Snake Eyes- A Mario Party fic

By: Sokkonn and Jaha Canon

Disclaimer: We do not own them. Yes.

Jaha: Hello! My name is Jaha! I'm Sokkonn's cousin.  He wanted to have a story on this site so I thought I'd help him! YIPPIE! I write mostly Ed, Edd, n Eddy fics. Look me up if you're interested. Once again, name's Jaha Canon.

Sokkonn: Yeah, her stuff is actually pretty good *gets hit on the arm* I mean, uh, REALLY good! *gets hit on the arm again* WHAT!?

Jaha: *whispers to Sokkonn* Best ever, remember?

Sokkonn: *moan* Jaha is the best ever.

Jaha: AND the most egotistical!


Toad: YAHOO! Welcome to MARIO PARTY 5!  You've decided to go to PEACH'S LOVELY BRACELET!

Yoshi: *looks at Peach and raises an eyebrow*

Peach: *shrugs* Well, I'm a princess, what do you expect?

Toad: Press "A" to hit the Dice Block, Now!

Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Wario: *all jump, more or less in unison*

Mario: *gets a 7* Woo Hoo!

Peach: *gets a 2* Yeah!

Yoshi: *gets a 4, and makes a Yoshi joyful sound.*

Wario: *gets a 7* Yeeeah!

Toad: *looks confused* WHAT?! This never happened before!

Mario: *blinks* What?

Toad: You and Wario both got a seven! How do we determine who goes first? *pause* Oooooh, I have a headache.

Peach: YOU have a headache? We're the ones who hit the dice blocks!

Toad: oooooohhhhh… *his mushroom explodes*

Stagehand: *runs out and hands Toad a sombrero* Use this for now. *runs out*  

Toad: Very well, so, welcome to MARIO'S SPANISH FIESTA! Numero cinco!

Peach: WHAT? We're in Peach's Lovely Bracelet!

Toad: *in a whisper to Peach* No, we're in Mexico-Land. Come on! Improvise with me!

Peach: No! I want to do Lovely Bracelet!

Toad: I need to have someway to explain the sombrero!

Peach: Well that's not MY fault! We chose Peach's Lovely Bracelet and that's that!

Toad: *headache again* ooohhhhh… *the sombrero explodes*

Mario: Momma Mia! Clean up isle 3!

Stage Hand: *arrives* Okay, I don't have a replacement for THAT! Wear this giant banana.

Toad: Okay, I am not even going to try this one. We should be concentrating on the conflict at hand!

Wario: I should go first.

Toad: Why?

Wario: Because I'm the best!

Toad: There has got to be a fair way.

Mario: I know! We can play Mario Party for it!

All: *stares at him*

Mario: *moan of discontent* Awwww.

Peach: Are we going to Peach's Lovely Bracelet?

Toad: FINE! Yes! *transport to Peach's Lovely Bracelet Level*

Peach: *does a little dance* Yeah!

Toad: Ok… Mario and Wario! 2 Player Mini Game! GO!

Mario: …Toad… there aren't any 2 player mini games in Mario Party 5…

Toad: *toad moan* Awwww…

Yoshi: *speaks his Yoshi language*

Peach: What'd he say?

Mario: I think he said Wario and I should hit the dice again.

Toad: Oh… wow… that's obvious.

So Mario and Wario hit the die again and got different numbers! Mario went first!

Mario: Yeah!