A Blast From the Past

Chapter One

Bella POV

I heard Charlie call my name, and with that, I made my way down the stairs.

"Bella, your great-grandmother sent this for you."

It was a square package, I wondered what it was. I opened it very carefully, making sure to keep the edges intact when I opened it. The package was revealed to be a book. Not like anything I've ever seen. I looked up at Charlie and I couldn't read his expression.

"Listen, sweetie."

I knew just by that sentence that this would be serious so I sat down in one of the seats at the kitchen table across from him. He continued.

"There are things about this family that you don't know." he took a deep breath. I could tell this was hard for him. He continued.

"We come from a line of witches and your grandmother practices and she foresaw you doing something with that book. I can't tell you what but that book will help you. Please use it, honey."

I took all of this in and the only thing I could do was nod my head numbly. Charlie dismissed the conversation by getting up and getting a beer. But not before he told me that he loved me.

"Love you too, dad"

With that, I made my way upstairs to think about what just happened. And what could this book mean for me?

Dare I open it and find out?

I plopped down on my bed with the book sitting across from me. I didn't think a book could help me. Sure I've been depressed since the Cullens had left but surely this book can't bring them back, can it?

I opened the front cover only to see a note fall out. It was from my great-grandmother, I assumed.

Dear Isabella,

If you are reading this I assume it is your 18th birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I know this present is a little different than normal, however, I foresaw you doing wondrous things with this book. Please don't read anything until you read the rest of this note.

That took me by surprise. These were more like instructions. However, it was still good to hear from her. I continued to read.

I assume that my son already told you the big family secret. That we are from a line of witches. Very powerful ones too. I want you to know that you can unlock your powers. We had put a protective spell over you when you were younger to prevent anything from happening.

In case you were wondering, your powers are very strong. They started to come out when you were younger, that's why we put the protective spell on you. It's okay though, you'll have help.

Don't activate this until you are certain you can take on the responsibility of having these new powers. The spell to do this is on page two.

I took a deep breath and set aside the note for a moment this was beginning to be too much for me. How was this supposed to help me?

I picked the note back up and started to read again.

The hard part is coming, dear grandchild. The whole purpose for this 18th birthday present. This will change your life. There is a spell in here to find your one true love. It is a time spell and it can last as long as you want it to. You have to know how to come back so I will tell you.

Not now, but you will have to say these words out loud with a sense of urgency to go back home. It won't work unless you say the right words. 'Send me home, O'great one'

This spell is on page one.

I wish you luck, dear grandchild of mine. And all the happiness in the world. It's coming, believe me, I foresaw it.

How was I supposed to take this? A time spell? My own abilities? Like the Cullens have? Would I be like Edward? Or would I be able to do something more elemental, like move the earth? I wonder.

But am I ready to accept the responsibility of these powers? And if I am going to travel in time, no matter how far, is it safe for me to have these abilities?

I chose not to do that spell for now, and go ahead and look at the time spell I skimmed over it but nothing happened. Maybe just reading it won't do anything. I have to read it out loud. Do I want to though?

I decided that yes I did. I wanted to find Edward again. Even if it was a different version of him.

"Send me to my one true love, O'great one." Then nothing happened.

I was still in my bedroom, sitting on the bed. Could I have done it wrong?

I blinked and the setting was different. I was in different clothes, and I was laying on the side of the road. I quickly got up as I saw someone approaching. Who could it be?

I blinked a couple of times as I realized who it was. This isn't right. It can't be.