickers. Even in this situation, he couldn't help but let his eyes run through her half naked body. Her toned legs, her cascading silky blonde hair and of course her fully naked perfect round breasts. He still couldn't believe how he managed to make this woman his wife. She was way out of his league.

"My eyes are up here, Mister Pervert."

And his wife-appreciation moment fizzled away as he saw her damp eyes. Oh yes, he was here in the first place because he heard her crying. Way to go stupid Harry, forgetting that because of a pair of breast. Shame! Shame! Shame!

"Why are you crying, dear?" He asked her concernedly, taking her in his arms. She began crying again and clung to him desperately.

"Harry, I made a big mistake." She sobbed on his chest.

Feeling full of dread he asked even when he didn't want to, "What?"

"I am pregnant."

He froze for a second before relaxing, already knowing the problem and the solution. He stepped back so he could see her face. He knew he was very partial in thinking how she looked pretty even with all the tears and the snot on her face. Or maybe he wasn't partial, maybe she really was looking good, objectively and impartially.

… Damn, who he was kidding, she would have truly looked like an ugly hag to anyone else at that moment. He was definitely partial towards his wife.

"How is this a mistake, Daphne? We agreed that we wanted a child and we have been trying for that very result the past few weeks." He queried, stifling an amused smile, running his palm over her bare back soothingly.

"That is the mistake I am talking about. We shouldn't have wanted a child. We shouldn't have romanticised the desire for children. I shouldn't have agreed with you." She mumbled morosely, her anger disappearing and replaced by gloom.

"Let's go back to the bedroom. Bathroom is not the place for a talk like that." Harry smiled reassuringly and picked her up bridal style. She rolled her eyes at his sweet gesture but couldn't hide the pleased teary smile.

He carried her towards the bed where he laid her down on her back and sat beside her. She wiped her face with the comforter and looked at him anxiously.

"Now, Daphne, tell me why do you think it was a mistake for us to want a child." Harry asked gently, leaning over her.

"There is too much danger in the world for children." Daphne whispered vulnerably.

Harry cupped her face and gave a quick peck on her lips. "You are adorable when you are worried about stupid things."

"Excuse me? Stupid things? The world is a fucking gutter where the vilest beings resides. There are countries committing genocides and are still branded as saviours. Hell, even our own country is no better. And it's not just about the people in power. Even the common people are rotted to their cores. Murders and rapes are being committed in thousands everyday. There are ethnic cleansing in various parts of the world where they don't even spare the newborns. The world is a big giant tumour of puss, nearing its bursting, its end. Which I might add is well deserved. There are millions of ways for people to get hurt, for children to get hurt. And we two fools somehow thought it was a brilliant idea to bring a beautiful angel in this hellhole where its wings would be shorn off. Where it would face the evilest of evils. I don't want my child to live in this purgatory. I don't want it to suffer." Daphne yelled, clutching his hands in hers and staring at him despairingly.

"I really am tempted to throw away the TV. You shouldn't watch too much news." Harry sighed after a half a minute of uneasy silence.

"Don't you dare touch my TV!"

"Yes, dear."

Harry caressed her face with a fond smile. "Listen, Daphne. While what you said wasn't exactly untrue, that doesn't mean we should give up before even trying. The easiest way to solve your dilemma is to ask yourself this, 'Would it be better if I hadn't been born?' Do you regret what we have now in spite of all the challenges we faced? If you had a chance, would you go back and kill yourself to spare all the hurt when it meant never meeting me or loving me?"

She immediately shook her head and yanked him, making him lie atop her.

"Never. I will suffer 1000 times more pain and will still want to meet you, to love you. I will never risk that. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. If I ever get a chance to go back, I will change nothing and choose this life again in a heartbeat." Daphne declared, holding his face in her palms.

"Same, love. I would do the same. So, now you know the answer to your question, don't you?" Harry chuckled, stealing another short kiss.

Daphne nodded reluctantly. "I shouldn't take away our child's freedom to choose. Maybe even in this rotten world, he or she will find something pure, like I did. And it's not like we won't just kill everything that hurts them, obviously."

"Aw. You are just adorable, aren't you?" Harry laughed. She just smiled, pulling him down, hugging him tightly.

She rolled her eyes when his hands found her breasts. Biting her lip, she dragged his face up which too was going down where his hands were. "When are you going to get out of your hormonal teenage phase, dear? You are a 29 years old adult. Act like it."

"With a wife as beautiful as you, my teenage phase is going to last a few more decades." Harry smirked as she spread her legs and her lips merged with his in a heated wanton kiss.

She burned like a firestorm whenever he complimented and looked at her like that. Maybe she too was still in her teenage phase.

She moaned on his lips as Harry started moving.

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