Another two weeks passed, and day by day, things seemed to get less and less tense between Yanagi and Irina.

Well, on Yanagi's side at least, there wasn't any tenseness at all when it came to his twin tailed lover.

After he threw around Hyoudou, he'd met Yanagi at her place and they'd revealed the news that they were dating.

Though not that Irina was involved as well…yet.

The Uzaki family took it quite well…except for Fujio, who'd had some form of mental break down and wailed weirdly and got all defensive.

Honestly, Kaito was more amused by it than anything else. Especially since, the man couldn't help but rush to his 'aid' to spot him at the gym whenever they were both present.

And considering how much time he spend there that was a lot. It was so amusing seeing the man give him the stink eye, before praising him on instinct when he got a set of reps down.

…Course then Yanagi had to ruin his fun by telling her dad that Kaito himself didn't have a father and that when they got married, Fujio would be his father in law and well, technically his dad.

And ever since then he'd taken to badgering Kaito into calling him papa.

He of course, did not do so.

Which led him to now, sitting on the floor in his apartment with a familiar dark, corrupted holy blade laid across his lap.

Yanagi and Irina were currently bustling around the kitchenette area of the home and the television was blaring with some magical girl anime of some sort.

He ignored it all and stared down at the blade.

'…What to do with you?' he wondered, drumming his fingers atop his thigh in thought.

Just by wrapping his hand around the hilt, he could feel his physical prowess and magical power soar upwards.

It was truly a potent weapon for sure.

The problem lay in one thing.

He could not use its absorption ability, not while within it, currently resisted the cursed black flames of Canis Lykaon.

He was in quite the conundrum in that regard. If he wanted to use the potent absorption ability, he would have to get rid of the flames in it.

But at the same time, the cursed black flames were powerful, incredibly powerful. They were flames that could burn even a god after all.

The only option he could think of to keep the flame in some form, beyond letting it stay in the sword, was keeping it inside his Sacred Gears, or having one of them absorb the flame like he did with Satanael's corpse.


He'd discovered something odd over the last two weeks while continuing his training to sense magic with Irina.

He'd gotten it down.

And in the process, he was able to call upon his magic power. Though, there was something…odd about it.

When he first called upon it, he'd instinctively coated it around his entire body somehow, cloaking his body in an aura of bright crimson power, a lot like his Touki, but not his Touki.

…And just like his Touki, it had increased his physical abilities quite substantially, around the same amount as his Touki.

'Which isn't normal according to Irina.' he mused. According to her, one simply spreading their power across their body did not empower them, it didn't for humans and it didn't even for devils.

And when he was using it, he could freely control it, change its shape and extend it beyond his body.

Honestly, according to Irina, it gave her a similar feel as his dragon fire did.

So, his best guess, was that it was some kind of dragon magic?

With it…could he perhaps, absorb the flames? Devour them and add them to his dragon fire?

"Oi, meat head," the voice of Yanagi broke him from his thoughts and he looked up to see the short white haired girl was standing above him with a toothy grin, "Put that sword away will ya'? Dinner's almost ready."

Huh, he hadn't even noticed her approaching. Had he been that deep in thought?

"Alright." he shrugged and agreed. He grasped the sword with his Twice Critical clad hand and with a thought, stored it back inside the Sacred Gear.

And then blinked as Yanagi promptly took its spot on his lap as soon as he did so, her grin turning cheshire.

"I thought dinner was ready?" he snorted, but didn't stop himself from wrapping his arms around her waist.

"It is, and I cooked most of it, Irina agreed to put it out for us, so I've got a few minutes to cuddle with you." Yanagi leaned back and rubbed her nose against the bottom of his chin, like a cat preening and searching for praise.

And wiggled her backside into his crotch.

…This girl.

He could feel himself beginning to harden from her motions and it definitely didn't help that all she was wearing…was a tight pink sweater and tiny white shorts that didn't even reach mid thigh.

"You tease." he growled softly down at her, before tilting his head and capturing her soft lips with his own.

Yanagi moaned into his mouth as he slipped his tongue between her lips, and then moaned even louder once more as his hands came up to cup her absolutely huge, soft tits through her sweater.

As he fondled her huge tits and kissed her silly, he ground himself into her backside and noticed, the hard nubs poking through her sweater.

She wasn't wearing a bra.

He slid his hands along her tits so his fingers could reach and gently pinched and pulled on her hard nipples through it.

She broke the kiss, a soft squeal of, "Ah~!" leaving her pretty and pink moist lips.

"Mou, seriously?" the pouty voice of Irina made the both of them pause and look to see her balancing a plate of steaming food in each hand, "Stealing a march like that while I'm setting the food out isn't fair Yanagi-chan!"

"Pshaw, said by the one who gets to sleep beside him every night!" Yanagi fired back, "Honestly, screw the food, I've been waiting too long for this!"

Kaito blinked as she dove literally into a roll out of his lap, breaking his hold on her breasts, before swerving around to kneel in front of him.

A golden glow shone from beneath her bangs….and his crossed legs were pulled apart….and his shorts were dragged down to his ankles.

His towering, thick and hard erection sprang free and slapped against his stomach.

"Holy shit!" Yanagi gaped as it did.

"Oh….my." Irina actually took a step back, cheeks tinting red as she saw it and almost dropped the plates in her hand.

He had to withhold a shuddering breath as his blood quickened in his veins and his his limbs shook slightly as if a mass of adrenaline were flooding his body.

If it were not for the memories of his other self and the many…many times he'd engaged in super sexy fun times or 'winning' as he liked to call it, he may have actually been too nervous to do anything.

As it was, it was a close thing, because his other self had simply never gotten this far with a pair of drop dead gorgeous bombshells like Irina and Yanagi.

He forced a smirk onto his face and grasped his cock by the base and waved it at them as if it were a baton, "What, are you just gonna stare at it?" he teased, giving it a stroke.

"Like hell!" Yanagi retorted, shuffling forward on her hands and knees to grasp his cock in her much smaller hands, her fingers unable to even wrap around it, "Damn this thing is huge…and the smell is so musky, it's making me kinda light headed."

"It's gonna do a lot more than that." Kaito licked his lips and she yelped a bit as he reached over her to grasp her by the ass with one hand and pull her around to his side. He then looked at the older twin tailed girl eyeing his manly winner meat rod with a deep purple gaze, "Made some space for you as well babe." he grinned and invited her.

Irina nodded dazedly, almost instinctively, "Okay…" a smile twisted at her lips and all hesitation faded from her, as she reached down and grasped the onesie she was wearing and lifted it right up over her head, bearing her entire body to, her huge, creamy breasts with rosy pink nipples already erect, her smooth toned belly and hairless, perfectly groomed little slit and leaving her in only a pair of black thigh highs, "Make room for me too Irina-chan!" she cheered and practically skipped over, her big bouncy breasts jostling enticingly on her chest before dropping to her knees on the other side of him, opposite of Yanagi and staring at his cock in awe.

"First taste is mine!" Yanagi instead took the initiative and surged forward, opening her pink puckered lips wide open and wrapping it around his fat flared cock head.

"You're so greedy Yanagi-chan." Irina pouted, "But don't think just because you did that I can't either, it's plenty big enough!" she added, before leaning forward and sticking her cute little tongue out…and dragging it from near the base of his cock, all the way up to just where Yanagi was slurping on his cockhead, her own tongue teasing his urethra, before the lewd twin tailed former holy exorcist, dragged it all the way to the bottom, before dragging up to the top again and repeating.

"Ugh..shit!" Kaito grunted in pleasure, a shiver running down his spine. One beautiful shortstack slurping on the top of his cock while a twin tailed voluptuous babe worshipped the length itself with her tongue?

Now this….this was amazing. He could just imagine himself now, with these two, sitting atop a throne within a penthouse Atrium while these two beautiful girlfriends of his worshipped his cock, surrounded by splendour.

All things considered, that was well within his reach now. He almost couldn't believe it, but truly, he was on the path of winning now.

He raised his other hand and reached over, clapping it down atop one of Irina's doughy pert ass cheeks, quite a bit larger than Yanagi's own and squeezed, filling his fingers with the soft flesh, while with his other, he yanked down Yanagi's tiny shorts and the thong she was wearing underneath them down past her ankles, baring her own perky ass cheeks and dripping slit.

With his hands filling with their bare ass cheeks and them worshipping his cock together, Kaito grinned massively, his cock throbbing with primal desire.

He squeezed both of their pliant asses, before trailing down and rubbing his rough fingers against their slits.

He was not surprised to find them slippery and wet at all.

"Oh!" Irina stopped to gasp softly as he teased her entrance, while Yanagi just moaned wantonly around the fat cock head filling her mouth. "You naughty boy Kaito-kun~" Irina looked back to give him a smoky look.

He gave her a light spank in response, making her spine straighten and the girl give a small yelping moan, "It's your fault, being so lewd and sexy." he growled.

The only reason he managed to hold himself back from launching himself at the bare naked exorcist as she giggled and licked her lips in response and pinning her beneath him, was because of Yanagi practically suction cupping her mouth around his dick and taking the chance to wrap both her hands back around his cock and stroke it with both while Irina was distracted.

He happily took her up on that offer, slipping his hand between her lips and gently parting her slit with the tip of his finger, while running his thumb across her clit.

"Ah~!" she moaned breathily.

'….Tonight is going to be a really good night.' Kaito thought to himself. He had no plans on stopping after all.

Suffice to say, they banged.

It was amazing. Much pleasure, many screams. Epic orgasms and squirting vajayjay's.

The food got cold.

The end.

A frown was on her face.

There had been all day in fact. Actually, it had formed last night, when she'd gotten a message from her father.

Her parents had went back on their agreement. They had decided to push her marriage date up. Now, instead over having over four years to prepare, she didn't even have a week.

She was expected to return to the underworld and marry Riser Phenex come the weekend.

Her hands tightened around the cup of tea clasped in her hands as she stared out of the window of her clubroom.

The school grounds were empty and quiet, the sun already beginning to set and casting a warm orange glow over the school building.

…She didn't know what to do.


She flinched at the call of her name and looked over to the couches where Sona sat, a blank look on her face and her own cup of tea, now empty sitting on the table.

She blinked slowly, how long had she been staring out of the window? She was sure it was just a moment ago Akeno had poured the tea for them both before leaving them to speak in private.

"Do you have a plan?" Sona, blunt as ever, got straight to the point.

"No." Rias shook her head, and replied honestly. She had some countermeasures prepared in advance at best. Because she'd known for a long time now, her getting free of her engagement, would come down to a Rating Game.

The problem was, she thought she had until she had finished college until such a thing would come up, that was what she had agreed upon with her parents.

While she and her peerage weren't quite a match for Riser yet, she was sure at the rate they were going that by the time came, she would be well above him.

Even trying to be humble about it, Rias couldn't deny her peerage's innate potential, was far above Riser's own peerage's.

"I'm still not even sure why they've rushed it ahead." she admitted with a tired sigh, feeling the beginnings of a headache begin to form.

"It's because of Hyoudou." Sona replied without missing a beat.

"…Issei?" Rias tilted her head, "Why would he be the…oh…" she trailed off.

"You told them you had obtained the Red Dragon Emperor, didn't you?" Sona asked pointedly, knowingly, a glint shining on her glasses, "You couldn't resist the urge to brag to your family about your success."

Rias felt her cheeks heat up. While that wasn't quite all of it…it wasn't wrong either.

"I don't believe any devil has ever managed to recruit one of the heavenly dragons hosts," Sona mused aloud, "Most of them never reach their full potential because of the innate limiters that come with being human, not to mention their longevity. A Red Dragon Emperor freed from the chains of being human, under the precious little sister of the Satan Lucifer? I can only imagine the monstrously powerful beast they've imagined. Your parents know Riser Phenex has no chance against even a half way trained Red Dragon Emperor, so they're taking care of this issue before you have a heavy hitter in your corner he can't hope to overcome. Your parents aren't stupid Rias, I'm betting they've known for a long time you planned on pinning your fate on a rating game."

Rias grimaced…she was right, wasn't she? As weak as Issei was, with magic power about as strong as an average human toddler even after being reincarnated and only barely being as fit as an athletic sports playing human, he'd managed to overcome that fallen angel, Raynare who by her estimates, was on the mid-class, far from her own and Sona's level, but still vastly above where Issei stood even now.

Yet, with no training at all, having no experience in fighting at all and against such a fallen who had a power healing Sacred Gear at her beck and call, he'd shot past her momentarily with the Boosted Gear.

Such was the power of a Longinus.

One year of dedicated training, and she was sure Issei would become too strong for Riser to defeat.

"Of course, you most likely forgot to mention that your own Red Dragon Emperor, may very well be the weakest in all of history," Sona mused, "Hyoudou definitely isn't what most would picture when thinking of the Red Dragon Emperor."

"Well…you're not wrong." Rias admitted with a sigh. She had grown fond of Issei, like a silly, pervy little brother. He was not however, the hardest working person.

His growth in the last month or so she'd been training him, had been middling at best. He dragged his heels when it came to training, and wouldn't do any at all unless she personally forced him to.

With how gung ho he'd been about becoming High Class and getting his own peerage and harem initially, she was actually a bit surprised by how little effort he was putting in.

…Effort that had dwindled even more in the last two weeks. Ever since their little run in with Kaito Evander. Issei had been sulking a lot the past two weeks and was constantly hovering around Asia as if expecting the other boy to pop up and steal her away.

Which was silly, because as she'd told him after Kaito had left, he'd only put his crass offer out in the open, to get a rise out of Issei.

But, it hadn't done anything to soothe his worries.

'I really did underestimate the dislike they have for each other.' she thought. Kaito had been nothing like when she spoke to him or what anyone said about him, usually, most had nothing but good things to say about him. And Issei couldn't fathom that the boy was lying about what he wanted and was out to steal Asia from him.

…And Koneko, and Akeno and herself.

He was a bit silly like that.

Because, Kaito Evander had no interest in them like that. At least not in the vein of joining her in return. What he actually wanted, wasn't something she could give. If giving the boy her virginity would be enough to recruit him and deal with Riser for her, she'd take that offer in a heart beat.

She'd rather die than marry Riser Phenex. Even if it would be her that had all the power in their relationship, since it was him marrying into her family, it did not change she would have to sleep with him until she bore a child. And it didn't change the fact, that as a married couple, he would have equal rights to her peerage, just as she would to his.

Which was why if she did end up having to marry him, she was going to dismiss her peerage and make them free devils. She wouldn't allow Riser even the tiniest ability to force himself on the girls of her peerage or lord his 'superiority' over Kiba and Issei.

"Hyoudou can't do anything, neither Kiba nor Koneko have the ability to overcome the regeneration of a Phenex as they are, your two bishops can do nothing here," Sona listed off, "Which leaves you, who lacks the sheer power needed to fuel your power of destruction enough to keep him down and Akeno…who has the power, but…"

"But can't use it and I won't force her to," Rias denied instantly, as much as she would love for Akeno to use her true power, and Koneko too, their happiness was much more important to her than her own well being, "My only option is to take down his peerage quickly and hope to do it with enough of us left to overpower him and immobilize him somehow."

Maybe destroy his body and freeze him solid before he could fully regenerate and keep him in that state? If Kiba made enough of his Flame Delete swords…it might be possible.

That was assuming they could overpower him though, after assuming there was enough of them to keep fighting after taking on his entire peerage. As they were, Riser was stronger than them all by a decently large margin. The only advantage she could see at all, was that from all the rating games she'd seen him participate, he let his peerage fight and only stepped in if they were defeated.

Even if her entire peerage fought against Riser himself alone right now, she wasn't sure they could win.

"Which presents you with a massive conundrum," Sona crossed her arms over her lap, and stared Rias in the eyes, "Currently, as it stands, you do not have a chance at all against Riser, not unless you can magically get Hyoudou to unlock his Balance Breaker at least."

…She hadn't even managed that with Kiba in all the years he'd been with her. Heck, she hadn't even managed to help Gasper control his own Sacred Gear yet, never mind obtain Balance Breaker.

"Quite," Sona nodded knowingly, "Which means, if you want to win, your only option is to recruit someone capable of defeating Riser Phenex one on one."

"Meaning, Kaito." Rias sighed, shoulders slumping.

"Meaning Evander, yes," Sona agreed, "Unless your brother transfers a member of his own peerage to you, he is the only viable candidate."

"Not really, I can't give him what he wants," Rias shook her head ,"Not to mention, I'm not even sure if I can reincarnate him now after the evolution his sacred gear went through."

She only had a single knight and rook left. Her best bet, was the rook, which was worth a maximum of five pawns. It had taken eight to reincarnate Issei, and measurement wise, 7.9 of the total 8 of those pawns, had been for the Boosted Gear alone while the 0.1 had been for Issei.

Kaito was not only much greater in worth than Issei without taking anything else into account, he had two Sacred Gears on top of that, one containing all the power of a Cadre within it.

The more she thought on it, the more she doubted her chances. She just simply wasn't strong enough to be confident in her chances.

…Besides, "What about you, didn't you want to recruit him?" she asked her friend.

"I did and still do, but I can always just steal him from you later," Sona smirked at her, "I after all am the younger sister of the one he's interested in and a direct in with her."

"Allegedly interested in," Rias snorted, after all, they were both sure that was just a smokescreen for his true desire, being a high class devil without having to work under another, "….Though, that might be possible…"

An idea came to mind. A crazy idea. One she would normally never even consider

They were both sure, his initial offer of wanting Serafall Leviathan came down to him simply angling for other possible ways to become High Class without having to work his way up. There was no way in creation, the spouse of a Satan would be forced to be low class or anything like that.

But, there were other ways to become High Class. For example, being a member of a High Class noble family, like herself and Sona who were considered part of the High Class of devils upon birth.

…What if, she offered to marry him? If Kaito became her husband, he would be a part of nobility and a lord of the Gremory house. He would be more a trophy husband than anything else, but he would still be considered High Class.

If possible, she wanted to marry on her own terms and to someone she loved, but, if she could work out a proper agreement with Kaito Evander, then at the very least, she could have a tolerable marriage, if not a loving one.

"You look like you have a plan." Sona's eyebrow rose above her glasses, her tone suggesting interest.

"Maybe," Rias shrugged, giving her friend a smile, "It comes down to two things, if he'll agree or not, and if I'm capable of recruiting him."

That and his express agreement that he wouldn't cause any problems with her peerage, Issei included.

…Though Issei was bound to flip his lid if he did agree and become even more suspicious that Kaito really was planning on sleeping with all the girls in her peerage.

That…would be fun, for sure.


But it was better than Riser at the very least.

"Then I suggest you get going and see about it then," Sona pointed out, "The clock is ticking after all."

"Yes, you don't need to remind me," Rias sighed and stood up, setting her empty tea cup on her desk, "I suppose I'll see you later Sona?"

"Quite." Sona shrugged her shoulders.

Shaking her head, Rias cast her hand out, a crimson glow lighting up the room as the Gremory teleportation circle appeared at her feet and she stepped inside, a flash of red obscuring her vision briefly as she left the club room behind.

Sona stared at the spot where her childhood friend disappeared, lips pursed, "How annoying." she stated to the empty room.

Let it not be said, that she did not care for Rias. They had been friends since their early childhood, she was perhaps closer to Rias, than even her own sister in some ways.

That, was what made it vexing. Putting others before oneself because you cared about then, truly had no strategic value. And logically speaking, was idiocy.

Yet, she found herself about to partake in such idiocy herself, "…Couldn't they have waited a few months." all alone in the club room, Sona allowed herself the chance to whine.

With just a few months to make Hyoudou even halfway capable, Rias would have at least been able to put up a fight and everything would not be so drastic.

And she wouldn't have to give up one of her own prospects and make a fail safe for Rias in regards to Evander if she failed in her recruitment of him.

Sighing in annoyance, Sona rose to her feet and cast out her own hand, summoning the glowing blue crest of the Sitri clan at her feet and stepping in to it.

…Now she had to go talk to her sister.

Just perfect.

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