Thunder and Lightning

A thunder clap

A silent gasp

A spell of darkness

Before another sliced

The lighting so harsh

Bringing back memories

From the distant past

The moment of waking up

From the nightmarish grudge

To the familiar warm body beside

For the one called Echo

And that on being

The one of Fives

"What's the matter luv?" Fives asked, his timbre filled with remnants of blissful sleep .

"I don't like the lightning. Ot messes up my cybernetics." Echo, being fully awake now, lied, sounding somewhat frightened.

Echo did not want to tell Fives of the nightmares. Of the dark places he still dwelled in when shutting his eyes. At least sometimes. But having Fives by his side, helped most of the time. And now, with the thunder rumbling outside, with its bright flashes of lightning so strong, having elicited memories from a long ago, when captive still held and being the one, sliced.

But, a good partner would be aware of such things. No matter what the sleepy state. After all, it wasn't really a secret that the PTSD existed. Even if Echo would deny the nightmares persisting when asked. Telling only they usually did not too long last. Pride getting in his way and all that jazz. Still, Fives knew better and a lingering look cast. Sensing Echo's emotions being on the surface and not just because of their earlier bout of love making, being a total kind of service.

"Comere." Fives opened his arms for Echo to cuddle into, the perfect match if any one could be, like two pieces of a puzzle fitting into each other.

Echo moved into the inviting body, the warmth of his partner cocooning him totally, settling in languidly.

"Comfy?" Fives closed the his arms around Echo and snuggled as tightly as possible, making sure the other was most comfortable.

"I am now, thank you." Echo snuggled into the nook of Fives' as best he could without crushing the other, his lover, as it was and had always been the safest place to be. Thunder or lighting or a roaring sea, could not change that feel.

No more nightmares, not at least on this very night. Because Echo had fallen asleep, quite soundly indeed, wrapped in the arms of his Fives.

Drizzle and Cuddles

On their home world

Into the cuddles hurled

Just the two of them

Holding on to each other

Soft touches shared

Between lovers

Without any troubles

Feeling safe in the arms

Of one another

Simply existing

For the moment

Listening in

To the rain, that never stops

Until it does

And then soft drizzle remains

Against the windowpane

Melodically chimes Only, for Echo and Fives

Fives, suddenly woke up, in the middle of the night. Without a plight in sight. As, after a pleasant dream, he had just seen. Involving the current sleeping gorgeous man. Still cuddled against his own body so close at hand. The warmth, the softness of the others pressed against, all and every singe skin's surface. Finding also, a surprise, a rather hard one and something totally nice.

"Hey, you asleep?" A soft whispery voice asked.

"No, not really." The response came really fast.

"So, I guess we both were dreaming then?" It wasn't really a question though.

"Yeah? How'd you figure that?" A snicker instead rose.

"Well, I kinda felt it, pressed against my leg." A slight snort.

"Are you sure you aren't projecting?" The amused tone then retorted.

After all, it seemed, the indeed, both parties had been emerged in similar dream states. Both of them sensing the other's arousal and reacting to it none too late. Because being in sync, was what the lovers did the best like it was written in archaic ink.

"I guess I am." A soft ruffle of the bedsheets as they turned to face the other.

"So, want to do something about it then?" Challenge issued without trouble.

"It would be my privileged and honour, Sir!" Challenge accepted, as no hesitation expected.

"Are you going to salute me? Now, here in bed?" A coy query rendered.

"I thought I was." A chuckle of a response from the ever ready contender.

Hands roaming, down the glorious nakedness strolling. Quickly now, reaching for their mission objective and whether it was the projecting or not, it wasn't really such a surprise, but a confirmation never the less, a must to confess, both Echo and Fives, on the same page.

"Indeed." Was the simple reply.

"Um, yes, more, please." Begging was just fine!

"Sir, yes, sir!" And of course, being respectful and oh so polite!

Sunshine and Moonlight

The early morning hours

Just after the heavy rain showers

Soft sighs of passion

With so much compassion

Filling the waking day

Painted now with sunny rays

Naked bodies will play

The time slowly freezing

Only for the lovers

Under protective covers

Never stopping, only hoping

Life around them

Will never get unfrozen

Then continuing

Until the night is upon

And the moonlight brakes

Casting tall shadows upon

Echo and Fives

No matter day or night, darkness or even light. Because when Echo and Fives, wanted to cuddle and reprise their bouts and huddles, it was certainly no chore, not even close to one. Certainly nothing reminiscent of a bore, because the vacation time was upon, simply to be spent, in each other's arms gently. Through thick and thin, thunder, and lightning. Even the sun and the moon, could not sooth, their touches of feather, well, maybe at first. Until finally, the two of them slowly merging together, while the drizzle after the storm, tapped on the windows above.

And so, the lore, that of Echo and Fives, continued to thrive.