I hadn't expected this to happen. I had only just arrived at Forks. I didn't expect my entire world to get completely flipped around. In a matter of twenty four hours, I've lost my virginity to a stranger. I wouldn't have believed it, if it wasn't for the fact that I was still wrapped up in the sheets of the bed, naked and out of breath. The man was sitting at the edge of the bed, his bare back in view. He was incredibly muscular. The physique of a bodybuilder, with the looks of a male model.

I didn't know sex was this good. Maybe it would have been something I did sooner, if I had known. Not to mention the strength and stamina this man had. We could have had sex for days on end, if it wasn't for my lack of stamina. He set the pace and obligated me.

Stretching a little, I sat up. "So, umm… not that I am complaining or anything… but how did this end up happening?"

My voice seemed to cause a chill to roll over his shoulders. He turned back to gaze at me with gold eyes. It was just a strange color, and the emotion behind them made the breath catch in my throat. It was like I was staring into the eyes of a predator.

"I'm really sorry about this, I don't know what came over me. I just saw you… and had to have you." He looked away, almost in sorrow. "I've made a huge mistake."

His words were like a dagger to the heart, but I didn't let that pain reach my face. Instead I offered him a smile. "No, don't even worry about this… we can just… forget it even happened."

I highly doubt I could ever forget about what happened. And I wasn't sure that I wanted to. This was the best night of my life. Granted, it was a bit scary and confusing.

He breathed out slowly, an agonizingly long exhale. I sat here, waiting with baited-breath, anxious to hear his reply. His golden orbs returned to me, a tense line forming with his lips. His brows pulled together, with a look of stress and discomfort.

"That may be for the best," His voice was deep and brooding for a moment. My heart was set ablaze. I clutched my hands together under the blankets, to keep from grabbing at my chest. The pain was almost palpable.

I don't know why this man brought such strong reactions from me. He was a complete stranger, yet I feel like I've known him my whole life. I could tell there was something different about him. His skin was so pale, even more so than mine. And the strength was something completely out of his world. The bed was proof of that. The headboard was ripped off and the plank slats to the box spring were crushed to pieces. I don't know how I was going to tell Charlie. What excuse could I come up with?

Hey dad, a boy snuck in my room last night, seduced me into giving up my virginity… and we kinda broke my bed. If he believed me, I'd be in a lot of trouble, he would probably call Rene and send me packing back to Arizona.

I would have to think of something good.

The handsome man rose from the bed, putting his clothing on in a dash. So quickly that I could barely catch another peek at his gorgeous body. My eyes followed him, as he strolled to the open window.

"Wait," I said quietly. My heart was racing. I didn't like the idea of never seeing him again.

His back went rigid, before he slowly turned his neck, just enough for me to see his eyes. "What?" His tone wasn't quite as friendly as it had been.

I flinched slightly, losing some confidence. "At least tell me your name."

He turned his head back to the window now. "Emmett," With that being said, he turned and leaped out of my open window.

Panic struck me as I ran to the window and looked around to see where he landed. That was a really far fall down to the yard. But I didn't see him anywhere. As if he disappeared. That was impossible. He couldn't have been that fast… could he?

With a heavy sigh, I closed the window and made my way back to my mutilated bed. I laid down, finding it much less comfortable than it was before meeting Emmett. My face warmed as I recalled the events over and over. Each touch. Every passionate kiss. My body trembled. Electricity rolled down my body like a wave, hitting a sandy beach. His scent still lingered on my sheets. I buried myself under the blankets and slowly enjoyed the fragrance of something like sandalwood and lavender. It was very macline.

After a while, sleep found me. Pulling me down into an ocean of images of Emmett.

Emmett's Point of View

Shit. This isn't good. What the hell is wrong with me? In the seventy years I've been married to Rose, an affair was the furthest thing from my mind. I would never have considered it. I didn't want to. I loved her, didn't I? She was enough. All I needed. I didn't need anything more from her. We have a nice life. We almost never fight, the sex is great, we know each other inside and out. So why did I do this?

I was pacing around the forest a few miles away from the house. I didn't have the courage to face the others. I was afraid. As soon as I bumped into Edward, the secret would be out. There is no way he would keep it to himself. And I would deserve the consequences.

My arms were still trembling under the weight of my emotions. My heart no longer could beat, but I felt a heaviness in my chest. Why was the girl in my every thought? Why was the memory of her warm skin against mine still lingering in my mind? Her deep brown eyes, watching from under me, with delight and bliss. Her perfect body.

No. Stop thinking about it. Isn't it bad enough that you broke your vows of marriage? Now you are allowing yourself to relive the events? I'm disgusting. I didn't deserve Rose. I should just leave. Leave Forks and the rest of the family. Never come back.

My throat was burning, but I was too distracted to let it bother me. My plan was to go out hunting a bit before school tomorrow. I had been on my way, but Esme wanted me to stop and get some flowers for the kitchen. She was on a decorating kick again. That's when I saw her.

I was curious, who wouldn't be? I've never seen her face in town before. It was a small town. I only remembered after she introduced herself, that she was the chief of police's daughter. Isabella Swan. Although she corrected me. She went by Bella. I was totally entranced by her. She was irresistible. The smell of her blood was so unique. I could only describe it, by the way it made me feel physically. The ache in my throat was soothed, as if it wasn't even there. Being near her made me feel human.

We talked for hours. About everything and nothing. She had a good heart. I could tell. She was completely different from Rose. In every way. The biggest, being her selflessness. She would gladly give the shirt off her back for a stranger. But she was also naive. Young but mature. Feisty but well-mannered.

I thought highly of her. She was amusingly clumsy and the most appealing shade of red colored her cheeks when she got embarrassed. I wish I could have seen it one more time. But it was time to face reality. She was human. It just doesn't matter what I think or feel. And I was a married man who made a huge mistake. There was no changing that.

The last time I allowed myself to take a step into the human world, I took an innocent woman's life. She had been my singer. Even though no one really blamed me for it. That didn't change the fact that I was a murder. Someone that girl wouldn't want or need in her life. I would leave her alone. But I knew it wasn't going to be that easy. She will be starting at the high school tomorrow. She would be there. And so would Rose. I didn't know what to do. If Rose found out… before I had a chance to talk with her… she might kill Bella herself. Then me.

I knew that I needed to make my way home. The others would start getting suspicious. I just wasn't sure how I was going to explain the smells all over me. I knew that I reeked of sweat, and exchanged bodily fluids. The second that I went within range of the house, everyone will know, that I recently had sex. They would smell the arousal left from Bella on me. There would be no hiding it. Especially from Rose.

I leaned against a tree, stalling for time. The moon was shining brightly overhead. It had started to rain a bit. Nothing that would help the situation. In fact, it might even enhance the smells. There was the faint sound of someone running through the woods.

I could hear a few sticks snap under the weight of their feet. It wasn't Rose or Alice. Thank goodness. They would have avoided making any noises. I listened closer, taking note of the speed. Someone so fast, I could barely keep up with their location. It was Edward. No one else was as fast as him.

Panic gripped me. I felt like running away. But who was I kidding, Edward would be able to keep up with me. I've never beaten him at a race. Today would be no different. I heard him pause, just as he got within range of me. He wasn't in sight yet. But he knew I was here. I turned my back, not wanting to see his reaction, once he approached.

Edward paused in his running, to take a human-like pace in my direction. Each step sent me further and further on the edge of a full on panic attack. But I kept my expression blank. As if that would even matter. Edward could read my thoughts.

"Emmett, what are you doing out here?" Edward's voice was the same as it usually was. Bored. Stoic. Reserved. He always had a demeanor to himself that put me in a real glum mood. I tried to smile and joke around with him as much as possible. Anything to raise his spirits a little. But he was always miserable. And alone.

"I was planning on hunting before school." I muttered, not turning around to face my brother.

"Doesn't look like you have even started yet…" Edward replied, pausing only for a moment. I heard his sudden intake of breath. "What is that smell?"

I felt my shoulders tense, but I forced them to slump. "Look, I made a mistake." Of course Edward wouldn't recognize the scent, he is a virgin. He doesn't know what intimate smells are created after sex. Maybe my secret would be safe for a little while.

I turned now, gathering some courage. "I don't know what you're talking about. Anyway, Why are you out here?"

Edward narrowed his eyes at me, with a look of concentration entering his face. He folded his arms across his chest. "Looking for you. I was hoping you could talk some sense into your wife. We shouldn't even consider taking her car tomorrow. I know how she feels about showing off her BMW. But it's so flashy… we really shouldn't be drawing attention to ourselves."

The mention of Rose sent a pinch of pain to my chest. "You know Rose, there is nothing I can say to make her change her mind. There really is no telling her no."

Edward sighed, shaking his head. For a second, I thought that I was in the clear. But as an image of Bella entered my mind, I watched Edward tense. I didn't mean to start thinking of her again. But once I started, there was no stopping. I replayed our intimate time together. I couldn't help it. It was the best sex I've ever had… and it was with a human… I didn't even know what to say… There was a connection between us. Something deeper than just mindless lust and clashing bodies. It was always about pleasure with Rose. She was gorgeous, who wouldn't be attracted to her? But with Bella it was something else entirely.

"Who is she?" Edward muttered quietly, his eyes flickering to me with concern. I was expecting that. I thought he would be pissed. Hate me. Think I'm some kind of perverted, insensitive prick.

"Bella Swan," I replied just as quiet.

"And she is human,"


"And you, had sex with her,"


Edward and I stared at each other for a minute. I couldn't tell what he was thinking as he looked at me. Was he disappointed? Furious? About to go running to Rose to tell her what I did?

"Rose doesn't know yet?" He asked after a while. Still his expression wasn't giving anything away.


"What are you going to do?"

I rubbed the back of my neck, finally looking away from his intense stare. "I don't know yet. That's why I'm out here. I'm trying to decide on how to handle this."

Edward made a face. "She's human Em, you know we can't get involved with humans in that way. What if you lost control? What if you hurt her?"

"I didn't, but I get your point. It's not like I planned on doing it again. It was a mistake. A one time thing."

Although, if I had it my way, I wouldn't hesitate to head back to her. And make love with her, every single day, for the rest of our lives. I didn't know where these thoughts were coming from, but Edward wasn't the only one bothered by them.

"Rose isn't going to take it well. Maybe you should avoid the house for a while. She wasn't in the best mood already. I'd hate to see what happens… when you tell her…" Edward cringed slightly.

"I'm not going to hide it from her. After seventy years of marriage, she deserves to know the truth. I just don't know if I'm ready to tell her yet."

"Maybe you should speak with Carlisle, or maybe talk with Alice. To see the future repercussions of your actions." Edward suggested, running a hand through his bronze locks.

"I can't believe how calm you are about all of this. I thought you would at least call me a scum-bag. Or belittle me, just a little."

Edward snorted, a frown coming to his face. "Don't get me wrong. I think what you did was selfish, stupid and moronic. But at the end of the day, you made a mistake. We aren't perfect."

"It's not that simple. It's not like I had a slip up and drank human blood. This isn't the same thing. I slept with another woman."

Suddenly there was a snarl from behind me. Edward and I turned to the direction of the noise. It felt like my heart fell to the bottom of my stomach. As Rose came marching over to the two of us. Her beautiful face twisted in pain and rage.

"What did you say?" She growled. Frightening and gorgeous.

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