818 A.D

It happened again, at first, I was sitting in my house and now I'm...somewhere completely different that I've never seen before this is, I look around and see no-one, but in the distance, I hear screams of anguish and pain, and smoke rising towards the sky as home's burn.

I hear scream's nearing me and move to hide behind a wall, a girl older than me from what I can see, but not by much 18 maybe, men are dragging her away, laughing and joking in a language I don't understand.

"Noli laborare puella velox erimus." {Don't worry we will be quick girl}. The tall man laughed at what I assume to be his own joke as they dragged her along, my blood boiled underneath my skin as I watched them, I followed them while trying to come up with a plan to save her, but a part of me already knew I was going to go in blind.

"AUXILIUM! QUAESO! ALEC." {Help! Please!}. My eyes strayed to my surrounding's checking for the person she was calling for, but no one else was in sight, one of the men slammed his palm against her face angrily as he spoke, roughing pressing his lips against her ear.

"Tace meretricem nemo te potest salvare." {Hush whore no one can save you}. I realized waiting any longer wasn't going to get me anywhere as i looked around and pick up a large stick and started charging at the man closest to me.

"GET AWAY FROM HER YOU FREAK" I yelled slamming the stick against the back of his head, I swung the stick at the other man holding her arm and, smiled to myself at the crunch before tugging the girl out of his arms and holding her close to me, she was cute, and short, but now was not the time to admire her.

"Quid tibi negotii est hic?" {What's your business here?} I tilted my head in confusion before shaking it quickly.

"I don't know what you're asking, but It doesn't matter back the fuck up before you end up like him." I say jabbing my stick in the direction of the man groaning in pain while gripping the back of his head.

"Est nostra merces!" {She is our reward}. I watched as he pointed towards the girl shivering behind me and immediately shook my head no.

"She is staying with me." I say as I point at her then myself and start backing away with the girl behind me.


When we're far enough I grip her hand and bolt off in a random direction. "I'm Bella...who are you?" I say as I point at myself then point at her with a questioning look on my face.

"Nomen meum est Jane" {My name is Jane}. I smile at the girl softly as i let her hand go.

"Jane...beautiful name." Her head tilted to the side adorably as she looked at me confused.

"Invenire debemus Alec" {We must find Alec}. I raised a confused eyebrow hoping she would catch on to the fact that I didn't understand.

"Alec? Who is that?" The blonde girl shook her head quickly and grabbed my hand tugging me along with her. My eyes followed the burning huts and the smoke coupling in the air, darkening the skies even further.

"Jane where are we going?" I asked making hand movements hoping she would understand what I was trying to say. She pointed towards a hut further off than the rest and looked back at me pleadingly.

"Nos Alec fratrem habebimus, ambo adiuvabimus?" {We will get my brother Alec; you will help us both?}. I was starting to sense a pattern with the name Alec the way she pointed at herself it was clear he meant something to the girl.

"Are you taking me to Alec?" She nodded her head quickly I'm guessing because she heard the name Alec, I nodded to myself before I pointed towards the hut and shooed her towards it.

And just like that we we're once again on the move, towards this Alec person, I was constantly checking behind us making sure none of the men from earlier we're following behind us.

We we're there before I knew it, and she opened the door to the hut letting go of my hand, I found myself missing the way it fit mine's, shaking away my thoughts I followed her in.

"ALEC, ALEC Ubi es miris vestibus servatus es a viatore, tutum est exire." {Where are you I was saved by a traveler in amazing clothes it's safe to come out.}. I watched as she moved around inside the hut looking for whoever she's talking to as I stood awkwardly by the door.

"Jane?" I saw a head of blonde hair poke out of a room, a boy who looked, almost exactly like Jane rushed out of it and pulled her into a hug with tear's streaming down his face.

"Quis es." {Who are you?}. The boy was looking at me with what would probably be an intimidating face if he wasn't currently crying. He took a step towards me and I stepped back.

"Nulla Alec Et me servavit ab hominibus malis." {No Alec, she saved me from the bad men.}. The boy squinted at me before nodding his head at me and I nodded back as he looked down at his sister checking her over.

Before anything else could be said there was a loud slam against the hut's door. I backed away from the door as I stared at it and looked back at the two. I spotted a sword in the corner and walked over to it picking it up.

I was hoping I still had some of the skills I got when I was in a fighting arena just weeks ago. "Take Jane and go Alec, as far as you can, go." They both looked confused as another hit pounded at the door.

"GO" I said pointing at what I really hoped was a back door. They finally starting moving towards the door as it finally busted open and two men from earlier stood at the door.

"Come at me." I said as I got into stance, and the men rushed into the hut.

For what felt like hours all I could see was the clashing of my swords against others, blood splattering the floor, screams and groans of anger and pain. I could feel the blood on my face coating my clothes, I sighed as I looked at the two dead bodies, and started to walk out the same door Jane and Alec had.

I dropped the sword to the ground as I made it outside, gripping my arm with a huge slice in it as blood seeped out. I moved my hair out of my face as I ripped a piece of my shirt off and tied it around my arm.

I could see almost nothing, there was smoke everywhere, it had spread across the fields, I could only hear screaming and yelling, and I remember wishing I didn't take as long as I did to see Jane and Alec being taken away as they screamed my name, and all I could do was clutch my stomach knowing I was disappearing.