Renesmee knew the truth she had known since the moment she could hear their voices: her mother and fathers.

Her uncle Emmetts and aunt Rosie's. his voice, his was the clearest of all. In that moment she knew he was hers and she was his.

only he wasn't he didn't belong to her he was married. That didn't stop her from staring at him as she grew. That didn't stop her from wanting him, when she reached maturity at 17 Oh her fathers anger when he found out was absolutely awful but nothing in comparison to his when he found out. She had tried to explain it while he didn't feel what she felt the constant pull, of the need to be close to him.

Why oh why didn't he feel it like she did? There was nothing but a blinding rage in his golden eyes as he lunged for her throat. she had made the mistake and attacked her. He lunged and tore into her before anyone could stop him. After all he was protecting his wife….yet that day he destroyed his mate.

Her mother and father had looked so disappointed at her from the medical bed as Carlisle tried to stop the bleeding.

But the bites were from him so she knew it would take longer for them to cease their constant flow. She had hoped that she would bleed out that would have been preferable to the pain of feeling him rip threw her like she meant nothing like she was nothing.

She had felt hollow after that happened. She stayed in the room for the next 4 months, grounded, her parents told her but she knew it was a punishment far worse for her own parents who couldn't even look at her. It was imprisonment and Renesmee hated it. She wanted to escape begging for forgiveness and crying, pleading anything.

Wanting to do those things only made her even angrier and she let that anger lead to pain. Four months turned into 5 and 5 into 6 soon renesmee laid in her tub no longer being able to take the constant isolation not even Jake was allowed to visit. Not that she wanted to see the shifter after their last talk.

But she was completely cut off from her world.

In a cold room in a cold house with what you called an even colder family. Not one of them came to visit her only carlisle it was only ever carlisle and he never spoke. He would simply change her bandages and look at her with such disappointed eyes. She hated it. She slit her wrist so deep that day she knew she had cut down to the bone. She knew they had gone hunting because the house was silent and no noise was made. She knew she would be dead before they returned and for that she was thankful for.

Her eyes grew heavy so quickly and the water was so warm and inviting as it pulled the very essence of her life from her body. Her eyes closed moments later she never heard the door begging ripped through, never saw the blur of curly blonde hair or the rest of her family appear.

for 4 seconds her heart stopped. She was technically dead. Well that's what her father and mother told her as she laid on her bed fully alive as they yelled. Giving her a lecture to last a lifetime. Carlisle was by the window, emse sat on the couch looking broken, rosalie by the door with pained eyes, emmett standing stoically with her staring at renesmee with angry penetrating ones. She hadn't ever seen her uncle look at her that way.

Alice wasn't there, it figures they wouldn't allow no he wouldn't allow her to go crazy on her again. Then there was him. He stood by the wall staring at her with such rage and hatred she couldn't believe it was actually coming from him. She always remembered him smiling and his golden eyes usually filled with so much kindness and warmth. But she realized while looking at him that those were only because of his wife they hadn't anything to do with her. No she couldn't stand his piercing hate filled gaze any longer.

She looked away staring out the big bay window that had become her only solace in these last 6 months. She began thinking in French as she felt her fathers mind enter hers trying to listen to her thoughts trying to make sense of why she had done what she did. But he couldn't understand any of it. He couldn't speak French all this time on this earth her family has lived and most didn't know more than 3 languages.

Her mother was screaming at her why? How could you be so selfish? She gave such a simple reply she hadn't really thought about it, it just slipped out.

"Because i felt like it" the silence that broke over the room was instant. Her mothers hand connected with her cheek faster than Renesmee had time to comprehend. Anguish covered each of their faces like a cloak.

The silence seemed to stretch on and on until he spoke.

"You're a selfish manipulative little cunt you know that" he hissed at her with such disgust his voice nothing but venom and southern twang. It cut her deeper than her mother striking her. His words felt like they had cut into her very soul, slicing without mercy.

Nobody said nothing to counter it. To contest it, silence he left first followed by the rest of her family except her father. Who remained staring at her no longer but at the white bedspread she lay under. Hours 3 hours to be exact. He remained silent, her gaze drifted back to the window. Till he shattered the silence. With 8 small words he washed her in so much anguish and pain. Dousing her in his complete and utter disappointment in her.

"What are we gonna do with you renesmee?" his voice and eyes held such disgust. It was his disgust that killed her more than slicing her wrist ever could. He was gone right after the words left his mouth.

They hung heavily in the air. Suffocating her in their weight. She hated it, she hated them, she hated living in isolation like she was some damn prisoner who committed the most egregious sin.

A calmness and finality swept over her. Sinking the pain and depression deep into her very being tattooing its way across her soul settling on her bones imprinting itself there.

She sat staring out the window watching as a storm rolled in. it was gonna be a bad one she could tell. She knew it in her bones this storm was here for her. Here to aid her in her final decision.

The thunderous cracks would mask the sounds of her feet as they collide with the forested earth; the striking lighting would cover the thoughts of her mind. The pounding rain would mute the hummingbird beat of her heart. And the mighty winds would carry away her cries. She would silently slip away into the forest, into the night into a new life. There was nothing left to do but wait.

The first tear that slipped down her cheek was matched with the first drop of rain. Signaling it was time the storm was ready to unleash its mighty rage upon the earth for her. She tore off her blanket and silently slipped through the glass window. She landed with ease but her body staged a protest she only had but seconds till they realized she was gone. For it was no mer run in the woods renesmee was committing no she was leaving this horrible thing they called life behind to make hers anew.

She took off as soon as her feet hit the ground. 10 seconds later she heard a vicious roar that promised pain and possibly death. She didn't stop; she had already made it past the tree line this was her only chance she was faster then her father and the ment she was faster then her family faster than him. She could and would make it. She ran straight through pack lands passing 2 wolves but they were only but a blur to her eyes she was running too fast for anyone to catch .

When the sounds of the ocean reached her ears she pushed herself harder. She could see it now the cliff's edge was only 20 feet away. She reached it and jumped leaving behind the pain and sorrow that was renesmee cullen.

The impact of the deadly waves felt as though they were washing her anew. They couldn't track what they couldn't smell so she would swim to her destination wherever it maybe she would swim. That alone gave her solace as the waves smacked into her she dove under and swam for her life.

…..her destination unknown.