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Widening his smile more naturally, he sighed, turned his head, and closed his eyes.

Finally, he felt safe.


He was so warm...and protected. He was in someone's embrace, he could feel, but he didn't' care to find out whose, not right at the moment. He was comfortable, and relaxed, and didn't have anything pressing to do. Life was good.


The voice was a faint jar on his consciousness, as if he should pay attention to it. But he didn't want to, he wanted to just lie wherever he was and stay there. He waited for the voice to come back, but it didn't, to his relief and pleasure.

Just as he was settling in again, however, the inflection irritatingly prodded at him again. "Squirt, you gotta wake up. I can't keep you in this stasis forever; it's draining of ki at an incredible rate."

Huh? he thought disconcertedly. He was in stasis? Why? What would happen if he wasn't in stasis? Who was keeping him in such a state?

Oh. Gohan was the one who wanted him to wake up. He was the only one who called him squirt, after all. But why his brother would need to keep him in stasis in the first place, he still didn't know the answer.

The warmth he felt faded slowly as he struggled to obey his brother's orders. The feeling of being protected and safe didn't disappear, though, which seemed to bolster him in his fight for wakefulness once he registered it. Still, his battle with his body proceeded slowly, he gradually winning back the conscious control he wanted.

"That's it, otouto, you're getting it," Gohan encouraged him. Now that he knew it was Gohan speaking, he could more clearly identify his voice and the concentrated relief it held there. This last emotion him all the more strongly to the fore.

"Careful, squirt. Don't strain yourself too much now."

He sighed and rested where he was for the moment. He was almost out of his subconscious; now he only had to open his eyes. Wonderful. That was going to be so easy to do, if just waking up was anything to go by.

"You can do it, bro. One last push."

He rolled his eyes inwardly at his brother's hovering, but nevertheless he gathered himself, pushed, and came roaring out of sleep—

The first thing he saw was a confused mass of a flesh-colored something with two spots of black near its center. This, after a blink, resolved itself into Gohan's smiling face, relief and affection and fatigue meshed together into a not uncomfortable bundle on it.

He stared. Though he had heard Goten's voice in his internal battle, the reality of its owner had not occurred to him. He had missed Gohan so much for so long it was almost a shock to him to actually see and feel the solidly physical form of his niisan and not be dreaming.

"Niisan, you're here," he whispered, his great surprise patent in his voice. Gohan smiled broadly, the relief fading in the rush of affection that overcame it.

"'Course," he responded, freeing a hand from its clasp of Goten to punch said person lightly on the shoulder. "Wouldn't miss your graduation for the universe."

"Literally," someone close by muttered. The two demi-Saiyans, though they heard, ignored the speaker, though Goten could see Gohan mentally promising the speaker due vengeance. He smiled contentedly, the normalcy of the observation serving to soothe him in a way the real sight of Gohan did not.

"S'okay, nii. You don't need to do that to her," he said, causing Gohan to look at him and smile ruefully. "'Sides, you kind of crashed my graduation."

"Yeah, I kind of did," Gohan agreed, looking around at the mildly-termed mess the Otherworld squad and Eis Shenron had made. "Luckily that was the last of the dragons, so it won't happen again."

Goten, about to speak, closed his mouth with an inaudible snap. Gohan felt the impact, nevertheless, and swiveled his head around back to his younger brother.

"Bro, I know what you're thinking. Yes, I will be able to come to your proper graduation, whenever that's rescheduled. I don't care if I'm still your guardian angel or not by then—"

"What?" Goten interrupted. "What do you mean, 'if you're still my guardian angel or not? You're—"

He fought out of his brother's embrace. A yowl brought his attention briefly to his lap, where a miniature panther (he recognized it as a cat breed called Bombay a second later) seethed at him, though for what he didn't know. His gaze focused on Gohan again soon enough.

"Calm down, Goten," Gohan calmed, his hands settling on the younger Son's shoulders. "I must have forgotten to tell you that my guardianship of you ends when you turn 18. Since that's a month or so from now—"

"But I still need you!" Goten cried, squabbling to find a purchase in a world that was quickly falling to pieces even as he spoke. "I—I felt like something was missing all the while you were gone! It was you—I can't function right without you! I—"

"Shh. It's all right, or it will be. Just relax—"

"HOW?!" Goten yelled, fed up with what his brother was telling him. "How can I relax when you—you tell me something as horrible as this?! I need you," he repeated desperately. "I've gotten through everything in my life, good or bad, because of you. You can't—you can't take that away from me now, n-not when—"

When Goten finally drew breath, Gohan seized the opportunity to speak. "When have I ever said I'd leave you? Huh? When did I ever say we'd never see each other again? I said only that my tenure as your guardian ends as soon as you're eighteen. That's it—that doesn't mean that the status quo has to change or that it will. I'm your brother, Goten, and I will always be looking out for you, if I am your guardian or not. Do you understand me?"

Silence settled tensely over the both of them, one intent on being understood, the other combating his feelings of hysteria and helplessness. Finally Goten nodded, tightly; the next moment he was pulled back into a bear-hug, much to the Bombay's continuing displeasure. The cat was ignored in favor of the heated words Gohan whispered into his hair:

"Never doubt me like this again, squirt. It's not often I see you totally break down like this, but I suppose it's my fault for leaving you for so long. Well, it's not really my fault, but I could have found a way to keep in better touch than emails, and—"

"Gohan?" Goten croaked, his vision filled with that familiar sight of his brother's pendant: sideways figure eight in shape, holding a line through its center, and with swirls on either end—

"Ye-es?" Gohan asked, drawing out the last syllable as if irritated at being interrupted.

Goten considered his next response in silence. Should he say it? Or shouldn't he? He decided to just do it and say:

"Shut up and let me fall apart already."

"Fine," Gohan huffed theatrically. Despite his tone, his hands were already running over the other demi-Saiyan's hair, making the thick spikes stand even more on end with his caress. Goten leaned into the reassurance and milked it for all it was worth.

Neither would mention the wetness of Gohan's shoulder when they finally parted.


"This isn't a normal cat, is it?" Goten asked many moments later, looking down curiously at the cat settled comfortably in the crook of his elbow. "It was a Bombay before," he said. "Now it's...something else."

So the animal was. Now it was a dark orange cat, semi-longhaired, caramel-eyed, and yawning widely. It blinked at Goten nonchalantly, then burrowed deeper into Goten's lap.

"I think...she's an Abyssinian. I don't know. Hageshii, what are you?"

To Goten's astonishment, the cat lifted its head and affixed Gohan with a sleepy glare. "Turkish Angora, you idiot," it grumbled, its voice suffused with the adrenaline of battle and feminine in its richness. "Have you forgotten all I taught you about cat breeds? And I am not dark orange, Son Goten, I am cinnamon. Cinnamon. Do not forget that."

Gohan rolled his eyes at being called an idiot while Goten gaped. A talking cat? That was rare. The only other talking cat he was aware of was Puar, but she wasn't exactly your average cat, fat and blue and floating as she was. This cat was not usual, either, having changed into a more familiar Siamese, while its color strengthened to a happier brown, but it at least followed the conformation of real felines.

"Th-that's interesting," Goten stuttered, while Gohan snickered. "W-what..."

"Hageshii is not actually a cat." A screech from Hageshii punctuated Gohan's statement; with an eye roll, Gohan corrected himself. "Well, she is, but not a natural one. This is actually the cat form of my glaive, born from the second level fusion I told you about, with Gohan oji-chan? Whenever Hageshii and I aren't fighting, she is a shape-shifting cat, able to change colors and breeds or even species as she wants. It's really interesting, too: Her color reflects my mood, while whatever cat she is reflects her mood. It can get really strange sometimes, can't it Hageshii?"

"You have no idea," that peculiar voice radiated from Goten's lap to say. "Being a polka-dotted leopard was not fun. I felt like crying from the sheer embarrassment of it all."

"Which is why you turned into a Persian the next moment, which was even worse," Gohan retorted with alacrity, clearly used to arguing like this. Hageshii hissed at her Saiyan wordlessly, but Gohan was unmoved. Instead the Saiyan lifted a hand and began tickling the feline behind the ear, into which the cat wriggled while saying: "You inpit, you know I can't resist that..."

"Which is why I use it," Gohan snorted, smirking triumphantly at Goten. Goten snickered, holding up his hand to hide his face from the glaring Hageshii, who still wiggled, unsatisfied.

"So, can I see it?" Goten asked when he could finally speak without laughing. "Your fusion, I mean?"

"You've already seen it, bro," Gohan told him. At his look of surprise, Gohan elaborated. "Remember the fight against Eis? The ice dragon?" The elder hybrid nodded when Goten's face cleared in comprehension. "Yeah," he continued. "Anyway, even if you hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have been able to show you right now, because Hageshii can't ever go back into glaive form. Her destiny is done." He shrugged.

"Oh." Goten struggled with himself for a few seconds, then blurted out his query. "So, does that mean that's it? I mean, is that the last of the dragons?"

Gohan smiled. "Yep. That's the last of the dragons. The mission is now officially over, has been for a few hours."

"I've been out that long?" Goten was startled into asking.

"Yeah. I actually almost didn't get to you in time. It was lucky you held on as long as you did; otherwise I wouldn't have been able to save you."

Goten blinked. With a nervous laugh, he said, "You make it sound like I almost died or something."

Gohan merely looked at him.

"No way," Goten said, his eyes widening. "I did not."

"You did," Gohan confirmed. "When Eis knocked you back with his tail, he lowered your body temperature by so much that any energy you had left over from your attack immediately went towards dissipating the cold. Unfortunately, you didn't have enough energy to completely fight it off, so you only got colder the more energy you spent. By the time I got to you, you were nearly unconscious just from your sheer coldness."

Gohan's smile was bitter. "You're actually lucky, you know. Most fighters that Eis has frozen have died almost instantly. For instance, there was J'yon-u!-oh, a West Quadrant fighter, who fought for ten minutes before Eis wiped him out with one of his claws. He had time for only one breath before he became a genuine icicle. He didn't even last long as an icicle; Eis simply rammed into him and broke him into a million pieces." The demi-Saiyan's eyes were faraway as he contemplated the memory of the battle.

Goten let out a shaky breath. "Wow," was all he could say. "I am lucky."

Gohan nodded his wry agreement. "Yeah. But that was what I was made your guardian angel for. I still have responsibility for you until you turn eighteen. So don't think that you can do all sorts of reckless things now and expect me to stand by and let you die from them." Gohan's tone was teasing, if not with an inflection of sternness lying underneath it.

"Oh, you wish," Goten sneered. "I know better than to do anything reckless when I'm around you. You'll just hit me for being stupid."

Gohan smirked. "That's right. But don't worry; after you become a year older, you'll be able to do all the reckless things you want without me there to beat you up." This time, Gohan's smile was a little sad.

"Yeah," Goten responded quietly. The youngest demi-Saiyan knew for certain that he couldn't live in a world without Gohan there to see it with him. He was too used to his interactions with his elder brother; the sudden absence of them would be harder to bear than even this past year had been. This time, he wouldn't have a bond with his brother at all; there would be just nothing where once there had been a link that had been, and still was, the very backbone of his existence. Without that link, Goten was utterly and completely lost.

There was no way Goten would let that bond just disappear. There was no way.

With that in mind, the youngest Son smiled more strongly at his brother. There was just no way he would let the bond they had disappear, even if he had to use drastic measures to keep it this way.

He had a month or so; he had some time, but he'd better get cracking if he wanted to have a nice, smooth plan by the time his birthday rolled around.

There was just no way.


Graduation came and went. Goten was grinning from ear to ear the entire ceremony, and not just because once again the entire Z-senshi had gathered for the momentous occasion. Gohan looked very smart in the suit and tie that he wore, looking indeed like he had worn suits and ties all his life. Knowing that Gohan had never worn a suit to anything and had had trouble tying the tie only increased Goten's amusement, much to Gohan's disgruntlement.

Nevertheless, Goten made sure there were a lot of cameras taking a lot of pictures of him and his brother, in addition to the ones of him by himself or of him with his friends. It was a precaution of sorts against disappointment, in case his plan to preserve his bond with Gohan failed (a plan he still hadn't come up with). Goten wasn't thinking that his plan would fail, not all, but it was still prudent to have more than one backup plan up your sleeve.

As the weeks and days to his birthday crept by, Goten and Gohan spend as much time together as they possibly could. Before being told of why they suddenly were joined at the hip like conjoined twins, chichi noticed this with growing concern. The demi-Saiyan brothers set her to rights quickly enough; her frown relaxed into a sad smile that did not abate as the day of judgment approached.

Though Trunks was part of the original Demon Trio from their younger days, Gohan did not see much of him over the remaining weeks. The poor demi-Saiyan was too busy planning the farewell party for Hadyn, who father had insisted upon his son's company on the former's worldwide travels.

"Now that I'm old enough to be called an adult and how to behave myself and all that rot, Dad suddenly takes an interest in me and wants to be a proper 'dad' to me," Hadyn had informed Trunks bitterly. "If you ask me, all he wants is to make sure I know how to run his business properly. So now he's taking me away and is probably going to try and mold me into a proper Rochester now."

He'd snorted. "He lost all chance of being a proper dad to me when he just abandoned me here with Sam all those years ago," he grimaced at the thought of his housekeeper Samantha, "and with barely any idea of what to do with myself." He'd sighed then, looking defeated. "I'm lucky I met you when I did, Trunks," he'd said tiredly.

Trunks had had no answer for that, nor had Hadyn expected any. This information had inspired the demi-Saiyan, however, and he was throwing himself into this effort with almost all the energy he had.

Neither of the Sons begrudged him this, quite frankly.

Finally, it was the day before Goten's eighteenth birthday. Out of some unspoken agreement, both brothers had elected to do nothing but lie, unspeaking, in the meadow stretched out next to the Son house.

Gohan was mulling over how this reminded him of the days leading up to the Cell Games, when all he and his father had done was rest in this very meadow and gaze at the clouds crawling by.

Goten was reviewing his plan over in his head, looking for and worrying over any loopholes in the plan he found at this last minute. The atmosphere between these two was like that of any two close people parting for an indefinitely long time: heavy, and full of regret.

The minutes trickled into hours, and the hours passed. To Goten's uncomprehending mind, it was suddenly dark, and Chichi was calling for them.

A groan next to him reminded Goten of Gohan's presence. "We'd better go, squirt, if we don't want our eardrums to explode." Gohan said, holding a hand out for his younger brother to take. Goten took the hand, thinking that this just might be one of the last times he'd get to do this, and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. He and Gohan both moved slowly to their watchful mother (who had been joined by Goku) as above them the sky darkened even further.

They'd just barely gotten inside when, unbelievably, it began to rain. The Saiyans and Chichi turned to the window just as a bolt of lightning flicked through the sky; the snarl of thunder following shook the walls of the Son house. Goten felt his heart pound ominously. In what seemed like unbearably slow motion, he turned to look at Gohan. To no one's surprise, the elder Son had already trained his gaze upon Goten, but with an odd expression.

Gohan was fading.

Heart plummeting, Goten started forward. He reached his hand out, but both he and Gohan knew it was futile. It was with a sad smile that Gohan watched Goten approach, walking as if through molasses, holding an excruciatingly torn look affixed on his face. When Goten's next step would have put him into grasping range, Gohan looked to the sky. Goten took the next step and made to seize Gohan by the shoulders, but Gohan was already insubstantial: his hands simply passed through. Gohan instead looked down and gifted him with another sad smile. Raising a hand to give him a salute, Goten's elder brother, who had been dead for over eighteen years, finally said goodbye, and disappeared.

Goten stood dumbly where he was for a single second, then fell backwards, screaming, as a raw and agonizing pain split his heart wide open.

He passed out, still screaming, in his father's arms.


He struggled upward towards the tiny pinprick of grey that was lighter than his pitch-black environment. The black pressed down, sideways, and up on him, unwilling to let him go, but he insisted, and little by little the quicksand he'd fallen into gave way. The pinprick of grey gradually expanded, so gradually that even he himself didn't realize it until he was directly in the middle of it. Still he looked up and saw an even paler shade of gray.

He considered trying for that, continuing his efforts to get out of whatever problem he'd landed himself into now, but what was the point? There had been a point before, he knew, but he also knew that that point now no longer existed, whatever that point had been before. So he considered staying where he was and waiting for something to happen, only that was boring. He'd never been one for boring things.

That said, he struck out again for the lighter gray. His going was much easier this time, he noticed: He didn't put forth as much effort to slide through the grey. As a result, he was able to get to the light gray quicker, enough at least to be able to tell when he got to it. But other things were happening, so he wasn't particularly interested in this discovery.

What distracted him were ghostly echoes of emotions he couldn't put a name to that nevertheless swirled in a gigantic whirlpool around him, about him, and within him. It was this whirlpool that slowed his progress now, dragging at him, confusing him, and effectively stranding him; he had no idea what he was supposed to do now, since his environment looked completely the same wherever he looked.

Then a voice, blessedly real in this unreality, intruded upon his nightmare and lifted him upward. He began to follow this voice, feeling a sense of déjà vu, as if he had done this before. ...He had the feeling, oddly enough, that he had. How strange.

The trail that he followed eventually ended at a person, one with a lot of the same facial features that he himself had. He found himself wondering how he knew this; certainly he didn't know what his face looked like. A smile from the familiar stranger put out all thoughts from his head; he stepped easily towards the other figure.

"I can see from your confusion that you don't remember me yet," the stranger said with more than a hint of amusement in his tone. "No matter," he added, presumably at the scowl he was receiving. "You'll know me soon enough."

Before he could even process this strange information, the stronger had already reached out and taken hold of his shoulder. He gasped involuntarily and seized the hand, but not to throw it off.

"Niisan, what am I supposed to without you?" he pleaded instead, looking into the slightly sad eyes his brother sported. "Already it's painful without you."

"I know that, squirt," Gohan said soothingly, bringing his other hand to rest on his other shoulder. "Believe me, this is as hard on me as it is on you."

"Wishing you back alive isn't going to work, is it?" he inquired abruptly. It hurt to admit this, to lose faith in his big plan after weeks of nurturing it, only to have no chance to setting it into motion after all. "It won't recapture what we have already lost."

Gohan only nodded, the only action required to answer this statement. "But as long as you are still recovering from the breaking of our peculiar bond, as long as you still need me, I'll appear to you in your dreams," he said, though this was of small consolation to him.

"We won't ever meet in person again until I'm dead," he said instead with a final sort of certainty.

Gohan nodded, but insisted, with narrow eyes, "That does not mean that I'm going to let you kill yourself, however directly or indirectly you go about it. You have a life to live, Goten, out of my shadow at last.

"I know, you don't feel like you've been under my shadow," Gohan said, interrupting him, "but you have. We've always been headed for this point, Goten. Trying to deflect the inevitable—"

"But it will be—it is—" Goten whirled out of Gohan's reach and began pacing agitatedly. Gohan sighed and rubbed at his eyes.

"Goten," he started again, "I know your pain. I feel it myself. As cruel as it sounds, though, it's part of life, and death, too, I suppose, to fee this pain and hurt unimaginably long for it. But it will pass—"

He broke off both fists of Goten's attempted punch combo in both of his own hands. "It will pass, bro," he continued in a softer voice, "quicker for me than for you, I suspect, because I'm dead, but we'll both move on eventually. And we will meet again one day; I'll only be happy with that day, however, if you've lived your life and not cut it short."

He released the quaking fists and gathered up the shaking form that was the younger brother he'd watched grow up for eighteen years. How time did fly by. "Think of that when you are at your lowest. Think of the interrogation I'll subject you to about your mate, your children, and your children's children. Think of the many embarrassing stories about yourself, your friends, and your family you'll be able to tell me, of the dramas and traumas you'll experience, all the regrets and the pride you'll have that you'll share with me—think of all of that while you grieve.

"This is my chance to live vicariously through you, if you prefer to think of it that way, and I don't want you to screw it all up because you're too busy thinking of killing yourself instead. Think of this as a chance to do many of the things that I wasn't able to do because I died so young. You'll do them for me, not you or anybody else, because this is my last request of you before I go.

"I love you," he said to the freely sobbing Goten clinging to him. "I love you so much that I'm letting you go to fly free. So flap those wings, brother mine, and don't stop 'till you can't flap them any more. Only then can you rest and close your eyes. Do you understand me?"

The spiky head under his arm nodded. He noted to himself, rather irrelevantly, that his brother's mop was beginning to flatten out, if that was at all possible for a Saiyan. Perhaps his mother's genes would win out after all. "Good," he said out loud. "Go, then, and find Mom and Dad. They're waiting for you."

He pushed the still crying Goten away from him, directed him instead to the bit of a light that Goten had been striving for originally. Goten stumbled towards it, haltingly, but to his credit, he didn't ever look back.

He wouldn't have seen anything even if he had.

As he went, however, he did hear something, a faint flutter of words against his ears. He murmured something in response and strode on more confidently, his tears slowing at last in his newfound burst of certainty. His steps carried him ever more towards the yellowish light of consciousness and ever more away from the area his brother had occupied. Soon, even he faded out of sight, leaving behind only his words still lingering in the gray air:

"Goodbye to you, too, niisan."





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