The Captain and the Sergeant

Experience usually out waves the youthful eagerness

"Captain Rex!" Hunter greeted the ranking clone with a wide grin. "I did not think to be seeing you back here on Kamino so soon."

Rex let out a soft chuckle.

It wasn't like the Bad Batchers to be so formal with the ranks and all. As it was, during their last mission together, the Sergeant had dropped the Captain soon enough and simply called him Rex for the remainder of the mission.

But, Rex guessed it was more for the others benefit. As the training area was filled with clones of all ranks. Some of them being Commanders even. And, Rex also figured, that the fearless leader of Clone Force 99 did not want to put Rex in a spot either. The thoughtfulness of the other clone sending all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings to the Captain's very core.


Rex's smile grew wide as well, especially because of Hunter's presence and then Rex feeling better already after having had a hard op behind him.

Rex decided to go with the flow however.

Even if he'd liked to think the two of them were on more friendly terms now than anything else. After all, the two of them had worked well together, during their latest few missions. Not only saving Echo from the Techno Union. But also helping on the Anaxes mission as well. And a few more since then, as Rex appreciated the talents the Bad Batch brought to the mix.

There was something of a mutual respect between the two leaders having formed during those missions. But, especially so for Rex. As Hunter and his squad had welcomed Echo into their tight knit group of also admired to an extent, the rather unorthodox and wild side of the Sergeant's while in the battle field. Having even taken to heart a few of Hunter's tricks in the process.

But there was more to it than simple admiration of the other clone's skills and tactics there as well.

There was something about Hunter Rex had felt immediately drawn to. Not just the charming boyish good looks either. Because Rex had always preferred the clones to any other individuals as far as his more intimate partners went. Even if Hunter was somewhat removed from the usual outlook of the regs, as the Batchers so fondly used to express the so called regular clones.

Then again, after some time and fashion, none of the clones truly remained regular for long.

Still, there was something about Hunter which released all kinds of fuzzy tingling sensations inside of Rex's body. Running rampant whenever Rex found himself in a close proximity to the other man. And today was no different.

"Our mission ended sooner than expected even though it was a rather, well, rough one." Rex had a hint of sadness in his timbre just then as he replied Hunter honestly. Greeting him with the familiar spartan handshake and changing the subject quickly. "How's the squad doing?" Referring to the Batch of course.

"Great actually. Echo is adapting well to our little family." Hunter reported knowing Rex wanted to know the status of his protégé and most likely one of Rex's favourite clones as well.

"That is really good to hear. We'll need to catch up properly now that I am staying a while here."

Rex was glad to hear his friend was well taken care of by the Bad Batch. Not that he had doubted it one moment. Trusting Hunter to do just that with the rest of them, even Crosshair despite the rough start Rex and Crosshair had had.

"Sure. We have a break now too as Tech, Wrecker and Crosshair are taking part in training a group of cadets with special tactics." Hunter revealed.

Something which had happened out of the blue, his team's unique skills being in demand. But guess their special skills and abilities were finally appreciated by their commanding officers. Then again, Hunter suspected it was mostly Cody's and General Skywalker's doing.

The two of them continued chatting further about the training set up for the shinies among other things as neither of them seemed to be in a hurry elsewhere.

"Well, since I've got some time on my hands, I thought I would run a few laps on the training course just for the fun of it." Rex smirked then. "Get the ole bod a good old fashion workout as it were."

Hunter, who was in training gear same as Rex like the rest of the clones in the overall training area, simply nodded with a grin. But Hunter was clearly giving the Captain an appreciative once over. Even a second look just to take it all in. As there was certainly no signs of Rex being old, not his body, face or mind.

And Rex could tell it wasn't simply to assess the condition of Rex's current supposed old physique in the respect to the training he might just need. No, it was clearly a more lingering glance if nothing else, as was the second longer glance as well. Both of them very much to Rex's surprise. Or then not.

"Old?!" Hunter chuckled then trying to cover for his bluntness having realised Rex had noticed his stare. "You don't look a day over ten ." Hunter grinned coyly.

The meaning quite clear, that of Rex certainly looking all fine and dandy despite him being one of the first clones to come out of the tubes as it were.

"I'll bet you can still beat me any day out there."

Hunter nodded towards the obstacle course, feeling the challenge, even if he knew Rex would most likely win. Then again, Hunter would let him if it came to that.

Rex let out a hardy belly laugh then, the vibrating chuckles sending vibes all over Hunter's own body.

As definitely, Hunter was pulling out all the right cards for this game. And flattery would certainly get him a long way. All the way if he wanted to.

It had been a while for Rex. Having had someone giving him compliments and all, not to mention for the right reasons. Rex was only too happy they were coming from Hunter, as Rex had had a few… Well, more intimate thoughts occupying his mind lately. Those involving Hunter.

"Well, guess we just have to find out how this 'old man' is able to match up with the youthful vigour. If you are up for it of course." Rex was all onboard with Hunter now.

Hunter quirked an eyebrow, and he certainly was up for the match.

Especially if it meant spending time with the good Captain.

As it was, Hunter had enjoyed working together with Rex despite their rough start on their first mission together. But after that they had been pretty much in sync with each other during the various ops. And well, after Hunter's few show-offs out there in the heat of the battle, Hunter was pretty sure he had left an impression on Rex as well.

The appreciation Rex had both shown and stated for Hunter and his squad had not gone unnoticed And it looked like the Captain enjoyed spending some time with Hunter as well. So, all the better. Hunter was ready, able and willing for any kind of game Rex would be throwing his way. All puns intended, of course.

"Alrighty then." Hunter stated simply.

Hunter was moving towards the training weapons locker. Picking up his favourite choices, having been joined by Rex, who was making his own picks of the lot as well.

"Ready?" Rex glanced at Hunter.

"Ready." Hunter responded, placing his helmet on and heading towards the training ground, with Rex hot on his tail.

"Best out of six?" Rex then asked as he took his stance, blasters drawn and ready.

Hunter nodded his response and half saluted Rex. "See you on the other side!"

The alarm sounded then indicating the beginning of round one. Both of them running towards the battle droids and the weapons fire. Hunter and Rex showing their skills by ducking, rolling, shooting and slicing in the wake of the hunt. The game, was a foot after all!

Game, set, match!

True victory cannot be shown on any kind of scoreboard

It was the last round. With Rex in the lead by three against Hunter's two wins. Both of them equally matched it seemed to have been so far. With one of them usually only winning by the hair of their chins. All and all, it had been a tight match. And with several onlookers having gathered to see what was going on cheering for whomever was in the lead.

But, as it was, experience usually outranked and outmatched youth and vigour. So, it was bound to happen, that Rex was the one to be in the lead for the last round. That could of course change as there was one more set of hurdles to tackle before the final round and the game was over. Before the winner would be declared.

The two of them were pulling all kinds of stunts on the simulated battlefield, neither pulling their proverbial punches either. Having set the obstacle course to the highest difficulty level for the final round it was no easy feat to battle the multitude of droids and fire aimed at them.

The onlookers following the game were glued to the Captain and the Sergeant. Both of whom were certainly giving a good show for the watchers credits. A few friendly bets even having been made among them.

Both Hunter and Rex were flying through hoops to get their scores climbing ever more higher as the two battled on. Each hungry for the win. As not even Hunter was willing to give in, despite his earlier thoughts of letting the Captain win, just because. That thought had all but vanished in the heat of the simulated battle. The hunger growing through the course.

The two of them were closing in on the final leg of the course.

The droids were attacking them in a faster speed and both Hunter and Rex were having a hard time keeping up with the popping up droids. As it was, the sooner they got one shot down each, two more took their places. It was a demanding run for the two clone troopers, but neither of them were slowing down.

Hunter was swirling and jumping, using his vibroknife and blaster while taking down as many of the opponents as he could. Rex was relying on his two blasters. Shooting while running in a chaotic path. At least it seemed to be that way from the droids point of view, even if it was by design. And so, making him take down more of the confused clankers in the process.

It took mere moments more when the chime sounded indicating the round and also the game was over. The final tally of the either combatants headcount soon to be seen on the scoreboard. As it popped up there for all to see, Hunter had lost the Captain with only a seven kills difference, which was not much.

Hunter seeing the score up there in bright colour did not however feel the worse for it.

After all, it was a small number compared to the total. Something which even the more hardened clones failed to achieve. All and all, it was a great score for both of them. But, Hunter was only too happy that it was Rex he had lost to. Even if he had wanted to show-off to Captain Rex. Then again, he was sure that Rex already knew what Hunter was made of, having seen him and his squad in action.

Hunter quickly made his way to where Rex was standing and offered his forearm in congratulations to Rex. Taking his helmet off and tucking it under his arm, like Rex had done as well.

"The better man won!" Hunter told Rex with a hint of a smile on his lips.

"Well, I guess it was a fluke, that it was me. After all, we weren't that much apart." Rex glanced at the board one final time.

"Still, congrats Captain." Hunter was giving credit where it was due, but realising Rex had yet to release his arm.

Rex kept his gaze on Hunter for a moment longer. Even if he felt good being on top. Something Rex really enjoyed. No matter if it was in a simulation, on a battlefield or simply sparring with a partner either on a training course or in the bedroom.

There was so much about Hunter Rex wanted to know about. And not just about the clear professional skills the man possessed. Rex had felt a sort of a connection with Hunter ever since their first mission together. And he suspected it was more than simple professional curtesy or being in tune with a fellow clone trooper.

It was an undercurrent of a more deeper understanding which clearly ran between the two leaders.

Realising then he was still holding Hunter's arm, Rex let go and let a a nervous smirk escape. Feeling the loss of the other man's warmth despite the two layers of armour between them supposedly insulating such things. Not that Hunter had seemed to mind it and making any effort to move his arm away from Rex's grip.

"Well, guess we better hit the showers then." Rex suggested casually. "It was a tough race after all and we've certainly earned a good long soak!"

Rex was certainly hoping the shower setting to be a more freeing and relaxing environment to be making the more personal connection with the other man.

Hunter was fully agreeing to what Rex was saying. Having worked up a proper sweat for himself as well while trying to outmanoeuvre the Captain. Still, Rex was a worthy opponent and Hunter had no qualms in loosing to him

"Yeah. This was a tough one for sure!" Hunter laughed as he had faced actual battles with less sweat than during this supposed training session. "And I would certainly not mind spending some time in water either!"

As it was, the water consumption was rationed and the sonic showers being the more commonly used means to wash battle grime off of oneself. But sometimes a clone simply had to splurge their rations!

Hunter was actually hoping to have a quick look-see of the Captain while in the showers. Having had heard all kinds of rumours running around of the prowess of the man. Maybe send out a few feelers as to whether his own senses indicating Rex was interested in more than simply seeing Hunter as a good soldier or a friend.

Then again, if it wasn't the case Hunter did not mind having Rex as just a friend either.

After all, Hunter did not have too many of them among the regs, as he and his team did not really socialise with the rest of the clones. Not the way the other clones seemed to be doing. And Hunter knew Rex was well liked among the troopers.

So maybe just hanging out with Rex would give Hunter a few pointers as well?

The competition is over - how about a game of another kind instead?

Competing against a friend or even a lover, is usually so much harder - winning, almost impossible

Rex and Hunter had made quick work of getting out of their gear and into the showers. The two of them standing under the watery spray, only so far away from each other. It wasn't rush hour by any means, most troopers still working on their assigned rotations and the rest of the training sessions having ended some time ago. So most of the stalls had been unoccupied.

So, having to choose and pick whichever stall they had wanted. Still, the two men having chosen the ones closest to each other. As if somehow, feeling the pull of the other, levitating towards the each other.

It was all casual at first, both Rex and Hunter making their best effort to keep their eyes on themselves. Washing off the training session's sweat. Feeling better for it and more relaxed?

At least, that had been the goal as the showers were set to have massaging properties as well.

But, it seemed that neither of them was getting relaxed. At all. Rather feeling more and more anxious the longer they remained under their respective shower sprays.

Some moments passed, their washing long since ended, their bodies shiny and clean. But neither of them had made a move to leave.

Rex had given a few glances at the general direction of Hunter's stall. Not letting his gaze linger for too long though. But he had made note of the lean muscular frame of Hunter's not so dissimilar from his own. Even if Hunter was a slimmer build than the regs Rex was used to bedding.

But with Hunter, it was a tad different situation for whatever reason Rex could not fathom at the very moment.

Something of a surprise to Rex himself as well. Being much more direct with his usual conquests, at least where casual new ones were concerned. The established ones hardly needed the play of the chase. Rather getting to the point without too much hassle. By simply asking.

Even if Rex was impressed with Hunter both on the field and in the here and now on a more personal level. Certainly being naked in a shower, even if a separate one. was surely getting to know the other man more, personally.

But perhaps, Rex thought, this was not a simple cop a feel and bed and leave situation after all.

They were friendly now, perhaps even becoming even better friends. At least, Rex wanted that and suspected Hunter did as well. So, dwelling on that thought for a moment longer. The idea from earlier perhaps not being the best approach after all.

There had been certain sings from Hunter indicating he was interested in Rex though. At least Rex liked to think he had honed senses to recognise sexual interest having the long experience and all. But, after some rethinking, Rex wasn't sure if he really should pick up on that no matter how much his libido urged him to jump the other man's bones.

Rex was torn between his desire of the naked man beside him and acting all proper and prim just in case he had misread the other man's glances now and earlier too.

Hunter was having his own thoughts tumbling inside of his head.

As it was, Hunter had sneaked a few peeks of his own of Rex. Mostly it was out of simple admiration, as he liked to call it. Assuring himself it was all just innocent curiosity. Rex was no ordinary clone after all, that much was for sure. And Hunter had already gotten to know the professional and the caring side as well while rescuing Echo. Hunter liked the man despite first impressions.

But Hunter had also managed to prove the rumours going around to be true after the few errant lingering glimpses he had so casually taken of the other man. Rex was certainly no regular clone!

The two of them had worked together plenty since the first time they had clashed a little and Hunter had nothing but admiration and respect for the Captain. Hunter certainly felt comfortable around Rex, just like he did with Commander Cody.

But it was the more so with Rex, which made Hunter want to wait and see what could happen.

Hunter wanted to know Rex better. Much better. That much was for sure. And it was far beyond any friendly manner either.

Sneaking in several glances already of the naked form of Rex's in all its gloriousness. The waters cascading over his muscular form. Hunter felt the familiar tingling sensations from before running through his own body.

Having watched Rex in action during another battle simulation several weeks ago, the memories of Rex making his way through the field in a well balanced dance, slaying his prey. It had been beautiful to watch and Hunter had felt the arousal then like he had done while seeing Rex fight during their sparring match earlier. He also knew his arousal would soon become evident for all to see, even having turned the shower to a more colder setting.

Hunter had a dilemma as he could not be sure whether the glances Rex had stolen when he thought Hunter wasn't looking were anything but just glances of curiosity. Taking a look at what the enhanced clones were made of. As it was, Hunter could detect eyes on him even without looking with thanks to his special abilities.

Hunter was beginning to wonder though, why Rex had not left the showers yet. Then again, neither had Hunter.

It was as if both of them were simply waiting for the other to make some kind of decision. As to what it was? Well, that was still pretty much hanging open in the air.

Whatever the reason was for Rex to remain in the shower, Hunter felt the need to do something. And soon. If nothing then for his own sake at least. As all the water wasn't doing any good for his skin. And well, the arousal was still there. So before he would embarrass himself, he needed to leave.

Hunter turned his shower off and turned to grab a towel from the rack between the two stalls.

Just as he did, he found himself face to face with Rex as apparently the idea of leaving had popped into both their minds at the same time. Or at least, Hunter thought that to be the case. Hoping only that Rex would keep his eyes level and not look down.

For a spell, the two of them simply glared at each other. Their eyes meeting. Locked to the others for a moment longer before the glances started roaming. Taking a good look at the full frontal nakedness of the other's body. Taking it all in with the admiration they were allowed.

There was certainly no hiding from the others gaze. As Hunter's eyes reached the lower parts of Rex's body, he could clearly see the dilemma they both shared. There was no hiding it now and at this point Hunter did not even care to hide. The signs were quite obvious and present for both of them as to whether there was any interest for a more intimate relationship.

Hunter gulped when Rex licked his lips. Before he knew what was happening, Hunter was pushed against the wall with Rex's eyes on his at first, then eyeing Hunter's lips like it was meal being served for a starving man.

Rex remained only glaring at Hunter despite his bravado. Waiting for permission.

Hunter knew it was up to him to make the next move. Closing the brief gap between them, Hunter crashed their lips together. His own desire matching that of Rex's, sucking the other man's lips. His tongue sliding into Rex's mouth, finding its counterpart there, yielding readily to the probing intrusion with a loud moan vibrating from somewhere deep within.

After the permission given, Rex's hands were all over Hunter's nakedness, touching each and every inch they could reach while being lip-locked with Hunter's delicious mouth. Hunter was not wasting any time either, his own hands roaming all over Rex's exposed skin.

The need for air finally too strong, letting go of the others lips with a loud smack as they did.

"I…" Rex started not really sure what he wanted to say as all he could think of at that very moment was Hunter and how much he wanted to lick and suck and taste the other man, the locking of their lips to a heated kissing session only being a prelude to it all.

"Yeah, me too." Hunter was sure now of what they both wanted as was Rex.

Their lips found each others once again, their bodies touching, their skins sliding against each other, the waters effect still there never having managed to dry themselves off. Their passion, their desire matching as their kissing was even more heated.

But the exhaustion of their sparring match and standing way too long in the shower was beginning to show. Both their legs feeling a tad shaky just then. Most likely their eagerness and the excitement of finding out the other wanting them as much as they had. And so, it was time to move along somewhere more comfortable.

Breaching for air again, Rex and Hunter stood leaning against each other. Both panting, clutching on to the other for support and really not wanting to let go either. Their foreheads against the others.

"Guess, we should take this to somewhere more, private?" Rex suggested with a hint of a smirk in his voice.

"Yeah." Hunter's voice was shaky, feeling the fatigue, even if he really wanted to finish what they had started. "Lying down sounds appealing right now." Hunter said rather suggestively.

Rex leaned back then and glared at Hunter for a moment before saying anything. Looking for something it seemed, but as Hunter looked back into Rex's eyes, there was only desire present there. Having a flash of images flooding to his mind with Hunter spread eagled on the bed and Rex making Hunter feel all kinds of things.

"Indeed." Rex finally said in a more decisive tone.

Hunter had a wicked grin on his face too, as if he had just read Rex's mind and seen the images there. Because Hunter too was having similar thoughts of his own, ready and willing to do Rex's bidding, whatever it meant.

"Come on, I know just the place."

Rex placed his hand around Hunter's hip, guiding the two of them towards the towel rack quickly grabbing two as there really was no need to dress themselves. Only to make a quick dash for the barracks and Rex's quarters.