Author's note. I decided for Maria to come back to the von Trapps while they're out. Might be short.

Maria's POV

I can't believe I'm staring at the very house I ran to get away from him. I said "Lord please help me" and opened the gates to the house. When I rang the doorbell Franz answered by saying "Good evening". I said "Good evening, Franz". Franz said "Come in" when I walked in frau Schmidt said "Fraulien Maria!" And hugged me. I said "Good evening frau Schmidt". Frau Schmidt said "Good evening, oh the children will ecstatic when they come back". I said "They're not here?" Frau Schmidt said "No they went out with the captain". I said "Oh. Where did they go?" Frau Schmidt said "I don't know but never mind that. Welcome back". I said "Thanks". Frau Schmidt said "Let's get you settled in" and took my bag.

I didn't have the slightest idea what to do, usually I'd play with the children. Max walked in and said "Maria!" And hugged me. I said "It's nice to see you too Herr Detweiler". Max said "Please call me Max, it's great to see you, maybe you can tame the beast in Georg's form". I asked "Do you know where the children went?" Max said "Well as a matter of fact, I do, they went to Nonberg Abbey". I said "Nonberg Abbey? What for?" Max said "To see you of course. Of the children and Georg will be thrilled" and left. I figured if I'm going to just pop up, I could at least do something and I know just what to do.

While I was in the kitchen, I heard the baroness say "Here!" and walked into the kitchen. The baroness said "Aw Maria, lovely to see you" and surprisingly pulled me into a hug. I uncomfortably said "You too". The baroness said "Well now that you're here, I guess we can squeeze you into the wedding". I asked "Wedding?" The baroness said "Oh yes, I told you he'd get over you soon" and showed me her finger with an engagement ring on it. I felt my heart break right on the spot and forced myself to say "Well, I wish you every bit of happiness". The baroness said "Thank you" and left. I heard Max and the baroness talking and it sounded like they were arguing. I took out measuring spoons and cups, flour, sugar, eggs & bowls and began making while humming about my favorite things but it didn't work like it used to and started baking.

When I was on the 3rd batch of cookies, I heard sad voices singing. Kurt ran in the kitchen and said "Fraulien!" And ran to me, I said "Kurt!" and hugged him. I asked "Where are your brothers and sisters?" Kurt said "Out there. Guys Fraulien Maria's back!" and I heard more footsteps coming. Frederich reached me first and practically picked me up. Liesl was next than Brigitta, Marta, Gretl and then Louisa. I made sure to hug each and every one of them. Marta said "We missed you". I said "I missed you. Kurt how are you, I forgot to ask". Kurt said "Hungry". I smiled and said "Oh children I'm so glad to see you!" Gretl held up her finger.

I bent down to her level and asked "Now Gretl what happened to your finger?" Gretl said "It got caught". I asked "Caught in what?" Gretl said "In Kurt's teeth". I said "I wonder how that happened". Gretl said "He thought it was food" and we laughed. I said "Oh children, I have so many things to tell you". Frederich said "We have things to tell you too". I said "I'm sure you do". Brigitta said "I guess the most important thing is that, father's planning on marrying the baroness" and I felt my heart break. I said "Marrying? Oh, I see". Brigitta said "Father!" and the other children joined in "Fraulien Maria's back!" "Oh, father isn't it great!" "Fraulien Maria came back from the abbey!" I looked at the doorway and said "Good evening captain". The captain said "Good evening. Alright children go and get your lunch". Kurt said "Lunch!" and the children ran.

The captain said "You left. Nothing but a letter not even saying bye to the children". I said "It was terribly wrong, forgive me". The captain asked "Why'd you, do it?" I said "Please- It doesn't matter". The captain said "It matters to me". The baroness said "Fraulien Maria you've come back. Isn't it great Georg". The captain nodded. I said "Oh captain may I wish you happiness, I've been told you're getting married". The captain looked confused for a minute and the baroness said "Thank you". I took out the last batch of cookies and walked pass them. The captain asked "You are going to stay right?" I said "Yes. For as long as I'm needed" and left to find the children.