Brigitta's POV

Liesl was in my room with everyone else and said "Now that the Baroness is gone it's time for Plan A". Kurt asked "What's plan A again?" Louisa sighed and said "You have to show father the picture of mother holding you in her arms in front of the gazebo and ask him to meet you there". Frederich asked "How is that going to get father and fraulien together?" Liesl said "Because Kurt's not going to show up and I'll ask fraulien Maria to meet me there so we can talk but I'm not going to be there".

I said "Instead we'll all be in our windows with binoculars watching and see what they do". Frederich said "But we still don't know how fraulien feels about father". Louisa said "That's why we're doing this, so we can see how fraulien acts when she's around father alone". Liesl said "You all remember your positions. Now Louisa". Louisa said "I'll be in a tree listening". Kurt said "I'll be watching from my window".

Frederich said "I'll be in the tree behind the gazebo". I said "I'll be watching from fraulien's room". Liesl said "And I'll keep the little ones busy". I said "I still think they should be in on it though". Frederich said "They can't keep a secret and they'll blow the whole thing up before it starts". Liesl said "Now uncle Max brought us these walkie talkies there are 7 but we'll only need 4 of them". Kurt asked "What if we get caught?"

Louisa said "You probably won't get caught as for me and Frederich I'll say I was looking at a strange bug with 9 legs" and took out microscope". Frederich said "I'll say I'm bird watching or looking at fraulien's mountain. Fool proof". Liesl said "But remember if you don't get caught eavesdropping you can't get caught leaving either". I asked "How do we know if it worked?" Liesl said "Easy we'll do it before lunch so, if they're not back it worked".

Kurt asked "And if they are back?" Liesl said "We'll try again. Remember even if we witness something happening, we can't tell them and we have to be very careful about talking about it". Kurt said "Maybe we can get some kind of code. Father said there were a lot of codes in the army". Frederich said "Name 1".

Kurt said "Well I don't remember". Liesl said "It's almost noon. Kurt you know what you have to do" Kurt nodded and left. Liesl said "Wait 10 minutes before going into fraulien's room just in case Frau Schmidt saw fraulien Maria leave and see you go in and thinks it's a coincidence even though it is". I said "Got it".