Author's note. This takes place after Maria left to return to the von Trapp villa. How will the captain's talk with the mother abbess go? Read on to find out. Might be short.

Georg's POV

I was following sister Berthe and even by her look I understood why Maria feared her or kissed the floor whenever she came her way. Sister Berthe said "This way" and turned a corner. Another nun walked over and asked "What did you do to Maria?" I said "Nothing. What happened? Is she hurt?" Sister Berthe said "Sister Margaretta please not now the mother abbess is expecting him". I said "Wait I want to know what happened to Maria". I need to know what happened. Sister Margaretta said "I don't know when she came back here, she was miserable not her usual self". I thought she missed the abbey. Sister Margaretta continued "And Louisa came over about 2 months ago and said you did something to her. Now what did you do to her?" I said "Nothing". Sister Margaretta scoffed and continued walking down the hall.

Sister Berthe said "Right in there" and knocked on the door. I heard the mother abbess say "Enter" when I went to walk in, sister Berthe stopped me and said "Wait here" and went inside. Sister Berthe came out less than a minute later and said "You can go in now" and I walked in and asked "What happened to Maria? Is she hurt?" The mother abbess looked surprised and said "Good evening captain von Trapp". I said "Good evening". Mother abbess said "Now I have a few questions for you. Why have you come here today?" I said "To see Maria along with my children". Mother abbess said "I spoke to Maria and it seems you played a part of Maria returning here and being miserable". I said "I don't know what I did. Sister Margaretta assumed I did something which I'm now questioning but I don't recall doing anything to Maria".

Mother abbess asked "Captain, I don't know you but I know of you. I'd like to know what you think of fraulien?" I said "I don't know what you mean?" Mother abbess said "I want to know if she's just a governess to you or does she mean more to you than a governess?" I said "Yes she means everything to me and my family". Mother abbess said "Captain von Trapp, I spoke to Maria earlier and she seemed confused about her future and I have to ask. Do you love Maria?" These are not questions I expected the mother abbess to ask me about one of her postulants. No point in lying. I said "Yes. Very much as well as my children". Mother abbess said "Okay. And does she know that?" I said "No, I just recently discovered these feelings".

Mother asked "Did Maria show any signs of the feelings you have for her to be mutual?" I said "No but Max Herr Detweiler a friend from childhood always hinted it in conversations". Mother abbess said "Captain von Trapp, I've sent Maria out of the abbey and-". I said "I know sister Berthe told us". Mother abbess said "I sent her out to find her life and sent her back to you to discover if her life is with you or here at the abbey". I asked "You mean Maria's on her way to my house right now?" Mother abbess said "Yes she left about an hour and a half ago so, I think if you leave right now you'll arrive a little after her". She doesn't seem to mind I'm in love with a postulant. Mother abbess continued "I wish you and Maria all the happiness the Lord has to offer especially Maria and her child hood". I asked "What about her child hood?" Mother abbess said "Well lets just say it wasn't the best. Her mother died when she was very young and her father died when she was 12 and she went to live with her uncle who was very cruel to her. And please don't repeat this to anyone. I shouldn't even be saying this".

I asked "Then why are you telling me?" Mother abbess said "Because Maria had a miserable childhood and she- well lets just say it's always good to understand the past of the one you love. I've known Maria for her whole life". I asked "How?" Mother abbess said "Because I'm her aunt, not by blood, I wasn't always a nun, I married her mother's brother and well it didn't work out too well so, I decided to quit on love, and pledge my life to God because I knew he'd never let me down, so, don't be upset if she can't love you back or tell you she loves you but doesn't know how. It's all in her past". Mother abbes and Maria aunt and niece, this is insane. I said "Wait if you were a nun how do you know how Maria's childhood was?" Mother abbess said "Letter we sent letters mainly on birthdays and holidays and honestly based on how she was raised she could've been a lot worse".

I said "I don't care how she was raised; I love her and nothing will ever change that". Mother abbess said "I'll wish all happiness to you and Maria". I said "Thank you". Mother abbess said "Say hi to your children for me". I said "Will do" and left. The children were sad especially Marta & Gretl because they didn't get to see Maria but at least they'll have a surprise waiting for them at home.

Author's note. The mother abbess seemed to know Maria quite well so, I decided to make her family but not a blood relative.