Ask me to tell you the truth and I'll tell you a lie. Ask me to tell you a lie and I'll tell you the truth. For what wicked weaves they built for what horrid tales they told for what unforgivable things they've done. Jane voltrui could no longer stand there in the throne room. For over 800 hundred years shes been a devoted guard member. Loyal to only her masters alone, even when it went against some of her morals even when it cut into her mind like a wicked knife slicing through flesh. She was loyal and she was in love. Many thought she only followed master aro caius and marcus out of sheer devotion. While that was true for the last, not so true for the first . It wasn't sheer devotion driving her loyalty and complete obedience, it was a love so maddening she was sure it was going to drive her completely mad. Sometimes when she was alone she was sure it already had. They would send her looks and glances and tiny touches meant to seem like nothing but yet lit her skin ablaze and scorched her very soul. Yet they had done that most unforgivable thing in over the thousand of years that she was a guard member.

That alone the fact that they had kept their hands to themselves was pretty much what had kept her from marching into the throne room and ripping their wives to pieces before watching them burn the way she did once so long ago. But this proved that the lies the guard had been whispering about were all true. And it was soul crushing like nothing she ever felt before.

Such lies we tell ourselves to make the truth not as disgusting and deplorable.

She wouldn't have known if he hadn't told her. She would have swallowed the terrible pain and gone about her duties as a loyal guard; them her much loved masters but to do so now. Was like they were spitting in her face and laughing at her pain. It filled her with such blinding rage she wants to set them alight now too. That alone would kill her as well. She needed to get out, she needed to leave but where to go that they couldn't find her without Dimitri hunting her down like a rabid animal . She was faster than all of them, faster than even Edward cullen. But Dimitris's power was hunting so much hunting. Tracking was both a blessing and a irritating as fuck power. When that power would be hunting her. So she didn't know yet but she would figure it out she had met many vampires over the years with many talents. So that might take care of her dimitri problem but it wouldn't take care of her master's problem.

They were always here, they never left except on a few occasions . while that was something she so loved before now she just found it extremely bothersome because everywhere she went over the last 2 months they and their wives were there. She never had a moment to herself, never had a chance to breathe (not that she needed to) and collect her thoughts after that little mistake as her masters so elegantly put it that night. No they were always there like a never fading shadow of pain that wouldn't leave her being. So she would have to plan and plan she would because staying in volterra was no longer the answer, staying with the volturi was no longer an option. No jane volturi was done, she was no one's to use and throw away like garage like they did. No one, especially them.

She remained there in the throne room standing still on the first steps up to the throne on caius right side, her face blank of any emotion except for the tilting of the corners of her mouth into what others would mistake for a smile. But on the contrary Jane Volterra was absolutely irrevocably done.

Master Marcus sat on his throne as he watched his brothers pass judgment on a group of covens that dared attempt a move against the volturi. His eyes scanned the room, their ever devoted guard acting out the orders they were given. Till finally Marcus' eyes came to rest on the little blonde of their courtroom. Jane, changed at the tender age of 16 she was forever frozen in time. Yet her beauty astounded even Marcus and he wasn't her mate. She was a goddess and he had known that even when she was human. He knew his brothers knew for they had only to touch him that day and they found out who she was to the volturi. Who she was to them!

He kept quite a little secret aro had said. Nothing more but it was more he had to watch while they played with their little jane for over 500 hundred years. He could only imagine what she must have been going through as the very thought of doing that to his sweet dydmee was excruciating. Still he kept silent because that is the promise he had made to them. His brothers oh there was a time when that meant so much more to marcus. So silence became his friend while he became very attached to the little blonde, nothing more than a strong friendship. Finally after knowing what they had done only 2 short months ago he could no longer keep to himself he had to tell the secret lie that was so wedged deep into this girl. He knew it would set her free from the tyranny that was his brother's manipulative minds. For aro was crazy and cunning and caius was sadistic and terrifying. But she had the right not to be used in such a fashion and had a right not to be manipulated by those ment for her as rewards from the gods. He knew it must have broken her so terribly when he told her the truth. The secret someone she trusted so much had been keeping from her. But after the things he had watched both his brothers and then the cullens do. He knew down in the very cocalls of his soul she had the right to know. The terribly broken aguaish that washed over her already sorrowful eyes was enough to feel like he was watching someone he loved die. And in a way Marcus knew he was for their little jane had died that day and from her ashes of pain and sorrow stood a dragon no longer willing to stand the bindings of her cage any longer.

This morning when he had seen her he knew by the look that flashed briefly in her blood red eyes she was planning. Planning what he had no idea. But whatever it was he would help her figure it out. Now sitting here this afternoon Marcus knew he knew what it was. For while his brothers were watching the court he was watching sweet little jane dust off her mighty wings and light the blazing inferno in her soul . it all clicked into place at that very moment. : freedom. Jane was going after her freedom for it was all she had left that she wanted. He could see her mind was going a hundred miles a minute. But to anyone else she was the same Jane volturi stoicly standing by her masters as she had done for hundreds of years.

….there was only one thing left for marcus to do and that was to help sweet little jane achieve it!

2hours later

The meeting was over and judgment was passed the covens were sentenced to death. Pulled apart and burned to ashes by dimitri and felix. Alec was sent to hunt and Felix and Dimitri were sent to do whatever it was that they did. Aro wanted Jane in the room not releasing her from her current duty. Seeing this, Marcus frowned, realizing that even though his brothers denied the very thing that was created for them, they still ached deep in their souls for it. It both pleased and made Marcus very angry to see such a great injustice. He was pulled from his musings when Aro called for jane.

"Jane?" aro said softly. Jane's head snapped from the door to look into the ruby eyes of her master. "Yes master aro?" Jane spoke just as softly, placing a small smile on her lips as the hint of darkness laced her master's voice. Something that hasn't gotten past her since that night. Being able to tell when she was indeed in danger or when she was simply going to be talked to or ordered to do something. The only one that never seemed to lace their voice with such veiled threats was master marcus. For that Jane was thankful for, for she knew her sanity couldn't take much more of trying to decipher peoples tones, meanings and veiled threats. Master aro never used to talk to her this way and master caius always did. After the mistake he only got worse which was saying something but her other master never talked to her in such a way until that night. That scared Jane into walking on eggshells the last 2 months while keeping up this facade like she wasn't completely and utterly falling apart and dying on the inside. No she was made to act as though she wasn't harmed in such a way that would cause her great distress and pain.

Aro said nothing while sitting in his seat contemplating. Watching her like a predator watching prey. He was silent for what seemed like hours simply staring into her eyes. But it was in fact only a couple of minutes.

"Jane you wouldn't tell sculpricia…..would you? '' Aro asked calmly if it was anyone else it would have sounded like a normal question. Jane knew better it wasn't a veiled threat at all, it simply was a threat. Jane didn't know what to say. His question stole the words right out of her mouth and she didn't have the faintest clue of why he would ask such a thing. Aro flew from his chair and grabbed both her four arms in a vice grip; she could feel both her arms groaning in protest. Fear quickly climbed up her throat and she knew she had only a millisecond to answer her master. For his eyes were black and held her death as she looked into them. Her master had never treated her so coldly and cruelly. but now having his hands on her body disgusted and killed her all in one go. Hands that she once ached to have everywhere she never wanted to touch her again. As quick as Jane was she knew what to say and do. No longer did she look up, she averted her eyes down to the volturi crest resting on his chest. The crest that was weighing hers down like an anchor. Something she wanted to rip off and send flying to who knew where. "Master Aro i dont have the faintest clue what you are speaking of '' Jane said emptyly with no hint of emotion in her voice.

A deep growl ripped from aros chest yanking her flush against him, his lips pulling back in a snarl. "That night Jane" he spat her name with such venom and his grip on her arms tightened. A horrendously awful pain tore through her as her marble arms cracked under his grasp. A whimper built inside but she refused to let it out refused to let the cry of torturous pain slip from her lips. Clenching her jaw and steeling her being, Jane spoke calmly and empty once again. Thankful that her arms were covered in long sleeves so that aro could not read her thoughts, memories and feelings. Current and past because if she was honest the present ones would get her killed.

"Again master - she dared not speak his name again- i Haven't the faintest clue on what your speaking about, i was in my chambers all night reading the beetle and the bard. alec was with renata dimitri and felix where doing whatever demetri and felix do master marcus was in his study and yourself and my other master where in a deep discussion in the private library with strict orders not to be distureded " jane voice was monotone but remain looking at his crest the crest she was now planning on burning once she tore the damned thing off. Aro stood silently over the top of her. For any signs of a lie. For he just couldn't have Sculprica finding out about what he and Jane had done. No no he loved his wife even if he was fond of sweet little jane. She was nothing in comparison to his scully. No he couldn't let scully find out under any circumstances.

There were no signs of lies that he could see part of aro felt revealed but the other part that knew he would still ache for jane was furious that scully now didn't have all of him. That his little guard was now a part deeper in his heart then the rest of the guard. His guard were collectables to be used not loved, not cared for but used and easily disposed of. Jane's powers were great. but he could easily find another and replace her. After all, Scully just couldn't find out about her and him.

Jane could tell something was shifting in her master something was growing darker and darker as they stood there. Her playcating words weren't working and she could feel something sweeping up around her. Her eyes remained steadfast looking into his chest she knew for if she looked up she would meet her death for it was no longer a unveiled threat aro was going to in fact kill her. If she had any blood running through her veins it would have frozen her but fear has done a masterful job of that.