Harry Potter and Life's Surprises By shdurrani

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Summary: Post-Order of the Phoenix Major Spoilers.  If you haven't read Book 5 then be warned.  H/Hr; Harry finds out his true Parentage.  He also finds out who his true friends are.  My answer to Severitus Challenge.


                                            Chapter 1 Return to Privet Drive

Harry had been back at #4 Privet Drive for about 2 weeks and had already wished he was back at Hogwarts.  The Dursleys had lost all their fear for Harry and the wizarding world since they found out that Harry's godfather was dead.  One of the things was that they had put up the bars on his window again in his room.  The other thing was that they had put a padlock on Hedwig's cage.  Uncle Vernon=s business was going under because of the current economy but instead of blaming it on the true culprit; he blamed it on Harry. 

Uncle Vernon had started coming home drunk and even though Harry would complete his chores, Vernon would still beat him.  Right now, he is sitting at his desk reading his potions book since he had already finished his summer homework and did some extra. 

"Boy is Hermione going to be impressed when she sees what he has done," thought Harry.

Since the end of their 4th year and the kiss she gave him on the cheek at the Platform, Harry started to realize that he had some strong feelings for Hermione.  He only wished he would live through this summer with the Dursleys.

Harry got up and went and splashed some water on his face.  He saw dark circles under his eyes.  He had not gotten more then maybe 2 hours of sleep a night because of recurring nightmares about the third task.  Harry walked back to his desk and started reading and making notes on some of the potions in his book to be sure he was ready for the next year since he was hoping to do well in the class.  A little bit into reading his potions book, he fell asleep. 

**** Dream sequence ****

Harry found himself somewhere new that he did not recognize.  There were eight people in the room.  He recognized two of them as being his parents and standing next to them was Sirius.  He recognized at least two others as Merlin and Salazar Slytherin. 

Harry ran and hugged his mom and dad.  He knew they were not alive but he still missed them.  He then hugged Sirius.

"We are so proud of you Harry for what you have become and what you have done.  Hun Cedric does not blame you for his death and so should not blame yourself.  Now these five people want to talk to you and then I want to talk to you hun.  There is something that I need to tell you regarding who your real father is," said Lily while hugging Harry.

Harry pulled out of the hug and looked at both of them asking what they were talking about.

Sirius came up and said, "Harry I don't blame you for my death.  If anyone, I blame Albus and Severus."

Harry was crying at this point and just hugged Sirius for a bit.

"Mom what do you mean who my father is.  James Potter is my dad is not he.  I look just like the pictures I have of him," asked Harry.

"Harry, hun I think you need to sit down so we can explain this to you.  Your real father is Severus Snape.  To tell you the truth, James and I really did not get married.  We lived together to hide you from Voldermort.  You are the Heir of these 5 people.  Contrary to popular belief, i am not muggle born and so is not your friend Hermione.  Merlin is working on breaking her memory charms.  As to your memory charm we were going to do it for you.  Anyway, I am the direct descendent of Merlin, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw.  Sev is the direct descendant of Hufflepuff and Slytherin.  Hermione=s parents were old friends of ours.  We both went into hiding for the safety of you and Hermione.  Severus and I got married soon after graduating from Hogwarts and had you about 3 years later.  Our friends, the Durrani's had Hermione on the same day as I had you.  I know that they changed her birthdates to September 19 when they had moved her to the Grangers,  but her real birthday is July 31st," just as Lily finished this, a white light flashed in two places and Hermione stood in one spot and Severus Snape stood in another.  Harry got up and went over to Hermione and brought her over to his parents while, Severus walked over to them too. 

"Harry what is going on.  Why are your parents, Sirius and James doing here?" asked Hermione.

"Ms. Granger, the reason why I am here is because Harry must have just found out that his father really is.  As to the rest of the people here, I do not think that an introduction to them is needed.  Lily I believe you were explaining just how close our family and James were to Hermione's family," said Snape.

Lily nodded and motioned the kids to sit down on the sofa.

"Hermione, we brought you here because of what has happened in you world.  Sirius is here because he wanted to make sure that Harry knew he didn't blame Harry for his death.  Harry, the charm that we placed on you when you were born is going to wear off on your birthday.  A few other things I need to tell you.  I am part elf from my father's side and because of this, and you will find that you are going to look more like an elf then anything else.  Hermione, you are the direct descendant of these five people also.  Your mother like me was heir to Merlin, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor and from you fathers side you are Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Harry we are going to break the memory charm from you."

Hermione was surprised.  She had not realized that she was the direct descendant of the five most powerful witches and wizards in history.

Lily stood up, used her wand, and performed the counter charm for the memory charm.  Just as this was done there was another flash of light and two more people joined them.  Because the memory charm was released, Harry recognized the two as Hermione's parents.  Hermione stood up and dragged Harry to her parents. 

"Mom, Dad?" asked Hermione timidly.

They nodded, "Yes Hermione it is us.  You and Harry have grown up to be wonderful kids," Sikandar turned to Sirius and continued, "Sirius I was sad to hear about what happened to you." 

Sirius nodded, "Its good to see you again and thanks.  I wish I would be there for Harry but I hope between you and Severus can be there for him."

Merlin, Godric, Rowena, Helga, and Salazar walked over to the two teens and Merlin started talking.

"Harry, Hermione as our heirs you will have a number of new abilities and enhancements to your currents powers.  You both will be able to speak to any animal magical and non-magical.  You will be seers, yes Hermione I do know you do not believe in divination and I do not blame you with the fraud of a teacher you have.  Harry I suggest you dropping divination because you will have all you need to use your power of sight.  You will both be able to speak any language and understand any written language so if that is a hint on what class you can take to make up for the Divination then so be it.  We will all now transfer our powers and knowledge to you two and then will bid you good night."

The five of them went to both teens and placed their hands on them, and with a flash of light and a lot of pain for both Hermione and Harry, they received their gifts.

Severus came forward afterwards and started talking, "Harry I have already talked to Albus and tomorrow about 8 am I will be coming by Privet Drive to get you."

Harry nodded a bit tensely.  Snape was a bit worried and asked what was wrong.

"Dad I think you may want to bring Madame Pomphrey with you.  My uncle has decided to take his hatred towards wizards and me in particular to another level," said Harry while trying his best not to cry.

Lily was in complete shock, James was furious and Hermione was all out sobbing.  Severus got the look of murder on his face at this.  Sirius had murderous thoughts on his mind and Sikandar was supporting Sarah while she was crying. 

"Harry I will be there as soon as possible, with Aurors.  Albus is going to have some explaining to do as to why he has not checked on you all summer.  Good night all of you.  Harry don't bother trying to wake up when you leave here.  We will get you either to St. Mungos or Hogwarts infirmary.  I'll be there as soon as I can," said Severus.

Hermione turned to Harry and told him that she would contact Albus as soon as she could to find out when she can come to see him and where he is.

Harry smiled and kissed her on the cheek and said good-bye to his parents before letting sleep over come him.

Severus had already gone and Hermione left afterwards.

****************** End of chapter 1 ***********************

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