The Sun

The Sun, always so bright

Bringing a few smiles to the fight

As never really is a good time

In a war never-ending Together time to be spending

Especially for the two of a kind

The ones called Echo and Fives

Splashing in the ocean blue, delighted cheers echoing through the empty place on this rare and remote island in the middle of nowhere galaxy much. Echo and Fives having some needed and well deserved time off. Running around naked on the empty beach under the scorching sun, which is totally so much fun!

But, remember this advice: Do not neglect, that sun tan lotion to select! The proper uv filter to apply on each and every surface of the nakedness. As running around, letting the sun kiss your bod' is all such fun! That is, until the burn hits and then all else gets a tad burnt. So watch out, too much of the shiny star ain't good especially for the lil ol' wiener as know you two should!

And, especially, if planning to make good use of said appendix, when the darkness hits. And ain't that a bitch of the old tool had gotten schooled by the all might sun! So the lesson learnt here is: Put a bathing suit on to cover the private parts, just because you wanna be real smart and save the best parts for much later. (Unless of course you planned to try something on that sand?!)

The Sea

Coolest of blue hues

For the lovers are due

Together some time away

From the eternal slaying

The made up soldiers

Feeling much more bolder

Now that their time to spend

Without worry and then

Into the calming waves diving

Just because simply living

Is so much better than dying

For the two to each other bound

Love having finally found

Amongst these dire times

The two of a kind

Are, Echo and Fives

Sailing? Really? The two? Well, that was certainly new. Hoisting and steering, watching for the winds to be moving! As otherwise, a paddle would have been nice to have. Alas, it was dead calm - nothing moving on the surface of the waters. Not even a playful kind of a sea creature there just for show - that fact kind of did blow. As only the cool blue charms of the locale as far as they eyes could see… Well, it was a great big pond of water, that of a sea.

But, this was not a problem per se, for the two having already sorted out what they could do during their stay. As even if the sea and the sun and all that which was nice. But, what really brought a smile to the faces of the duo Echo and Fives, was what they could do with all the time on their hands. And well, guess other parts too:p

So, rather than making the choice to even try anywhere to flee to the shores, the duo had decided to take their games into the small cabin below.

And so, into the cabin they went, having first parked the karking sailing thing in the middle of the sea without a dent.

After all, this was the time for rest and relaxation. But mostly time for the two of them away from their stations. And so, never mind the time of the day, Echo and Fives, were about to participate in another kind of play…

If the boat's a rockin', don't come a knockin'! At least not on a deserted island while Echo and Fives are bare butt hoppin'!

The Sand

Sand might get everywhere

But there is still pleasure there

When rolling on the softness

How could one care less

If a grain or few might

Just venture somewhere nice

During a lovers amorous 'fight'

The showers will wash away

Whatever grain of stray

Might just have landed hidden away

As in the grander scheme

Of an adventure's theme

Something none too often seen

While clones are at play

Rolling on the sandy shores

Nothing can really be a bore

Because all the while

There have been so many smiles

For Echo and Fives

"I need a shower so badly!" Echo complained after feeling the grains of sand grinding between his butt crack sadly. "Thanks a lot Fives!"

"Hey! You weren't complaining much! Just now, while on the beach, making all that love and such!" Fives was not far behind though, feeling his own sandy stowed away in his delicate parts.

Cackling right behind his partner, jogging towards the fresher. And even if making jokes of the same, Fives knew he was the one to blame of taking things a tad too far. Out there on the sandy beach. As it was all fine and good in your swimsuit to sit on a towel. But when the amorous hour was upon, and the small piece of clothing shed, then things from one place to the other had led - literally. And so now, paying the price, of sand, sand, and more sand everywhere!

Guess they both now realised as much, of the very fact why Skywalker had developed the distaste for the stuff. At least to some extent as imaging the Jedi butt naked on the sandy shores… Well, not really either's type after all. Still, letting the ol' imagination run wild for a mere moment - Shaking his head, with the sentiment of - no, nope not going in there. But…

"Hey Echo, wait up!" Fives coyly smiled. "Lemme wash you up real nice!"