Chapter 1
The Fight for Italica

When Jedi General Erik Ulf woke up, the first thing he saw was the markings of his Senior Clone Commander Jaig eyes as the man was currently looking down at him, SCC-1103 or better known by Commander Frode, taking the offered hand he rose to his feet, looking around he saw that this was a common sight among his men as he saw that most troopers had fallen to the ground and needed help, it took only a few hours but with Commander Frode discipline and training that he received from the legendary CC-1138 or better known as Bacara. he quickly began securing their position and order to the Legion, from there they began looking at their men to see if there were any casualties, luckily there RMSUs were able to prevent any deaths, they only had to worry about a small number of injuries among the men, other than that their gear was still in working orders as they had brought with them several ground vehicles they being AT-TE, AT-ATs, AT-RTs, Speeder bikes, AT-APs, TX-130 Sabers, 2 SPHAs, and 1 HAVw A6 juggernaut that was used as the HQ for the Legion.

But that was not all they brought with them as they also had several starfighters, they being the Clones Z-95s, and several LAATs both variants for their forces to use, their mission was to attack a CIS Laboratory as they had discovered that the CIS was trying to build some kind of secret weapon, but it seems they had fallen into a trap as they were now on another world as the world they left was a frozen planet but the one they now found themselves was sunny with grasslands, and forest all around them.

Now Jedi General Erik was currently inside his juggernaut as he was talking with Commander Frode, he turns to Frode and nod for him to start, as he spoke, it was then that Erik learns that while they were setting up here, Frode had sent out several scouts to inspect the area they now found themselves in, Frode stood up and type on the console as a holoimage of a castle appeared.

"I sent out Fang squad, and it didn't take long before those Commandos found this castle 20 klicks east of our location, and as you can see there are other life forms on this world, and they look to be in the early stages of civilization," said Frode as Erik looked at the image to see that there were several sentries on the walls.

"They look like they're waiting for something?" asked Erik as Frode nodded at this, he types on the console again and the image changed to show an image of a large mass of what looks like an army of humans and other unknown species moving towards the castle. "They are a large force coming from the south, but from what you can see they only have low tech if you can call metal swords, wooden bows tech, all in all, sir, we are dealing with a low-level threat we can take them out in only five minutes with the Z-95s," said Frode as the image wave for a second then faded away.

Erik knew his commander well and he knew that he had something else that they could try "But you have other ideas Commander?" asked Erik as Frode nodded.

"Yes General, as you know when we were transported to this world, we only had about three weeks of food, we didn't think this would happen as the mission was just to storm the labs and destroy whatever was inside, we were not planning to stay long but now that we are here, we don't have the supplies to last more than a month, we are going to need the help from the locals if we are going to survive here until the Republic comes and finds us," said Frode as Erik nodded at this, his commander was right, they were going to need help and what better way to get help from the people here then to save them.

"Very well then Commander what's your plan,"


1 Hour later

Sargent Odger was currently looking over his men, he nodded as his squad began looking over their armor, which was the armor used by the Galactic Marines, with the only difference being that theirs were a dark gray rather than the maroon used by the GMs, once he made sure that his men were ready, he orders them to stand ready for the doors to open as they were soon to be dropped off, they all nodded and took their positions as they heard the intercom turn on.

"Alright Fang u, be ready in five, the zone looks hot, so be ready to fight," said the pilot as Odger nodded to his men, Jary was at the doors first as he held his Z-6 rotary blaster cannon at the ready, Odger and his squad was about to attack an unknown enemy, an enemy force that was not Droids but living beings, these thoughts had at first confuse him and his men but it was only for a few moments as they nodded and got ready, they were soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic and they will do their duty.

"Get ready, opening doors now!" shouted the pilot as the doors to their gunship opened, Jary jumps off first as several of the enemy force turned to face them, he quickly dispatches them as he turns his gun on them, bolts of energy quickly race across the battlefield as they found their marks, bodies fell in the dozen, Odger quickly began to take in his surrounding as he found that the pilots had dropped them off near where the enemy had broken through the walls, seeing this he ordered his men to take position around the breach.

"Fangs, cover that breach now! Ivar take your sniper rifle and see if you can pick off those archers!" ordered Odger, his men did so without question as they ran past the enemy and shot any who got too close, once they made it, they quickly began taking position around the breach, and Jary was mowing down any that got to close with his Z-6, their group was not the only ones to be dropped off as three more squads were sent in around the castle walls, with their advance weapons the battle was over in only a few minutes as they made the enemy flee from the battlefield.

Odger nodded to himself as he watches his men celebrate their victory, now he needed to report this to command "Command this Sargent Odger, Fang squad, the battle is won, and the enemy has retreated," said Odger as command congratulated him and his men on their victory, the rest of the squads say the same. "That great command, but are there any more orders,"

"Secure your location, The General is on his way to talk with the leaders of the castle, Command out," Odger nodded to himself as he turns to his men and replayed what command told him, they all nodded.


30 minutes

The LAAT landed right in front of the castle's main gate, as the doors to the gunship slide open General Erik was greeted by the sight of the battlefield, bodies of the dead lay all over the ground luckily one was his, it was then that one of his men, a Sargent Bjorn, it was his squad that defended the main entrance from the assault from the enemy force, he nodded to the man as he steps off the gunship, "General it's good to see you, we've already made contact with the local's leaders but from what we can tell they don't speak basic," said Bjorn, as Erik nodded as following him off the gunship, was a protocol droid, he was helped off by two troopers, "That is why I brought it," said Erik as the Sargent nodded.

"Right this way sir," said Bjorn as Erik along with the droid follow behind, meeting them there were three figures, all of them wore almost matching armor, at the head was a red hair female, and to the right of her stood an older male, and to the left was a smaller brown hair female, as Erik made his way towards them, he could already sense that they were nerves of them, he gave them a friendly smile as he stood in front of them, giving out his hand for them to take, the redhead was hesitate at first but saw that he was not going to attack nodded and took it as she seems to calm down.

Erik took this moment to introduce himself. "Greetings, my name is Jedi General Erik Ulf," said Erik as he could see their confused faces, he then turns to the droid as it steps forward and began to speak, luckily while the battle was going on, several of the clones had holorecorders built into their helmets, with this there were able to pick up their language and transfer the data into their protocol droid allowing it to quickly understand and now translate their speech.

"Hello, my master does not speak your language so I will translate for him," said the droid as the trio look at one another as they had never seen a knight like him before but nodded for him to continue. "Greetings, my name is Jedi General Erik Ulf," finish the droid as the group nodded once more as the redhead step forward and put her hand on her chest as she turns to face Erik.

"My name is Crown Princess Pinya Ko Rada, and I would like to thank you and your men for coming in our defense," said Pinya as Erik turn to the as it translated what the woman had said, he nodded back as he spoke.

"You're welcome, we are just glad that we were able to help," said Erik as the droid translate this to Pinya, she listens and then nodded as she smiles, she then waves for him to follow as she spoke. "If you wish, we can talk more inside," said Pinya as Erik heard droid translation of what she was saying, once he heard what the woman said he smile back and nodded as he follows the woman and her companions, following him was the droid, Sargent Bjorn and one of his men, they then made their way inside.


By this point, several hours had already passed, and from what Erik had learned as he rested in his guest room was that the enemies that were attacking used to be part of their Kingdom allies' army before they were defeated in a previous battle, fighting another force that was invading their lands, they now turn bandits and started attacking their own people, Erik took in all this information as he spoke with the Princess, he told her that they believe that another wave of troops was going to come and that they should be ready, she told him she knew this as they were already moving the bodies and rebuilding the walls.

Erik then offers him, and his men help in their coming fight against the bandits, but after the is over they will need to talk more about this other force that was invading their lands, she agreed as she gave him and his men rooms and food as he thanked her, once inside his room he called Frode as he orders for him to send their vehicles to help defend the castle.

"Very well General, I send down two AT-TEs and Sabers to help in the fight," said Frode as Erik nodded, that should be enough for all these bandits.

"Alright General Ulf out," finish Erik as the holoimage of Commander Frode turn off, leaving him alone to rest but as he was laying on his bed, he heard a knocking on his door, sighing as there was no rest for him, standing up he made his way toward the door as he opens it, he then was greeted by the Princess as she spoke, by this point, Erik was starting to understand her language as while he couldn't speak it, he could understand her as the force was allowing him to understand her without the use of a droid but he still need it to translate for him as this was why it moves from its spoke in the room and made its ways towards them just as the princess was done talking.

"General, she says that they have a group just outside their castle, she believes that they may be the other force that is invading their lands," the droid as Erik nodded to the princess.

"Are they attacking," said Erik as he watches the droid speak, it only took a moment for the princess to shake her head no. "They are just waiting outside, your men are already at the entrance, and the walls overlooking them just in case they attack,"

Erik nodded at that as he follows the princess to the entrance of the castle, as he did, he saw the people that were here to defend their home, all they wore were rags or clothes that were torn, and only a few of them had any weapons to speak up with the majority only having what they could find around the castle, he could also tell that most were tired and hungry, this fight was taking a lot out of them, Erik nodded to their will to fight for their home as he and the princess made it to the entrance, it was then that older man that was named Gure ko Arduo, he was the guard to the princess and also the one to had taught all of the Roses members.

"Princess several people have already left the metal wagons and are on their way here, we saw a magic user, an elf, and Rory," it was this last name that really got a shock out of the princess as Erik could see she was starting to look nervous, Erik saw this as he put a hand on her shoulder, she turn to him as he gave her a smile and thumbs us as he spoke.

"Don't worry princess, I and my men have fought in many battles we can handle this," said Erik as the droid translated his words to her as he let go and move forward, as he did, he failed to notice the princess checks turn red, he then made his way towards the entrance, he nodded to the girl as she steps aside allowing him to open the door and get his first view of this group.

There were four of them, three of them were young females while there was an older male, he spotted them already making their way towards him, his men had their blasters trained on them just in case they decided to attack, he steps forward to meet them halfway, his droid was close behind, once they were only feet apart, he stops as he spoke.

"My name is General Erik Ulf, currently I am the one defending this castle if you wish to enter then you must state your business and names," said Erik as his droid stepped forward and spoke for him, and like before the three females had a look of shock and awe as they look at the silver droid as it translated his words to them, but as it did Erik look to the only man of the group as while he had a look of shock, Erik was also feeling fear from the man as he looks to the droid and his men, the blonde-haired girl that looks like a Sephi was the first to speak, her names were Tuka Luna Marceau, next was a blue-haired girl that held a staff, her name was Lelei La Lalena, next was a dark-haired girl that wore a dress and held the largest weapons that Erik had ever seen before, she must be very strong or is using the force to augment her strength, her name was Rory Mercury, and now onto the last one.

The name nodded and step forward as he spoke. "First Lieutenant, Itami Yoji, JSDF Third Recon Team, and as for the reason we are here, these girls wish to trade," said the man as Erik nodded.

"Alright, follow me, we can talk to the princess inside," said Erik as he turns around followed by the group and droid as he made his way back to the entrance where the princess was waiting for them, he then told her who there were and what they wanted, he saw that she was nervous at first but with a nod from him this seems to have calmed her down as she spoke.


End of Chapter 1

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As for the Legion itself here are the stats and name for it.

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338th Legion, nickname the Steel Wolves led by its Jedi General, Jedi Knight Erik Ulf, its Clone commander is Senior Clone Commander Frode or Commander Frode, as for armor they ware Galactic Marines armor with the only difference being that it's gray rather than maroon, vehicles are as follow.





Speeder bikes

TX-130 Sabers


1 HAVw A6 juggernaut


Clone Z-95s Headhunters

LAAT/I and Vehicles versions.

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