So... no, I ain't dead. But as these things go. You get older you get more responsibilites and less time to do things you want. In any case, have this. No idea whether or not this is more than a one shot or even where I would take it from here. For those asking for the Game of Thrones crossover? It's kicking my ass. The main character turned out way too powerful without me realising it so I'm not so sure how to fix that without rewriting the entire thing, which I'm not really feeling...



Harry had followed after Hagrid like an obedient little puppy ever since they'd entered Diagon alley.

'Armed' with Galleons from the bank they were going to go and get his school supplies. "Whatever you need." Hagrid had told him and he had simply nodded his head.

Harry Potters mind was racing. Going through everything he'd seen, through the things he'd learned.

Harry had reacted to very little but he had noted the gentle giants face when they left Gringotts.

"I can get my clothes myself." Harry promised with a small smile. "So that you can get something for your motion sickness." Hagrid smiled back at the boy then gave him a small pat on the head.

"Right, ya need..."

"The trunks are right over there and Madam Malkins is just up there." Harry pointed with another smile.

For as long as Harry could remember he had planned for this moment. For the first time ever he was away from Privet Drive. Far enough so he couldn't be turned around again. Far enough from them... so he might never need to go back. There was a chance here he simply couldn't allow to pass.

"It's alright Hagrid, really." The eleven year old did his best to leave the eagerness out of his voice, to make it sound even and normal. He didn't entirely succeed.

"Thank you Harry, I'll see ya in a few minutes." Hagrid turned his back and started walking away. Harry waited then let out a long breath before the smile crumbled from his face and he took off in a dead sprint towards the place which sold trunks.

When the old man wanted to start Harry interrupted him near instantly.

"Sorry I don't have much time. My name is Harry Potter. I need a trunk. You have live in ones in the store windows. I need one like that. Easy to carry, easy to overlook, if it can make food with magic that would be best."

"Those are very expensive Mr. Potter. For school surely..." The boy shook his head.

"I'll give you whatever you want, look..." Harry put his Galleons on the counter. "They call me the boy who lived, is that worth anything to..." Harry Potter had lived of off reading people all his life, he noted before he ever finished the sentence that he had just struck solid gold. Whatever it was about that boy who lived bs put money in the mans eyes. "you?"

"Your Galleons are not enough, but we might be able to work out a deal. This is what we can offer..." It was a catalogue. Simple as that. Live-In trunks were not widely used for the simple reason that they were not... 'proper'. Even the catalogue itself went on to mention that a proper witch or wizard would never be caught dead living in one for longer periods of time. Never mind that the ministry took to such individuals with great suspicion.

A home... a house it was a sign of standing, class and more generally wealth.

Naturally Harry cared about none of these things. Considering these people seemed to believe that some terrorist fuck came to his families home, then killed his parents, before being destroyed by something no one knew for certain but everyone had convinced themselves had something to do with him, all for no apparent reason whatsoever? He was content to believe them all nuts.

"All of it." Harry said quickly. "Bedroom, Living room, kitchen with rune applications to multiply food and water. A potions lab... whatever that is. Greenhouse, outdoor area. I'll take the gym and library as well. Whatever this training room is, that apparently helps for duelling? That too. Simply put, everything for everything. For that I'll sign whatever the hell you want." Why was it so hard for this man to understand that he didn't have all the time in the world?

"That will take time."

"No! It'll take you 30 minutes!" The man was slightly taken aback as the boys eyes flashed at him.

"Put your initials on these basic ones over here. Then on this material here, here and here."

"I will, when you are finished please put the trunk aside I'm going to need to come back, you can sell it to me as a basic one." The old man who had no idea what this young mans problem was let out a sigh but agreed. The money he would make from this far outweighed anything else. He'd be the first shop to sell authenic 'the boy who lived' merchandise. Signed by the boy and his magic. Everything he would go on to sign from the Trunks to the materials would soon become collectors items, they would go for thousands upon thousands of Galleons.

"Jalda, my dear. Watch Mr. Potter finish his signing." The witch in the back blushed but gave a nod. When Harry was done he made it understood that he had not been here yet again.

"And it best look like any other trunk too. I'll be back." He then made for a mad dash towards a store called Broomstix. He had no idea how it all worked but apparently those damn things could fly.

"Hi, my name is Harry Potter, I need a Broomstick." It worked. It shouldn't have but it worked. Apparently signing one of those Nimbus 2000 tripled it's worth. So they gave him one of the rag for free. The sales lady got much of her bosses approval. He could hear them congratulate her on managing to make him agree, hugs were exchanged and pats on the back were given as he moved outside.

"Put this in the damn trunk then Malkins, let's go Harry." He told himself. Again he ran. Running was second nature. He'd often needed to get away from Dudley and his goons. Thankfully? That was now paying off.

"Yes, yes, of course Hogwarts robes." Harry said slightly out of breath. "But I also need muggle clothing. You said all occasions didn't you?"

"But of course!" The witch exclaimed happily.

"I need good shoes, to walk, to run for all occasions, I need boots... you know for heavy work... winter and things."

"We can do that." She simply told him and got to work. This was much easier. The woman was a professional and talked only when necessary.

Whenever she asked him if he wanted charms added he simply said yes. Resizing and refitting, heating and whatever else the witch could think of. Harry cared little.

He left a lot of his gold there and had it all neatly packaged in a complementary carrying bag.

Harry had not cared enough to listen to that one boy who had been talking at him while in the shop, nor had he seen the boy scowl at him. As Harry's mind ran through all the things he'd already bought. And some things he might still need he paid the boy less attention than he might have to dog shit on his shoes.

When Hagrid returned he saw none of the new clothes. Neither was Harry's new Broomstick anywhere in sight.

"I haven't had time yet to go to get my trunk. So we should do that too, first the wand maybe?"

Hagrid agreed and led him towards Ollivanders, never noting the boys flush face, nor the sweat on his forehead or the slightly accelerated breathing.

Harry endured the gruelling search for the damn stick he was supposedly going to need.

The trunk store welcomed both him and Hagrid warmly.

"Ah yes. Standard Hogwarts trunk, yes?" The young woman called Jalda asked with a conspiratorial smile.

"Exactly." Harry answered automatically not looking at her. He wasn't going to be done in now by Hagrid getting suspicious because of some random glance.

"If you'll come with me to the back." He was led through and to the owner.

"The manual Mr. Potter. Touching this activates the featherlight charms. This here, does the sizing charms." Harry gave multiple nods along the mans explanations.

Amongst everything they had bought from Quills to potions ingredients. Hagrid also gifted him an Owl for his birthday.

The bird near instantly flew towards his shoulder and nestled her head against his neck.

Harry himself was instantly taken with the gorgeous bird.

"I... thank you Hagrid. I've never... Thank you. I mean it."

"Don't mention it Harry."



"You were really decent to me today and I just want you to know I'm grateful for that. I'll always be grateful for that."

"Sounds like there ought to be a but there." Harry smiled and gently shook his head. There was one, the but was... but... he was never going back to the Dursleys.

He didn't really think so, but the chance of all this being an elaborate hoax was there. Perhaps a fever dream in his cupboard.

Even when thoughts of: 'Trying it couldn't be so bad' surfaced he squashed them.

No, just no. For a change he'd do what he had thought about doing for years.

He'd do what so far no one else had ever done.

He'd do what was best for himself. Best for Harry.

When the gentle giant put him on the train towards the Dursleys Harry waved and watched from the window as he walked away.

Just one stop further, Harry Potter exited the train supposed to take him back towards Privet Drive. He walked down from the platform and disappeared into streets of London.

When the night came, he donned his new dark clothing mounted his new broom with his home secured to the front handle and pushed off. Hedwig hooted lightly as she followed him.

Harry pushed the broom, he'd been reading the manual on that one for hours just to make sure he didn't somehow tip himself over and die just before reaching the finishing line.

But that had luckily been unnecessary.

Flying was easy, great and relaxing in a way nothing else had ever been. He belonged on this piece of wood.

Slowly but steadily he raised it's speed.

He couldn't help himself from laughing, it was the nerves. The tenseness leaving him like the receeding tide.

Harry... in all the years he'd tried, had never made it this far. Something, some sort of... magic perhaps had always returned him to his relatives. Used to be he couldn't deviate from his path to school, used to be he couldn't make it around the corner without suddenly and inexplicably finding himself staring up at his hated prison.

But as he disappeared into the national park south of London he started to realise no one could stop him this time. There was no pull on his mind. Nothing magical that might in any way keep him from doing this.

With his arms outstretched, he grinned into the night, tears trickling from his eyes.

"I'm free."