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Tory, please don't be so hard on Syaoran. I've only known you for two weeks, and I love you, but that's exactly what I feel about Syaoran, please do not beat him in a bloody pulp when I'm not here, I won't be too happy… - And you wouldn't want that, my darling.

I hope you won't be too lonely without me. But don't you worry, you're a brilliant guy, you'll be just fine.

Goodbye Tory, I love you.

Best Wishes,

Kinomoto Sakura.

Saturday, May 15, 2004



Profile of Sakura


Hello, there. Let me tell you about myself.

My name is Kinomoto Sakura, I used to be 15-years-old. I have auburn coloured hair, and lovely green eyes. When my dark make-up is washed off, I look less pretty, less cool, and less tough, but someone has once told me that it shows the real me deep inside, not who I fakes to be.

The home I live in I don't own, never did, and probably never will, I live with so many people that I eventually forgot all their names, and I skipped my high school a few too many days to remember where its located.

I've tried cigarettes, weed, crack, cocaine, ice, morphine and a few other drugs. I've sworn at people, caused trouble, been suspended, been expelled, got in fights, beaten the crap out of people, pounded on walls till I bled, and slit my wrists.

I've seen murders so horrifying if it were a moving, it'd be rated beyond R, and had stepped in pools of blood leaked out from my own family members.

I've been a beggar on the street and had police chasing me.

I had almost died once but was able to live.

I can make every teacher in a whole school quit, and flipped every student upside down from their normal self and flipped them back to their old self just as easily.

I am Kinomoto Sakura, currently 16-years-old.

I know what you must think of me now, after reading my short profile. A fucked up druggie with no life. Right?

I'd say you're wrong though.

Do you know why?

I can't be so horrible.

Or Syaoran wouldn't love me.

You must all be very curious of what happened to me during the past year. I am almost 17.


At the very last minute I told all my childhood friends that I was leaving and never coming back. They were very shocked, but they accompanied me to my train station.

A lot of tears and hugging and kissing were involved. They asked why I didn't want to keep in touch anymore, of course, and I said it'd be best for them to forget me for I have grown too different from them

I took all my luggage, and just as I was about to step on the train, Syaoran grabbed hand.

--Flash Back--


"I can't forget you, Sakura, I simply can't. I won't leave until you agree to be my girlfriend."

Sakura struggled. She could not understand when had Syaoran grown so strong. Or perhaps when had she become so weak? The situation is serious and no longer foolish. She couldn't very well bite him now. "Let go of me! Syaoran! I have to go!"

"No!" He shouted. "I won't let you leave! Not until you agree!"

He is no fool. The next train comes in another 3 hours. She can either say 'yes' now, or let it be tortured out of her in the upcoming 3 hours. "Let go of me!"

"I won't! I'm too much in love with you! You're the first girl I've ever felt like this for! And I won't let you slip away from me forever like this!"

The train blew its horn of warning, signally it's about to leave. Sakura began to get anxious as one door after another began to shut. "Ok! I'll go out with you!"

He appeared slightly relaxed. "Call me when you get there?"

"Ok!" She began walking away, but he still held her hand.


"I…" He knew she would have to call if she promised. The door next to her closes. "Yes, I promise."

With that, he let go. Sakura jumped on the train just as the door began to close. When it fully closed, she stared out the glass at them. It was a painful moment.

Syaoran pointed at himself, touched his heart, then pointed at her. I love you.

Sakura didn't respond, but she put a hand on the glass, as if trying to touch him. An act of longing. Syaoran was glad. Even if it was different than the way he felt, she still loved him, longed for him, and misses him. There's still hope. There always is.

--End Flash Back--

I went back to my part of the town. When I stepped off the train, oh, how I despised the place. How I hated it. How I wish I could've stayed in Tomoeda. But I was strong, and I'll live.

The first step was the toughest, I didn't want to move my feet, for if I began walking closer to my 'hometown', it means I admit to lose all my feelings for all that's happened in Tomoeda. That magical two weeks.

Shena was waiting for me at my other mansion, like I expected. She had a spare key. So did a couple of other people.

I open the door to my house, and the smell of alcohol filled my nostrils. Shena ran out and gave me a hug strong enough to knock me to the ground. Her long dyed blue hair with sky blue streaks covered my face. "WELCOME BACK SAKU!"

"SA-KU-RA!" I correctly.

"WHATEVER DARLING!" She pulled back to look at me. Hm. She got new contact lenses. Now her eyes are completely white. Two years ago it was fluffy pink, then it was yellow. The year before it was rainbow coloured, then cats eyes. This year, earlier, she had eyes of swirls, like those who got hypnotized. Now it's white eyes. Freaky.

Her blue lipstick looks as cold as ever on her lips, and her eye shadow is as blue as it can be. The blush on her face is 5 shades too while.

She had on some sort of a white leather tube top that looked more like a bra without straps. Her skirt was so short it made me wonder it was part of her swimming suit. She wore a pair of boots. It had a really high platform heel. It reached to the middle of her thigh, with fuzzy fur at the stop and around her ankle. It was leather, dotted with diamonds at the top and bottom.

I want those boots.

As soon as she was done swearing at me for being gone for so long, everybody else rushed to give me a hug and some kisses and lots of presents.

I walked inside my own house. Gee. When did my house become a free for all party house? That Shena. Couldn't live a day without having 2 parties.

I gave everyone a fake smile that was forced upon my lips and went into my room. Gee, who knew there were like 5 fucking different couples making out in there? My poor, poor room.

I ended up at one of the cheapest and nastiest guestrooms as all the others were preoccupied… I need to use the phone.

I dialed in the number.

"Hello?" Finally, for once, I wasn't greeted with a 'fuck you' or 'who the fuck is this' or 'bitch what the fuck you want?' That's new.

"It's me."


I smiled at his voice, yet felt pained because I could not return his love, because I did not love that way. I no longer knew what love was. "Yes, It's me. I just came back, Syaoran."

"I'm glad you had a safe trip."

"Thanks." This is the first polite conversation we ever had together. "So, how's things going over there for you?"

"Oh, it's all fine. Tomoyo, Rika, Naoko, Chiharu and Eriol are all staying over at my house in Tomoeda right now."

"Oh, cool. Having fun?"

"No really, we all came here to talk about you."

I blinked. I've never felt this important in her whole life. "Talk about me?" I chuckled sadly. "What's there to talk about?"

"We all love you Sakura, the devastating news of you going away has really hurt us."

"I'm sorry…"

"Tomoyo wants to talk to you."

"I don't want to talk to anyone. You have to remember, all that's happened in Tomoeda is like a dream, it's not something worth remembering, it's never going to happen again."

"Is that what you think? Huh? That everything that happened in Tomoeda is not real? It's only a dream?! You may feel that way, but none of us do!"

"I didn't plan on calling you."

"But you did. So why not talk to Tomoyo? She's been crying for quite sometime now."

"Like I said, I didn't plan on calling you, I didn't plan on calling anybody."

"So why did you call me?"

"You made me promise you."

His voice came out bitter next. "I made you. Huh. I made you! Hear that? I MADE SAKURA CALL ME!"


"Why are you so cold?"

"I'm not. I'm just straight, truthful and harsh."

"I get it now, so you mean you didn't want to talk to me."

"I do, but talking to anyone in Tomoeda isn't helping me forgetting that place."

"Fine, good luck to your future, have a great life, I know the rest of us won't." Then he hung up.


Of course, he called me back the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after. And so on. Actually, he called me every single damn day for like a couple of months straight. Sorry, my bad, twice a day.

And he did keep his promise. He somehow found out my email and sent me 10 pictures of him every single bloody week. And he tells me everything that happens to him that whole day during when he calls me. I just listen to him, I don't really tell him about me, and I never send him pictures of me either, but he never seemed to mind. He just keeps telling me about his life, keeping me updated, sending me pictures, so the next time I see him (whenever that would be), I wouldn't be too surprised.

It's actually a good thing I didn't have to tell him my everyday life, because if I did, he'd be so jealous he wouldn't be able to sit through a soccer game. And that's his favourite sport. Imagine him trying to do other things.

Because there's at least one guy asking me out every single bloody day ever since I came back from Tomoeda. And most are older than Syaoran, and tougher than him. He would be extremely jealous to know that. Hee.

Soon, school year was over. It was holidays. Syaoran came to visit me every day, leave at 5:00 in the morning, arrive at 7:00, then leave at 11:00 at night, and arrive home at 1:00 in the morning. He never asked if he could sleepover, and he never minded when any of my friends came over.

But soon, I felt sorry for him because his eyes were red and tired, he was constantly yawning, so I told him to sleepover, and go to his place once every week.

He never brought over anyone else, because he knew I would not like that.

Then, school started. It was back to the phone calls and emails.

I know I may sound harsh, but have to say, it was getting rather annoying. I have no idea where he's gotten his patience from.

Then, it was the Valentine's Day dance. Syaoran ditched his own to come to my school.

He never told me, but boy, was I surprised to see him. If he stayed at his school, he could've danced with any girl he wanted, all his buddies would be there, everyone would be cheering him on because they had just won a soccer game against another school. (He was the team captain, I just found out now. The reason he didn't go to practice the two weeks I was there was because… I was there…)

But instead, he came to my school… my school! Lord, he's lucky he found me so soon, if he didn't, the students in our school would've murdered him because he didn't look like he belonged!

--Flash Back--

It was the Valentine's Day dance, from 8:00pm till 11:00 pm. Sakura hasn't seen Syaoran for quite a while, and though with all the phone calls and emails, she feels she no longer knew him.

The dance was like a Hell's Angel gathering. There wasn't one person there who ain't drunk, smoke filled the room, people jumping around, high, couple dancing too close for comfort.

Sakura leaned against the wall with a circle of friends and took a puff from a cigarette offered to her. She had drank a drop too much of alcohol to not feel dizzy. Some guy came and asked for a dance. She accepted.

The room was stuffy, the music was blasting, she was sleepy, the alcohol was getting to her brains, she felt like fainting. Then she heard a voice…

Sakura. It said.


Sakura… Hello!


"STOP SAYING MY NAME!" Sakura cried, her voice came out in slurs.

Then a hand grabbed her shoulder. She looked around, the guy she's dancing with left her to get ready to beat the person who touched her up. She blinked and slapped her head. "Syaoran?"

The hundreds of students who were rolling up their sleeves and glaring at him suddenly stopped. "You know him?" Someone asked.

"Yeah, friend of mine." Sakura said, hardly sounding coherent.

"Sakura, can you come with me outside for a second?"


"I'll take that as a yes." Syaoran dragged her outside into the schoolyard. The music was so loud they could still hear is blaring clearly even outside of the school.

Sakura breathed in the air a couple of times and steadied herself. To get ready for a lecture.

"What the hell were you doing in there? That's no party for high school students! And who the hell was that guy you were dancing with? It looked like he was trying to mold you right into him! What the hell? Don't you know anything? And what did drink? Why the hell are you even drunk? How can you stand that loud music in there? God my ears are going to burst! And what about your friends? You consider those as friends? What's wrong with-"

Sakura held up a hand. And leaned against the wall. "Do me a favour Syaoran, shut up, for your personal safety. I might punch you unconscious without meaning to. I've got a huge headache."

She sat on the grass, and soon, lay her whole body down and rested for 20 minutes. She stood up later and her eyes were no longer cloudy but clear and bright.

"Jeez Lord…" Syaoran muttered. "You must never get hangovers. How experience are you exactly?"

Sakura grinned. "Very. Anyhow, what the hell are you doing here? Go to your party or something, this is the way we party here, and I have no problem with it."

Syaoran grabbed her hand. "I'm your boyfriend, I have the right to visit you, and to worry about you."

Oops. Forgot that little fact. Sakura thought to herself. She looked down. "I have something to tell you-"

Syaoran silence her. A song came up, a slow song. He put his hands around her waist. Sakura took that cue and put hers around his neck. "I've never asked anything from you before." He said. "But now, I want to ask you one thing."

"What is it?" She muttered.

"I want you to come back to Tomoeda with me.

It about time I told him. Sakura thought. Her body tensed slightly, and she looked up and touched his hair. "Syaoran, you've always wanted to know my past haven't you? Well now, it's time for me to tell you."

Syaoran shook his head. "You've always got horrible timing. You told me about the dares just after you asked me out. You told me about leaving just as I fell in love with you. Now you're going to tell me about your past just as I ask you to go back to Tomoeda. I have a feeling this is not going to end well."

"And you're right." Sakura hugged him tighter, and began her story. "I was born in Tomoeda, my mother was born there, my father was born there, my brother was born there, my grandparents were born there, and so on. Everyone I knew was from Tomoeda, I went to Tomoeda Junior Middle school when I was young.

"My mother's name is Nadeshiko, she was a model, very rich, very well paid. My father's name is Fujitaka, he was an architect, a very famous one. He would leave home months at a time, but he always found time for his family, and he had quite a well pay too. Then there was my brother. His name is Touya. Yes, I know, it sounds like Tory, but no, they're not the same person. Touya was always protective of me, he was nice, but he never showed it. He always called me names and made fun of me, of course, I always got my revenges on him, but deep inside, we loved each other. And he respected me. He used to ask my opinions of his girlfriends, whether they fit with him or not.

"Then, of course, there was me. Kinomoto Sakura. A happy little soul, with pigtails and laughing joyously at everything. Everything was blissful then. We were the happiest family of Tomoeda. Envy of all.

"Tomoyo and I were practically born together, Rika, Naoko and Rika were the three best friends since I've known them. The five of us met on the first day of kindergarten, and we were always friends. We met Eriol on the last year of Kindergarten. Actually, he was always around Tomoyo, that's how we knew him. We've always had the suspicion that he liked her.

"Everything was fine, until school started. In grade one, it was my first happy year of school…" Sakura clutched onto Syaoran tighter, he in return, held onto her harder too.

"Then it all changed. One day, I came home 2 hours late, our teacher had kept everyone behind. And, and… and when I went home… my mom, my dad, my brother…" Her voice cracked up. And Syaoran patted her, trying to soothe her. "They were murdered.

"Brutally beaten, body parts disconnected from them, burnt, cut open, still bleeding… I was, I was… Oh God…" For the first time, Sakura cried. She pressed her face tightly against Syaoran shirt, the material absorbing every one of her tears before they could travele down her face. "I don't know how I'm going to finish this story for you… Oh God…" Sakura stayed like that for 10 minutes, the whole time, Syaoran felt such pain for her, even he felt like crying. The poor girl.

"And, soon, the police came… they came, but it didn't do any good. It didn't help at all… They told me to go to Tomoyo's house, but I didn't… I stayed somewhere else.

"I went to school everyday, acting normal, everyone thought I was fine too… until I found out that the only reason no one thought I was a psycho was because the police never told the public about what happened… not because for my sake, but because the murderer had done such a good job at murdering them they have no suspects what so ever. To protect th-their, their reputation, they… they never told the public… never did…

"I found that out maybe 5 months after the incident… that time, my second year of school started… I skipped two whole weeks when I found out.

"Remember the blood stain we saw that time the gang and us went to that dark alley on the wall? Remember how I was mesmerized by it? It was my blood, Syaoran. My blood! During those two weeks, I stayed there, I pounded on the walls and screamed to the sky. I pounded on the walls so hard, my hand bled… but I didn't care, I continued pounding, I lost so much blood during those two weeks.

"I still went back to school after, I was a very academic student, I loved everyone, I worried about my friends being worried about me… so I went back. Every single day, the sorrow built inside me, the more I thought about it, the more painful it was, the deeper the scar cut into my heart. When I was 11 and half, grade 7 just started, I finally couldn't take it anymore. It was like torture, the faking I have to go through everyday, to pretend to be happy when something's eating me alive from the inside out.

"I really ran away that day. I ran and ran, till I reached this place. That's where I settled down. Well, not exactly since I was dirty poor.

"Remember when I mentioned how rich my parents were? Well, the police found me soon, and they gave me access to all the money, and gave me the location of the house they've bought. There was a couple. One here, one in Tomoeda, and a few in other places.

"I settled down here, but people made fun of me, because I didn't spend the money, I always dressed poorly, and I concentrated hard on schoolwork.

"Then, at the beginning of grade 8, I made myself a vow: I will never ever shed another tear, my sorrow will be another's pain, the money was mine and no one else, I shall spent it however I want. My mother, father and brother is dead, suffering myself will not bring them back.

"That was how I became who I am, and I liked it. Then soon, I began wondering about my childhood friends, that's why I decided to come back for two weeks and leave forever, because back then, I left without an explanation, now, they will know, and I won't just be the bitch who left without a warning." Sakura looked up, all her tears had been soaked in Syaoran shirt; her face was clear. "I cannot go back to Tomoeda with you, there's too much memories there. Do you finally understand why? And because one thing usually leads to another…" Sakura looked down.

Syaoran's heart skipped a beat. He could not understand why. "I…" Sakura began. "I don't think we should see each other anymore."

Syaoran's heart totally stopped. "Why?"

"This isn't going to work out. You're in Tomoeda, and that's somewhere I can never go to. We'll always be separated like this. Though you call me everyday, send me pictures of you, it's still different. I'm not with you. I think… I think it'll be better for both of us if we go our separate ways, and forget each other completely.

"No… Sakura…"

"Yes, Syaoran." Sakura looked up into his eyes. They're playing a sad and slow music right now. Sakura's eyes glistened. "I will not forget you, you'll always be special to me Syaoran, but we have to break this up. We have to break up. We can't go on like this."

Syaoran hugged Sakura tightly, and placed his chin beside her head. "No… no, Sakura. You don't mean that…"

Sakura closed her eyes and felt her heart heavy with guilty. She held him tighter. "This will be the last time we'll see each other, the last dance we'll have."

The moon shown brightly between the hopeless couple, its gentle rays lighting enough for them to see each other, but not enough to make their emotions visible.

--End Flash Back--

Syaoran did leave that day. And for two months, he didn't call me, he didn't email me, it's almost as if he no longer existed. I felt a little unbalanced… a little. And I surprised myself by turning down every date I've been asked out to. I don't know why. Syaoran wouldn't get off of my mind.

Then another month passed, I was at home, on a Saturday night, blasting the music like no tomorrow, dancing like wild with friends, when the bell rang.

--Flash Back--

Sakura nodded to the music as she swung open the door.

Syaoran was there.

She had to blink, thinking she was hallucinating. "Syaora-"

He grabbed her hand. That's when she noticed he had two suitcases with him. "You're not going to live here are you? I thought I said-"

He pulled her to him. Though Syaoran was trying to be emotionless and let this flow as smoothly as possible, he couldn't help but to smile, which he hid a second after he realize what he did. "Lock you door, and get going. Don't bother packing anything, I'm kidnapping you with me. No, we're not going to Tomoeda, I'm taking you to Hong Kong."


"I'll buy you everything once we get there, I've already bought the plane tickets."

It was such a shock to her, she hardly had a chance to tell Shena she'll be leaving and probably never coming back, when Syaoran dragged her away.

Sakura had no clue what was happening, and this is all happening too fast. Am I really being kidnapped? What the hell am I doing going to HongKong? Of course, going there is like staying here, I'm not leaving anything behind, so what am I so worried about? She thought.

The flight there was quiet, most because Sakura fell asleep or something.

Syaoran carried her to a cab and then carried her to his house, or mansion.

His arrival took his mother, sisters, and favourite, adorable cousin by surprise. "Hi mother, I had to do this. I know I wanted to go to Japan, I know it was my request, but the situation is getting desperate, I have to come back, in order to be with her.

'Her' meant the girl he is carrying in his arms.

--End Flash Back--

I didn't talk to him for some while, or for a long time actually. I was mad at him. How could he just kidnap me like that? Where's his respect for me? It took me a while to realize that what he did was for me. He had made a sacrifice just for me. He did everything for my sake.

One: He was happy in Japan, he did not want to come back.

Two: If he really were to kidnap me, he could've taken me straight back to Tomoeda.

Three: He had spent so much money on this plane ticket, he also had to re-buy all my clothing and possessions.

Four: He seems be suffering at this place, because got to admit, his mother can get a bit annoying.

And Five: He has to live with me now… Hee hee. That's the ultimate torture. Ke.

When I realized that, it as already two weeks later. I ran to him immediately and forgave him. He was very glad.

After that, we began to talk about everything. He sighed me up at the school he goes to. He has to go everyday, I… well, I tell him I go, but since we have difference classes… well, like said at the beginning, I skipped this school a few too many times to remember its location. Syaoran's doesn't have to know that though.

He is continuously telling me about how I should learn well, and get a job when I grow up. I once told him as a joke that I could just become a prostitute when I grow up and it'll earn me plenty of money.

It was a joke, but he didn't take it that way. I ended up getting a 4 hour lecture from him. Slept through 3 quarters of it.

I don't know, but maybe it's because with Syaoran's gentleness and love towards me everyday, I'm starting to change too.

But whatever the reason was, I gathered up all my guts one day and called Tomoyo. I told her she could tell others about me too, I apologized to her about everything, and told her about my past too. Once again, I shed more tears. My vow is long ago broken, can't be broken a second time, so I had the right to cry my heart out. Got a problem? Bite me.

I spent my sweet 16 birthday here.

There's so many people here I don't think I remember anyone's name except for Syaoran (lol) and one other girl. His favourite, adorable cousin, Meiling. She really is adorable. Cute, smart, energetic, hot, popular, stylish, rich, and has an attitude that's almost as bad as mine. Man, I love that girl. We get along just the greatest.

Especially when we get to play jokes on Syaoran. Keke.

Oh, and I before I forget, I've also called Ashley and Bryan, telling them they should be the perfect couple, they were truly made for each other. Friends for so many years, both with such similar personality.

And who would've thought, about Bryan's stupidity? Actually, he told me he just acted like that because he thought girls like naïve guys. Yup. A secret behind everyone.

Syaoran will be home soon, my friends are visiting in a month. Tory is keeping watch of my house in Tomoeda, Shena is keeping watch of my other house.

My life hasn't been this perfect for quite sometime.

And it's all because of Syaoran.

I feel so much gratitude towards him.

Truly, he cares too much for me

The door opens, and I turn around. Syaoran and Meiling are home. I got ready to say my usual excuse.

Syaoran came upstairs to my room and kissed me on the cheek. "You're home early again, why?"

"I finished my work early, so the teacher let me come home early."

"Oh, good, good." Meiling and I share many classes, God bless her for not telling Syaoran the truth about me.

"Syaoran," I asked. "Why are you so nice to me?"

He laughed. Man, he's just growing cuter and cuter. He leans closer to me, I could see each of his features so clearly. "Because I love you."

I smiled and lifted a hand and touch his hair, then trailed my touch to his cheek. "Do you want the truth or the lie?"


I nodded and closed my eyes, leaning on him. "I will love you."

Syaoran held me tightly. "Fair enough." He said.

I wouldn't call this a fairy tale, and it wouldn't be right to say 'and we lived happily ever after'. That would be a wrong kind of ending.

After all, Syaoran and I still get in small fights, mostly because of me. Keke, I'm just too cocky, and my sense of humour can often be cruel.

And no, I'm not married to Syaoran, I'm not engaged to him, I'm just living with him, because he kidnapped me here. So it's his fault.

We're only dating right now, nothing more, and who knows? Maybe someday I'll meet someone else and break up with him and marry that other guy?

Ok, Syaoran's glaring at me right now, another one of my bad jokes.

My life story ends right here, because the excitement and everything else is over, I'm living the peaceful, goodie life, but I love it. I can finally feel warmth, I am finally loved again, and I am happy, to be adored.

The problem right now, is how do I end this?


My life has been more perfect than it had been in years. My vow has been broken, my ability to love has returned, my childhood friends and I are communicating again, and I've finally found a boyfriend who loves me for who I am.

There's nothing more I can ask for.

And it's all because of Syaoran.

Truly, I will love him someday.


The End.




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