The arrival of Alice and Jasper but with a slap of a "sub-category" of vampires which are pretty similar to the ones in legends. Also angst bc I cannot live without breaking my favorites.

Alternate version of my series Black Blood Soldier. There's a similar air but with different twists. I also added the first versions of some chapters and other chapters I couldn't add to the original version. Also got to perfection the black blood legend after endless versions of it.

This is Part 1 of the "Blood Moon" series

Once upon a time there had been two kind of vampires.

The sparkling poisonous ones and the ones that inspired humans' legends about their kind.

These vampires were called "black bloods" and were the first reanimated corpses to walk the earth. Their origin was unknown and their bodies were composed of two things; blood and venom. Their blood had a black color and an intense acidic scent which was what gave them their name and characteristic acidic scent.

That rotten blood in their tissues needed to be stimulated with doses of venom from time to time in order for them to survive. Before the poisonous vampires came to be black bloods survived by feeding off of each other.

Too little venom weakened them and too much venom could poison both their bodies and minds. Poisoned black bloods couldn't control themselves and would end up bringing death upon themselves due their survival instincts shutting down.

With time some of them began evolving and losing aspects that threatened their survival. Adapting.

These were called the poisonous vampires for their bodies held nothing but venom.

While the first ones were stronger and had their senses and bloodlust more heightened than their sparkling counterparts their nature still made them also weaker.

They had black blood coursing through their veins forever lingering in their tissues making them as strong and fast as the worst newborns.

Their eyes turned silver when they fed on venom but would become completely black, even their sclera, when the venom in their bodies started to die down. Black veins marred some of their skin as a sign of the rotten blood coursing through their bodies.

Unlike the poisonous ones these were unable to turn humans with their bites. The venom in their bodies being too weak to be able to affect humans or even other vampires. Instead, in order to turn humans they would drink their blood until they were left at the brink of death and then proceed to feed them their rotten blood.

Some referred to them as "the cannibals" due the fact that they not only fed off other vampires but they also fed off each other's blood.

Also. It was thanks to the rotten blood in their veins that unlike the sparkling ones these were indeed capable of procreating.

But even then their chances at impregnating were low and the few cases where a child was conceived the mother's bloodlust would surpass that of a newborn to the point where entire villages would be slaughtered. The child would be born within two to three months. Developing completely in the span of five years.

These vampires also held the abilities of flight, scale walls, shapeshifting, a form of echolocation and compulsion on their side, separating them even more from their counterparts who lost these abilities as nothing but venom began coursing through their veins.

Black bloods as humans claimed in their legends wielded retractable fangs and claws that could pierce a vampire's skin without troubles. Could transform into horrid humanoid creatures with bat-like features. Would sleep when the sun was out and wake at night.

But while these abilities could put them over the others their weaknesses gave them a great disadvantage that put them below their counterparts instead.

Their skin burnt under direct sunlight and their resistance to light in general was little to non-existent which did great at making them nocturnal creatures as a result.

Vervain could weaken them incredibly the same as silver and holy water could burn them. Religious chants, crosses and garlic could also harm and repel them. A stake to the heart would turn them to dust and they couldn't enter houses unless the owner invited them in or the house became theirs.

With time the poisonous ones became the dominant specie as the black bloods began meeting their demise either under the hands of human hunters or the Volturi themselves. Their never-ending thirst for blood made them become aggressive with time. Irrational. Feral.

And as their extinction neared their need for venom increased, they began slaughtering entire covens.

The Volturi saw them as too much of a threat to their specie and decided to exterminate them.

Some claim that the real reason behind their extermination was decided due the discoveries of them being able to infect other vampires and humans alike with their blood. Others that the Volturi got rid of them due the fact that they couldn't be tamed and less much controlled.

The last black blood to be reported was the South's terror who rose around 1864.

The God Of War.

Best known as The Major.

He had been the personification of sheer brutality and bloodlust. Insatiable in battle and with a desire for destruction and chaos that could make the South tremble.

Had been the most feared and ruthless individual in the vampire world, the most lethal of their species. He had been a dangerous and feral vampire who had never, not even once, lost a fight; he trained and led armies of newborns that he slaughtered himself when he saw it fit. He fought in the Southern Wars for territory, slaughtering thousands of humans and vampires alike in his wake. He was well known for his strange ability to subdue an entire army without lifting a finger.

The death and destruction that he had caused in his wake was still, to this day, one of the worst things to ever be recorded in vampire history. And while the Volturi had tried to put an end to those wars and him, The Major was known for having annihilated one of Aro's armies. On his own. Having come close to slaughtering Aro himself.

Some vampires referred to him as "the God Of War" due his terrifying presence in the battlefield, his control over newborns, and his perfect record of victories. He was a monstrous being who existed to leave nothing but death and destruction behind him. His bloodlust bled over the battlefield like a cloak of nightmares that sent armies scattering in terror.

He was the personification of what an actual vampire was meant to be and so much worse. He was the one thing all vampires wished to never come across in their lives.

The Volturi never managed to take him down but that didn't matter for around 1905 he stopped appearing around the South which with time and due lack of sightings the vampire world got some peace as he was reported dead.

He was meant to be dead.

So how did he end up at the Cullen's doorstep?


-Jazz, nothing is going happen.- Alice told for the fifth time as she watched her paranoid mate pace around like a caged lion.

He had been like that since she told him about her plan of approaching the Cullens alone. A plan he of course hadn't liked at all.

-Of course somethin' is bound to happen!- He told whirling around to face her. Concern and fear clear in his voice.- You can't go there alone. It's too dangerous and too much of a risk. I have to be there.- Told Jasper refusing to allow her out of his sight.

Less much when she wanted to wander into unknown territory. A territory that belonged to a coven of five. Five .

He could take five vampires of course but he wouldn't be able to do so if he had to protect someone. Alice . She wanted to go there alone.

To five vampires .

What if she got attacked and he wasn't there to protect her? He would never forgive himself if she got hurt. Couldn't she see how five vampires wouldn't like at all for some random vampire to turn up on their territory unannounced? She may not be a threat to them but they didn't knew that.

She could get killed . Or worse.

Alice for her side couldn't help but sigh as she stood up from the log she had been sitting at. Her arms coming to wrap around Jasper so as to halt his pacing. She had forced him to take a shower before coming here.

A shower so intense right now he smelt like her with no traces at all of his natural scent. It was something she had taken to make him do from time to time for it was better to have him smelling like her than like a walking corpse.

Plus. It would serve to fool the Cullens for his acid scent couldn't be perceived either.

She didn't like the idea of keeping things from them but she also knew that it would be too much to ask of them if she was to go with the whole truth.

The Cullens didn't knew Jasper like she did.

If she told them what and who he was the chances of them accepting him were little to non-existent.

The most she could give them was that Jasper came from the South.

-I understand. Alright? But I already told you, giving them a warning on where you come from will at least keep them from reacting negatively to you. If we show up together there will be a fight and I can't let that happen. I don't want any of you to get hurt. Please?

Silence was her answer as his hands came to rest against her waist.

He wanted to trust her words with each atom in his being but the fear of losing her was bigger. She could be too careless and naive when it came to following her visions.


-What 'bout Edward and Rosalie? You told me they don't like strangers. Are you sure they won't react negatively to your presence?- He couldn't help but question.

-Everything will be okay, Jazz. They won't attack me. Even if Rosalie felt like doing so Carlisle and Esme won't allow it. Even so, I can hold my ground.

-Not against those five.

-My love, I will be fine .- Alice insisted pulling him down to her level as her arms came to wrap around his neck. She tugged at the scarf covering half of his face and gave him a peck.

-I'll kill 'em if somethin' happens.- He stated with a low growl. Alice grabbed his jaw firmly, golden against red.

-You will do nothing Jasper Whitlock. They won't hurt me, we spoke about this. Being an overprotective fool will lead you nowhere but into a mess of misunderstandings.


-Jazz, if this works out I promise to you that there will be nothing for you to worry about, I know you still have your doubts but I swear to you that if it wasn't safe I would have never brought you here. Okay?

He didn't answer.

All he did was pull her closer to him and bury his face into the crook of her neck, taking in a deep breath of her scent. Of course he trusted she would never bring him harm on purpose.

But how was he meant to trust a bunch of vampires based on her descriptions of them? How was he meant to trust a coven leader who could keep his coven in line without violence? That was just not possible no matter what Alice said.

-Don't tell 'em about my gift.- He reminded her, if things turned out for the worst he wanted to have as many aces under his sleeve as possible.

He felt the flicker of disapproval in her emotions but the understanding overpowered it.

-I won't.

He pulled back to hold her gaze for a moment before giving her an Eskimo kiss.

-Be careful.

-Will do.

She felt bad having to walk off and leave him behind looking at her like an abandoned puppy.

But she had to do this alone. Needed to be as cautious as possible for one single mistake could jeopardize Jasper's place here.

And Alice needed him here because if he didn't then what was the point of having come here? She loved the Cullens. Yes.

But she loved Jasper even more.

If he couldn't be here then neither would she.

Even so.

She also needed him here because this was the place he needed in order to heal. Being here would do him more good than he was aware.

Alice wanted to be here. But he needed to be here.

Right now she couldn't see their definitive reactions to him but it was safe to say they wouldn't be turned away.

She knew he didn't like this plan but it had to be done. Vampires from the South had horrible fame and while his scars didn't bother her she had seen how others reacted to the sight of them.

Had seen how turning up unannounced would lead to nothing but misunderstandings and then Rosalie would get aggressive and of course Jasper would attack before she had the chance to do so first.

And if Rosalie got hurt Emmett would lung in. And then things would get worse.

She couldn't allow that.

She had rehearsed what she would tell them over a thousand times. Telling them he was from the South was safer than dumping it all on them at once.

Allowing The Major in their home wouldn't be plausible. Not when all their knowledge about him was through books and rumors.

Same as his nature as a black blood.

Letting them get to meet and interact with Jasper first would help soften the blow of what and who he was.

More chances that their fears wouldn't rule them over when the truth came out.

And while Alice knew she had high chances of succeeding here she was still anxious.

Approaching the house felt like a dream. God she couldn't believe this was happening for real. After such a long wait... She was here.

Still. Calm . She needed to keep herself calm if she wanted this to go smooth.

She tried to keep her thoughts at ease as she approached the bottom of the staircase. The Cullens stood at the porch giving her different expressions. Seeing them all in person was so much more different than in her visions. Real .

-Hi, my name is Alice.- She greeted fighting back her excitement. Calm . She reminded herself. She needed to keep herself calm. There would be time to freak out later. Right now she had a quest to complete.

-Your eyes.- Carlisle noticed feeling rather surprised. When he first caught the scent he had expected a curious nomad for those weren't rare.

He hadn't been expecting this .

The vampire infront of him looked far from similar to what he was used in a nomad. Her dress looked pristine and like the kind Rosalie would snatch in a heartbeat.

And there was something harmless about her stance that compelled one to relax. She almost seemed to be vibrating with contained excitement.

But what had him enticed were her eyes.

Her eyes were such a bright gold, he had never met another vegetarian aside from the Denali. The idea that there could be more vampires out there who took on a vegetarian diet had never even crossed his mind. Had the Denali sent her? Eleazar would have surely called him.

-You like them? I worked hard to get them like this.- Alice told with pride bleeding in her voice.- You were a great help.

-I was?- Carlisle frowned, feeling confusion seep in. He would definitely remember meeting someone willing to try out their lifestyle.


At their looks realization seemed to hit her.

-Right. Forgot. You see, I have a gift much like Edward, I can see the future, you and your family started appearing in my visions shortly after I woke up. I saw you fed on animal blood and decided to take on your diet too. You have no idea how long I have been wanting to meet you.- She sounded so overly honest and happy with her words Carlisle found himself believing her.

-You can see the future?- He asked instead not being able to keep the amazement from his voice. Gifts were an odd thing that no one could still understand or even explain.

To think precognition could also be a thing was rather awestrucking.


-Why did you come here?- Rosalie demanded refusing to let her harmless appearance fool her into a sense of safety, she could see it, the way she kept fidgeting with the skirt of her dress.

She was too anxious.

The kind of anxious one was when hiding something.

-I came because I have seen us becoming part of your family.

-"Us"?- Carlisle repeated raising his guard back up. He couldn't smell anyone else around, not even on the little pixie.

-My mate and I.- Alice was quick to clarify before they could start freaking out.

-Why isn't he with you?- Emmett questioned narrowing his eyes. He would never allow Rosalie to wander into another vampire's territory on her own no matter how well she could defend herself.

How then could someone let this little vampire wander all on her own into a potentially hostile territory? Was this guy stupid or what? Who could be so careless to leave their mate unprotected? But if she could see the future then she would have probably seen that she wasn't in any danger.

Not that that made it any better.

-I asked him to stay behind, it would be safer if we weren't to appear at once unannounced.

That didn't make sense at all.

-Why would that be safer? If you have had visions of us you must surely know we would never harm someone who doesn't attack us first.- Carlisle said confused. Sadness seemed to flash in her eyes for a moment.

-I know, but people tend to not react well to him, Jasper's sort of... intimidating at first sight. It tends to evoke aggression from others. But I swear he's not dangerous. Despite how intimidating he may look he would never harm any of you nor anyone at all for that matter on purpose.

Alice's voice was confident but her gaze was pleading for them to understand.

-What makes you think we wouldn't have accepted him just for his looks?- Carlisle asked feeling even more confused, he couldn't understand in what world would it be okay to attack someone based on their looks. Something was missing here.

-The future isn't set in stone. My visions are paths to possible futures that change according to people's decisions and your reactions to him were never entirely good. Having him arrive with me increased the chances of a fight that I couldn't allow.

-Why would we fight against him?- Carlisle asked, he usually liked to avoid fighting as much as possible, violence led nowhere, why would he try to fight some stranger based on his looks? It still made no sense.

-... Because of what his appearance means. It's tied to his past and because of that people don't feel comfortable or safe around him.

-His past doesn't matter as long as he is making an effort to change.- Esme said as a statement of fact. Her voice soft and gentle.

-But his past does matter in this scenario. That's what has shaped some of the aspects about himself that don't go unnoticed. Things he can't help. It's important and safer for both of you that you know.

Edward who had been attempting to get a reading of her thoughts couldn't help but gasp as he caught a glimpse of it.

-He's from the South.

The second those words left Edward's mouth the second Emmett pulled Rosalie and Esme behind him as his gaze began roaming around. Edward standing closer to Carlisle.

Carlisle who felt more tense than he had in a long time. He couldn't help but look around. Who told him that that vampire wasn't actually closer than they were aware of? Hiding. Waiting for the smallest sign that his mate was in danger for him to attack.

He wasn't one to judge but God the covens from the South and every single vampire from there were the most aggressive of their specie. Those vampires were violent and wouldn't hesitate to attack at the slightest provocation.

Magnificent killing machines Aro had called them once.

The sole idea that he had one of those vampires in his territory made him want to grab his family and run.

-He is not dangerous.- Alice's voice pulled them all back to the present. She looked so sure of her words.- I know vampires from the South don't have good fame but he is not dangerous. He left that life a long time ago and he is really trying to do better, I swear. He would never harm you on purpose.

Carlisle wasn't sure what to think of her words. He was fighting to not let fear cloud his judgement. Fighting to think straight. He needed to keep his head cold.

But how was one suppose to keep their head cold at the fact that a vampire from the South was close?

The God Of War had made sure to brand the southern vampires as something to not want close if one appreciated being alive.

Even if there was the remote possibility that he wasn't dangerous how did Alice expect him to take in someone who came from such violent background? He was a fighter. Someone who was raised in an environment where it was kill or be killed. How was he suppose to fit with their peaceful lifestyle?

How was Carlisle suppose to keep that from lashing out if he felt threatened?

God it was too much of a risk. As much as he liked the idea of more vampires who took on their diet. The idea of having this pixie becoming one of them...

He couldn't accept them if he didn't knew the extent of what he would have to deal with by also allowing her mate here.

Alice said he wasn't dangerous but of course that would be her reasoning. She was his mate. He would never hurt her no matter how dangerous he could become to others.

That didn't meant he wouldn't hesitate to attack them.

Carlisle needed to know how much was he risking here.

If it was worth it.

Because accepting a vampire with such dangerous background...

Carlisle couldn't allow them to stay if there was the risk of him hurting his family. No matter how much he wished to give them a place here he couldn't.

So he glanced back at Alice and met her gaze.

-I would like to speak with him first before reaching a final decision.

-Are you insane? You can't seriously want him to stay.- Rosalie said not quite believing what she was hearing. She got it that Carlisle would want to keep the little freak but her mate? That monster would bring nothing but troubles with him.

-We all deserve a second chance. Judging someone based on their past is not a fair thing to do.- Carlisle stated. He wanted to at least speak to him, because something told him that letting them go without giving them a chance to speak would be their greatest mistake.

And part of Carlisle didn't want to let the pixie go. Not if he could help it.

But if he wanted to keep her he would also need to keep her mate.

-He is going to end up killing us all.- Rosalie snapped. Had Carlisle gone mad? How could he be willing to bring that beast close to them?

-Carlisle, I know you always want to help people but we can't let them stay, he can't stay.- Edward told.

-He deserves the benefit of the doubt.- Was all Carlisle said before looking back at Alice who was grinning from ear to ear and looking like the picture of excitement and relief itself.

-You won't regret it. Promise.

And with that she was gone.