Title: Daisy in my Hair and Butterflies in my Stomach

Author: Trio Spade

Beta: Kime

Summary: What will the group do when the stumble upon a blood covered clearing only to find that the source of all the blood is none other than Sesshomaru? What will they do when they find out the demon who attracted and assaulted Inuyasha's older brother is their own arch enemy Naraku? Will Sesshomaru ever be the same? And what dose the daisy turning purple mean? MP

Paring(s): SessxInu

Anime: Inuyasha

Rating: R

AN: All characters and ideas of the Inuyasha world do not belong to me. Storyline and plot are mine, alone with any original charters though so do not use without my permission please.

This is the first of many Inu fics you'll see from me. I don't only do Gundamwing ya know. I LOVE ALL ANIME! But you most only see me write for inu, gundam, yuyu hakusho, rironi kenshen, dbz, beyblade. . . . I think that's it till something new comes along. Well back to this story. This came from a very ODD to say the lease brain fart, so enjoy the torture of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE YOUKI SESSHOMARU!

Inuyasha and the group were walking though the forest as usual, on the endless search for jewel shards. Inuyasha stops abruptly and began to sniff the air.

"Blood. Lots of it." He growled out. He knew that blood all to well.

"Where?" Miroku asked seriously.

"This way." Inuyasha ordered as he took off to the right going deeper into the woods. Miroku followed behind him, running next to Kilala with Kagome, Sango, and Shippo riding astride her back. Inuyasha dashed further ahead then came back stopping the group from going any further.

"What is it Inuyasha!" Songo demanded pulling her poison mask down.

"Kagome, Shippo, stay right here with Kilala. Miroku, Songo, I need your help." With that Inuyasha headed back from where he had come. Miroku and Songo followed behind him.

Inuyasha stopped about a quarter of the way into a very large clearing. Sango and Miroku gave startled gasps of horror at the site that met their eyes. In the center of the clearing laid a bloody and still bleeding figure. It had hair that covered its entire upper and lower body ending at mid thigh. The silvery color of the hair was dyed crimson with blood and matted with knots. Inuyasha bowed his head in shame at the scene. Laying there by his foot was the dismembered head of Jaken, eyes wide and mouth agape.

"Sesshomaru. . . . . . . Who did this to you?" Inuyasha whispered as he walked up to the mangled form of his brother for a closer look. Songo and Miroku followed closely behind not dropping their guard as they took in the scene. There had definitely been a struggle all signs pointed to it. Torn up ground and broken trees, not to mention the blood splattered over the grass.

Sesshomarus naked body lay as if it had tried to crawl away in desperate hope to get away. His body was covered in deep cuts, scratches, and bruises that were almost black. Blood still trickled freely from the cuts but what caught his attention and made him growl out right with anger was that the most blood was coming from between his legs and pooling in a puddle at his knees. The sight made Inuyashas stomach churn and feel as if he was going to relive lunch the hard way.

"It. . . . . . looks like. . . . . .Rape" Miroku whispered in near disbelief.

Inuyasha looked over in the direction Sesshomarus arm was out stretched. Three feet away laid Tensiga. Inuyasha gave a low growl. He bent down when something in Sesshomarus hand caught his eye. He took it out of the clasping fingers and brought it up. It was a ripped piece of white fur. He gave it a couple sniffs to see who it belonged to.

"NARAKU!" he growled out loudly in rage. The other two cried out in shock at the news.

"It would figure that a bastard like that would do something this vile." Miroku spat.

"The girl that was with him, where is she?" Sango said as she looked around trying to find the young girl. Inuyasha sniffed the air sorting through the smell of his brother's blood, the forest, of the rape.

"Over there, she's hiding on the other side of that tree. She terrified, Sango you best get her and take her to Kagome." Inuyasha said as he pointed to a tree on the far side. Sango went over and around the tree. It had an opening which leads to hollowed out base. Rin was curled with her back to the hole. Her poor little body, shaking with terrified sobs. Sango reached in to pick her up. Rin screamed wildly. Sango cooed gently trying to calm the girl. Rin soon recognized that Sango was not a threat to her and remembered Sango from bumping into the group a couple of times with Sesshomaru. Sango cradled her as she took the girl to safety and a warm fire with Kagome.

Miroku and Inuyasha turned sharply at hearing the frightened screams. Inuyasha soon picked up Sangos gentle cooing and motioned to Miroku that it was ok. The screaming soon stopped. Sesshomaru surprised both boys by moving to rise up best he could onto his hands.

"Rin . . . . . I'm . . . . . . . sorry" he broke out harshly, his voice dry and caking, before collapsing, panting hard. Inuyasha caught him just before he hit the ground. This action proved to give Sesshomaru new strength in fear. Sesshomarus eyes snapped open going wide in fear.

"G. . .Get away fr . . . from me! NO MORE! Please, no more!" Sesshomaru stuttered out in shouts. He had gathered strength and sprung away a few feet away where he had scrunched his eyes shut shaking his head and keeping it turned away. Inuyasha heart fell to his feet at the pure horror that was in his brother's actions a voice. He moved swiftly over to Sesshomarus and took him up in his arms. Inuyasha rocked them both gently and petted Sesshomarus hair softly as he cooed comfort to his brother.

"Shhhh, shhhhhhhhh, Sesshomaru. I'm not going to hurt you. Its ok your safe, Rin's safe. Hush now and rest." He ignored the shocked expression that Miroku had on his face as Sesshomaru broke down. His body shook in convulsions as he clung to Inuyashas outer shirt. Sesshomaru surprised Inuyasha even further as he began to sob hard.

The pain had been too much for even him. The fear ripped into his mind breaking him into submission. It had been the first time he had ever been afraid like that. He had been afraid for Rin, if Naraku decided to go after instead, so he hid her out of sight in a tree. He wished he could have covered her ears when he could not hold his screams in any longer. He knew she had to have been scared out of her mind, she was just a human. He had been scared out of his soul and he was a demon, one of the strongest at that but that did not mean he was ready to fight off what Naraku had. Naraku had his evil magic and minions all around to hold him down. It still hurt, and he had a feeling that it was going to hurt for a long time. He felt dirty and violated and hoped that if he went and took a long bath when he could move on his own would fix that. The thoughts and memories of what had happened made his stomach churn.

Inuyasha held onto Sesshomaru and he didn't plan to let go for a wile. The hate he had for his brother at the things that Sesshomaru had done to him had been tossed out the window and the only desire he had towards Sesshomaru was to keep him safe and kill the bastard that did this to him. Inuyasha was snapped from his thoughts when Sesshomaru jerked free suddenly and made it several steps before dropping to his hands and knees to empty his stomach contents on to the already blood splattered ground.

Once the convolutions that accompanied loosing his stomach content finished and left him on his hands and knees shaking, he collapsed of to the side and curled up into a fetal ball, shivering. Miroku began to step up to Sesshomaru but Inuyasha stopped him and went ahead of him to scoop Sesshomaru up. Inuyasha cradled Sesshomaru closely as he stood.

"Miroku, go and get Kagome's medical kit. We need to tend to his wounds. He also needs something to keep him warm, Kagome's extra sleeping bag should work. I'm taking him to the hot spring on the ether side of the clearing. It's a little ways into the forest. I've got to get him clean, get this stinking stench off of him." Inuyasha whispered to Miroku before heading off towards the hot spring. Miroku nodded and turned to head the opposite direction to retrieve the things needed.

Trio: OK here's were I need help peoples. If you haven't guessed buy now this is a yaoi story. This is the part I need help with, I don't know who to pair with Sesshomaru! Should it be Miroku or Inuyasha? So I'm going to take a poll and it will be up for several chappies. So who do you think it should be? I can't decide they both could work REALLY well in this story. TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME! I NEED HELP! IT'S UP TO YOU! MIROKU OR INUYASHA!

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