A Yennork Witch

It was the 31st of October 1980. Their beloved Harry was three months old and Remus was coming home. He had been on a mission from Dumbledore, sending him among the werewolf clans and trying to sway them towards neutrality.

Lily had always felt a kinship with Remus, considered him a brother. He told her she smelled like home, like pack. Neither knew why. Well, Lily had a feeling she should know why but couldn't put her finger on it. They just decided to declare themselves heart siblings and leave it alone.

Remus had been home for an hour and was quickly joined by Sirius in a small, impromptu welcome back party. After feeling her baby monitor charm go off Lily went upstairs to collect the happily babbling baby.

Back down stairs, Harry was stolen from her arms by his very affectionate godfather, who claimed the right to introduce him to his Uncle Moony.

But this happy reunion abruptly turned serious as the baby in Remus' arms sniffed him then turned into a little black wolf cub.

"I didn't do anything to him I swear!"

"We know Moony. Maybe it's an accidental magic animagus?"

"Well I know I didn't transfigure him for a prank-"

"It's my fault," Came the quiet voice of Lily. "I remember now, why Remus felt like family. Because he is pack. And I am a yennork. I forgot when I woke up here. I had a new life, I didn't need to remember my old one."

"Lily? Old life? Yennork? What is going on?"

"I was born Elsa Von Uberwald. There were four of us. Two sets of twins. Delphine and Wolfgang were blond bimorphs. Able to change between wolf and human at will. My twin Andrei was like me but opposite. I'm stuck. A human yennork. Andrei was born a wolf and was never able to become human."

"How did you become Lily?"

"Delphine, oh how she hated her name, prefered Angua. Anyway she was a great sister. She loved Andrei and me, didn't care that we couldn't shift. But Wolfgang believed that I wasn't a proper werewolf. Just a filthy human. He tried to drown me when I was eight. As I went under, I wished I had a different life. I wished I was someone else, had a different family. When I woke I was surrounded by people I didn't know, wearing weird clothes and they kept calling me Lily."

"Your wish switched you with another drowning girl."

"Drowned. When they pulled my body out of the water it wasn't breathing. They considered me waking up to be a miracle. The magic sort of confirmed it for them. Any time I didn't understand something they would blame the near drowning. Any personality changes on the same thing. Only Petunia didn't think it was a miracle. I have no proof but based on comments she said and her reaction after, I wouldn't put it past her to be the one who drowned the original Lily."

"So you're a werewolf stuck in human form… that's why you cried when your animagus form turned out to be a wolf. The shape you were denied."

"I think so, yes. Like I said, I believed that life was done and refused to think about it until I forgot. Harry being a bimorph triggered it."

"Well, if I can have a werewolf best friend, I can have a werewolf wife and child. But no-one can know. The Wizengamot won't allow a werewolf to sit among them."

"We tell no-one. Not even Wormtail or Dumbledore. But it will be impossible to hide when he goes to Hogwarts."

"Not if we create a spell that mimics me being a yennork. Like me he will have all his instincts, he will learn to control them as a human without the extra pull of his wolf form until he is old enough to understand. I will teach him all I remember. You too Remus. It should be possible for you to learn to control your wolf instincts. It's why I didn't understand when you called your wolf a man-eating monster. If we create a spell that works and its countercurse…"

Almost 14 years later.

Third year is over and Harry went to visit Remus due to a rumour he had heard stating Remus was leaving. The rumour was right. They talked for a bit when Remus asked a question that had been bothering him.

"Harry, you mentioned going back to the Dursleys. Who are they?"

"Mums sister Petunia and-"

"What! Tell me you don't live with Petunia!"

"Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Why?"

"Come with me Harry. We need to have a talk with the Headmaster."

They walk to the headmaster's office and find Snape there. Snape sneered and mentioned Lupin being a dangerous wolf who couldn't be trusted to take his medicine.

"I have to rely on you for my wolfsbane, remember? It was ten minutes to sundown and my potion hadn't arrived, so I ran to the shrieking shack. I didn't know it would already be full of people. And when you followed me you didn't bother bringing the wolfsbane. If you were so concerned about making sure I was docile why did I never receive my potion?"

Snape snarled and then added a death glare when Remus cut him off.

"Headmaster, Harry tells me he lives with his aunt Petunia. Is that correct?

"She is his closest living relative-"

"She tried to drown her own sister when Lily was eight! "

"Children act out in jealousy-"

"As Petunia being an attempted murderer at ten years old isn't enough to get him away from that evil cow you leave me no choice to tell a secret Lily only spoke of once and made us promise we wouldnt repeat it unless her son was in danger. Lily wasn't Petunia's sister."

"Of course she was!"

"No Headmaster. On the same day, at the same time, Petunia drowned Lily, another eight year old girl called Elsa was being drowned by her brother. As Elsa blacked out she wished for a different life, a different family. When she woke everyone called her Lily. Petunia didn't attempt to drown her sister. She succeeded. Lily was just replaced by Elsa."

"That makes sense. Lily didn't show any magic until after almost drowning," snape drawled, seeming to actually listen to Remus for a change.

"Because Lily didn't have magic. Elsa did. Eventually with everyone calling her Lily and blaming any memory or behavioural issues on the drowning, she forgot. Began to believe her life from before was a dream. Until Harry was three months old and something triggered her memory."

"You told me the only reason I had to go back was to power mother's protection by being with her blood. If mum isn't aunt Petunia's sister then why do I have to keep living with her?"

Author Notes.

I will eventually come back and make this a proper story. But I think this is ok for my first attempt at a one shot.

I'm Australian so my English is mostly Australian so I write mum as mum not mom. Get over it.

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