Spirit of the Moon

By: Witch Child

Chapter Nine

Spirit of the Moon

This fiction contains lemon scenes and is meant for mature readers.

I do not own the characters of Inu-Yasha

Inuyasha walked outside into the gardens where he saw Shippou and Rei playing a game of tag with Rin. He smirked as he watched Shippou and Rin exchange glances. Rei ran up to him smiling and punched his leg, "You're it!" He yelled as he scampered off again. Inuyasha laughed and gave chase. Rin was the closest and he changed direction, heading toward her.

Rin squealed when she found she was the new target and swerved behind a bush and straight into the arms of Shippou who had been hiding there. They tumbled to the ground and Inuyasha walked up, tapping the tangle of limbs with his foot, "You're it." He announced in a calm voice before walking off.

The game didn't last long before the group got hungry and they headed to the kitchens for something to eat.

It was lunch time now and when they reached the dinning room they found a fully healed Kagome sitting at the dinning room table with Sesshoumaru to her side. Inuyasha took a moment to gawk at the couple holding hands.

Shippou, who hadn't expected the once-hanyou-now-demon to stop so suddenly ran into the back of his legs before glaring up at him and going around him, where he too had to stop and gawk at the sight. He however was quick to recover.

"What are you doing up! Your suppose to be in bed! Your sick!" He fussed over Kagome as she giggled at his antics.

"I'm fine now Shippou. I took a nap after breakfast and woke up healed." She shrugged her shoulders, not knowing how this had happened but glad it did all the same. Shippou however looked to Rei who was still beside Inuyasha grinning.

"I did it! I did it Mamma!" He cheered as he rushed up to her. Kagome smiled as she placed him in her lap.

"You did what?" Kagome wiped at a smudge of dirt on his face but he swatted her hands away, trying to get her attention away from his dirty face.

"I came to see how you were doing but you were asleep. You looked so sad and hurt and I wanted you better again and then this purple light glowed from where my hand touched your cheek and then YOU glowed and were all better again! I did it!" He said as he clapped his hands together in delight.

Kagome's eyes widened in shock however. "You have my miko powers?" She stated rather than asked.

"A demon priest. Now this is new." Inuyasha commented from the sidelines.

Rei smirked at him. "Yup! It's what I always wanted! To be just like Momma! And now I am!"

Kagome looked from her son to her mate and back again. "You mean you didn't want a whole, happy family?" She asked. If the one thing he wanted most was to be like her then that would mean Sesshoumaru had been telling the truth.

Thoughts raced through Kagomes mind at the possibilities. She had accepted the fact that his love for her was caused by a wish and she had been prepared to take what she could get but now...

Rei scrunched up his face in confusion. "But I already have a happy family. I have you, Shippou, Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, and now I got my Papa and Rin too!" Kagome couldn't believe what she was hearing. That changed everything.

Kagome looked over as Sesshoumaru squeezed her hand and found him grinning at her. Kagome blinked and set Rei down beside Shippou. She gracefully got up from her chair. "Excuse me a moment." She said to Inuyasha and the kids as she dragged a confused Sesshoumaru out of the room.

Kagome dragged him through halls and corridors until she got to a set of huge double doors. She pushed one open enough for her to slide in and dragged the western lord in behind her, shutting the door firmly.

Four pairs of eyes peeked around the corner in curiosity before Inuyasha shrugged and dragged the kids back to the kitchens.

The room Kagome had dragged Sesshoumaru into was beautiful. It was large and done in black, white, and red silks. The bed in the middle of the room was low to the ground but large and soft. The curtains were drawn over the huge windows and Kagome could barely see with the minimal light shinning in. She walked until she was standing in the front of Sesshoumarus bed before turning to glare at him. He was taken aback at first and the surprise he felt showed on his face.

Kagome pushed him hard and he fell upon the bed. Kagome growled at him warningly and said in a low voice that sent chills up his spine. "Fine. But you have a hell of a lot to make up for."

Sesshoumarus eyes widened considerably before a wicked grin spread across his face. "And I intend to."

Kagome grinned and crawled across the bed until she straddled him. Sesshoumaru wrapped his arms around her waist and she ground her hips against him as she leaned down to steal a kiss.

Their kiss was passionate beyond all belief and Sesshoumaru felt his instinct begin to take over as his eyes bled red. He let out a sound that had Kagome wondering if it was a growl or a purr. She didn't have long to decided however as he rolled them over and raked a claw down her shirt, effectively removing the garment from her flushed body.

He did not hesitate in reacquainting himself with her lush breasts. Kagome moaned and moved restlessly beneath him as he attached his mouth to one of her nipples, laving at it and nipping at it, and -oh! Kagome arched her hips up toward him as she wrapped a leg around his waist. Kagome licked her lips as her shaking hands worked at the sash holding his robes closed. "Too many clothes." Her voice whispered harshly and she felt him grin against her.

Sesshoumaru kept himself busy with his task as she managed to undo his top and get it off him. His pants followed soon enough and Kagome pushed him back far enough so she could have her fill of him. Sesshoumaru was definitely 'eye candy'. She ran her hands down his chest, noting he had not changed at all within the past three years. His body was that of a god, well defined and sculpted. Kagome eyes and hands traveled further down and she grasped him, stroking his already painfully hard member a few times before she bent down to swipe her tongue over it and laid a kiss at the tip. The act cause his hips to buck and he pushed her back to take his turn.

The sacrifice her skirt had made would not be remembered as it lay in shreds at the foot of the bed. "You will wear clothes befitting a Lady of your station when you are not in this room." Sesshoumaru growled out as his eyes took in her form. Motherhood had been good to her as it left her slightly more soft than he remembered.

"And when I am in this room?" She breathed out as his hands followed the trail his eyes had taken.

Sesshoumaru's grin was feral. "When you are in this room you will have no need of clothes, my Dear." His kisses started at her toes, working up her feet and legs, nipping at the back of her knee, licking up her thigh; Kagome held her breath. He nipped at the inside of her thigh before placing a kiss on the folds of her center. His tongue came out and lapped at her and Kagome released her breath as she shuddered. Sesshoumaru's lapped at her, tasting her, dipping in a bit further before drawing out and circling the spot he knew brought her the most pleasure.

Kagome gasped and writhed beneath him, moving against his mouth. She clutched at his hair, holding him to her, feeling her climax coming. She moaned deeply and shuddered, her grip on him tightening as he pushed her over the edge.

Sesshoumaru slid up her body as she relaxed her hold on him and she licked her essence from his lips before taking them in a deep kiss. She gasped as she felt him thrust into her and gave a guttural moan as he pulled out of her to repeat the process. He was brushing every little sensitive spot and Kagome could only hold onto him and ride it out as she gasped, groaned, and grunted her pleasure. Her breaths were coming in pants and she attached her lips to Sesshouamrus neck as his hands gripped her hips. He ground into her, feeling his release not far off but holding it back. He wanted this moment to last longer. Gods! If he could stop time he would. The pleasure was like none he had felt before and all because of this woman in his arms. He thrust hard into her as he fell into his own climax, Kagome following not far behind as she quivered around him. Sesshoumaru moaned and clamped his lips on her shoulder, biting down hard.

He released her from his bite and drew a shuddering breath as he eased her leg down and laid gently next to her, not yet withdrawing from her completely, not yet willing to. "My love, my Lady." He whispered as the mark of his family appeared where his bite had been but seconds before. Kagome smiled lazily and kissed him before responding, "My love, my Lord" The mark shimmered a bit before fading to the soft pink color of her powers. They held onto each other and fell into a light slumber, blissful.