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I'm a Bounty!?

I was sitting in my chair fixing my nails when I heard Jet.

"We've got the new bounties in!" I got up and ran over to Jet. Too late. Spike was already there.

"So, who's the bounty?" I asked him. Jet looked at me from over the screen.

"You are."

"What! Me!" I yelled. Spike looked at the screen.

"Yep. That's you alright." I pushed him and Jet out of the way. It IS me! I thought. I looked over at Spike and Jet.

"Don't even think about it you guys!"

"Say Jet, how much money is she worth?" Spike asked.

"$150,000." Jet told us.

"Looks like we're turning you in." Spike smirked. I looked at him pleadingly.

"Please don't take me in." I whined. Jet raised an eyebrow.

"It isn't like you to beg Faye."

"But I've been with you guys for over a year! Aren't we friends?"

"Who said anything about friends!" Spike said to me.

"Well, then I'm leaving." I smiled at them.

"Thanks for everything!" I ran to the hanger on the Bebop and got into my ship.

"Goodbye!" I yelled at them. Then I flew out of the hanger.

"Think she'll remember her money?" Jet asked Spike.


"Dang- it!" I shouted.

"I forgot my money!" I turned the ship around.

"Guys? I forgot my money!" I yelled into the hanger. Where did they go? I wondered. I jumped out of my ship and walked into the "living area".

"Ed! Where did Spike and Jet go?" I asked the little girl who was working on the computer.

"Ed don't know. Saw Spike-person go that way." She pointed. I stormed off. When I turned the corner....

"Surprise!" Everyone yelled.

"Huh!?" I shrieked. I looked around. Almost everyone there was a bounty hunter.

"What's going on?" I asked Jet. He smiled.

"Don't you know? It's your birthday!" I looked at him in disbelief.

"What about the bounty?"

"That was fake! Ed-Ed put that in!" Ed shouted at me from behind. I stared at everyone.

"You guys did this for me? Thank you!" I hugged Spike.

"Hey! Let go of me!"

"Wait a minute. Where's my money?" I asked Jet.

"Umm... Spike can tell ya'!

"What! Me?" Spike asked. Jet nodded.

"See, we had to uh, use that money to help pay for this party."

"WHAT! YOU USED MY MONEY FOR MY PARTY!" I yelled. It seemed that the whole ship shook.

"Sorry." Jet told me.

"You guys had better pay me back!" I told them angrily.

"Come on, let's party!" Ed said, breaking up the fight.

"I guess you're right. It is my birthday after all!"

"Yeah!" Everybody shouted around us. The rest of the evening was spent partying.


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