Hold on, I still want you

I have been playing Kingdom Hearts 1 and have been reading a lot of Kingdom Hearts fanfication. I cant get this idea out of my head, and I cant find a story that's exactly like it so I decided to write it down.

This is the story of Kingdom Hearts with the Sora is a girl twist, but I for my story they are older and a tragedy is what started them on their journey to want to find other worlds. In this story Sora and Kairi are 17 and Riku is 18. Follow Sora and Riku on their journey to find one another. Along they way they discover something they didn't know they were missing.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters (or most of the storyline) I am just making some of it my own.

Chapter 1


"I've been having these weird thoughts lately. Like is any of this for real or not?"

I'm falling though the water when suddenly I am on the beach. The sun is blinding after being in the water. Riku is there with his back to me watching the horizon. I go to run to him, but the tide stops me, it is pulling back farther then is should be. A tidal wave is about to crash, Riku turns finally turns around to me, unfazed by the large wave. He smiles and holds out his hand to me. I run to him. I must save him! The wave crashes before I can get to him, and sweeps me under the water twisting me over and over again. When I finally recover Riku is there calmly under the water as the tide is pulling out. Again he holds his hand out to me. Try as I might I can not swim past the current to grab his hand and I am swept away. When I break the surface of the water I am back at the beach and Kairi is there, waving to me. I run to her, once I reach her and am trying to catch my breath she just laughs at me. Suddenly she looks up to the sky. A meteor shower is going, but what is more shocking is it appears a person is falling from the sky along with the meteors.

Not just any person I am falling from the sky. Kairi and I look on in shock and concern. Suddenly I start falling, Kairi looks down on me as I fall farther and farther, Kairi reached her hand down to me. Suddenly I am the me that is falling from the sky. I crash into the water and sink further and further down until I reach the bottom of the ocean. I stand there confused as I look around. I can breath, I go to take a step and a bright light bursts out from where I just stepped. Suddenly birds fly off the ground and expose a stained glass floor that is light from below. A voice sounds in my head "So much to do," "so little time…" "Take your time." "Don't be afraid" "The door is still shut". After going falling and drowning in blackness I end up on multiple platforms much like the first one they are stained glass, but each one features a different woman.

I end up on an other platform. "The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes" the voice tells me. I look behind me to see my shadow elongating, it begins to morph and changes into a giant creature. "But don't be afraid. And don't forget…" The voice taunts. The shadow creature continues to grow, I try to run from the creature, but I almost fall of the edge of the platform. The creature has me trapped between it and the edge. The sword has once agin returned to me. I have no other choice but to fight. As I fight the creature calls forth smaller creatures I had to fight earlier. I fell I am finally getting somewhere with the creature, when my sword dissapears from my grasp.

I am trapped again. The creature hits the floor causing me to fall. With no where to go and no weapon to defend myself I am done for. Blackness begins to pool around me once again. The creature is closing in. I am sinking into the blackness. " — But don't be afraid" I hear that annoying voice again. As I continue to be be covered by the blackness "You hold the mightiest weapon of all" I struggle to get away from the creature and the blackness I am sinking into. "So don't forget:" I am fully surrounded by the darkness at this point. "You are the one who will open the door."

I slowly open my eyes and look around. I am on the beach. I yawn and stretch as I look up I see Kairi looking down at me. I jump up startled. Kairi just laughs at me. "Give me a break Kairi" I tell her. "Sora you lazy bum. I knew that I would find you snoozing down here" she chastises me. "No this huge black thing just swallowed me up! I couldn't breath, I couldn't Oww" My head throbbed while I was speaking. "Are you still dreaming?" Kairi asked me. "It wasn't a dream! Or was it? I don't know. What was that place? So bizarre" I ask more to myself than to Kairi. "Say Kairi what was your home town like? You know where you grew up?" I asked Kairi to take the focus off of me. "You know I don't remember Sora. Besides I grew up here with you and Riku" she said. Riku my best friend.

We tried dating when we were in middle school, but it was too awkward. I still wanted to be his best friend the tomboy he grew up with, and I wasn't ready for a real relationship with him yet. But now, I don't know, he is still by best friend, but I think we are leaning towards something more. "Hey aren't you guys forgetting about something?" I hear the familiar voice say behind me. "So I guess I am the only one working on getting the boat ready?" Riku says as he walks by me playfully pushing me to the ground. Riku glances back at me to make sure I am not hurt as he continues walking to Kairi "And you are just as lazy as she is" "hehe so you noticed" giggled Kairi "Ok lets finish it together we leave in the morning after all!" Yes we are planning on leaving our home in the morning, well mine and Kairi's home. Riku hasn't called this place home for as long as I can remember, and it doesn't feel much like home for me these days either.

You see Riku's parents were never around they traveled a lot for work and just to be away. They never wanted children so they did everything they could to not be around Riku. My parents pretty much took Riku in. We grew up together, and one day after a meteor shower Kairi showed up. The Mayor and his wife took her in. That's how we became neighbors the three of us. Kairi has always been more of a girly girl, where as I have always been a tomboy. When we were young dad made Riku and I a pair of wooden swords and we would play with them everyday. Riku is better than me, but I can win sometimes! Anyways about six months ago my parents died in a car crash. My world stopped spinning for a while. I was trapped in the emptiness. It was Riku who pulled me out of my despair. He was with me every day (most nights too, but that's a secret). Him being there helped bring back some of my spirit, but being her is too much of a reminder of what I have lost. He decided that we should take my parents boat and sail away from these islands. Maybe we could even find Kairi's home. Riku had been wanting to leave for sometime, I knew how he desperately wanted off the islands. Away from the constant reminder that his parents never wanted him, but I knew he wouldn't leave with out me. Now that my parents are gone, I have no reason to stay.

When Kairi found out about our plans she kind of invited herself on our adventure stating that we needed someone with a clear head on our adventure. Its always been like that. Riku and I would have an adventure and Kairi would come along and keep us from getting into too much trouble. So finally after months of planning and preparing we are ready to set sail in the morning. We just need to load the last few supplies on board. That's what I was doing before I decided that I had done enough work for now and needed a nap. We have taken the boat to the old play island to get it prepaid. The adults, and in particular my new foster family don't approve of us trying to sail away. I didn't want to leave my house after my parents died, but being only 17 I had no choice. Riku tried to get the state to let me stay with him, since he is 18 now, but the request was denied.

Don't get me wrong my foster parents are nice enough, but I would rather be alone, then have strangers trying to get me to call them mom and dad. I have parents! They are just gone. So when Riku broached the subject of leaving I didn't even think twice.


Sora looked tired. Beautiful, but tired non the less. She hasn't been sleeping much since the accident six months ago. I just can't wait to get off of this gilded prison. I would have left years ago if it wasn't for Sora. I was ready to leave when I was 15 after Sora and I broke up. The only person who has ever wanted me, didn't want me like I wanted her. She new I was wanting to leave, so she begged me to stay. She cried to me how she didn't think she could be a good girlfriend since she was too much like the boys, but that didn't mean she still didn't want to be my best friend again. As much as it killed me to go back to being just friends, I could never deny her anything. Seeing the light leave her eyes after her parents died almost killed me. I never left her side. Her stupid foster parents think they kick me out every night, but I just sneak in through the window and hold her as she falls asleep crying.

I was ecstatic when she finally a-quested to leaving the island. The closer we get to leaving the more of her spirit I see returning to her. I could do without Kairi coming, but she is Sora's best "girl" friend as Sora calls her. And I can't deny her anything. I was irritated at Kairi for waking Sora up from her nap when she seemed to finally be sleeping peacefully, but from the looks of her it was not a very restful sleep. I sit down next to Sora in the sand where she stayed when I pushed her. She sleepily rests her head on my shoulder. I look down at her in surprise. When we are alone in her room at night she seeks physical comfort from me and I am more than happy to snuggle with her (wait what am I thinking guys don't like to snuggle!). Anywho… but during the day and especially when people are around she rarely shows affection like this to me. That's not entirely true she has been touching me more often she will put her hand on my arm when she can see I am getting worked up about something, and she will touch me on the back as she walks by. But this she only ever does something like put her head on me when we are alone in the cover of night. I always figured she just wanted comfort after her parents died, but maybe things are changing, maybe she is rethinking breaking up with me those years ago. Maybe I should broach the subject.