Caramel Apples

Something about them sticky apples, they just won't cut it…

"Hey wait up!" Fives hollered after Echo, who had not not stopped at any of the booths, not like Fives had, wanting to sample each and every piece the sellers had to offer. "You definitely want to try these!"

Fives sounded eager enough, pointing at the large red fruit having been stuck onto a stick and then a sticky sustenance having been poured all over them. Not really appealing outlook, at least not for Echo's eclectic tastes anyway, preferring something more, well, other than a sticky apple.

Echo stepped back a few steppes to Fives' side to see what the man was on about, as Echo wanted to please his partner at least if nothing else, seeing the childlike enthusiasm especially when wandering around the large market place during this festive season.

"Um, I don't think so." Echo took one glance at the teeth rotting sustenance and shook his head.

"Go on! It's good, melts in you mouth too." Fives licked his lips just then, glaring at the caramel covered apple, ready to take a bite himself. "The red ball simply succulent with the dripping sugary sauce on top of it…"

Fives eyes were totally fixed on the sugary treat. The man solely focused on the globe with the oozing stuff on top of it. Without being able to see or hear any objections from his partner, with the tip of his tongue darting out.

Echo stood there, fixated too. Only it wasn't the sugar filled treat he was looking at, rather simply glaring at Fives, listening to him wanting to lick and suck on… Yeah, the double entendre of the moment certainly not lost on Echo.

And soon enough, the words spoken of his partner fading into the background.

Echo's thoughts were going to a whole other direction. A completely different place. Which had nothing to do with apples nor the sweet tasting sauce. But that of another kind of juicy and thick and rather lick-able tasty treat. Coated with its own unique and tasty sauce.

The image soon becoming so vivid in Echo's mind, it was starting to affect his own taste buds. With saliva forming, the drooling soon to follow. All the other sensations following suit, filling Echo's mind with simply the image of himself licking the treat. That of Fives'…

It was way too much! The sensory overload!

"Echo?" Fives sounded worried, his arm on Echo's trying to get the man to snap out of whatever haze he was currently in.

"Wha… what?"

Echo was roused from his heated daydream, his wide eyes glaring back at Fives realising it was a fantasy only he had experienced inside of his cybernetically enhanced mind he sometimes got all caught up in.

"Um, the apples?"

Fives was staring at Echo with a worried look still on his face. As he glanced the man from top to further downwards it was clear as day, as to where Echo had wandered off just then.

"Guess there is something else you would prefer after all?" A coy smirk emerging on Fives' lips.

Echo did not respond. His eyes still wide of the fantasy. Echo then grabbed Fives in a non-too-chalant nor gentle way. Escorting him out of the market place and towards their home. Apples could wait in his opinion. As Echo had other sweets on his mind now. The kind which only Fives could provide.

Candy Canes

You are so my kind of candy!

"What are you up to hun?" Echo asked.

Seeing Fives unboxing some small knick-knacks and placing them then onto a small green leaved tree Fives had hauled inside to their house. Somewhat of a fire hazard in Echo's mind it was. But it was also apparently something of a tradition during this season. Even if it was a new thing for the two of them, having moved in together only recently.

"Decorating the seasonal tree. Remember? For the celebration." Fives reminded Echo.

"Of course sweetheart." Echo stated cheerfully then.

It was a little white lie Echo had just told Fives. Having had completely forgotten about the whole ting. After all, Echo had been stuck in a cryo chamber for a while there and some of these none too important things had been buried so deep inside his memory banks, they got buried under new data pouring in.

And so, sometimes it was the littlest things which escaped Echo's mind even if it was something which had been discussed only recently. Echo was aware he needed to purge his memory banks soon enough. Having filled them with too much stuff over the years. And well, sometimes Echo simply forgot that not all was important enough to save.

Echo moved closer to Fives and grabbed him in for a tight hug.

"So, those look interesting." Echo noticed the red and white striped sticks, which kind of looked like some old fashioned canes.

"They are traditional. Part of the seasonal fun and quite tasty too."

Fives seemed to have a big old fashioned sweet tooth. Something which reared its head especially during any the time of year where some kind of celebration was going on. The turning of the space year and all that as it was this time around.

"Here, have a try."

Fives offered one to Echo for a taste. But as Echo was still holding Fives tightly in a hug, not wanting to let go of his partner. So naturally, Fives offered to help.

Echo took the offered cane into his mouth. Just the tip of it, as hand fed by Fives.

Licking and sampling at it at first, getting used to the taste of it. But then soon enough, Echo was suckling on it and rather loudly too. Not that Echo really was fond of the sugary things. Preferring more the salty variety himself.

But, the fact if Echo enjoyed the sugary cane or not was neither here nor there. As the very act of it was simply Echo playing his partner. Seeing the look on Fives' face as he was doing it was reward enough rather than getting the sugar rush. But, Echo suckling on that kriffing candy cane got Fives all fired up. And in a good way too.

Feeling the effects of his partner's suckling into that karking cane like it was the best thing ever. All of them running rampant through Fives' body in hyperspace speeds and ending up mid smack in his groin. Fives glared for a moment longer as Echo was seemingly enjoying the sugary treat.

Fives was getting too hot and bothered in simply watching the cane disappearing into Echo's mouth as a good portion of it was already eaten. Deciding it was time for him to feed his partner his own special candy cane of a treat!

"Um Echo…" Fives started unable to tear his eyes away form Echo's mouth though, still holding onto the last remnants of it. "I thought you did not like sugary treats." Fives reminded Echo then.

"No, I don't." Echo smirked after finally letting go of the rest of the treat to be able speak. "But I was proving a major point here." Echo had a devilish grin plastered on his face.

"I think you have." Fives glanced quickly at his own crotch area, seeing the proved point standing quite erect there as well.

"So, you want me to try some of your, um, special candy cane there?" Echo was glaring at the same spot as Fives had been.

"Yeah." Was all Fives managed to drawl.

Soon enough the seasonal tree decoration was all but forgotten as Fives was already dragging Echo towards their bedroom for their special tasting session to begin.

Snow on Tatooine

Surely, a bonafide seasonal miracle if any!

"Remind me again - why did we actually come here?"

Echo whined as the heat was really getting to him, not to mention all the sand, especially how the wind sometimes picked up and swirled the dry dirt around, getting caught up everywhere.

"We wanted to go some place where it was always warm. Remember? Because you were complaining about your cybernetic joints, and that they needed a warmer climate and all that."

Fives reminded his partner as to why their holiday plans had brought the two of them to Tatooine of all places. To a dry heat with a sand and twin suns heating up the place, like real nice. At least, according to some.

"Yeah." Echo grouchily replied. "Well, guess I wasn't counting on it being this hot." Swiping his brow, the sweat beading there.

"You will feel better soon. We have a scheduled appointment at the Twi'lek healing baths." Fives reminded him then.

"Great! Just what I need! Soaking in some warm water!" Echo was grumpy, really really grumpy.

Echo was not as fond of the water as he used to be. Because the cybernetics did not react all that well to the liquid. But still, there was the promise of an oil bath there as well. So that could be fun! Lubing up the ole systems of his. The artificial parts!

"I really wish we'd gone to some colder planet instead. Some place with snow!" Echo stated with a huff.

"Snow huh? Well, maybe next time." Five's quipped. "But those oils they prepare there, will be good for your joints!"

Fives laughed as seeing as the grumpy side of his partner had started to come out more and more these days. Which was as Fives had learnt, a direct indication of Echo hurting. His enhanced parts needing a haul. And that was why they were on Tatooine and heading towards the baths.

"It all sounds good and lovely." Echo admitted with a hint of feeling better and even a smirk. Turning to give a quick peck on Five's lips just because he was totally loving Fives and how well he took care of Echo as well. "Now, let's get out of this heat and find us some shade before we have to leave for the baths."

"Comfy?" Fives asked Echo.

Echo was fully submerged in the oily mixture now. Something which had been specially concocted for Echo's benefit. With the instructions sent in advance to the facility by Fives before their arrival.

"Yes, this is heaven." Echo had his eyes closed feeling all relaxed and content at the very moment.

Little did he know though, that Fives had sent their caretakers away for the moment and was now approaching the tub Echo was in. Fives manoeuvred himself into the tub, gently seated opposite of Echo's even if the oil was kind of not his thing. But for Echo, Fives was willing to try to enjoy it as what he had in mind? Well, the oil was a good thing for it.

"Fives… what the kark?" Echo opened his eyes, feeling the other man's intrusion in his private moment.

But as soon as Echo felt Fives hands working on his joints. And it wasn't because of a massage either as they had had their spa treatments already. Rather Fives' hands were working their way ever upward. Passing the cybernetics with slow and precise strokes and then reaching the flesh parts of Echo's legs. Kneading his way with intent all the way up. Reaching the groin area and well… suffice to say, Echo's complaints stopped right there and then.

The oily bath working perfectly for what Fives' had in mind. It's lubricating affect, well, it was a nice side effect. Especially when Fives' hands were working miracles on Echo's non-mechanical part(s). Making the oily bath so much more of a pleasurable experience Echo could have even imagined it to be.

With a loud moan, Echo simply leaned his head back, letting Fives oil him all up, real good.

As they lay together in their bed after their spa time. Exhausted of all the spa activities:P The moment frozen as they watched the view outside the large window. The sandy hills going on forever. It was then, when something unexpected happened. A flake, then another started falling from the fluffy clouds which had suddenly formed to the clear sun filled skies.

"Is that… snow?" Echo asked, reaching upward to see better.

Fives was not far behind him doing the same thing.

"Sure looks like it!"

They exchanged glances and on the same note rushed out onto the balcony just in time when the snow pour thickened.

"This, isn't real, is it?" Echo asked his lover then.

Fives shrugged. "Sure looks like it is."

"Well, then it is a true seasonal miracle if any!" Echo looked so happy getting his wish, leaning in for a kiss from his love, Fives.