Spirit of the Moon

By: Witch Child

Chapter One
Passion Lies Within You

WARNING: This fiction contains lemon scenes and is meant for mature

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters of Inu-Yasha

An exquisite moan escaped Kagome's lips as Sesshoumaru worked magic with his tongue. He was creating the intense feelings of pleasure, all traveling to one central point of heat. It pooled, knotted, and twisted, readying to explode in her. She could feel herself being pushed over the edge but held back. She wanted to feel more of this paradise before she fell from her cloud. Sesshoumaru smirked at her. He knew exactly what she was doing. He pulled away from her, earning a groan of frustration that turned into a whimper as he slid up her body to kiss her.

His hands continued to explore her body as he rubbed his erection against her crotch. He loved the way she moaned his name, begged him for more. More that he was very willing to give. He lifted himself on his elbows, a hand going to move a stray piece of hair from her eyes. She looked at him, more like glared. He chuckled, "Now, now, my spitfire." He bent his head to inhale her soft sent of arousal, taking in a deep breath. Moving his lips to her ears he whispered to her, "This will hurt, Koi." He thrust into her to the hilt, biting the junction of her neck and shoulder simultaneously.

She cried out from the mixture of pleasure and pain. He paused as he heard her, whispering nothings into her ear. When he felt her push up against him he started to pull out. At her sharp intake of breath he thrust back in. Her moans would have been heard for miles with the silence of the night, if it weren't for the barrier erected to protect them. He knew she was in heat and dammed if he let any other demon within a hundred miles of her tonight..or any other night. She was his now, body and soul. She was his mate.

She cried out as she reached her fourth orgasm, panting she asked him with a smirk, "Gods your insatiable! How long can you last!" He chuckled at her.

"Actually you haven't seen the half of it, my dear. I could fuck you all day and still not tire of you." He actually laughed at her expression, but it turned in a moan as he felt her lift her hips to meet his. He slowed down their pace a bit, drawing it out. It was a few minutes later when he let out a shuddering breath as he spilled his seed inside of her. His arms barely held him up from collapsing on her. He dropped his head, licking at her chest, the sweat of her body salty on his tongue. He saw the mark he had left with his fangs and smirked. She was his.

The next morning Kagome awoke to the ranting of a certain hanyou. 'Inuyasha!' Her mind screamed as she looked frantically about her. She was still in the clearing, laying by the lake. She scrambled for her clothes and yelled 'sit' just as Inuyasha entered the clearing.

"What the fuck was that for bitch!" Inuyasha muffled voice could still be heard as he yelled at her. Kagome quickly dressed herself and was buttoning her shirt as Inuyasha sprang up, the spell wearing off. "Where the fuck have you been, wench? Shippou was crying all night because of you! I didn't get an ounce of sleep! And it was the fucking new moon last night! What the hell were you thinking! If you would have gotten attac-"

Kagome couldn't take it anymore. His ranting was slowly drilling a hole through her head straight to the section of her brain that screamed 'MIGRAINE!'. Her voice was low and deadly as she muttered the one word that would put him in his place.

Satisfied with her work she grabbed her towel and soaps and headed back to Kaedes village. "Kagome!" She turned to her left and spotted her surrogate son running up to her. She smiled as she realized just how much he has grown. He was taller, reaching her waist now, and turning into a handsome young youkai. "Where were you Mama? We were so worried! Sango and I went out to look for you but couldn't find you anywhere!" His wide eyes looked expectantly at her.

"I guess I fell asleep at the hot springs. I'm sorry to have worried you, Kit." She smiled and ruffled his hair. They walked back to Kaede's hut where Sango and Miroku were enjoying breakfast.

"Ahh! Kagome-sama! We were worried about you last night. Where did you run off too? A secret lover?" Miroku wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as Kagome blushed knowing Miroku was right on target.

"She better not have! She needs to keep searching for the shards! Not running off getting pregnant by Kouga!" Inuyasha stomped into the hut, throwing in his two cents as he heard the last part of Miroku's sentence.

"Shut up, Mutt! Kagome just fell asleep at the Springs!" Kagome smiled at her son as he stuck up for her. She was too tired for all of this.

"Kagome-chan?" Kagome looked over to see Sango staring at her worriedly, "Ne, Are you all right?"

"Fine. Just a bit tired." Kagome dismissed it with a wave of her hand. Sango nodded but still looked worried over her friend.

The group finished their breakfast and set out early when Kagome sensed a shard to the south. She sighed realizing it might be a while before she saw Sesshoumaru again.

It was during a battle with him a little over a month ago when she realized it. He would constantly stare at her whenever he was fighting Inuyasha. His stare was admiring but when they met that night it turned to pure lust.

She had been walking along after a rather big fight with Inuyasha. In her anger she failed to notice a demon lurking in the shadows until it had her pinned to a tree demanding the shikon shards. She tried to struggle but it held her firm. That was when she saw a flash of white go by. It was so quick she didn't notice the creature pinning her to the tree was dead until his body fell to the ground, cleanly cut in two.

She smiled as she remembered what was said that night...


"Where is your little guard dog tonight? Fucking the dead bitch?" Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow at her and noticed how her anger began to rise.

"Probably, but what concern is it to you, Sesshoumaru-SAMA." The sarcasm in her voice was unmistakable and he growled at her.

"Watch your tongue Miko. Without what little protection the mutt offers I could have you killed in less than a heartbeat." He snaked an arm around her waist, fitting her against his body.

"But you wouldn't." Kagome's voice was so soft in that instant he wouldn't have heard it if he weren't a demon. "I can see it in your eyes. You can't kill me. Hurt me probably but I interest you too much for you to kill me."

Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed at her as he realized she was exactly right. And she knew it. "And why should I have interest in a filthy human such as you?"

Kagome shrugged, "You tell me." She was too tired to fight again. She briefly touched the subject of how alike the brothers were when it came to starting arguments and baiting her.

Sesshoumaru's lips quirked up in a smirk and he bent his head down capturing her lips in a heated kiss. His lips prodded hers, his tongue seeking entrance. Kagome had been shocked and he easily gained access. She suddenly felt naked and vulnerable as he pulled away from the kiss and raked his eyes over her form as if drinking her in.

The two just stood there like that for a moment before Jaken stumbled upon them. After a very amusing sight of him passed out from shock, Sesshoumaru kissed her farewell.

"I will see you again, Kagome. Until then...wait for me." He was gone before she could blink.

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