Tanya slowly approached Bella when she was asleep, planning to wake her girlfriend up in a very pleasurable way. Bella stirred out of her sleep and Tanya adored her humans' adorable blush. Bella was blushing because she woke up naked as she was born and she was a bit embarrassed

"Good morning babe." Tanya said before starting a steamy make out session with her very own, brown eyed, human. "It most certainly is" Bella panted out between kisses. Bella adored her blonde, golden eyed vampire while Tanya loved her brown eyed, blushing human.

"I don't know why you ever liked Edward, moja láska. You could have done so much better, when you were a teenager" Tanya told Bella, letting her native Slovak tongue slip. Bella loved when Tanya spoke her mother language. "Neither do i, my love" bella replied softly, wondering why she ever thought she liked boys, especially Edward.

Next week, Bella was to be turned into a vampire, just before her twentieth birthday. But at the moment all she could think of was letting this hot vampire beside her have her way with her.

Tanya started kissing down Bella's tummy. Eventually reaching her heaven.

This was going to be a short, fun-filled day.

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