Author's Note: This is like a pure humor fic with a lil romance, I hope you like it though, I got the idea because my friends and I always play 'Dare'… :P

Summary: After 4 years, Sakura came back to Tomeoda as a badass girl. She wants her friends to be like her, and they agreed. Now, one day of the week, one of the five girls will do a total of eight dares, 2 from each person and one for every class… Perhaps in the process Syaoran could become the lucky guy whom would capture popular Sakura's heart? And perhaps he will too fall for her?

The Gang's Age: 15

Grade: 10

Syaoran and Sakura never met, I repeat, NEVER met…

Eriol, Sakura, Rika, Chiharu, Naoko and Tomoyo and all childhood friends, Meiling's not in this.


Chapter One

Welcome Back, Sakura


A girl with long waist-length auburn hair, piercing emerald eyes, wearing black lipstick, black eye shadow and two nose rings on the right side of her nose stopped in front of a freshly painted wooden door. She wore a white tank top that said: 'I'm No Angel' along with a black leather jacket over it and it was unbuttoned in the front. She had on a black sparkly mini skirt, which had various silver chains hanging loose from the thick metallic belt that hung loosely around her hips. She had on a pair of highly stylish black platform boots, which had all kinds of gems of various shapes and colour hanging down on the side. She knocked on the door, and a teacher with the name of Ms. Ranmutela answered it. "I'm a new student, just transferred here." She said in a monotone voice. "And my name is Sakura, Kinomoto Sakura."

Ms. Ranmutela looked at her smugly. "Well come in." She said in a nasty voice, she clearly did not like Sakura. Sakura on the other hand, did not like her attitude towards her, but decided to show her a piece of 'Sakura' a little later. "Class, I would like you to welcome a new transfer student. Her name is Kinomoto Sakura!" Everybody clapped, and 4 squeals of joy were heard and immediately, four girls – Tomoyo, Rika, Chiharu and Naoko – rushed up and hugged Sakura tightly.

"Welcome back Sakura-chan! Where have you been all these years? We've been worried sick about you!" Sakura was surprised that all her childhood friends were still here and still remember her. But she smiled a little anyways and hugged her friends back. She preferred not telling anyone about what had happened to her and did not want to bother making new friends, but her childhood friends were different, they've been through everything together, and who'd have thought she'd actually end up in the same class as them? Especially without her having to make 'special arrangements'.

"Ahem." They turned their attention toward Ms. Ranmutela. Rika, Chiharu, Naoko and Tomoyo muttered a 'gomen ne' and walked back to their seat. "Alright, Ms. Kinomoto, let's put you beside… Li Syaoran." A few shouts of rejection were immediately heard.

"No fair! Why does SHE get to sit beside HIM?"

"This is punishment! I tried so hard to get close to him and then SHE comes along and sits right BESIDE HIM!"

"I love you Syaoran! Don't worry, I'll save you from this evil witch!"

And of course, Syaoran sighed rolling his eyes at the irritating girls – aka all the girls – who all happen to all be part of the 'I Love Syaoran' fan club. Great! Good old days of sitting by myself are over; she's probably just like the rest and will bug me 24/7!!

Ms. Ranmutela ignored the complaints and continued. "Please raise your hand Mr. Li." Sakura looked at the direction where a hand shot lazily up in the air, and that's when emerald met amber. Sakura stared into his eyes and couldn't help but crack a little smile. No wonder all the girls were against her, he was definitely handsome, but she knew by the look in his eyes that he has been through a lot and was almost as emotionless as herself, and probably as cold hearted as her, that's why his face remain bored.

Sakura walked towards her seat, but before she sat down, she said something to Syaoran and made sure everyone heard. "Don't worry, Li, I won't bug you like the rest of your 'Syaoran fan club' members." She smirked before throwing her bag beside her chair and sat down.

Syaoran was quite amused, she read him like a book! That was exactly what he was thinking and was afraid of! How did she know? But he hid his surprise and looked at her coldly and nodded. "You'd better."

"You know, you don't have to hide your surprise, covering up is part of the rule of keeping a cool posture, but don't try hiding it from me, because I can practically see right through you."

Once again Syaoran was shocked, so he just nodded. But his line of thoughts were broken when Ms. Ranmutula spoke up. "Ms. Kinomoto, would you like to come up here and tell us a little bit about yourself?" She said in an unnaturally sweet voice, making Sakura hate her even more. Let the fun begin…

Normally, Sakura would've done as she was told since there'll be no harm done, but to repay her for the attitude earlier and the look Ms. Ranmutela had given her, Sakura stayed at her seat, leaned back and put both her feet up on her desk. "Name: Kinomoto Sakura, age: you should know, birthday: none of your business, address: buzz off." Syaoran secretly smirked at her attitude, perhaps he should try to befriend her; she matches his personality quite well.

"Ms. Kinomoto, I believe that was very rude, I have clearly asked you to come up in front of the class, and we still don't know anything about you. Now, put you feet down and come up here and tell us at the very least, SOMETHING about yourself please."

Sakura didn't bother moving, she simply flipped the teacher off by giving her the middle finger.

"YOUNG LADY THAT WAS VERY UNACCEPTABLE! WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO CALL YOUR PARENTS?" She bellowed, surprised at the new girl's action.

"My parents are dead." Sakura responded coldly. "I live by myself, I have no siblings, relatives nor any guardians."

Ms. Ranmutela didn't know how to answer to that, so she decided to just ignore her and so class went on. Sakura showed no emotions what-so-ever, but what's surprising was, though she never pays attention (Or at least that's what it seems like), whenever Ms. Ranmutela picks her to answer a question just to embarrass her for so-called not listening, she always says the correct answer!

Throughout the whole class, everyone's attention was on Sakura, either thinking she's quite bitchy or how cool she was. Her 4 childhood friends were plainly worried about how cold she had become while Syaoran kept stealing a few glances to look at her. She was amazing; someone who is just like him, a girl who has probably been through as much as he did, if not more. And of course, there is the fact that she is extremely beautiful. He wasn't sure if it's just the make up or was she truly a goddess, either way, he knew she had inner beauty, pride and she won't let anyone boss her around for she was her own girl. Sakura would smirk at Syaoran whenever she caught him glancing at her, and she would hold his gaze and match his intensity with her own. Most of the time, it would actually be Syaoran who turns away first, blushing.

The morning period finished with Math, Chemistry, Art and Math again. Soon, it was lunch. Sakura stood up and joined her friends, and once again, all the girls crowded around Syaoran bursting his personal bubble.

Sakura, Rika, Naoko, Tomoyo and Chiharu each grabbed their own lunch and headed toward the large cherry tree in the schoolyard. They chatted happily about what had happened in the past, when suddenly, Tomoyo spoke up. "What happened to you, Sakura? You're no longer the cheerful girl we once knew." She said softly.

Sakura stop mid-way reapplying her black lipstick. "Nothing happened Tomoyo, I just need to be strong for myself, and the school I went to for the past few years, had some real bitchy girls and if you don't act like them, you'll be teased and beaten. Basically, I'm forced to becoming what I became, and I like it, because I can now fully control my life and not let anyone else influence me."

The girls looked at Sakura sadly. "Sakura… What… happened to your parents?" Chiharu asked softly.

Sakura forced a smiled and shook her head sadly. "I don't want to talk about it." She said. "All I can tell you is that they were murdered along with my brother."

"But Sakura—"

"Hey guys!" A masculine voice interrupted. The five of them turned around and came face-to-face with no other than Hiiragizawa Eriol. Eriol stared in shock the moment his eyes landed on the girl with the gothic make up. "You look a lot like someone I used to know…" He whispered softly.

Sakura smiled. "I'm still Kinomoto Sakura, dear friend Eriol. I came back after all eh?"

Eriol was clearly stunned. "Whoa! What happened to you girl? You're… you're different…"

Sakura said everything she had said to the girls to Eriol. "Oh by the way, why weren't you here today morning?"

"I slept in." Eriol replied.

"Oh, well the chemistry teacher told us to pick a partner for next class."

Eriol shrugged. "Tomoyo's my partner then."

Sakura smiled evilly at him. "Oh no she's not, she's my best friend and she's going to be my partner!"

"Well she's my girlfriend and she's going to be MY partner!" Eriol argued back.

"Girlfriend? YYIEEEEEE!!" Sakura squealed happily, almost like her old self. "Finally! Took you guys long enough to realize you were in love the whole time eh?" She commented causing both of them to blush and the other three to laugh. "Anyways, Tomoyo's still my partner."

Eriol glared at her playfully. "Why don't we let Tomoyo choose then?" He suggested with a grin.

"I choose Sakura." Tomoyo answer immediately running out of Eriol's arms to Sakura.

"HEY!" Eriol protested, "You're supposed to be on my side!"

"Why don't you go partner up with you best friend?" Tomoyo suggested.

"Oh fine." Eriol sighed in defeat.

"Your best friend?" Sakura echoed. "Oh wait, let me guess, he's imaginary right? And I bet he's just as evil and annoying as you!"

"Oh yes, he's definitely imaginary, and he's quite evil and annoying. Speaking of the devil, how about we go meet him." Eriol suggested playing along. "He's probably in the classroom somewhere, since he prefers to be alone."

Sakura nodded as she and the others followed Eriol to the classroom to meet his 'imaginary best friend.' They stopped beside a table where sat a grumpy chocolate haired boy sat, currently face down towards the desk. "Sakura, may I introduce, Li Syaoran, my imaginary best friend." Eriol said with a grin.

Syaoran's face immediately shot up and growled at Eriol. "What joke are you playing this time Hiiragizawa? I'm not your imaginary best friend! I'm not even your best friend!"

Sakura just raised an eyebrow. "No need introducing us, we've already met." She said simply. "I sit beside him in math class." Syaoran turned to where the familiar voice was coming from. It's her again! He stared at her for quite awhile, and of course, Sakura stared right back at him. Before Syaoran knew what was going on, he felt his face on fire and turned away quickly. Tomoyo saw this and smiled evilly, not missing a beat.

"You know what Sakura? I just made up my mind, I'm taking Eriol as my partner, you're going to find yourself someone else."

Sakura shot her a dangerous glare. "You so did not just say that."

"I did. Eriol's my partner, I'm ditching you."

"Fine." Sakura retorted. "Naoko, Rika, Chiharu, one of you, be my partner? Please?"

"Sorry Sakura, can't do. Naoko and Rika are partner, Takashi and I partner so…"

For some reason, Sakura had a feeling that each of them had an evil glint in their eyes. "But I need a partner!" She yelled feeling frustrated.

Syaoran looked at her and was thoughtful. I did think that her and I can get along when she first arrived didn't I? Since I don't have a partner and either does she… Syaoran cleared his throat and muttered quietly, "If you don't mind, uh, you can be my partner if you want." Syaoran made sure he was looking at the table and not at any of them.

Sakura raised an eyebrow at that. "I thought you hated all girls? You seem like a popular guy who can easily pick anyone to be your partner, why would you want to be my partner?" Sakura asked.

"You're different ok? I can't explain but you're just different. Anyways if you don't want to be my partner I can always—"

"I'll be your partner." Sakura replied quickly seeing how nervous the boy is getting.

"KAWAII!!" The other four girls shouted while Eriol smiled his not-so-innocent smile.

Sakura narrowed her eyes; something is definitely going on here. But of course, she isn't the type of girl to be bossed around by others, nor is she the type of girl who lets things go. Her friends are planning something, something about HER, and she plans to get revenge on them. After all, she plays evil plans on others—not the other way around. Suddenly, one word appeared clearly in her mind. 'Dare'.

"Tomoyo, Naoko, Chiharu and Rika, would you kindly follow me to the schoolyard?" She asked sweetly with a smile that's too innocent for her own good; it looked almost haunting seeing an almost gothic girl be 'sweet'.

"Um… sure?"

"Thank you." Sakura smiled her smiled again and blinked her emerald eyes prettily. "And you guys can do whatever you want, as long as you don't eavesdrop." Sakura said to Eriol and Syaoran.

The guys nodded agreeing.


They sat down on the grass cross-legged in a circle and Sakura began. "This is a game my friends from my other school and I used to play, it's the same rules, except played in MY version. The game is called, 'Dare'. Who's in?" Sakura looked around; her friends were looking around nervously. Sakura sighed with frustration and rolled her eyes. Goodie-two-shoes.

"Sakura… Isn't dare a game where one person tells you to do something and you HAVE to do it? No matter how much trouble it gets you into?" Tomoyo asked.


"But, we shouldn't do that, it's not… nice." Naoko said.

"I see." Sakura pretended to give up. "You're all just SCARDY-CATS!" Sakura said with a smirk.

"WE'RE ARE NOT!" Her friends retorted. Sakura smiled at that. Her plan was working.

"Then prove it."

"Fine, we'll agree to this game." Chiharu said huffing angrily. "Right girls?"

There was a moment of silence, and the rest of the girls finally agreed reluctantly. "So tell us, what are the rules?"

Sakura smiled as an evil glint flashed across her eyes. "There are five of us. Starting next Monday, every person must take one day of the week. And on that day, that person must do a total of 8 dares, one for each class we have. Where do we get the dares? That's when the others come useful. The other four whom isn't doing the dare must write down 2 dares on a special card, and the dare-doing person must randomly pick one for every class and do it." Sakura's grin widened. "The hard part is, you got to make it realistic. What do I mean by that? For example, if the card says: Tell the teacher he/she's fat. You don't just go up to the teacher and say 'you're fat' lamely, you got somehow make it funny and make the teacher think you mean it. For example you can pretend to bump into her and say, 'Whoa! You are DAMN fat! I thought I was lying on my mattress when I bumped into you!' The longer and funnier the better." Sakura looked around at everyone's unsure faces. "Are you all in? Because I am."

The looked at each other and nodded. "Alright. But who will go first?"

Sakura dug out a pen and four cards out of her pocket. She put each of their names on one card, folded them, mixed it together and threw them into the air letting them fall freely, splattered on the ground randomly. "And just to make it fair…" Sakura walked up to one of the soccer players who is currently sitting on a bench, breathing hard. "Hey sexy." Sakura growled flashing him a killer smile. "Would you mind doing me a favour? I'll give you a kiss that's promise to satisfy you if you do."

The guy was practically hyperventilating by then and nodded eagerly. Sakura led him to where the five folded cards lay on the grass. "Now dear boy, pick up one at a time and read out the names the order you picked them up in."

The boy nodded. He reached for one card and unfolded it. "Naoko." He said. Naoko looked as if she had just swallowed poison. She groaned and lied back on the grass wondering why the hell did she get herself in this shit. "Rika." He read. Rika frown and joined Naoko's worry. "Chiharu."

Chiharu breathed hard for a minute. "I can handle it." She spoke confidentially.


Tomoyo just smiled faintly. "Not bad, at least I'm not first. And the last one is obviously Sakura."

Sakura smiled at the boy. "Thank you darling, you want your reward?" The boy nodded and Sakura immediately felt two hands around her waist pulling her closer to him. Sakura didn't even bother kissing him much, she let him take all the control. After not long, the boy slowly pulled away panting while Sakura just smiled as if nothing had happened. "Well, there you go, I gotta go sweet." Sakura winked at him and walked away with her friends trailing behind.

Unknown to her, a boy with amber eyes saw was furious with what he saw. Suddenly, he had a new goal. To make sure Kinomoto Sakura is his and no one else's. He didn't know whether he loved her or just didn't want anyone near the only person who can understand him and not annoy him. Either way, no guy is going to put his hands on her as long as he's alive on earth.

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