A foggy morning starts the days with a haze filling the air and leaving a bitter after taste in the mouths of the drivers stuck in traffic; due to the limited sight the stigmatized sky provides.

A girl with bright red hair and luminous green eyes ties the laces of her shoes and tightens the band in her hair, letting the crimson tresses fall back down in a high pony tail. A light blue tee shirt and green shorts with white trim was her selected athletic attire for her morning jog.

Her shoes were a dull eggshell white with traces of green and blue color fading a way from use.

Soon enough, she began her jog at the entrance of the vacant park and did four laps until she stopped at the same spot she started at. She looked at the clock and made her way back to the place she lived.

She doesn't feel comfortable calling it a home, so she doesn't. She enters the moderate apartment that is bare of any individuality and indication of it being lived in.

She coolly glides to the kitchen for a glass of water. She set it down carefully and walked towards her bedroom. It was as bare as the rest of the apartment.

Bare as it was, it was clean and organized meticulously. She spent many days maintaining the apartment and utilities until they were up to her standard.

She enters her room and heads to the clothes she laid out the night before. Taking them into her arms, she walks to the bathroom.

She didn't spend much time showering and was quick to dress, dry her hair, and brush her teeth.

Her uniform consisted of a pristine, white-collared button-up; a bright yellow neck tie; a dark brown belt; deep green skirt; black pantyhose; and brown flats.

Her hair was a neat high bun without a strand out of place. She applied a light foundation with a little eyeliner and red lip gloss. She thought to herself as ready.

She entered the kitchen once more to take her carefully made breakfast and lunch, plus a healthy snack for her athletic classes, out of the refrigerator. She placed them in her school bag and made her way to the front door.

Once she locked it, she set off to her school that was a short distance a way. The city was small and somewhat safe. It was gloomy and one could say it was dull, but no one could say it was really dangerous to go out.

When she first arrived here was the most stressful couple of days of her life. Eventually, she calmed down and little issues smoothed out.

The color and repressive atmosphere of her school alerted her that she was close. Unlike most schools, her school was a private school that excluded those deemed unexceptional.

She was sure they would be quick to kick her out since she always seem uninteresting and non-cooperative with any club that was available. No one scouted her and no one talked to her. If she was contributing then surely they wouldn't think she fit into their mold?

None of this happened as many students fade into the background to boost the most truly outstanding members. Some, if not all, of the top students were aiming for presidency as student council elections were about to open.


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