A Most Excellent Matrix Adventure

Trinity hugs the wall at a corner junction. She jumps out readying her pistols, a quick scan reveals nothing, she calls out, "Clear!"

While Trinity is covering the corridor Morpheus quickly runs down midway to a door and quickly starts to pick the lock.

"Talk to me Link!" Morpheus speaks into his headphone set while working.

"Okay, connection established, it should be clear ahead of you! You're good to go!" Link the Operating officer said.

The door is open. Beyond the door is looked a huge dark empty warehouse. Some light is filtering in from the huge windows. Morpheus puts away his lock picks and picked up his gun.

"Come on Trinity!" urged Morpheus.

"What about Neo?" she said still looking down the hallway not moving.

"He can take care of himself! Now come on!"

Trinity looked unsure and seemed like she didn't want to leave. Then slowly backing up towards the door that Morpheus just opened. But she kept looking hopefully down the hall. As she was turning to leave there was a loud smash and heard running footsteps, she pointed her gun down the hall. Her heart was beating fast. Who was coming?

Rounding the corner and running fast was Neo. He saw Trinity and waved for her to go, then turning the corner behind him was Smith, or rather Smiths. It was like a floodgate had been open and a black tide was churning behind Neo.

Trinity turned and ran for the open door. Neo was right behind her. When Trinity was through and Neo stepped in and immediately closed the door. They were safe. Once a door is closed the connection point is broken. When Smith or Neo opens the door it will be to another point in the Matrix.

Neo turned and started to say, "Okay, we."

Morpheus and Trinity weren't facing him they were facing and pointing their guns at a figure in front of them. When they had entered a spot of light turned on lighting upon a man in a dark suit with head bowed. When he looked up he was wearing dark shades.

An Agent was standing before them.

But he was an unusual looking Agent. He appeared shorter than most Agents with curly blond hair, and youthful looking.

"Morpheus?" whispered Trinity.

Morpheus shook his head as if to say, "I don't know either."

Neo steps forward and gestures for Morpheus and Trinity to stand down. They lower their guns. Neo is using the 'sight' on the Agent. He was shocked because at one moment it was the lurid green of an Agent but when he saw Neo all of a sudden it changed into the golden glow of a rogue program..

And even more disturbing to Neo there is something vaguely familiar about the Agent.

"What do you want? Agent." asked Neo hoping the strange Agent will reveal itself.


"What's that?" asked Neo not catching it.

"Esquire. Agent Esquire."

The strange Agent removes his sunglasses. His eyes are squinting angrily at Neo and have a scowl on his face.

Then as if he couldn't hold it in anymore his face breaks into a grin and throws open his arms and cries out, "TED!"

The strange Agent runs towards Neo. Morpheus and Trinity bring up their guns again but Neo simply thrusts out his hand, he creates a barrier in front of him.

Agent Esquire bumps into the invisible barrier and bounces back. He looks angry and rubs his nose.

"Ow! What's the big idea Ted? And how did you do that?"

"Why do you keep calling me Ted? My name is Neo."

"Neo? Dude, that's a most bogus dorkus name!"

Neo looks at Agent Esquire with an unbelievable expression.

"Look, aren't you going to attack me or something?"

"Attack you? Why? You mean you want me to hit you?" asked Agent Esquire incredulously.

"What kind of Agent are you?" asked Neo more puzzled than ever.

"I don't know. Don't know too much about this Agent bit. All I know is that I went to sleep then I woke up in this dark room with no walls and I'm walking with this spot light following me and it shows me one door. When I go through the door there's this room and it's all white with like a million televisions there. It's like MTV heaven! It was most outstanding!"

"And who do I see over there? Mr. Kris Kringle dude himself!"

"Kris Kringle. dude?"

"Yeah, it's gotta be him! He even calls himself "The Arctic Tech!"

"You mean The Architect?" asked Neo.

"Yeah, that dude! The Arctic Tech! The only person that can possibly be that is Kris Kringle!"

Neo is shaking his head not believing he's hearing this. Morpheus and Trinity look at each other in disbelief.

Bill is continuing his story.

"He looks at me and starts speaking funny, "Mr. Esquire, blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah. I mean he just kept going on and on and on. But I caught two words that caught my interest. Van Halen and guitar! When he just stopped talking I didn't know what he was talking about all that time so I just said 'okay' anyway! Next thing I knew I was standing in front of a door when Morfus and Tintitty came in through the door!"

"You mean Morpheus and Trinity? How did you know them?" asked Neo. Trinity looked like she wanted to put a bullet between Bill's eyes.

Bill looks a bit lost and thought for a second. Then shrugged his shoulders.

"Heck, I don't know! Their names just popped into my head!"

"Look, Agent Esquire." started Neo.

"Ted! Dude! It's me, Bill! Bill S. Preston Esquire! What's the matter with you dude?"

Getting more frustrated Neo is getting disturbed and his head is throbbing, "Listen! Agen. Bill! Listen Bill!" started Neo then gasps and clutches at his head. Morpheus and Trinity was concerned and reached for Neo. Even Bill's face looked worried.

Neo powers were growing tremendously day-by-day and are exhibiting incredible new abilities. For one he can think and compute very much like a computer now meaning his thoughts are incredibly fast. He can create force barriers for a short duration and can teleport for short distances within his line of sight.

But recently as his powers increase so do voices and whispers in his head. In his early meditations he was wondering who was talking to him. As his powers increase the voices are becoming clearer. It wasn't telepathy because the voices were speaking in his own voice. His computational mind eventually figured out what was happening to him.

His memories of his past selves or other lives are coming into his thoughts. And one of them is familiar. Neo closes his eyes and focuses on that voice and allows that memory to suffuse his being.

He arches his back and takes a deep breath and exhales quickly.

When he opened his eyes he had a slack vacant look about him. He looked around and said, "Whoa!"

Morpheus and Trinity were staring at Neo. Trinity eventually asked, "Neo?"

"Morfus! TinTitty! How's it hanging!" he said. They gaped at him.

Then he turned to Bill who was looking at him expectantly.



"Excellent!" they both yelled together. Then they both made like they held invisible guitars in their hands and did a quick riff. When they did that the riff could actually be heard. Morpheus and Trinity looked around.

Then they hugged but broke away quickly and looked at each other in disgust both saying at the same time, "Fag!"

But they started smiling stupidly at each other and clapping each other on the arms.

"Neo, what the hell is going on around here?" asked a befuddled and anxious Morpheus.

"His name is Ted! Ted "Theodore" Logan!" said a smiling Bill.

"And he's Bill! Bill S. Preston Esquire!" said Neo who is now Ted.

Now speaking together, "Together we're Wyld Stallion!"

Then they are playing with their imaginary guitars doing incredible riffs and jumping around like madmen.

Trinity couldn't take it anymore.

She whipped up her gun and fired almost point blank right into Bill.

To be continued.