From: "Julia Webster"

Title : Messages
Author : Julia
Disclaimer : ::Steals back her toys:: I don't wanna share, they're MINE!
What do ya mean that Hal will only let us play if we share? ohhhhh if I
must ::hands toys over to the next author::
Author's Note : I got a new mobile phone today, and this one has the
little feature where you can send text messages to other mobile phones,
and this got me thinking. Hope you like it! warning - there is some
obscene language in here, nothing that we havn't all heard before


Frank Holloway was bored. Picking up his mobile phone he flicked
through the options on the menu bar, scrolling down he saw something
that piqued his interest - Messages.
*what's this?* he thought. An idea sprung into his mind. Typing as slow
as they come he managed to get a quick message together and send it off
to the receiver.
Rachel Goldstein was bored, she picked up a file from her spotless
desk and opened it halfheartedly, her mind not really on its contents. A
small 'beep' bounced out of her mobile phone in her jacket pocket.
*What the hell?* Rachel thought. No-one had ever sent her messages on
her mobile before, let alone one that said -boo-. Pressing a button she
brought up the sender, the number rang a bell in her mind, but she
couldn't figure out who it was. She decided to take a gamble and return
a message in the hope of discovering the identity of the mysterious
-Boo too you too- Then she hit the send button, curious as to who would
do this to her. She sat back in her chair and waited for the responce.
Frank heard a small beep from his phone and an envelope flashed on
its screen.
*bingo!* he thought, and pressed a button to read the message. Reading
it, he wondered if she knew who he was.
*probably not* he ended up concluding, he had only just brought the
phone before leaving for the Islands, Rachel wouldn't know the number,
let alone have it stored on her phone. He tried to think of a way of
subtly telling her who and where he was, without giving up too many
secrets. He hit the reply button.
-Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink-
*that should twig something in the brilliant brain of hers* he thought
as he sent the message off. He sat back and waited for the responce.
Rachel heard another beep from her phone and another message popped
up on her screen.=20
*what the?? What's water got to do with anything? Who? What? No.. it
couldn't be? Frank?* A million thoughts raced around her mind, filling
her head with possibilities of where her old partner would be. She tried
to think of a way to make sure it was him, without letting them know
they held the upper hand.
-Brissie nice this time of year?- she typed, then hit the send button.
Frank heard+ another beep, another message from Rachel flashed
around his screen.

*Yep, she knows* he thought. *Hell, might as well talk to her, let her
know whats doing around here* another voice popped into his head *Yeah,
like thats alot, water, water, and more bloody water* Pushing the
thought aside he typed another message back to his partner, and
-Yeah, lots of Miss Worlds there too. Big boobed sheilas all over the
place :)- he punched in, and hit the send button, only to realise too
late that the number was different.
Jack Cristy grabbed his mobile phone as a small beep emerged from
*what the hell?* he thought as he read the message. *Big boobed
sheilas?!?!?!?!* He looked at the screen, and punched in an abusive
reply, only noticing to late, that he had sent it to someone else.
Helen Blakemore heard a beep from her mobile in her bag.
*what on earth?* she thought. Grabbing her phone she read the message,
her mouth falling open in shock.
-Who the hell do you think you are, sending people shit like that?-
Helen typed in a burt, brief reply and sent if back to its recipiant.
Frank was beginning to wonder who the hell had gotten his message,
it sure wasn't Rachel, but there hadn't been a reply yet. He wished he
knew how to use the bloody thing so he could check who he sent it too,
now all he could do was wait.
*Bugger this* he thought, and typed another message to Rachel.
-Just you and me and the big blue sea, what'd ya reckon Rachy?- Flashed
up on Rachels' screen. Smiling she typed in a reply, and sent it off.
- Dream on mate! do miss ya though, gotta love those long nights we
spent together :wink:- Another beep, another message flashed up on
Helen's screen.
*Oh no, not again* she thought, and sent a rather abusive message to who
she thought was the sender.
-Just RACK OFF- bounced onto Rachel's screen.
*what the hell?* she thought again, pressing a few more button she
realised that the message had come from Helen's phone, not Franks. She
jumped out of her chair, bounded out of the office and down the stairs
to the reception area. Helen was fuming behind the counter when she
"Helen, what is this all about?" Rachel held up her phone, the message
still displayed prominantly across the screen.
"I... there was....heck I dunno, I got these weird messages on my
mobile, and I must have got your number by mistake. Rachel, I'm so
sorry, but who's been sending these messages?" Helen looked befuddled.
"Frank, well he started it, then I must have hit your number by mistake,
hang on.. can I see your phone for a minute?" Rachel grabbed Helen's
mobile as it was offered to her. Pressing a few buttons Rachel scrolled
through to find some interesting names on the list. One of which was
Jacks, the other one her own which she had sent to Helen by mistake. She
burst out laughing when she worked out what was going on. None of them
being technilogical geniouses had all sent messages to the wrong people
by mistake. Se explained this to Helen, who in turn burst out laughing,
sending the entire team behind the counter into shock!
"That it" Rachel claimed "Let the phone wars BEGIN!"


Okay it was corney, weird, and totally spacked out, but who cares :)