Daises in my Hair and Butterflies in my Stomach: Ch11

"I want to go home. Please" Sesshomaru cried as Kagome dabbed his forehead with a damp cloth. They had been there for about an hour. Naraku had thrown them in a cell that sported a medium sized bed and the absolute necessities that they would need to bring the baby into this world.

"I know Sesshomaru, but lets concentrate on the baby right now alright." Sesshomaru nodded as he hugged onto Kagome, burring his head in the crook of her neck and shoulder. He threw his head back all of the sudden and howled.

"Kagome, it's coming. IT'S COMING!" he howled. Kagome quickly laid him back and got in position to catch the pup.

"Ok when I saw start pushing." She said strongly. Sesshomaru nodded wearily.

Naraku was knocked to the ground but Inuyasha did not stop. He tore threw the puppet till he found the doll and destroyed it. They had fallowed Sesshomaru's sent to this phantom castle. His eye's still burned red. Until he herd it. It was faint but not to far away. He ran as fast as he could, leaving the others to finish up.

"Come on Sesshomaru one more push." Kagome encouraged.

"I can't" Sesshomaru panted, tears streaking his face.

"Yes you can Sesshomaru, just one more push and it's over." Kagome coached. She really wished that Inuyasha was here to give Sesshomaru the support he needed. She watched as his body began to contract again.

"Come on Sesshomaru, push this is it come on!" She all but yelled. Sesshomaru sat up, folding his body somewhat and pushed with all that was left within him. He was so tired and sore and scared and tired, wait, he already thought that.

He flopped back onto the mattress when he felt a large amount of pain and pressure give way to a new form of release. He was so close to going comatose, that is till the soft sound of a new set of vocals whimpered in the cold before the little lungs began to cry out for its Nary. Sesshomaru sat up best he could to look over his knees to see Kagome finish cleaning the infant and wrapping it in a small warm blanket. He made a small little noise and gained her attention.

"Oh, I thought you had fallen asleep." She said quietly as she managed to get the infant to settle its cries and sleep.

"What is it?" he asked shyly. She gave him a warm smile before she spoke up.

"It's a girl." She said softly. Sesshomaru wanted to cry, he did too, tears of relief, joy, and tiredness. Kagome moved and laid the baby girl in his arms. He moved the blanket from her head only to gasp in shock. She was the most beautiful child he ever saw but what made his heart sink was that atop her little pudgy baby head sat such fine raven hair, just like her blood fathers. But he smiled as a set of floppy infant hanyou ears sat, still folded over and hairless.

"Why don't you lay here with her and rest while I get you cleaned up and more comfortable. Inuyasha should be here soon to get us an-"

"Don't be too hopeful human." Naraku cut her off as he stood outside the bars of the cell.

Inuyasha watched the site of Sesshomaru give birth to their new daughter. She was beautiful, even if she sported that bastard raven hair. He moved forward and tried to get to his friend and his family, but once he stepped past the bars he had cut open they disappeared.

"Inuyasha, this wasn't the place where they were brought. This is just an allusion that has allowed us to watch what is happening. Naraku is somewhere else hand has them captive." Miroku said gently as he stepped forward and sat a hand on Inuyasha's shoulder. Inuyasha turned around to see Oba and Oji standing there with Sango behind him.

Oba stepped up and wrapped her arms around him, she looked like she was about to cry.

"We'll find them." she cooed before she stepped back. They just had to.

Naraku walked into the cell thinking to take his daughter away, but as he reached for the child from the overly weakened Sesshomaru, something grabbed him and the searing feeling of purification burned his flesh and he hollered in pain as he moved away. He looked at the area of his body that still sired in pain.

"You will not touch either of them, I won't let you!" Kagome warned. She had remembered Miroku telling her of how she could purify things with her touch so she decided to turn that into her weapon, by channeling what little purification powers she had into her hands and grabbing Naraku. It had worked, the evil hanyou had reeled back and away from the two exhausted Inu's.

Naraku looked up from the burned, still sizzling areas of his flesh to look at Kagome. The young miko was glaring at him with all her fierceness. He growled he did not like to wait. Inuyasha and the rest had already made it threw his castle of illusion and were growing even closer. He was about to give his threat when a loud crash was heard all the way down to their cell. It was soon fallowed by the overly load roar of two tigers who were not happy to have their little nephew in harms way. But that was nothing compared to the growled roar that fallowed the tigers.

"NARAKU!" Sesshomaru struggled to sit up. Inuyasha had come to get them, and he wasn't pleased at Naraku's antics.

Inuyasha barreled threw the castle till he came to a open cell in the basement of the castle. There stood Naraku, spots sizzling on his skin as he glared back and froth between a severely pissed and defensive looking Kagome who guarded the down Sesshomaru and their daughter. Inuyasha drew Tetsiga, the fang tinted by the flicker of the candles that lighted the area around them.

"I want my mate, child, and my friend. I will not hesitate to slaughter you." Inuyasha growled.

Naraku knew that he couldn't battle, when that miko had touched him he had been drained of almost all power. He would be forced to run, for now. In a burst of dark miasma smoke he disappeared.

Inuyasha ran forward and scooped Sesshomaru into his arms holding him close as he rocked back and forth. He looked down at his mate and their child, her soft baby eyes blinking sleepily. Inuyasha noticed that as she blinked away unshed tears from those violet eyes. Violet, that was new. Then the prefect name came to his mind.

"Mi" Sesshomaru looked up sleepily at Inuyasha as he cradled their infant in his arms.

"Wha. . "Sesshomaru asked tiredly.

"Our daughters name, I think is should be Mi" he said gently. Sesshomaru smiled gently looking back down at the little girl.

"Perfect, can we go home now?" Sesshomaru asked as he leaned wearily agents Inuyasha's shoulder slipping off into sleep easily with their daughter. Oba, Oji, Miroku, and Sango limped in either holding each other up or trying not to fall from being battle weary. Oba Ashia smiled at the picture of her nephews.

"Come on, it's time we get home. I bet the children have drawn the servants insane by now." She said quietly as they turned to start back with the others once again. Inuyasha hefted Sesshomaru into his arms and turned to Kagome before they left.

"Thank you Kagome. I was so worried that Naraku had hurt him, or worse. But ya know I kept reminding myself that you were here and watching over him." Inuyasha said softly. Kagome blushed and looked at her feet.

"Your welcome Inuyasha, just promise me that you'll take care of him and little Mi, or I'll say 'the word'" she said with a small smile and Inuyasha fringed fear as they headed out of this hell hole and back to home.

Sesshomaru moved to get up when he was awoken by Mi's soft cries as she woke up hungry. But he was stopped by a soft hand on his shoulder. He looked to his side Inuyasha was sitting up, his yellow eye's glowing softly in the dark.

"You need to stay in bed, Oba's orders." Inuyasha said with a soft smile. He rose from the bed and walked to the cradle that had been one of the many gifts from Kagome. He leaned down and arose cradling his precious daughter. He moved to the bed and sat back on his side and handed the infant to Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru pushed the corner of his robe down exposing his chest.

Oba Ashia had instructed and shown him how he was to feed their daughter when they had returned, that had been two days ago and their Oba was not letting Sesshomaru out of a weak of bed-rest after being forced to deliver in such a stressful manner. But she had praised Kagome over and over for being so protective and helping Sesshomaru give birth.

Sesshomaru cradled Mi like he was shown and she latched onto his nipple, which looked somewhat swollen. He gave a slight gasped as he suckled fiercely from his chest, stopping every so often to take a breath before latching back on and drinking happily.

"She is beautiful." Inuyasha said softly as he ran a figure over the soft ears. Sesshomaru nodded. When Mi stopped suckling and was burped Inuyasha took her back and put her back in her crib. When he laid back down he pulled Sesshomaru back to him.

"What are you going to do?" Sesshomaru asked as he laid his head atop Inuyasha's peck.

"What do you mean?" Inuyasha asked.

"The jewel, you must make it whole again and stop Naraku." Sesshomaru said.

"Well I was thinking that you come with us and we drag Oba and Oji with us so we have someone to watch over are little Plumb." Sesshomaru smiled as he happily drifted back to sleep. He had a family, and so many friends. he couldn't be happier, until Mi decided she was ready to be changed.


Wow, that sucked. Well I'm happy that I finely got this one finished! Maybe after I finish my other stories up I'll write a sequel! If ya all want one just say and I'll do it!