Georg's POV

I was walking towards the gazebo when I saw movement. I called "Kurt!" I saw movement again this time standing by the gazebo. When I got closer, I saw fraulien. I said "Fraulien". Fraulien looked at me confused and said "Captain! I uh I didn't know you would be here. Liesl asked to talk to me". I said "It's fine Kurt asked to talk to me". Fraulien sat down on a bench and I asked "Uh may I". Fraulien nodded and I sat down.

I asked "So, what were you and Liesl going to talk about?" Fraulien said "I don't know she asked to talk to me out here so no one will overhear us. What about you and Kurt?" I said "Agathe". Fraulien said "Your wife?" I said "Yeah Kurt found a picture of Agathe holding him in front of the gazebo and wanted to know the story behind it". Fraulien said "I'm sure he did after all everything has a story behind it". I said "Actually the story behind it is really funny".

Fraulien looked at me concerned and said "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to". I said "No it'll actually be good for me to tell someone". And I realized she's the only person I'd tell or even want to tell. I said "One day Agathe and I were walking around town looking for a crib this was right before Brigitta was born and we stumbled upon a shop and we walked in to get a crib and behind my back she hired some guys to build a gazebo, and even if she did things behind my back or sneaky like, I could never be mad at her and when she told me all I did was laugh".

Fraulien said "You just laughed". I said "Yeah I laughed and then Agathe told me they'll be here tomorrow morning at 7 and I thought she was joking and I decided to test her to see if she was serious about them coming so early or at all and I gave Franz they day off and the next morning I woke up to the doorbell and all Agathe said was "I told you not to give Franz tomorrow off but the next day" and laughed".

Fraulien started laughing and I was glad I was the one that made her laugh. Fraulien said "You must miss her". I said "I do very much". Fraulien said "She sounds like an amazing woman". I said "Oh yeah. But there's 1 thing no one would've guessed about her, she's the shiest woman you'd ever meet. That apple tree over there has a story". Fraulien said "I'd like to hear that story". I said "Agathe planted that tree when we first went out and said "Our love will grow like that and as the apples grown that will be the many children we'll have" at first, I was nervous about the children part because I planned to follow in my father's footsteps and joined the Navy".

Fraulien said "Well I think it's sweet to think ahead". I said "But she didn't even live to see Greece like she wanted to and she barely knew Marta & Gretl. She didn't get to live to see all the things she thought would happen or anything. I mean all she ever wanted to do was see Greece at least once and I couldn't even give her that and that's why I, I-". Fraulien said "That's why you distanced yourself from them because they all reminded you of her in some way or another".

I said "Yes and I know she would be very disappointed that the years the children needed me the most I abandon them". Fraulien said "It's not your fault you were grieving". I said "And so were they, they needed me all these years and all I ever did was escape to Vienna to drown myself in champagne hoping it would ease the pain I was feeling put it didn't" and I couldn't help the tears that came pouring. Fraulien pulled me into a hug and I leaned on her shoulder.

Fraulien said "Everyone has different ways they grieve. When my parents died all, I did was play my guitar and sing and that whole time I was grieving". I said "But you didn't abandon your own children". Fraulien said "Hey you're trying to right what you wronged right?" I said "Yes". Fraulien said "Than your wife will be very proud that you realized your mistake before it's too late and now you're fixing it".

The End

Author's note. Well, that's it for this story. I'm planning to make a sequel and it will have scenes from TSOM movie in it. The sequel doesn't have a name yet but I'll think of something.