a/n: why not a short little story of each volturi member, each coven that's loyal to the Volturi and, of course, the Cullen coven with Allison and Seth. 😊

Ezekiel's story

He didn't fear death.

He never feared death.

Death was part of life, no matter how one tries to steer clear of it, it just wasn't possible to do so. As a Viking, an honourable death was something Ezekiel always wanted- fighting with his brothers and sisters against their enemy on the battlefield. At twenty years old, he did want an honourable death yet he wanted to live as long as some of the elders in his village, to share his wisdom with the younger generations like they do. He would love to see his son grow and follow his footsteps, have a family of his own.

The pain was unbearable. He was fighting on the battlefield with his people against their enemy when he received a sword going through his chest. He stared into the eyes of the man who did it, mentally cursing him, a curse that he should have the same fate as him. The man pulled his sword out as Ezekiel fell to the ground, moving away from him to try and take down another.

Ezekiel had his hand over his wound, eyes looking up at the cloudy sky. He knew that it wasn't a quick death for him, but at least, he was dying on a battlefield like he always wanted.

Oh, Hel,

Will you welcome my soul just like the others before me?

Are you letting me relive my memories for one last time before I sleep for eternity?

An eternity in your beautiful world of souls.

"Ezekiel!" He heard someone yell for him.


Oh, Hel.

It is my time.

It is time for me to leave this world.

"Ezekiel!" He felt a presence next to him in an instant before a shadow covered his view of the sky. He focused his vision on who was in front of him. It was Rasmus.

Rasmus was a dear friend of Ezekiel. A true Viking warrior, despite being an immortal… a vampire who has been alive for a while now. For how long? Ezekiel couldn't remember right now. He remembered finding out that Rasmus was a vampire by accident when he walked in a church to find him drinking blood from a priest.

Oh, Hel,

I do not wish to prolong my death in front of the ones I know.

"Which one of these bastards did this?" Rasmus asked, anger in his voice and so was fear.

Ezekiel opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

Goddess of Death,

I now know…

Rasmus shook his head. It didn't matter, he was going to kill every single one of them anyways.

"Everything will be okay," he told Ezekiel. "This will hurt."

Ezekiel wanted to say what would possibly hurt worse than a sword going through your chest, but he couldn't. Rasmus leaned down towards his neck and bit him. Ezekiel jolted in pain and shock, suddenly his veins felt like it was on fire. Rasmus pulled back, his eyes never leaving Ezekiel until he heard a faint cry from the distance. Ezekiel couldn't focus on what was going on in the fight, but Rasmus growled inhumanly. Rasmus got to his feet, picking up Ezekiel; Rasmus rushed him over to the tree that wasn't far from the fight and placed him down, sitting up as if he was going to watch it. Rasmus ran back to join the fight, and fight he did… well, slaughter every enemy that was on the field.

The fire in his veins on top of the pain from his wound… there was no words to describe what that felt like.

Now, I know, Goddess of Death.

Now, I know….

Ezekiel tried his best to keep his eyes open. His vision was going blurry, the pain was unbearable, his heart felt like it was about to jump out of his chest.

Oh, Hel,

You waited to long to come for me.

If you ever were going to come for me at all.

Someone else came for my soul.

A soul that you were also too late to take.

Were you meant to take our souls?

Rasmus had waited for you, and he is now immortal.

I am dying.

I will be immortal too.

Ezekiel could see Rasmus stop in the middle of a sword swing, looking straight back at him. He gave his friend a little smile as darkness came for him.

Maybe, Hel, you came for us both.

Instead of taking our souls, you gave us immortality.