Chapter 20

(4:44pm, Middleton Mall)

Bonnie was in the middle of her usual kelp wrap at The Spa Middleton Mall with serene and calming music when Ashley A and Ashley B came in. Ashley A was wearing a pink croptop, baggy CB dark denim overalls with the left strap hooked and the right strap undone and dangling behind her back and white sneakers. She went with giant gold hoop earrings. Ashley B went with a tube top and baggy CB jeans with a belt.

"Hey, um, B?" Ashley A asked.

"Can it wait, AA? I am in the middle of my weekly time of peace and serenity!" Bonnie muttered.

"It's about Possible and Stoppable." Ashley A replied.

Bonnie instructed one of the spa's employees to turn off the music. The employee did so.

She removed the cucumbers from her eyes.

"What about those two?" Bonnie sneered.

"They got the roles of Juliet and Romeo, respectively!" Ashley B grinned.

"And how did Possible react?" she questioned, "Remember, I haven't taken my two arts elective classes yet required for graduation so I'm not in there."

Ashley A began to chortle.

"She gave a loud NOOOO before Barkin gave her detention for disrupting the class!"

She and Ashley B began to laugh. Bonnie, upon hearing the news of her rival getting detention, also joined in on the laughter.

"Oh man...that is quite funny!" Bonnie replied as she finished her laugh.

Taking several deep breaths, she added, "Man, I just cannot wait until she wears that Juliet costume! She would look like a total dork!"

"So what's the next part of the plan?" Ashley A asked.

"We'll see how Possible handles her lines first..." Bonnie said, "...and go from there. Now can you leave? I still need to continue my kelp wrap, thank you very much!"

Ashley A and Ashley B both nodded their heads in agreement with each other.


Back at the Possible house, Kim glared at the script with Ann and James looking at their daughter.

"I don't know how to approach this!" she said, "This is defs the hardest thing I had to do at school."

James was nervous as well, but for different reasons.

"Uhhh...Kimmie-cub, I hate to say this but I think this would be your mom's area of expertise. So I'll leave you two alone." he insisted.

"Where are you gonna go, James?" Ann asked.

"Helping with the boys with their baking soda volcano." James replied.

Both Ann and Kim said "Uh-oh" at the same time as James exited downstairs from Kim's loft room.

"I just...don't know what to do, Mom!" Kim exclaimed to Ann. "This whole sitch is so complicated!"

"I did remember doing a Shakespeare play in high school." Ann replied, "Though you only needed one art credit for graduation at the time. And that was before I met your father."

"What did you do for that? I'm just curious to know!" Kim questioned.

"At the time, I had a very huge crush of Bobby Lane in high school. And he got one of those roles. I had to think to myself: It's only a play! It's only a play!" Ann said.

"Did you get a good grade?" Kim asked.

"I did. Managed an A- for the course!" Ann replied, scooting closer to Kim.

"That's good, at the very least." Kim said, "But can you imagine that the kisser is the best friend that you've known for the past almost 13 years of your life?"

"I...couldn't imagine that." Ann said, "Look, I know that you and Ronald are not do the kids say these days...thing, but you and Ron need to get through this together as friends!"

"You're right about that part, Mom. But two things that worry me is A) how Ron is going to perform on the stage because of the Cowardly Lion incident and B) how is he going to react to me and know...kissing. Not in a BF/GF kind of way, of course!"


At the Stoppable house, Ron was excited that he was going to play a non-tree related role for the first time since Wizard of Oz last year. He flung the script onto the bard.

"Can you believe it, Rufus! I am going to be Romeo!" he exclaimed for excitement. "For the first time, I won't be stuck in the bathroom for 30 minutes trying to remove a tree costume with the help of Kim and the fire department!"

"Uhhh..." Rufus was nervous because of the fact that his owner had note even opened up the script yet.

"This calls for a celebration, ol' buddy!" Ron added, "And you know what that means!"

"Naco?" Rufus asked, still unsure.

"That's right...hey, you're not excited that I got that play of Romeo!" Ron gasped at the naked mole rat's reaction.

Rufus sighed and rushed up to Ron's bed. He opened up the script and pointed to the list of which characters the students were playing. He first pointed to Romeo, as Ron, and then to Juliet with Kim's name next to it.

"I still do not know where you're getting at?" Ron asked, still perplexed.

Rufus only sighed harder and flipped the pages to the part of the script with Act I Scene V...the very moment Romeo and Juliet first kiss.

Ron reacted in sheer horror upon reading that line.