Harry Potter and Life's Surprises

By SHDurrani

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Summary: Post-Order of the Phoenix, Major Spoilers so if you haven't read book 5 then be warned. H/Hr; Ron out of the trio picture; Ginny joins trio; Harry finds out who his father really is; basically my answer to the Severitus Challenge.

Chapter 11 First DA Group classes and Gryffindor Quiditch Tryouts

Harry and Hermione spent the rest of the weekend getting to know Julie and her sisters better. Julie and Severus kept their words and welcomed them into the family.

The first day of actual classes was that Monday and it was a busy one. Most of the first years still got lost getting to their classes and prefects and the head students, Harry and Hermione, ended up being late to their classes because they were helping the first years.

Gryffindor was very surprised that Professor Snape didn't take off points from them for being late and all. What surprised them more including some of the Slytherine was what happened when three Slytherine students walked in just behind Harry and Hermione and Severus took off 15 points from each of them for being late.

One of the Slytherine said, "You can't do that sir."

Severus snapped, "Oh and why can't I, this is my classroom and everyone is expected to be here on time, including my own house."

Pansy spoke up and said, "But sir why did you not take off points from the Golden duo when they walked in late?"

Severus spoke up and said, "Because they had my permission to be late since they were doing something for the school. Mr. Snape and Ms. Durrani making sure that all the first years were able to make it to their classes."

The Slytherine were not happy but they didn't do anything else. The class worked on basic Healing potion. Even though Harry and Hermione were not the first ones done with their potions, they were able to complete the potions correctly. Harry decided to test his potion on himself and made a slight cut on his finger and poured the potion on the cut. They cut healed up quickly. Hermione did the same thing and were happy with their results. They took the potions to Professor Snape's desk and gave it in.

The class ended soon after and Severus called Harry and Hermione to the front. He asked Harry, "Did you have any trouble with the first years? Usually we have always had trouble the first few days with them getting to their classes."

Harry shook his head and said, "I know when I first came here I had trouble finding my way around here for a while. We didn't have much trouble with them. They all played real nice and worked together to learn where their class was. Hermione made a suggestion to them that they should make notes on familiar landmarks on the paths to their class. It made a lot of sense and after thinking about it, I have always done it out of habit."

Harry and Hermione went to the DA classroom for the Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts training with the 6th and 7th years. According to their lesson plans for that day they were going to review the shield charms for today.

Harry and Hermione entered the classroom that was already full of students and surprisingly Sarah. Harry went up and stood at the podium while Hermione stood by her mom. After the room quieted down and were paying attention to Harry, Harry started talking.

"Good morning and welcome to the first ADADA class of the year. Professor Sarah will be our faculty advisor while the course will be instructed by Hermione and me. Today we thought we should go about and review the shield charm, Protego. Now I am going to have Hermione shoot curses at me while I demonstrate how to produce the shield. The incantation for the charm is Protego. Hermione if you would please send a hex toward me."

With that Harry and Hermione separated to about 10 meters and Hermione fired the Stupefy charm at Harry. Harry performed the Protego charm while moving his arm in a circular motion. Hermione's attack was deflected back to her who dodged the charm. Harry turned to the class and said, "When producing the shield charm you make like you are drawing a shield in front of you and say the incantation. Just a warning, the smaller the shield the stronger it is. Also the shield will not protect against the unforgivable spells unless you are really magically strong. It takes a lot of energy to produce a large shield and that is why it is weaker. There are other charms that we will go over later in the year that will provide a widespread protection."

Sarah interrupted Harry and said, "Unless otherwise stated before we go over those charms, only the 7th years will be covering the charms. We are trying at this time to get the ministry to approve of the lowering of the minimum age in which one has to be before they can perform magic."

Harry said, "I apologize, I didn't know that the issue was still up for debate. As it stands according to Sarah we will not be teaching all of you wards as planned, sorry. Anyway that is later on in the year so no worry till then."

For the rest of the class, the students spent the time working on the spells. Harry and Hermione showed them where they could improve and what happened when they made their shields to big. At the end of the class Harry told the class bring in what they had done in Defense Against the Dark Arts class for the next class and they would spend half the class working on a new spell and the other half helping them if they needed on their Defense Against the Dark Arts work.

At lunch Albus stood up and said, "Just a reminder to all students the first Practical defense courses are this afternoon. All students have been informed on their schedules about these classes and are expected to attend the ones they are assigned to."

After Albus sat down, Harry stood up and said, "A reminder to all DA members, we have a meeting tonight in our regular meeting place. If you are not on patrol duty please be there. Thank you."

After lunch Harry and Hermione met up with Michelle and headed to the DA classroom for the afternoon class. They were the first ones in the classroom and went and got ready for the afternoon.

Because the first two years didn't work on any real spells for defense they had decided work some of the students on an individual basis to help them with any questions they had from either Defense Against the Dark Arts or Charms classes. Harry and Hermione setup different areas with tables and chalk boards for people to sit around and learn. Ming came in a little later with Ginny right behind her.

The first and second years were anxiously filing in to the class room to find out what they were going to be doing that day. They had heard from the older students that they had learned a lot last year and wanted to see what they could learn this year.

At the time that the class was to begin Harry stood up and started talking to the class, "Good afternoon and welcome to your first Practical Defense Against the Dark Arts class. My name is Harry Snape and I will be overseeing your studies this year. Since most of you haven't had either Defense Against the Dark Arts or Charms today, I thought I would go over what we are going to be doing and then have you all introduce yourselves to the entire class. On Wednesday we will start working in earnest on the your Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts work. I would like to introduce my assistant teachers, Hermione Durrani, Ming Chen, Ginny Weasley, and Renee Devoe. Because all of you have just started your first years here at Hogwarts we will not be doing a lot of independent defense work. What has been decided is that we will be helping you get your Defense Against the Dark Arts work and Charms work done and help you understand it all. If any of you have any problems you need answered let us know."

For the rest of the class they spent working answering different questions from the first years. There were surprising a few questions about how Harry felt about not knowing his true father for a long time to the same question being asked to Hermione.

At the end of class everyone reluctantly left the room for their next class which for Gryffindor and Slytherine students it was Potions and for Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw it was Transfiguration.

Harry and the lead team went down to the head country to get some rest and do their homework. Harry had suggested that they get their work done before dinner so that they would not have to worry about their stuff after the meeting after dinner and their patrols.

True to her comments on the train, Ming was very apt at doing potions and helped the others with their work. Harry went to work on what they were going to cover at the meeting after dinner after he had finished his homework. He had decided to first get comments from the ones that were patrolling the corridors the day before for any problems and information on problem areas that the others needed to keep an eye for.

He was also going to let them know that they were not to really push those that were planning pranks as long as they were harmless. Albus had asked that they keep the number of students visiting the kitchens at night to a minimum and to keep an eye out for those that just need to talk to someone. Harry and Hermione said that they would be open to talk to anyone that had fears about what was happening with the dark lord to just being home sick.

At 6pm, Harry and the rest of the group went down to dinner. Harry and Hermione went up to the head table and the rest took one of the round tables that had a few of the first years on. During dinner Sikandar talked to Sikandar about what he was planning on covering for the first years and Harry made notes so that they would be prepared on Wednesday for the afternoon class.

After dinner everyone cleared out of the Great Hall and the DA members headed to the new meeting room which is where the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's stone. Harry led the way to the room and once everyone was seated he stood up and started speaking.

"Good evening and welcome to the first meeting of the new year. Today I wanted to just discuss what the headmaster and some of the teachers has asked us to stress on the safety of the students. One of these little things is pranksters. Depending on how close to curfew they are, either beyond or before, Professor Dumbledore has asked if you would be lenient and in some cases help them. I would like to point out that you need to make sure that it will not cause lasting harm to any students. A few other things of notice, after what happened last weekend with my cousins the governors and teachers have suggested that we work with the students as like councilors or shoulders to cry on. If any of you find a student crying in their common rooms or maybe out in the hallways or so forth, talk to them. If their feeling's of loss is strong and you think you do not feel you can help them let me or Hermione know and we can try and help. Both of us have will try and help them. Have any of you had any problems with your patrols and so forth the last few days?"

A few of the members said that they had a few of the older Slytherine students causing grief with the first years. One of the Slytherine members said that they had to break up fights between students that were supportive of what the headmaster was doing and the light side in general and the death munchers wanabes (A/N: I know I am not exactly creative on this but I like the description and am using it). A few other students were saying that they have had a few of their house members being in the common rooms late crying or just not being able to sleep.

Harry spoke up on that part again, "As I said before if you can help those by just talking to them and finding out what is going on that is causing them to not be able to sleep. Please do me a favor and talk to my dad and let him know about the problems in the Slytherine students. We need to keep the violence between the students down to a minimum."

After everyone voiced their different problems they had with their patrols Harry spoke up and said, "This was a good meeting and from now on we will be meeting here every week at the same time. If you have any problems between meetings and they can't wait please come to either Hermione or I. Tonight Hermione and I are going to be working both shifts of patrol duty and will do so from now on. Also those on patrol tonight I need to remind you that the Aurors are going to be also patrolling the hall way so make sure you have your badges out. That's it and good night."

Everyone got up and packed their things away and left the room. Harry and Hermione were the last ones out and when they left they started their patrols. They made their first stop to be the Slytherine common room and came upon a bit of a problem when they got there.

There was a group of what looked like 5th and 6th years students surrounding a few younger students and what sounded like an argument going on in the middle. One of the Slytherine DA members, Jennifer Coulter, saw them enter and came to them.

Jennifer told them, "This is an example of what we have been facing the last few days since the students got back to school. I have already sent David Comeau to get your dad Harry."

Harry nodded and decided to break up the fight before it got out of hand. He used the Sonorous charm on himself and said, "What is going on in here? Break up this group and stop this arguing. If you do not break up in 30 seconds I will start taking 10 points off each person surrounding the two that seem to be arguing. Mr. Nott, Ms. Garlow, I know you are the ones arguing so please do not slip away."

To insure this, Harry put up barriers on the entrances to the dormitories so that who ever was in the common room during the fight didn't leave. Some of those that tried got mad and turned to Harry and said, "You have no right to prevent us from going to bed. When Professor Snape hears that you are preventing us from going to bed for classes in the morning he will be mad at you."

Harry spoke in a monotone and strict voice, "Professor Snape will be hearing from me on the disgraceful acts that his own house is doing in front of visiting students. I have received reports on numerous occasions that you all have been acting up and being disgraceful to your own house in front of visiting students. We have visitors from other countries that were sent here to this school because of the prestige of Hogwarts and because of the reputation that the school has in regards to proper attitudes and fairness. What you have been doing in the last couple of days is pure disgrace to your house, Professor Snape, Professor Dumbledore, Minister of Magic Arthur Weasley, and the founders of this school, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherine."

Just as Harry was finishing his speech, Professor Snape came out of the shadow of the common room and put a hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry turned to his father and smiled and then turned back. After performing the counter charm to the sonorous charm, Harry turned to Severus and said, "Did you have anything else to add to what I said?"

Severus nodded and turned to the students, "As Harry has said, your actions over the last few days are very disgraceful. I deduct 50 points from Slytherine from Mr. Nott for attacking, even if verbally, Ms. Garlow for being one of a few Slytherine that have a backbone and are not joining the dark lord. Since your house only had 50 points in its hour glass I would like to congratulate Mr. Nott for being one of a few that have managed to delete the entire points for his house. Mr. Nott you also have 2 weeks detention with Mr. Filch starting tomorrow at 7:30 PM and will last till Filch says you can leave for the evening. For the rest of you be warned, I will not tolerate you disgracing your house, and this school with your petty differences regarding the dark lord. Now if Harry would do me a favor and bring down his barrier, everyone is expected to go to bed."

Harry nodded and wandless brought down the barriers to the dormitories. As soon as everyone was able to go they left the common room. Harry turned to his dad and said, "I hope I didn't over do it by keeping them in here, I just wanted to make a point about the disgrace they were causing to the school."

Severus nodded and said, "You did the right thing, do not worry about it. I am very disappointed in my students' actions and hope that things will get better."

Harry and Hermione and Severus left the common room with Harry and Hermione going on their patrol and Severus going to his quarters. The rest of their patrol was uneventful. They ran into Mrs. Norris trying to catch Peeves and Neville's toad Trevor near the Gryffindor tower.

At the end of the two patrol shifts, Harry and Hermione met up with Renee, Michelle, Ming and Ginny in the kitchens for a quick snack and a status report. Other then the mishap in the Slytherine common room, they had nothing else to report. They all headed up to the Head students quarters for a restful night's sleep.

The rest of the week went off a lot smoother then Monday and the classes turned out to be really going well.

Saturday came by really quickly for most and it found most Gryffindor students a little bit nervous about the tryouts. Katie Bell was the new captain of the Gryffindor Quiditch team and was a nervous wreck since she had to replace the entire team. She convinced Harry and Ginny to help her with the tryouts. Hermione said that she would also help as much as she could. Over the past summer, Harry and Sikandar had managed to get Hermione over her fear of flying and she was pretty good on the broom now. If it wasn't for the fact that neither Harry nor Hermione had the time or the energy to play Quiditch this year, Harry would have recommended her for Chaser.

Michelle and Renee volunteered to help judge the new applicants for the positions of Chaser and Beaters since they both were ones before they came to Hogwarts. Katie came up to the Pitch about half an hour before the try outs and they discussed what they were planning on doing with the new applicants. The Beaters and Seekers were going to tryout on their own while the chasers and Keepers were going to try out together.

Katie was going to work with the Keepers and Ginny and Michelle were going to work with the Chasers.

From the looks of the crowd that had gathered, the mixture of both the original Hogwarts students and the exchange students. Harry only had 4 Gryffindors trying out for Seeker and it only took him 30 minutes to choose the best. After choosing the one he told the rest that they did great but they would not be able play this year. The one chosen was from France by the name of Picard Rolands.

The Chasers were twin third years, Renee and Elizabeth (Liz) Connary. The two beaters were Collin Creevy and Semis Finnigan. The keeper turned out to be Oliver Wood's younger sister Olivia (not original but thought it would be helpful).

The new Gryffindor Quiditch team was as follows:

Keeper: Olivia Wood


Collin Creevy

Semis Finnigan


Katie Bell (Captain)

Renee Connary

Elizabeth Connary

Seeker: Picard Rolands.

Harry used the Sonorous Charm and spoke up, "As a former member of the Gryffindor team I would like to congratulate everyone who made the team and would like to say to the ones that didn't make it that they have next year on at least two positions to try again. Good luck and good afternoon."

Harry countered the charm and headed on into the castle for lunch. Katie stayed out side with the team to let them know when the next practice would be. Unfortunately halfway to the castle there was a large explosion from the front gates.

End of Chapter

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