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The story is just about the Yu Yu Hakusho gang going to High school. Yeah, there are a buncha those out there...so I thought I'd give it a shot.

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Morning. The light streamed in through slits in the shades. It washed over all it reached, including the young body that lay sprawled over a mess of blankets and covers. A loud snoring sound echoed throughout the room. Its source: Yusuke Urameshi. As he lay sleeping the memories of the previous night played through his mind.

"Alright guys! We did it!! Let's drink to a well fought match!" Yusuke stood in front of a grand mahogany table with a cup of sake in his right hand. As he lifted it high above his head the cup tilted to the side, spilling a few drops of the contents onto Yusuke's long-sleeved shirt. Kurama, who sat at his right, chuckled a bit and also raised his cup. The white of his clothes seemed to glow today, brighter than the light from the chandelier. Kuwabara lifted his cup as well, but not before having a drink from it first. He smiled a goofy grin and raised his cup as far as his tight, sleeveless black button down shirt would let him. Botan, who sat opposite Yusuke, giggled, covering her mouth with her fingertips which were almost entirely covered by her pink kimono. Koenma sat at the front of the table, feeling it was only proper he did, being the almighty son of King Yamma. In his teen form he was actually able to sit without the need of a pile of books to make him feel taller. His pacifier stayed in his mouth as usual which caused him to mumble out his words a bit.

"You did well in that last fight Yusuke. You should be proud, all of you should. NOW LET'S PARTY!!" Koenma chugged the cup of sake, grinned, then sighed happily. In a flash he reached for the plate of sushi, but stopped when he realized it was gone. He growled and turned to face Yusuke, who was gorging the entire plate. "YUSUKE YOU JERK!!!" Yusuke smiled at his antics and burped in reply.

"Ya snooze, ya loose Koenma! You all better watch out cause I'm HUNGRY!!" The entire table became Yusuke's plate. He ate everything he saw. Kuwabara tried to grab as much as he could before Yusuke devoured it all. Kurama on the other hand found the entire scene hilarious, that is, until Yusuke managed to eat what little food was in his plate.

"YUSUKE! THAT WAS MY FOOD!" And the battle for food began. Everyone at the table tried to grab as much as they could before it was eaten. From within the shadows of the room stood a lone figure. He had concealed himself well from the rest of the group who hadn't noticed him, except for...

"Yo, Hiei, get over here! We're gonna eat all the food and then there won't be any for you!" shouted Yusuke through a mouthful of rice balls.

"Save your breath, I don't want any," he replied huffily. His hands were crossed over the black tank top which made him even harder to spot. He rested his back on the wall and leaned, keeping one foot on the floor and the other on the wall.

"Aw come on Hiei, dontcha want some? I mean this is a party. You-GIMME THAT BACK, YUSUKE,YOU BASTARD!" Kuwabara hollered and began a frontal assault on Yusuke.

"Please, you think I wanted to come? The only reason I came was because that brat over there insisted my presence be here, that is all." His voice was flat, having no emotion in it whatsoever.

"Ah please three eyes, you know you like all of us. Quit the lone guy act and come sit with us already." Yusuke stood with one hand outstretched, holding onto a turkey leg that he pointed at Hiei with.

"Yes Hiei, you should learn to like them because you're going to be spending a lot of time with them." Koenma's interruption startled everyone. Kurama, Kuwabara, and Yusuke turned around while Hiei kept himself hidden in the shadows, his attention centered on the teenage Koenma.

"What do ya mean by that, pacifier breath?" asked Yusuke.

"What I mean Yusuke," said Koenma through clenched teeth, "is that Hiei and Kurama are, as of tomorrow, your new classmates."

"WHAT?!" was the only response.

"That's right," replied Koenma, "I realized that it would be easier to keep an eye on all of you if you were all together for most of the time. Being in the same school is a perfect way to do just that and," whispered Koenma to himself, "it's also a great way to torture them all..."

Hiei's right eye twitched. Yusuke stared wide-eyed at the brown haired teenager before him. Kuwabara did not react well to the news. His body stayed still. He didn't seem to be breathing. Koenma concerned himself at Kuwabara's sudden immobility. He walked over to him and was about to raise his hand when another caught his own. Kuwabara had a tight grip on Koenma and would not let up.

"YOU MEAN I'M GONNA HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL WITH HIM ?!" He pointed a shaking finger at the darkness that was Hiei. His answer was a slow nod. Kurama tried to wiggle his way out by any means necessary.

"But Koenma, I am already attending a school. I can't just-"

"Oh yes you can, Kurama. I have already made the preparations. As of tomorrow you and Hiei will be attending school with Yusuke and Kuwabara." Koenma spoke with a tinge of hardness. He knew it was going to turn out like these, everyone whining about his plan, but what was done was done. Koenma took a deep breath and waited, for the worst was yet to come: Hiei.

"If you think I am going to spend my time in a ningen school learning about things worth less than dirt then you are sadly mistaken. I'd rather die a million deaths than study with an idiot like him," It was Kuwabara who his finger was pointing at, though it was too dark for anyone to notice. Kuwabara knew, though. A shiver ran through his body. He wasn't afraid, he was angry. Angry at the fact that Hiei was...Hiei. His mouth opened to speak his wrath but was cut off.

"You brat! Haven't you though of the consequences? Like what if Hiei kills some poor defenseless person who just so happen did something that ticked the guy off?! I mean we all know how temperamental Hiei is."

"I HAVE though about that, Yusuke, and have come to the decision that if that does happen then there will be serious consequences," Koenma paused at Kuwabara's smile, "for ALL of you." There was an uproar from the crowd which subsided only after Koenma screamed for silence. " Don't all of you get it? This is for teamwork. All of you have to cooperate and bear with each other. If one suffers then you all suffer and it will be all your faults because you did not stop it. You all must work as a team now which is something none of you have been doing." There was silence among the young boys. Yusuke kept his gaze on the ground while Kuwabara began pocking at a crumb that lay on the floor with his foot. Kurama kept looking at the corner where Hiei stood, or should have stood.

"Hiei's gone," he said, in a soft voice.

"You see what I mean?" asked Koenma in an annoyed voice. He sighed then walked back to his seat. "I just finished my speech about teamwork and already he left."

"Nah, Hiei's just being Hiei. So, are you serious about this school thing?" Yusuke sat next to Koenma and propped one elbow on the table.

"Yes, I am but I'm worried about the others and their cooperation."

"You mean Hiei."


"Aw, don't worry about that, pacifier breath. Hiei may seem evil but he's a good guy deep down. He'll be there tomorrow, you'll see."

"He had better, Yusuke. If not then all of you will be punished." Yusuke's only response was a sweat drop.


His eyes opened to a blurred vision. The dancing images around him slowly vanished and took forms of the objects in his room. Slowly he raised himself from his sleeping position and sat in his bed, yawning while rubbing his eyes. Yusuke yawned once again, got out of bed and stretched. A deafening scream pierced the room. It came from the kitchen, from his mother.

"YUSUKE! GET UP, YOU HAVE SCHOOL TODAY!" A smile crept over him, a smile that anticipated some strange happening.

"I know mom, I know."


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