Ok, you guys! Thank you so much! I got so many reviews for the last chapter! I'm so glad a finished it with a good ending. Everyone seemed to really like it all though my beta thought I rushed it a bit, but oh well. My next story is called, To Love or Kill

Now, it's AU and the prologue, as all my prologues do, really sucks! It's super boring, but I just needed to explain stuff so that you guys would know why Harry and Draco can't be together in the future chapters. It's about a Kingdom on a planet called Geruvia, and it's going to be REALLY romantic, but not on the prologue.

As the prologue for this story was, it's weird and eerie, and not very interesting. But I promise, the next chapters get WAY better! So if you don't like the prologue (which is SUPER short) just skip it and wait for the next chapter. But please review that prologue chapter anyway, just so that I know I have some readers.

Well, I hope you like that story! You guys, it's been SUPER great with this story! So I just hope it will be just as great with my next story.

FYI: I know that most stories that are AU like that don't do too well, but I'm hoping to make a difference. But if I only get like 2 or 3 reviews even after the prologue, I WILL delete it. So if you don't want it deleted, please review it! Thanks.