Title - ZIT!
Author - Julia
Disclaimer - OOOO the Rachel doll has imperfections..... MUUUUMMMMM I
wanna a new Rachel doll!
Authors Note - this one is dedicated to Cammie, who ICQ'd me begging me
to write a fluff for after her exam.... good luck Cam.. Hope ya did

Rachel Goldstein was depressed, and she knew when she was depressed
she ate chocolate, lots of it. Which explained why she was plonked on her
lounge after a depressing day at the office, watching trashy American
garbage, with a half finished Family size block of Cadbury's Marble
"This is hell" she said out loud to no-one in particular as she flicked
through the channels while popping another bit of chocolate into her
mouth. She was dead tired but knew the haunting dreams would follow her
into unconsciousness again, she willed herself not to fall asleep, only
to awaken the next morning with the TV still on and an empty chocolate
wrapper at her feet. Sighing she got up from the couch, stretched her
weary muscles and headed upstairs for the shower.
After quickly dressing Rachel glanced at the mirror to do her hair
when she noticed several little red bumps on her chin, nose and cheek.
*awwww CRAP!* she thought as she dived for her concealer. Upon unending
the tiny bottle and squeezing it to the point of unsqueezability, she
swore again when she admitted it was empty.
"SHIT!" she yelled out loud at the concealer bottle. *of all friggin
days to run out of makeup.. its HAD to be today* Rachel tosses the
offending bottle in the bin as she stormed off to find her hairbrush.
About an hour later, Detective Senior Constable Rachel Goldstein
practically ran past the front counter and up to the office as fast as
her legs could carry her. Helen Blakemore looked after her head D with
the strangest look on her face. Taylor sidled up behind her aunt and
whispered into her ear.
"Did you see some mega zits on Rachel's face... or was it just me?"
Helen looked around at her niece with 'THE' look on her face.
"Constable Johnson, I do believe you are scheduled with the boat crew
this morning... get GOING!" Helen dismissed the slightly ruffled Tayler
and went after her chief D. Looking through the glass window she saw the
oddest sight, Rachel had her makeup mirror out on her desk, and was
frantically rummaging around the top drawer of her desk. Helen poked her
head in, trying to see what Rachel was looking for.
"What cha looking for?" She asked, nearly scaring Rachel out of her
"My my my Rachel... what a mess you've gotten yourself into. Let me
guess, you hit the choccy again last night?" Helen asked. Seeing
Rachel's almost distraught face she knew what the answer was.
"Its not that noticeable is it?" Rachel asked sheepishly. Helen moved
closer, examining the offending dots on Rachel's face. She had never
seen Rachel like this before, Rachel was always trim, taunt and
perfectly terrific skin wise, either that or she had bloody good makeup!
Now she was like a little schoolgirl about to go to her formal with a
big zit on her nose.
"Have you got any concealer?" Helen asked quite openly. Rachel looked
up in horror as Jeff walked past the window, glancing inwards before
continuing down the corridor. Grabbing Helen's arm, her makeup bag, and
her mirror she dashed into the ladies toilets, dragging a rather
confused Helen behind her.
"aw Helen what'm I gonna do? EVERYONE's like seen it, even Tayler did!
now everyone's gonna know I got zits!" Rachel whined, acting more like
her schoolgirl self of years ago.
"Look Rach, show me what you've got in your bag, and well see if we can
fix this little problem so someone around here can get some work done."
Helen rummaged around the bag and grabbed several items, still in shock
that she was giving Rachel 'miss bloody perfect' advice in the makeup
Soon after the bathroom escape Rachel returned back to her office,
huddled behind her desk and pretended to read a file. Unfortunately she
didn't notice Frank in the room, looking at her as if her suit was
bright green instead of the subtle grey she was wearing.
"Hey Rach, what are ya hidin' for? You look like you're hiding zits or


okay.. its corney.. its stupid.. I dunno why the hell I'm posting it..
okayokayokay Cam asked me to write some fluff...personally I think its
stupid, but considering its like after midnight you cant blame me. That
and I cant let such a good friend like Cam down! I'm sorry Cam.. its
definatly not my best usual fluff, but I hope its enough to cheer you up