Vigilante Angel: Prologue

Summary: Gohan dies at the end of the Cell Games. He is then appointed as Goten's guardian angel when Goten is born. What'll happen?

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A/n: Revised March 27th 2007 for showcase on FanLib (dot) com. Also, to warn you, this chapter is exactly like that episode where Goku participates in that Otherworld Tournament in Upper Heaven. After this, the chapters are going to be RADICALLY different, so don't give up on this one!




It was over.

Gohan slumped mid-air above a huge crater. Cell was beaten, and his father was gone. It was his fault that his father was dead. Gohan killed him.

Gohan was so lost in these thoughts, and so exhausted, that the weak ki beam Cell had left behind came up on him unnoticed. It was only when Gohan heard a shout from Piccolo that he looked up, too late and too weak to defend himself. The blast roared past Gohan, obliterating his body and dropping the dusty remains into the breeze that had just sprung up. Cell's final revenge, his beam, soared away to blow up on one of the mountains.


Piccolo had shouted for Gohan to watch out, and had watched on in horror as the beam simply destroyed his former student and best friend. Now he floated in air above the crater Gohan and Cell had made with their double Kamehamehas.

He looked desperately for any sign that Gohan was alive, but his head knew, as well as his heart, that Gohan was dead as dead could be. In shock, Piccolo dully watched Gohan's ashes fly before the wind to some other place more desirable as a final resting place than the fighting ground they were on.

Krillin came up and floated by Piccolo, silently giving the tall green Namekian some support. Vegeta flew by too, but he didn't stay as long as Krillin did. Vegeta went over to Mirai Trunks' body and grieved in his own way there, and Android 18 got up holding her head. Krillin spotted her and rather hesitantly went to help her.

Piccolo didn't know how much time had gone by before he finally moved, but judging from the hopeful faces of the shouting journalists below, it was quite some time. A big Afro-ed man was hovering by them, a slightly apprehensive look on his face. As Piccolo slowly floated nearer, the apprehensive look increased, until the baka was almost hiding behind the photographer with his broken camera.

Finally, Piccolo was just within normal hearing range to them. He asked them in a gruff voice, "Yeah? What do you want?"

The blonde dude with the microphone who was the announcer visibly gulped. "Uh, do you mind telling us who that boy was? The one that defeated Cell?"

Piccolo snorted. "I'll tell you his name. It's the Gold Saiyan," naming Gohan's new alter-identity. The Afro man's face fell at this. Now he, Hercule Satan, wasn't going to get the chance to become famous. Oh well, there were always the World Marital Arts Tournaments.

Piccolo, tired of this already, flew away, stirring up a dust storm in the people's faces. The announcer and the photographer weren't fazed, they were instead busily chattering about the marvelous boy who had defeated Cell with his light stuff. They didn't seem to realize that their hero was dead, that he had been killed too. Piccolo snorted again from his perch on the rock monolith above them, and turned away. The cape swirled around and behind his form as he lifted up into the sky to go to the Lookout.


On the Lookout, everyone was settled. The Dragonballs had been collected, and the Eternal Dragon Shenron summoned. The first wish had been granted, and everyone from Chichi to Mirai Trunks had been revived. Now they were going to wish Son Goku and Son Gohan back with the second wish.

Dende looked around, seeing that everyone was settled, and raised his arms for the next wish. He shouted, "I wish for Son Goku and Son Gohan—"

Hey! Don't we get a say in this? Goku's bright and cheerful voice rang in everyone's heads.

Everyone jerked. "Goku?"

Hi guys! Guess what? Gohan and I, we thought about staying here in Otherworld instead of coming back.

Stunned silence followed this proposition, then everyone broke out, "Why Goku? Why Gohan?"

A thud marked the question everyone was asking, and everyone looked around to see Chichi spread-eagled on the ground in a dead faint.

A chuckle from an eleven-year-old voice brought everyone's attention back to Shenron. Gohan asked, Did my mom just faint?

"Yes, brat, she did." Surprisingly enough, that came from Vegeta.

A slight chuckle could be heard. Everyone sweatdropped, then returned to asking Goku why they wouldn't come back.

Well, like Dende said, these Dragonballs can't resurrect someone who had already died, right Dende?

Everyone, minus Chichi, threw dirty looks at the new God. Dende cringed, but managed to reply, "Yes Goku, that's right."

Not only that, but people keep coming to Earth just because of me. Fighting in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with my son had made me realize that I don't really know Gohan, so that's why he's not coming back either. But don't worry, we'll come to visit. Oh, bye guys, we gotta go. See ya!

"Goku!" Krillin cried out.

But Goku and Gohan were gone, and Shenron was getting impatient. Finally Krillin piped up with a wish to turn Androids 17 & 18 into normal humans. Shenron responded that that wasn't possible. So Krillin asked that the bombs be removed from inside of the twin Androids. That Shenron granted.

The Dragonballs scattered for the first time since Dende made them. Everyone returned to their respective places, with Chichi staying overnight due to her unconsciousness. She stayed even longer than expected, for she fainted again when Piccolo and Dende told her that Gohan and Goku had refused to come back: They were still dead.

But the next thing that woke Chichi up was a dull ache in her stomach. She gasped and sat up in her bed on Mt. Paoz. Not noticing her surroundings, Chichi groped for an old testing gadget she had used when she was carrying Gohan. She did the necessary steps and waited impatiently for the results. When they came, she sank into a chair trembling with joy and sadness and also a mental groan.

Chichi was going to have another baby. She was going to have to go through another nine months of carrying a demi-Saiyan again. And look how tough Gohan had been! Gohan…

Chichi sighed, Depression settling its blanket around her. She had not only lost Goku this time, but her baby as well… Life wasn't fair. Ah well, she'd just have to make sure that this next one didn't fight at all. Still depressed, Chichi hauled herself out of the chair and to the phone to call Bulma.


Gohan looked around. It was interesting, if overwhelmingly so, here in Other World. He stood beside his father, not too far, but not too close either. His dad was talking to a plump blue catfish sort of person, who he heard addressed as King Kaioo, or North Kaioo. North Kaioo had a halo like Gohan and his dad, and he wore a black body length tunic with a symbol over his heart. Antennae sprung out of his head, and twitched continually. Dark sunglasses covered his eyes, much like Master Roshi. The North Kaioo seemed like a very likable sort, if you cared for his corny jokes.

North Kaio was introduced to Gohan, and then the whole group set off to see the Grand Kaio. Other dead fighters greeted North Kaio as they passed; all looked curiously at the spiky black haired red gi garbed man and the equally spiky black haired purple gi attired boy who dutifully followed the God of the Northern Quadrant.

At the end of the road the trio had stepped on, there loomed a palace. North Kaio spotted a vintage car and practically zoomed to it. He started admiring it and complaining that the Grand Kaio always had something the North Kaio didn't have.

Goku and Gohan watched King Kaio's odd behavior. Gohan then turned to Goku and asked his father if there was more than two Kaios. Goku explained to Gohan all about the Four Kaios, the Grand Kaio, and the mysterious Kaio that was superior to all of the above (called the Supreme Kaio). The father/son duo got to meet the West Kaio and Pikkon, the West's prizefighter. They met the odd combination that was the Grand Kaio, and Gohan's shyness was instantly put to ease when the Grand Kaio simply treated him like another being.

Then the Grand Kaio talked to Pikkon. "Ah, Pikkon, glad you're here for your task on time. There's a problem over in HFIL. Some of its residents are threatening to escape. I think you'd better check it out."

Pikkon bowed. He blasted off into the yellow sky. Goku and Gohan looked after him, at each other, and asked North, "King Kaio, what's HFIL?"

"Home for Infinite Losers, or Hell. It's where Frieza and Cell are."

"WHAT?! Why didn't you say so?!" Goku and Gohan turned Super Saiyan and spun off into the air. Gohan was called back by the North Kaio, though.

"Gohan! You'd better stay here! I have a different job for you then chasing old enemies, if you're interested!"

"Can it wait? I want to beat up Cell!"

"Actually it can, but your father will be all right! Now come back here!"

Casting anxious glances over his shoulder, Gohan powered down and slowly drifted back to Other World. (Get it? Drifted back to Earth, drifted back to Other World? I seriously need to brush up my puns.)

"Thank you Gohan." North said. Gohan nodded. His attention was still directed towards the area where his father and that fighter Pikkon had gone. That was going to change.

North Kaio started speaking. "Gohan, how would you like to be a guardian angel?"

Gohan snapped his head to North, seriously startled. He stammered, "A g-guardian angel? What for?"

North grinned. "Well, your mother is going to have another baby, and I know that you assume that you killed your father. You didn't, by the way, but that's beside the point right now. The point is, you could make up for that by being your sibling's guardian angel. Just until he or she grows up, anyway."

Gohan stared at the North Guardian, thinking hard. Mom's going to have another baby? And it's my fault that my dad is dead, too! Jeez, what have I done to be alive, well, dead, and still with my body? I should be roasting in hell right now for what I've done to Dad! And now the new baby won't have a dad because of me! Gee whiz! His thoughts of self-hate were interrupted by North's sharp reprimand.

"I told you already, Gohan, it isn't your fault your father died! He sacrificed himself so that you could live, and that's that! Now get over it! It doesn't matter that you didn't kill Cell when you had the chance, it's over! All right?"

Grand Kaio butted in with a comment of his own. "Northie's right. The past is the past is the past. Can't do anything to change it, so you might as well stop dwelling in it and move on." The combination of North's cutting voice and the Grand's dry gangster accent voice dissolved some of the guilt and self-loathing Gohan was feeling, but it would take some time for Gohan to get rid of it all. But now the case was closed.

Gohan thought for a moment about North's proposal, then nodded firmly, accepting the commitment. He didn't know what he was getting himself into, especially in the later years, when his younger sibling started moving around.

North clapped his hands, the decision made. He told Gohan that "a pass would be made so that Gohan could always come in and out of Other World for anytime, any reason, anywhere, and for any period of time". It was rare for a dead fighter in the upper parts of Heaven to be a guardian angel, North added, and this should be kept quiet about as a result.

"The pass should only be shown to King Yemma, Baba the Fortune Teller, or King Yemma's ogres. Otherwise, it has to be tucked into your gi. You'll have to learn to fight with it around your neck, though. I suggest you start practicing as soon as you get it."

Gohan nodded. He looked up as he sensed his father's and Pikkon's kis come back from HFIL. They landed and walked to their separate Kaios. This chapter probably would have ended here, were it not for the fact (in both the episodes and this fic) that the other two King Kaios came up and tortured poor Northie about his being dead.

East Kaio, who was the only female, put in another annoyance to North by saying, "As this has been 300 years since we last were together in one place, let's have a tournament!"

Gohan could see why it had been 300 years since all four King Kaios had last been together. It was obvious that North definitely did not like West, East and South, and that they didn't really like North in turn. But they somehow tolerated each other, and had their little competitions restricted to instead having their fighters claw at each other. The fighters from each Quadrant eagerly took up the challenge too. As the news of the tournament was spread around, fighters could be seen training harder than ever.

The four King Kaios departed. North led Goku and Gohan to a building in his "area" of Upper Heaven, where numerous fighters were collected. Gohan and Goku listened politely to North as he pointed out Olibu, who was a legend in the Son's own planet Earth, and other fighters who had died to save their planet. North then introduced Goku as "the fighter who had beat Frieza", and Gohan as "the fighter who beat Cell, and son of Goku". Gohan blushed a bit when he heard the 'fighter who beat Cell' bit, but he held himself upright as around him exclamations were made over the young demi-Saiyan.

Olibu said something to Goku. "Goku, Gohan, welcome to the North Quadrant. Are you skilled in your training?"

Goku grinned. "Well, actually, Gohan's stronger than I am. I have had more experience in fighting, but once Gohan masters his new level, he'll be able to beat me any day!"

Gohan blushed again, redder this time. He protested, "Dad! I'll never be able to beat you."

Goku smiled at his son. "Sure you will Gohan! You just need a bit of training!"

Gohan hung his head as chuckles were heard by the crowd of fighters before them. The dog-like fighter the North Kaio had pointed out earlier commented, "Well, Gohan, you certainly will get that training here."

More laughter was heard as Gohan ruefully nodded his head.

East Kaio drove by on her motor scooter. She spotted the twosome of Goku and Gohan, and decided to test them, make sure they were worthy enough for the tournament. She scooted up to North Kaio. North saw East out of the corner of his eye, and asked her what she wanted.

East sniffed and said, "I wish to test your new fighters to see that they are suitable for the tournament and for Upper Heaven."

North snorted. He probably would have turned her away had it not been for Grand Kaio walking by. He piped up in his gangster accent, "Why not? I'll be able to make measurements of their power before the tourney."

And so the three Kaios went into the building behind them. The building turned out to be a separate wing of the Grand's Palace. The fighters followed, and pretty soon the whole group found themselves in a very strange room.

The Grand Kaio strutted in, saying over his shoulder, "Well, what do you think? I had guys up here for three weeks doing the paint job."

No one made any comment. The background was black, and with stars peppered all over it. There were planets and archways and other random things. This room looked more like something suitable for an astronomist's observatory, only it was missing a gigantic telescope and flashing, beeping computers.

After everyone stared for a while, East Kaio snapped to and briskly turned to Goku and Gohan. "So, you two. We're going to have a race to judge you on your speed. If you can beat me, you'll pass my standards and I'll let you compete in the tournament."

Goku and Gohan exchanged glances, then shrugged. They hunched down into a starting pose, with East Kaio settling onto her motor scooter. The Grand Kaio raised his bandana, dropped it, and the race started.

First off, East Kaio was in the lead. Then Goku lined up with her on one side, Gohan filling the gap on the other side. East frowned and went into hyper-speed mode, leaving the male folk in the dust. They frowned, and phased in and out to catch up with East Kaio. Gohan then powered up a bit, not too much, and pulled ahead of the female Kaio. East Kaio scowled at the kid, and tried vainly to speed up. No can do. Goku was still by her side, but was apparently making no attempt to go faster, unlike his son.

And that was the way the race ran, with Gohan in the lead, East Kaio second, and Goku lagging behind slightly. But towards the end, at one of the archways, Goku sped up and forced the East Kaio to drop into third place. However, he had waited too long to try and catch Gohan; his son had victory in his sights, and Gohan wasn't about to let that go.

They flashed through the archway: Gohan and Goku neck for neck, and East Kaio closing up on their tails with a last kick into light-speed gear. But it was clear that the East Kaio had been beaten. Now the question remained, who won? Goku, or Gohan? It was up to the Grand Kaio to decide. Yet, the father/son duo smiled at each other and told the Grand Kaio that they didn't care who was the faster. They just cared that they had passed East Kaio's test to qualify for the tournament. Or had they?

Everyone looked at the East Kaio. She huffed and puffed, but the North Kaio managed to extract from her the necessary words that allowed Goku and Gohan to participate in the tournament, if they wished.

Father and son stood by and watched the two King Kaios bicker with each other, and smiled.

Pikkon stared at the kid before him. It was the finals of the tournament, and he couldn't believe that a kid, however prodigious and powerful he may be, was the one to fight against him the final round. The kid stared back, matching his wits and non-eye blinking-ness (Is that even a word? Pikkon wondered. No of course not, but it would do) with Pikkon's, with neither winning at the moment. At least until the gong started.

Gohan, having seen the Grand Kaio out of his eye, was prepared for the blong! that followed, but Pikkon was jolted out of his unblinking state, therefore losing the staring contest. Gohan smirked evilly, making Vegeta proud, before he launched into a whirling and swirling attack onto Pikkon. Pikkon, not really understanding his opponent's power, was hard put to keep up with Gohan's speed and agility, which is saying something. Pikkon ain't the top fighter in the dead West Quadrant for nuttin', ya know.


Pikkon finally managed to get in a blow, interrupting Gohan's flow. Panting, the taller fighter straightened up. He didn't wait for the kid to get up, but swooshed down upon the young demi-Saiyan. He figured on going for the jugular, finishing off this child prodigy fighter before the fight got too out of hand. He would have succeeded too, had it not been for a certain technique we fans of DBZ like to call "phasing".

Gohan sensed his opponent coming, and quickly phased out. Pikkon was left to crash his fist into the cement were Gohan had lain seconds earlier. The cement cracked, and Pikkon was left to wonder were the heck the young fighter had gone.

A yell from above hailed Pikkon. He looked up, only to get a face full of two fists. That knocked Pikkon's turban off, deciding the matter for Pikkon. Pikkon stepped away from Gohan. He took off his jacket, and threw it aside. Gohan picked up the turban, surprised at the weight. Pikkon smirked.

But Pikkon was unpleasantly surprised when Gohan smiled and threw the turban away without any real difficulty. The demi-Saiyan slid back into a fighting stance, remarking off-handedly, "My sensei Piccolo wears weighted clothing. I think you should meet him sometime, I'm sure you two would get along. Now are you going to fight me for real or not?"

Gohan's Saiyan side was taking over obviously. He was getting almost as arrogant as Vegeta in a fight. Gohan snorted at himself, and got ready. Pikkon came on like a bullet. No, faster. Gohan slid sideways, unobtrusively pulling his arm back to counter punch the guy as he came on.

Pikkon got in a full kata on Gohan's upraised arm before he was sucker punched. He fell back and wiped blood off his face. He was breathing heavily, as was Gohan, and both were enjoying this fight.

Gohan didn't know what came over him. He was just enjoying this fight in front of thousands of people, like his dad. It did occur to him that the fight with Cell had changed him, ever since his talk with Android 16's head. But the fact remained that he was starting to like to fight, and was not shy to show off his power.

(The rest of the fight goes on like in Goku's fight, only with the episode ending differently.)

Gohan pushed a blonde spike out of his eye. Pikkon was going to use his Thunder Flash Attack again, and he was starting to figure out a pattern. Now if only he could find a break to go Super Saiyan Two… Aha!

Pikkon's ki was skyrocketing again. Gohan used this opportunity to go Super Two, oblivious to the gasping stares of the audience. His sights were on Pikkon and had been since the beginning of the fight, and would continue to be until the end of the fight.

Gohan's hair turned longer and more bronze than gold. The spikes stood up stiffer in the air than in the first SS mode. His eyes turned from green to turquoise, and retained the hard look of determination they had held since the beginning. Pikkon finished his power up, and stared down the young prodigy Saiyan fighter. Gohan matched wits again with another smirk. He knew that he could take this fighter, given enough time and injuries.

Gohan narrowed his eyes as Pikkon went through the ritual of the Thunder Flash Attack. C'mon Pikkon, fire it…fire it…ah…

Pikkon fired the fire attack, to be met with a quickly formed Kamehameha Wave. The Kamehameha was strong enough to nullify Pikkon's attack, to the shock of the green fighter. But there was no time to think about that; Gohan was on the offense again.

Again Gohan was moving too fast for Pikkon to see, until a punch under his chin quickly put the lie to the thought that Gohan was in the air. The punch was followed by a kick, and another punch, driving Pikkon to the edge. Gohan kick-feinted at Pikkon's shins, then drove home a roundhouse that knocked Pikkon's head back, back, back, back out of the ring. Pikkon's body followed his head, and SPLAT! Pikkon was spread-eagled on the ground, and out of the fight.

Gohan peered over the edge at Pikkon. Pikkon's eyes were closed, and he was breathing hard. The tatters on Pikkon's clothes were testament to Gohan's extreme speed, agility, and sometimes strength. They also were affirmative to Gohan's ki control: there were a lot of singes and burns were Gohan had hit Pikkon with a ki ball.

However, Gohan's gi was a lot worse. I will leave it to you to imagine Gohan, bloody and bruised, panting and sweating, with his gi torn in so many places.

"Hey Pikkon. Are you all right?"

Pikkon's eyes opened into Gohan's black-eyed gaze. He smiled lightly. He slowly got up, brushed off his pants, plucked at his shirt, and looked at Gohan.

"Yeah. I'm all right kid. Thanks for your concern. Care to spar again sometime?"

Gohan grinned. "Sure, why not? It'll be a friendly competition." Gohan was rewarded by another light smile from Pikkon, before the latter turned and walked away.

Goku walked up to Gohan and put his hand on his son's shoulder. Gohan looked up at his dad.

Goku said, "Hey son. You did really well today. I'm proud of you. Just think, with more training, you'll be able to beat me hands down!"

Gohan shook his head. "Not that again, Dad." Shaking his head, Gohan continued to watch Pikkon walk away. He had a feeling that his afterlife in the Otherworld was going to be great.


Suggested Viewing: Episodes 183 and 184 for Goku's Otherworld Tournament performance.