A/N - Just a warning that this chapter contains very descriptive m/m sex and if you don't want to read about it then please turn away now. It also contains romantic clichés and a touch of fluff, so if you also don't enjoy overly sweet love scenes then Do Not Read! For the rest of you who enjoy the lovely smut – read on.

1 month later...

"Harry? Harry, where are you?"

Harry turned away from the balcony railing and looked through the open doors to where Draco was pulling off his coat and scarf and calling his name.

"I'm out here!"

Draco shivered and rubbed his hands together as he stood in the open doorway. "What are you doing out here? It's freezing."

"Just saying goodbye, I guess," Harry answered with a shrug.

Draco walked outside into the chilly air and stood beside Harry, looking out over the slowly darkening city.

"This is a beautiful view," Draco said quietly, his breath forming little puffs of misty air as he spoke. "You're not regretting your decision to leave are you?"

"No," Harry said firmly. "It's just going to feel strange, living in a wizarding community again and everything."

Draco nodded and went to stand behind him, his arms automatically going around Harry's waist to hold him close.

"Just think of how great it's going to be," Draco smiled into his ear. "Just you and me all alone in our very own house, neither of us having to leave and go back to our separate places ever again."

"We're going to get tired of each other," Harry teased, tilting his head back and resting his cheek against Draco's.

"Not possible." Draco smiled.

Harry smiled and looked out over the city of London, a fading pink hue just visible between the buildings as the sun slipped lower and lower in the sky.

"Can we go inside now?" Draco whined. "I can't feel my toes."

"You're such a baby," Harry said with a roll of his eyes.

"I'll show you who the baby is," Draco smirked.

He bent down and grabbed Harry behind the knees, leaving one arm under his back, and swept him up into his arms. Harry let out a shriek and grabbed onto Draco's neck for balance.

Draco carried him into the empty flat and deposited him by the front door.

"Now wait here," he ordered as he went back to lock the balcony doors.

Harry couldn't help but grin as Draco kissed him on the cheek and disappeared back into the living room again. He'd never imagined that Draco would turn out to be so affectionate and truly caring deep down, not many people got to see that side of him and Harry loved to bring it out in him.

"All set?" Draco asked as he returned.

Harry nodded and buttoned up his coat. He took one last look around his flat then followed Draco out into the hall.

"Goodbye, Hayden," Harry called as he and Draco reached the lobby and spotted the friendly doorman at his desk.

"Goodbye, Mr Potter," Hayden smiled as he waved. "Come back and visit some time."

"I will," Harry promised.

Draco tugged on his arm and Harry reluctantly followed him out into the cold night air. They waited until they were around the side of the building and hidden from view before apparating to the front walk of their new home.

Harry brightened as he looked up at the home he would be sharing with Draco from now on. It was located in the wizarding village of Caelum; a very private and small area where everyone knew everyone and respected each other's privacy. Perfect for Harry.

Draco had found the place while delivering a potions order to the village's medical centre. He had immediately liked the place and had rushed over to Harry's to tell him about it. The two returned the next day to inquire if any of the houses were for sale, and by chance there happened to be a small home just on the outskirts of town that had just gone up for sale.

Harry had immediately fallen in love with the old farm house. It was two levels, and had only two bedrooms upstairs and one bathroom. The lower level consisted of a small kitchen, an open family room with a brick fireplace, a bathroom, and a small adjoining room that was to be Draco's office. Harry didn't think it was Draco's style at all but was surprised when the blond had murmured that it was perfect after their tour.

After only two days of thinking and talking about it, they bought the house for their very own.

"Welcome home, love," Draco whispered into Harry's ear as they stood looking up at their new house.

Harry smiled and grabbed Draco's hand as they walked up to the front door and entered. Harry started in surprise when he felt the warmth of the house surround him.

"Did you come over earlier and turn on the heat?" Harry asked as he removed his coat.

Draco smiled secretly and didn't answer.

"What's going on?" Harry asked suspiciously.

Then he noticed the trail of sprinkled rose petals leading up the wooden staircase and the faint scent of vanilla in the air.

"What did you do?" Harry asked with a smile.

Draco returned the smile and threw his own coat on the bench with Harry's, then took his hand and led him up the stairs.

Harry gasped in amazement when he saw their bedroom. It was illuminated with dozens of little white candles and there were more rose petals on the bed and floor. Draco had also apparently bought them a new bed; an antique four poster that was very large and very beautiful. The posts were made of an aged sandy brown wood and had carvings etched into the surface. He had decorated it with a feathery, cream coloured comforter with matching sheets and tons of soft pillows piled near the headboard.

Harry turned to Draco with a smile and hugged him. "I love it," he whispered into his ear.

Draco surveyed his handiwork with satisfaction, he had spent all day preparing for their first night here and it had definitely been worth it.

Harry pulled back and looked at Draco with shining eyes. The emotion in Harry's eyes took Draco's breath away and he couldn't resist leaning in to kiss those soft full lips.

Harry's eyes fluttered shut and he eagerly opened his mouth to the tender caresses of Draco's lips. Draco pulled Harry's body against his own and cupped one hand to his face as he deepened the kiss. Harry moaned in pleasure and wrapped his hands in Draco's silvery hair as he used his tongue to fully savour the taste and feel of Draco's mouth.

Harry felt his body tingle with excitement and happiness as he kissed Draco in the soft candle-lit room. Draco started walking them backwards without breaking contact until the backs of Harry's knees hit the bed. Harry lay down on the bed and brought Draco down with him. Draco kept his eyes closed as he settled his weight on top of Harry's body and began kissing down his jaw and neck. Harry moaned and tilted his head back to expose more of his throat to Draco's hungry lips. Draco moaned against Harry's collarbone as Harry tightened his knees around Draco's hips and their groins came into contact.

Draco stood up and stared down at Harry breathlessly. He leaned down and slid his hands up under Harry's sweater and over the sensitive skin of his muscular chest and stomach, slowly lifting the shirt up and over his head until he was lying with his golden skin exposed to Draco's gaze. Draco tossed the sweater aside and then quickly removed his own shirt. Harry reached out for him and Draco lay back down and kissed his waiting lips.

Harry hungrily devoured Draco's greedy kisses and revelled in the feel of the naked skin on the Slytherin's back. He rubbed his hands in circles across the smooth skin, sliding across the hard muscle and dipping low to tease the skin just beneath the waistband of his trousers.

Draco moaned and couldn't keep himself from thrusting his hips against Harry's clothed erection. Harry let out a moan and nipped Draco's lower lip between his teeth as he pushed back against the wonderful pressure of Draco's hardness.

Draco once again stood up and tried to catch his breath. He felt out of control and completely addicted to the taste of Harry's skin, and he wanted more skin to explore and taste. He reached down and quickly unzipped Harry's trousers and grasped the waistband as he pulled them down. Harry lifted his pelvis to help move the process along and Draco threw them aside as soon as they were off.

Harry sat up and attacked the zipper on Draco's trousers, finally relieving some of the pressure on his growing erection as Draco stepped out of the tight clothing. He tossed Draco's trousers on the floor and ran his hands up the smooth planes of Draco's toned chest and stomach, then back down to tug at the black boxers hanging low on his slim waist.

Draco moaned as Harry pulled him free of his boxers and then let his lips drift around the skin of his thighs, kissing and licking the newly exposed skin.

"Lay down," Draco ordered, trying to regain some composure.

Harry obediently shuffled backwards on the bed and laid his body across the cream coloured blanket. Draco crawled onto the bed beside him and just looked down at his beautiful lover, his eyes roaming freely over the perfect body laid out for him.

Harry wriggled impatiently beneath Draco's intense gaze.

Draco leaned down and kissed him once on the lips then tugged his white boxers down and off, letting them fall to the floor. He turned back to Harry and kissed his way up his golden stomach, then stopped to suck lightly at his nipple. Harry moaned and wrapped his hands in Draco's hair, his body arching under the incredible sensation.

"I want you now," Harry moaned, overwhelmed with pleasure.

Draco smirked and paused to reach up and pull down the thick comforter. "Let's get under the covers," he suggested.

Harry crawled out from under Draco and settled himself under the warm blanket. Draco pulled it up over them both and snuggled up close to Harry's body. They lay side by side, legs and arms wrapped around the other, as they kissed on and on.

"I can't wait much longer," Harry finally panted between kisses.

"Reach into that drawer over there" Draco said.

Harry moved over and opened the bedside table to find a small red tube. He grabbed it up and tossed it over to Draco.

Draco unscrewed the lid and squeezed some of the thick substance into his hands. Harry shivered in anticipation and tried to lie still as Draco reached beneath the covers and coated himself with the slick gel. He finally felt warm fingers caressing his entrance and moaned in pleasure.

"God, Harry, I could come just from watching you," Draco said, watching Harry writhe in pleasure.

After he was finished, Draco placed the tube back on the bedside table. He rested his weight on his arms as he laid himself between Harry's thighs and caressed his face with one hand.

"You don't know how gorgeous you are, Harry," he breathed.

Harry smiled and kissed the palm of his hand as it swept by his lips.

Draco positioned himself at Harry's entrance and slowly pushed himself in, trying to be gentle as he filled his lover completely. Harry sighed and relaxed his body to ease the pressure.

"Okay?" Draco asked.

Harry nodded in assurance.

Draco leaned down and kissed him passionately as he began to thrust, trying to prolong the pleasure as long as possible as Harry's tongue swept over his own and around his mouth.

Harry reached down and wrapped his hand around his own aching erection as Draco increased his speed. He moaned loudly and tightened his legs around Draco's waist. Draco arched his back and lifted his upper body to angle his thrusts sharply into Harry's body.

Harry reached one arm over his head and grasped the headboard for support, his other hand still pumping franticly under the sheets as he looked up into Draco's face.

Draco began to moan and pant with every thrust as he crept closer and closer to climax. Harry closed his eyes and rode the wave with him as he moaned Draco's name over and over.

"I'm coming" Draco moaned and Harry immediately felt the hot spread of liquid within him as Draco emptied himself inside his body.

Harry gave two more pumps and almost screamed in ecstasy as the orgasm exploded in his stomach and spread out to every part of his body.

Draco collapsed on top of him, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he tried to regain his breath. Harry let go of the headboard and wrapped both arms around Draco's damp back. His arms felt like jelly and he didn't have the strength to hold on very tightly. He turned his head slightly and placed a soft kiss on Draco's temple.

They lay together, their breathing slowly returning to normal and their eyes closed. Finally, Draco found the strength to roll off of Harry's sticky body and lie down beside him.

Harry opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Draco's flushed face. He loved the way Draco looked after sex, all pink and his eyes sparkling, his muscles taut and skin slick with perspiration.

"Stop staring at me, Harry" Draco said, his eyes still closed.

Harry smiled. Draco opened one eye and looked over at him with a tired smile on his face.

"Come here" he gestured.

Harry shuffled over into Draco's open arms and laid his head on his chest, he could hear Draco's heart beat beneath his ear and the sound lulled him to sleep.

"I love you" Draco whispered as he drifted off.

"Mmm...I love you too" Harry sighed.

Draco smiled contentedly and let his eyes fall shut.

They both fell asleep almost instantly and the candles slowly burned down as they slept peacefully together through the first night in their new home.

- The End -