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"My Lady." Nemesis came out of Remus's room, where she had been watching the Wild Hunt. "This mortal wants revenge on her husband. Revenge for bringing strife into their home. Revenger for attacking her sister's son. But mostly revenge for cheating with his secretary."

"Humm…" Hera said, tapping her pointer finger on her lips, "Nemesis, as Goddess of Revenge, I think you should help this mortal."

"However, that would leave me with two shieldmaidens and you only with one," Frigga joined in, "Sandraudiga, you will go with Nemesis and Petunia."

"Excellent choice; now we have equal numbers again," Hera said, clapping her hands.

"My Lady? May Apollo and I see the baby now that he is sleeping? We want to run some diagnostics on him," Eir asked as she and Apollo entered the room from where they had been consulting in Harry's bedroom.

"Oh, yes, you may," Frigga responded, handing Harry to Eir. "Sandra…" Frigga crooked her finger at the shieldmaiden and whispered to her.


Odin paced in his private rooms as he watched the Wild Hunt, he had decided what he had to do, and it was not going to make Frigga happy but damn it, was he the King or not. He had named the child monster. So why was everyone still visiting it? Odin stood up straight and took a deep breath. He would let the Wild Hunt continue, but he was heading to Midgard to take care of his wayward wife right now.


"Uh, he is heading back to the door again…how?" Loki whined to Thor and Fenrir.

"I sense Olympus magic involved," Athena paused as she tested the air with a wave of her hand, "Nemesis…the Goddess of Revenge."

"Revenge Goddess, huh…." Loki hummed, "you think she wants a piece of him?"

"I don't know; she was ordered to protect our Queen as she offered aid to your Queen and son."

"Hera is getting involved with this?" Thor loudly asked. "She's not going to hurt him, is she? I've heard stories where she went after children before," Thor said, looking to Heracles.

Heracles laughed, "She hasn't attacked a child in 1,000 of Gaia's years. Plus, she only attacked the children of Zeus; your son is yours, correct?"

"Yes, he is mine," Loki bites out, insulted as Heracles and Thor just laughed at him.


"Oh, we're near Vernon's work…." Petunia stated as she looked at a nondescript warehouse.

"Really? How close?" Sandraudiga asked.

"About a block that way," Petunia pointed to the left.

"Where does he normally park?" Nemesis asked.

"The carpark across the street from his office. He has a reserved space," Petunia said as she watched Nemesis snap her fingers.

"Okay, your husband's car is parked in his spot; he has been seen on the CCTV entering his work. He will be seen leaving and entering the car park, where he will be 'mugged' just out of sight. His body will be found there," Nemesis replied efficiently as Petunia paled and took a gulp of air, blowing it out slowly through pursed lips.

"Are you ready?" Sandraudiga asked her hand on the door.

"Ah…no?" Petunia responded as she laid the large bag down before looking around for the closest CCTV.

"Don't worry, we, including you, are invisible to the CCTV." Nemesis stated as she looked over her nails.

"But, this is murder…." Petunia whispered.

"No, it's not. It's justice," Nemesis argued back.

"Justice in ancient Greece, but in today's Britain…."

"Are you the aunt of a Godling?" Sandraudiga asked.

"Yes…" Petunia hesitantly replied.

"Then you fall under the law of the Gods. Your husband has been tried and found guilty by not just one Godly Pantheon but two! Nemesis here is the Goddess of Justice."

"Justice…" Petunia hesitantly started looking towards Vernon's work.

"Have you ever seen the statues or painting of Lady Justice, where she is blindfolded, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other?" Nemesis asked, looking at Petunia with Pity.

"Yes," Petunia whispered.

"That is ME. Justice is blind; justice comes for everyone. I have weighed your husband's sins and found him severely lacking. Your husband will die tonight for those sins, whether it is the Gods handing out justice or yourself."

Petunia stood up, holding a Rigby Rifle, "My mother was the daughter of an Earl. She married so far beneath her; the Earldom went to a cousin who disowned our family. However, my grandfather made sure my mother got to keep her hunting rifle. I believe he thought she would use it on her husband when she came to her senses, but she loved my father with everything she had. So I guess my grandfather had the right of it, just the wrong daughter. It was meant for his granddaughter and husband," Petunia quietly loaded a round into the rifle.

"You are aware of what that round does to a person, right?" Sandraudiga asked with a small ominous smirk.

"Dum-dum, rounds? Yes, they are hollow points used in big-game hunting, illegal to use in warfare," Petunia said, thinking about the time Lily, their mother, and Petunia spent on the moors hunting.

"Illegal; why?" Nemesis asked, sharing the same smirk with Sandraudiga.

"Because it is a hollow point, it expands and tends to blow body parts off. It's very gruesome and the only bullets I have on me," Petunia stated, taking a deep breath.

"Okay, let's go kill your husband!" Sandraudiga said excitingly, clapping her hands while Petunia gasped at her, and Nemesis rolled her eyes.


Asgard and Olympus watched as Vernon screamed "FUCK!" upon awaking. He was so close to the door and freedom. It would be a real letdown if this mortal happened to escape a Wild Hunt. All those competing wouldn't be able to let it down, the shame. Zeus was sitting on the edge of his seat. Looking around, he noticed the rest of Olympus was the same; food and drink raised as if being eaten or drank but frozen halfway in suspense.

Trying to stand up, Vernon fell over several times; looking around him, he noticed a thick branch on the ground, and he was able to use it to help himself stand up. Looking around, Vernon finally noticed that he was less than 100 feet from the door that the enormous FREAK, the werewolf, had mentioned. He was almost free!

The Gods and Goddess, Goblins, Dwarves, Frost Giants, and Wolves slowly crept up on Vernon as he stared at the door and freedom. He started to hobble to the door using the stick to help him move; the left leg that had been cut earlier was just not working correctly.

Asgard and Olympus watched as the door opened. The Greek Goddess Nemesis stepped out; the Asgardian Valkyrie Sandraudiga and a mortal woman appeared.

Vernon stopped in relief, showing on his face, "Petunia!" He cried out in relief.

Petunia raised her mother's rifle aiming at Vernon, and pulled the trigger. Vernon flew backward; the dum-dum rounds blew through the right side of his chest so brutally that his right arm was blown off his body, his neck severed almost off, his head tilted at an odd angle as it was barely being held on. Petunia promptly fainted.

Asgard and Olympus stood up and cheered wildly!

"Who is the mortal woman?" Ares asked as he examined Vernon's cooling body.

"Hahahaha!" Loki started laughing, "that's my sister-in-law, his wife!"


"Hera dear," Frigga said, standing up and adjusting her dress. "Could you, Athena, and Apollo go into Harald's room and keep him safe. Odin is here. If Odin tried to…." Frigga choked back a sob. "Can you take Harry and be his Granny?"

"Frigga…" Hera said, standing up; she grabbed Frigga's biceps and squeezed, "of course."

"Eir, Lady Sif, come here and sit down," Frigga demanded, leaving no room for argument; Frigga sat down once Harry's door closed, and Hera through up some subtle magic to mask their presence. "Lady Sif, I beg you not to mention Sandraudiga."

"Yes, My Lady," Sif responded hesitantly.


Loki and Thor helped Petunia into her house as she had gone into shock. Thor helped Petunia sit at the table while Loki went to the stove and made some tea for his sister-in-law. He heed-and-hawed about learning Muggle technology when Lily insisted, but he realized it was useful sometimes. "James?" Petunia asked where her head was lying on the kitchen table as she watched him fix her tea.

"Yes, Tuney?" Loki replied.

"There is whiskey in the freezer. Will you add a splash?"

"Just a splash, there are two toddlers in this house who need you," Loki replied as he opened the freezer; Thor stood in the kitchen and stared in awe of his little brother and how well he got around this dimension. "Not to mention the police will come to your house at some point either tonight or tomorrow. So I will put a little geas on you so you can't tell the police anything."

"Thank you, James," Petunia whispered.

"Loki. James died the night Lils died," Loki responded as he placed the geas on Petunia. It was Asgardian magic; it would keep her from telling anyone who was not an immortal what she had done. It would pass any muggle lie detector, blood-pressor, sweat, eye-twitch. It would also protect her from Wizarding Imperius Curse or Legillimency.

Just as Loki finished with Petunia and Thor was poking around in the cupboards, Odin entered the house. Thor and Loki's heads came up, and they turned towards the hallway. "Loki! Thor! Come here!" Odin shouted from the front door. Thor and Loki look at each other and leave the room; Loki turns to look at Petunia and puts his finger to his lips in a universal, keep, quiet move. "Follow me!" Odin snarls. Loki and Thor follow Odin up to Harry's bedroom, where Odin enters, slamming the door against the wall. "TRAITORS!" Odin yells at the room as he waves Loki and Thor in to join their mother.

"We are not traitors, dear," Frigga stated calmly as she took a sip of her teacup, sitting up straight, looking regal.

"I said no one was to have anything to do with this monster!" Odin pointed around the room, unable to pinpoint Harry.

"He is a baby, not a monster," Loki snarled back at his father.

"No, Loki. You are blinded by love. All of you are. Eir and Lady Sif, I am disappointed in you both. You should have sensed the monster in the baby," Odin scolded the two Asgardian ladies. Odin took a deep breath through his nose. "From now till death, no one in this room is to mention Loki's Midgardian son. So mote it be!"

"Odin!" Frigga stood up, upset at Odin's proclamation.

"Eir, Lady Sif. Leave us," Odin demanded. Odin turned away from his family as he watched the two ladies leave; staying silent, he waited until he knew they were no longer on Midgard.

Frigga closed her eyes in sorrow; a single tear falling from her face turned into a tiny kitten that scampered under the chair she was sitting on. Odin turned quickly, and with a wave of his hand, Frigga, Thor, and Loki were unconscious, "now, to modify your memories and personalities," Odin muttered to himself.* "This just won't do, a wife who does not do what her husband demands…no, no, no…you will love me unconditionally. You may disagree with me but never voice it aloud or in action besides an eye-roll." Odin walked over to his elder son, "You will be the perfect heir, arrogant, bloodthirsty to prove himself, a need to prove you are worthy of being my heir," Odin walked over to Loki, "and you, my wayward…son…you will be quiet, obedient, studious. You will look up to your big brother and help him in his quests, and you will keep your dick in your pants!" Odin stood up and watched as his magic worked its way into his family, "such disappointments.** Heimdall!" Odin called out, "Take my family home and have them put to bed."

"Yes, My Lord," Odin heard in his head as his family disappeared.

Odin looked to the left; this room was set up like Loki's rooms in Asgard, meaning the door to the left was the nursery.


As the Wild Hunt concluded, the Warriors Three, headed home, and Fenrir was busy checking on his pack. The Dwarves and Goblins were busy negotiations; Hel sidestepped them and the Jotunheim, who was in discussions with some Greek Gods. "Hades, can you come with me?" Hel asked nervously.

"Of course, child," Hades replied quickly, happy to get away from the Frost Giant, "who knew they were so boring?" He thought to himself.

"Fenrir!" Hel yelled, "come, it's time to threaten Odin with Ragnarök!" Hel yelled, making the forest go quiet. Hel waved her hand, and three screens came into view; the left one showed number 4 Privet Drive with Thor and Loki helping Petunia into the house. The middle screen shows Hera, Apollo, and Athena heading into a nursery. Hera picked up a black-haired little boy and wrapped him in blankets; with a wave of her hand, the toys, clothing, and all the furniture in the room packed themselves into a golden bag at Hera's waist. A second wave caused a shield to pop up that protected the four Gods in the bedroom, hid the Gods from Odin's sight, and created an illusion of the room full and Harry in his bed. The last screen on the right showed Frigga, Eir, and Lady Sif in the next room as Frigga sipped tea.


Zeus and the rest of the Olympians sat up with intrigue when Hel told her brother they were going to threaten Odin with Ragnarök; the Wild Hunt had been a success, and Zeus was already thinking of hosting one himself. Still, a civil war in Asgard would be interesting too. Olympus watched as Odin entered the house and called for his sons to join him. They watched in horror as Odin enchanted his own family! And when Odin walked toward the room that held Hera, Zeus and the warriors of Olympus stood and magicked their weapons to them, ready to go to war to protect or revenge their Queen. Olympus watched with bated breath as the Goddess Hel and her brother, the wolf Fenrir, appeared on Odin's side of the shield Hera hid behind. Then, Hades, they saw, arrived on the Olympians' side.

"Hello, Grandfather," Hel coolly said as Odin opened and entered Harry's nursery.

"Ah, I see the Monsters are sticking together; where is Jormungandr?" Odin asked as he kept his only eye on Fenrir.

"He's around," Hel said as she started to clean her nails with a knife nonchalantly, ignoring the old man.

"Step aside, girl, you may be a Monster, but you are a useful one. The babe is not." Odin said, taking another step inside the nursery.

Fenrir snarled and snapped at Odin. "ODIN ALLFATHER, KING OF ASGARD!" Hel roared at her grandfather, causing him to take a step back. "Harald Son of Loki is under my protection. If you try to harm him, Fenrir and I will start Ragnarök," Hel stated calmly as if she had not just yelled at the King of Asgard. Fenrir howled his approval.

"You wouldn't dare!" Odin snarled, pulling his sword.

"Do it, and I, as King of Tartarus, will avenge my fellow Death God," Hades said as he appeared as though a portal had opened. His sword was held at the ready.

"You wouldn't dare. It would start a war between Asgard and Olympus," Odin argued back.

"No, no, I don't believe so, as Hel is a Queen in her own right and not an official subject of Asgard. Likewise, I am a King in my own right and not an official subject of Olympus," Hades stood in a traditional warrior stance, ready for Odin. "Oh, by the way, I do have billions of subjects…ready to join me in a war against Asgard…how many Asgardians do you have? A thousand, maybe two? How many subjects do you have, Hel?"

"Billions," Hel said as she continued to clean her nails, ignoring the male posturing but ready for action if needed."

"Asgard has thousands, but Valhalla has billions." Odin snarled as he started to show a little sweat on his brow.

"You may entertain the warriors of Valhalla, but you do not control them. They are dead. The dead are mine. Just like the Valkyrie are really mine too," Hel smiled her macabre smile at Odin, making him flinch.

"THE BOY WILL NEVER BE AN ASGARDIAN!" Odin yelled as he took another step back.

"That's totally fine old man," Hel snarled, showing a little bit of teenage rebellion.

Odin turned and left the room, slamming the door behind him. Hades waited a few moments before he sighed and put his sword away, turning to look behind him; he asked, "sister, what are you planning?"

"I'm going to bring Harald to Olympus," Hera stated. It's what Frigga wanted.


AN: Question for you all: Kitsune Obsessed Freak got three chapters in and threw out in the review, that this story was not humorous. Okay, I know I have a dark, macabre sense of humor and I find things funny that other Americans do not. Like Chucky, that movie is hilarious! Please let me know as you have finished reading did you find this humorous at all? Should I really change it? Kitsune doesn't allow PM so I can't ask him/her. If you have read this far, then I value your opinion more than someone who just read three chapters.

~End of Book 1; Watch for Book 2: Little Godling at Camp Half-Blood~

The Gods Age:

0-1,000 Midgardian/Gaian Years = Infant = Harry

1,000- 1,500 M/G Years = Toddler = Mohamad, Sleipnir, Narfi and Vali

1,500-2,000 M/G Years = Child = Jesus, Fenrir

2,000-2,500 M/G Years – Preteen = Coyote, Jormungandr

2,500-3,000 M/G Years – Teenager = Hel, Heracles

3,000-3,500 M/G Years – Young Adult = Thor, Loki

3,500-4,000 M/G Years – Adult = Ares

4,000-6,000 M/G Years – Prime = Zeus, Hera, Hades, Odin, Frigga

6,000-10,000 M/G Years – Retirement = Cronos, Gaia (Goddess not planet)

10.000-20,000 M/G Year – Geezer = Chaos

* Thor and Loki's personalities are sooooo, sooooo, very different in the first Thor movie, compared to all the rest, there has to be a reason besides different writers.

** Technically, Loki is ostracized for being able to weld magic; however, Odin is the Norse God of Magic, amongst other things.