Author's note. This chapter might be short.

Georg's POV

My children are in the garden and I said "Now children it's not like you to be secretive". Brigitta said "We aren't being secretive father". I said "Hmm mm and it's not like my children to be late for breakfast". Frederich said "We lost track of the time". I said "Ah I see. Alright now who'll tell me the truth". Louisa said "We are telling you the truth". I said "The real truth. Brigitta, Frederich, Liesl". Liesl said "Where do you think we were father". I said "Hmm. Now". Liesl smiled. I said "Alright, Marta!" Marta said "Yes father". I squatted down to her level and said "You tell me". Marta said "We already told you father; we were berry picking". I said "I forgot you were berry picking". The children said "Yeah". I asked "Since six o'clock". Louisa said "We picked thousands of berries". I said "Really because I don't see Kurt waking up at 6 in the morning to go berry picking".

Louisa said "You know Kurt he'll wake up and go anywhere if there's food". I said "Right thanks for the reminder, Louisa. So, what kind of berries did you pick". Frederich said "Strawberries". I said "Strawberries mm". The children were saying "Yes father" "We picked strawberries". I said "Children it's too early for strawberries". Frederich said "They were blueberries". I said "Blueberries?" Frederich said "Yes father you see it's been so warm lately they turned red" and the children rolled their eyes. I said "Aw what a shame. Show me the berries". Louisa said "the berries?" I said "Yes show me the berries you picked this morning". The children were all like "Uh well" "You see we" "Well we". I said "Come on show me them". Kurt said "Well we don't have them anymore". I leveled myself and said "You don't have them anymore. Well, what happened to them?" Kurt said "Well, we we" looked at the others.

Brigitta quickly said "We ate them" and the rest agreed. I said "You ate them. All of them". Kurt said "Yeah". Gretl said "They were delicious". Louisa said "I hate the most". Liesl said "Oh they were so juicy". I said "Okay. Since you obviously stuffed your bellies with thousands of delicious berries you can't possibly be hungry for lunch, so I'll just tell frau Schmidt to skip your lunch" and started walking towards the house. I looked back and they were all shocked and Kurt looked horrified. I stifled a laugh and continued to my study. Max asked "So, did they tell you where they were?" I said "They lied about where they were". Max said "Whoa it must be something bad. Who knows they might've gone to see that lovely fraulien".

I said "They wouldn't lie about it". Max said "Sure they would if they think you hate her". I asked "Why would they think I hate her?" Max said "Let me see, you don't like them to even mention her name or because you're turning back into the man you were after Agathe died". I said "I couldn't have gotten that bad". Max said "Sure you have, they wear uniforms again-". I said "Only when they leave the house". Max said "And you've been whistling for them since Maria left and you don't take them anywhere". I asked "I have?" Max said "Yup. Haven't you wondered why they've been leaving the same time before today. Before today they always left after breakfast to go to Maria's mountain and I bet you today they left early to try and see her at the abbey".

I said "Even if that's so, why would they lie about it?" Max said "Easy, you changed when Maria came, you turned into the man you were when Agathe was around and now Maria's gone and you're turning back into the man you were after Agathe". I asked "What are you saying?" Max said "I think it's quite clear but you're just denying it". I asked "Denying what?" Max said "You happen to have fallen in love with Maria". I couldn't have been that obvious. Max said "I know what you're thinking. And yes, you were very obvious I mean even the children could tell even Elsa could tell". I said "Speaking of Elsa you said you know a secret about Elsa that the children couldn't hear. Now we're alone mine telling me". Max said "Only when you admit to have fallen in love with Maria".

I said "Max either tell me the secret or not. It's nonnegotiable". Max said "Admit it". I said "It doesn't matter. Admitting it won't make her come back". Max said "It'll get weight of your chest". I said "And that weight won't make her come back to me". Max said "I got my answer". I said "What are you talking about? I didn't say anything". Max said "You said admitting it won't make her come back to you, not here, not the children but you". I sucked my teeth. Max said "Relax you get to hear Elsa's secret". I said "Honestly I don't care". Max said "Trust me you'll want to hear this. Remember I went to Vienna a while back". I said "Yeah". Max said "I went to see Elsa since we both know she likes 110% attention on her and she was in her house with a man named Elias and I asked her to explain herself and apparently they've been seeing each other for months".

I said "I knew that already". Max said "You did?" I said "Yes Elsa explained it and said you introduced them a couple months ago". Max said "Hey I went to see how she was doing and he was there". I asked "Exactly what did she offer you to keep her secret?" Max said "Elsa said she'd convince you to let the children perform in the festival. Even though I knew the only person who could convince you is Maria and that's why Elsa made Maria leave and-". I said "Wait Elsa made her leave?" Max said "Yes. Who do you think made her leave?" I said "I thought it was my fault". Max said "None of that was your fault". I asked "How do you know it was Elsa?" Max said "Oh during the party when you and Herr Zeller were talking, I saw Elsa go upstairs". I said "Well that explains why the children don't like Elsa". Max said "Well that was more her fault and before she scared Maria off".

I heard a knock and said "Come in" and Kurt walked in with a scared look and asked "Are you really going to skip our lunch". I asked "Where were you really today?" Kurt sighed and said "Obviously you don't believe us. We went to try and visit fraulien at the abbey but she wasn't available". I said "Take off your uniform and tell your brothers and sisters we're going on a trip". Kurt asked "Where?" I said "Don't worry you'll see". Kurt asked "Do we have to where our uniforms?" I said "I wouldn't tell you to change just to put them back on" and Kurt left. Max asked "Where are you taking them?" I just smiled and went to get dressed.

Author's note. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. If you want to see where the captain takes the children keep reading.