Mat had been considered a very imaginative child, who used to talk of magic. He knew that he was lucky to have found parents who loved him, even though he couldn't tell them the full truth about his past. They knew that it wasn't his fault that he got confused when it came to what really happened, and what he had imagined.

Mat had been very surprised when an owl showed up at his window and gave him a letter. The letter was addressed to Matomorvool Gaunt, but his name was Matthew Morvool Clements.

Mat hesitated, and then opened the letter.

Dear Matomorvool,

I don't know if you'd remember me, but I certainly remember you. I'm your big sister, and I never forgave Mama and Papa for turning you out.

I hate to write to you begging for money, but due to a lack of options, that's what I'm doing. I ran off with my boyfriend, and he left me, and now I'm pregnant and homeless. It's okay if you don't want to help me, but it would be amazing if you did.



Mat not only sent her money, he even sent her his address. He then watched the owl fly off, wondering if he had ever really been as imaginative as the adults had claimed.

The next day, the owl came back, with the unopened envelope, and then flew away. He suspected that his sister must have never gotten it. He hoped that this didn't mean that she was dead.